Manny "Sweet Dreams" Pacquiao

San Francisco, CA– Having been at this a lot longer than I would like to admit, I thought long and hard about this before turning on the old Mac. In the history of boxing, has a fighter of what is thought to be the elite level, ever returned to the place he had on the pugilistic mantle after being knocked out in the manner Manny Pacquiao was on Saturday night by Juan Manuel Marquez? I polled two historians, Lindy Lindell of Detroit, MI and Ronald Marshall of San Leandro, CA, both thought long and hard and could not name such a fighter.


Gene Fulmer was able to win a portion of the World middleweight (160 lbs.) title after being knocked out with a picture perfect left hook by “Sugar Ray” Robinson. But watching Fulmer over the years at events, he was a little “off.” Now he is more than a little off as Gene is paying dearly as Pugilistic Dementia and Alzheimer’s are killing him. Roberto Duran was flattened by Thomas Hearns, I was in the first row when Tommy feinted Duran to the body with his left and threw the most devastating right hand I have ever witnessed live.


Duran, although falling face first, struggled, I could hear him grunting, groaning, straining to pull himself up and Roberto could not. Manny Pacquiao fell face first and was motionless for an unknown period of time as I’ve heard his induced period of snoring lasted somewhere between one and three minutes. Having seen more ring deaths than I care to recall live, I was hoping that Pacquiao was all right. I mean, he may have a bunch of ass*oles for fans, but outside of not being willing to take the drug tests to fight Floyd Mayweather, Manny’s done some good for the game.


If my memory serves me correctly, May 5 will fall on a Sunday in 2013, thus if the norm applies and there is a big fight that weekend in Las Vegas, it’ll be on May 4. Already looking at the date are Golden Boy Promotions with Saul Alvarez in the main. Floyd Mayweather also wants to fight in Las Vegas that night. One would think that Marquez-Pacquiao 5 would get first crack at the MGM Grand, which is the best and largest on-site arena in a casino.


Third Round Knockdown Of Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao’s sheer aggression played a major role in his being forced to slumber on the MGM Grand ring canvas. Because of the manner, a brutal one-punch knockout preceded by a one punch knockdown, Pacquiao will never force his way towards Marquez again. That being told, this means Manny will never beat Marquez again, for it was his rushing in that forced JMM off his game of technical boxing where he is superior to Pacquiao.


Timing is everything when it comes to success. Echoing Frances “The Fight Chick” Martel, Manny Pacquiao was never a great boxer. He was a pretty good banger who was fortunate enough to catch most of his major foes in the same position Manny is in today, on the downslide!

Pedro Fernandez


  • @alberto

    Yes 2-1-1 OFFICIALY against JMM and 0-1 OFFICIALLY against bradley! I do watch boxing that were shown live or delayed in our country as a matter of fact i saw nonito ko arce. Dont get me wrong here, as i think b4 the match that fight is a mismatch, what i want like to see is Nonito vs “low blow” Mares.

  • I actually believe Pacquiao CAN win a boxing match if he can come back as anything better than washed up.

    If he modified the in/out tactics he used for most of last Saturdays fight to only score points and not try to get Marquez out of there, Marquez can no longer go after him.

    Marquez is now the guy who needs to lure Pacquiao into a slugfest! This is the style that best suits JMM at this point in his career – dug in and looking for huge single shots – not sswinging wildly or randomly, but picking his spots and committing 100% to full power.

    Its up to Pacquiao to make his own change, to fighting a structured game plan for 12 rounds (been a long time since a Roach fighter has done that inder pressure..) and resisting the urge to storm back after being rocked or dropped.

    Couldn’t have worked against a younger Marquez, but it could work against this one.

  • Probably the most hopeful example to Pac might be Holyfield coming back form the KO in the 3rd Bowe fight … somewhat simillar in that he seemed to be taking charge of the fight before getting caught. But even that wasn’t being OUT COLD – Holyfield was pathetically climbing the ropes when the fight was stopped but probably would have beat the count before being KO’d for good.

    After being left for dead in the first Pryor fight, Arguello could probably still have beaten any 140lber not named Pryor for the other belt, especially if he took a little more time off, but insisted on a rematch instead of a bogus title.

    Neither Lennox Lewis nor W.Klitscko actually finished lying flat in their devastating KO losses. Foreman was down more from exhaustion than concussed, and even then I thought he actually beat the count in Zaire. The very young Vitali Klitschko was counted in a kickboxing match, but wasn’t out cold and the KO was as amuch about being gassed out as knocked out.

    But getting back anywhere near the top after this KO, especially after a career already 17 years on, I agree is extremely unlikely.

  • Eddie was never really a top notch heavyweight contender after ingo and he admitted such circa 1969.

  • Ken collapsed in the corner, Pedro. Your man Eddie Machen also suffered a brutal first round knockout by Ingemar Johansson and came back to win big fights. Keep up the good work. Karl

  • I cannot remember ANY fighter that at 33-34 years old that was that high up in the PFP rankings come back after a brutal one punch KO loss like that.
    That KO was one of the most brutal ones that I have seen in a long time. Ranks up there with Pac-Hatton, Martinez-Williams, Hearns-Duran, Norris-Jackson and Pettway-Brown.

  • Kenny went to sleep and was motionless?

  • Pedro brings up some good examples, but Ken Norton is one that was cold-cocked by jose Luis Garcia and came bck to win some huge fights, including whipping Ali.

  • @dondon 2-1-1 officially?…so Pacquiao is 0-1 against Bradley, OFFICIALLY? Go watch boxing, not just Pacquiao.

  • dondon, I think you’ve been pushed off the cliff of reality.

  • Kenny, not even credible, let alone correct. Joe wasn’t laying still on the canvas. Neither was Hearns against Hagler. They were not SNORING like Manny was. Guys that snore, see Mike Quarry for one, he was never the same after Bob Foster knocked him into slumberland.

  • Dick The Mick-Like George Foreman regaining the heavyweight title at 45, there are exceptions to the rule. But your wrap here on Charles is correct and concise.

  • Pedro: I agree it’s very difficult to name a fighter who came back from a devastating one punch knockout but, I’ll give it a try. Let me nominate Ezzard Charles who was sent into another time zone in July 1951 by a Jersey Joe Walcott left hook. After that fight he fought another 19 times until that 15 round war with a prime, umbeaten Rocky Marciano. He lost the rematch to Walcott in a horrible Philadelphia decision, and lost a really bad split decision to Harold Johnson, again in Philly. He beat Rex Layne twice, one by ko, and he beat some really good heavyweights in that time span, including a 10 round shutout against a then top ten Cesar Brion. Then came the Marciano fight which was the fight of the year. Rocky came from behind to win the last three rounds to get the win in a war. Ezzard was never the same after. He fought Rocky again and he hurt him very badly and the fight would be stopped today because he split Rocky’s nose from the tip all the way to the bridge. Sadly he fought on another 4 years when he should been forced to quit. But all in all, he was a great Light Heavyweight and an even better middleweight and would be a super-star today……

  • frazier ko by foreman twice, ali ko foreman, hearns got ko bad by hagler all had great boxing careers after their ko’s.

  • @alberto

    Im one of them you call “pacnuts” and here is what im going to say,
    First congrats to JMM, he did what his team have planned to do, match pac’s power and go for the KO. It was a devastating loss for PAC, no excuses whatsoever.
    Will that make JMM better than PAC? Well in my opion yes. But PAC still “leads” on their head-to-head matchup, 2-1-1 officially.

  • @Work

    Yes, pac doesnt remember what happened, the moment he “wakes up” he asked his friend/trainer Buboy why are there people around him, and Buboy answered “the fight is over, you lost”, thats how strong the punch that hit him.

  • “Where are the “Pac Nuts”… — Whining their asses off.

  • When a fighter gets put to sleep like that, they don’t seem to be able to take punches the same. Once the china is cracked, the chin is done.

  • wat happened wit the pacman is the same thing that happened wit p williams vs. s martinez, roy vs. traver and g johnson , they both suffered brutal 1 punch knockouts and they was never really the same fighters afterwards and wat happened to manny wasnt any from the others. manny got put to sleep by jmm and he says he wants to fight jmm a 5th time manny should stay clear away from jmm before he suffers brain damage from gettin koed by jmm again. manny should take 6 to 8 mo’s off b4 he dicides to fight again . its time for the pacman and his pactard fans to except the fact that pacman best day are behind him and floyd would have creamed pac like a porno. bottom line pacman is done.

  • “Timing is everything when it comes to success. Echoing Frances “The Fight Chick” Martel, Manny Pacquiao was never a great boxer”

    I think Martel said he was a “mediocre” boxer. If she meant he was never a great technical boxer. I agree.
    To me “mediocre” is not even “decent”.

  • @Tyrone; so says the average man! Your post was nonsense due

  • Manny Pacquiao was never a great boxer. He was a pretty good banger who was fortunate enough to catch most of his major foes in the same position Manny is in today, on the downslide. rubbish. just pure fiction. manny was an underdog in his first 3 title fights..

  • You are an idiot detamour who didn’t read the ****** article!

  • Wasn’t snoring Ruiz, was he?

  • JMM wins every time now.

  • pedro manny wasnt a great technical boxer but he was an athletically gifted machine who had made the hallof fame already with his victories at featherweight, he then had a historic run that might never be matched again, Marquez was just better but manny is special pedro, you have boxed before you dont win as much as manny did against top flight oposition if you are not special and i wonder if the fight chick still thinks marquez is an AARP Member…

  • I agree though that fighters don’t come back after being flattened like that. Actually, seeing someone get KTFO to that degree is pretty rare in boxing. He’s old and on the way out anyway.

  • Where are the “Pac Nuts”….still waiting to hear from ALL of them.

  • Pedro…RUIZ from Tua’s beheading

  • roberto duran i saw that here in the uk, june 1984 if i remember correctly

  • Name one that returns 100% please?

  • I disagree. Pacquiao was the greatest boxer of our generation. And I think Mayweather, the second greatest boxer of our generation, was terrified to fight him in his prime.

    Manny didn’t have longevity but his run from 2002-2011 after moving up from 106 pounds was one of the greatest sporting achievements we are ever likely to see.

    He’s 33 years old now and looks about the same as fighters at that weight traditionally look at 33 years old. Still capable but not where they were.

    I will never forget his performances against Cotto, De La Hoya, Hatton, Barrera, Morales and Diaz. One of the most lethal and exciting fighters I have ever watched.

  • I doubt PAC even remembers the shot. AHAHA! While I know there are cases where fighters who get knocked out like that don’t return to their former greatness, some do. I hope PAC doesn’t suffer any lasting effects from that devastating knock out, but based on how well he did before the KO…I’d say chances are he still can come back from this and possibly secure a 5th fight with his rival. I’d buy it again! Fight of the year for sure.

  • If Manny Pacquiao appeared mediocre in his last 3 fights .. could it be that Marquez ,who all of a sudden is in PRIME physical condition at an advanced age, have fought an “old, washed-up over the hill” Pacquiao? After all, this is the same argument that’s been used againts Pacquiao during his ascent.

  • Pedro: I think it’s a bit early to write an epitaph on Manny’s career. True he was clocked by a punch he didn’t see coming and was sent to the Land of Oz. But, he was winning and was really starting to dominate when the end came. There was a recent study on Real Sports on HBO about the number of hard hits to the head a human can take before irreversable damage occurs. The number was 700. Of course, this study was centered on football concussions, but a hit is a hit. Sudden one shot ko’s are spectacular but less damaging for the fighter than a sustained pounding taken by a lot of guys who are too brave for their own good. The beat down sustained by Margarito in the Pac fight was far worse than the ko manny suffered last Saturday, in my opinion. Manny was really taking control and looked to be overwhelming when JMM clocked him. I am absolutely not a “pacnut” as I have taken him to task in this forum many times before. I do think however, that he will be back and do some good stuff. It’s funny when you think that this was a fight that no one really wanted and now another edition Manny/JMM 5 is the fight everyone wants. It’s amazing what one punch can do, especially to fight nuts like us……

  • Very true Pedro..

  • He won his first LINEAL championship at 112 lbs! A slipping Pacquaio who hasnt had a soft touch since Diaz (the bigger foe) and arguably a faded shane mosley has had to fight fighters that ANYBODY going against them would suffer ring milage (think about the sparring needed)Bradley, arguably topdog at 140, on the p4p list at the time needed a *lucky break to squeek by and broke his damn ankles trying to get away from the banger! it goes down in the books as an L for pacquiao but those that saw and watched that fight KNOWS pac won a lot more than he lost…Its true not a lot of fighters have bounced back from brutal k.o. losses in their carreers….but if we want to measure how good pac really is, we need to ask…how many fighters have won a lineal FLYWEIGHT championship have had the success, even if taking on guys that are past there prime at the weights that pac SMASHED on his opponents at??

  • George Harrison sings and said “All things must pass…” and I believe it. Greatness do pass and Manny Pacquiao’s greatness as a boxer is no exception.

    And perhaps you can celebrate about that happening but for all the people who are objective and knows his boxing – Manny Pacquiao is one the greatest boxer of his generation and has done a lot for the sports of boxing.

    The PacMan should retire and be proud of his achievements.

  • That’s not nice Tyrone…but it’s funny!

  • Corrales, Ward, Gatti, Castillo, TApia, and the list goes on of fighters who were good boxers/bangers or whatever you want to call them. What can’t be disputed is their greatness of entertainment. So to all you wannabe purists and perfectionists I say perfection is a bore and mediocre is always where the heart, beat, and soul of the sweet science has been. And, I have suspicions Fight Chick is Pedro in drag. Lmao.

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