Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– Without a doubt, Manny Pacquiao has become “the darling” of the boxing world. Having risen from poverty to that of a multi millionaire, the Filipino Congressman has surpassed all expectations of even his most ardent followers. From 107 lbs., titles at 112, 122, 130, 135, 140, 154*, and now 147, there is no way you can sell him short. But in all honesty, in all of the aforementioned weight classes, Pacquiao has been never been the “undisputed” champion.


That doesn’t mean he is not a great fighter, as certainly his near 11 year run with only one defeat, which he avenged twice to Erik Morales, the man from General Santos City, is “Mr. Boxing.” But in his last three fights, Pacman, like it or not has “milked” that lofty position by fighting boxing’s version of The Three Stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito, and a fortnight ago, “Sugarless Shane” Mosley. Only the weight drained and pugilistic disgrace Margarito even made any attempt at winning.


Not being a big fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr., I don’t think he has done a lot in recent years. Having covered Floyd ever since his loss at the 1996 Olympic Trials in Oakland, CA, a fight n which he certainly lost and then almost had to be carried from the ring, all the while bawling like a baby in tears, I must admit I don’t have a ton of respect for the native of Grand Rapids, MI. That being said, the idea of Manny and him splitting $100 million is no fantasy, and with all due respect to the Filipino people, the only reason this fight has not materialized rests on the shoulders of Manny Pacquiao.


If some jive ass were to accuse me of using Steroids and the like, if I were Manny and clean, I’d be in a non-steroid rage. I wouldn’t have promoters putting forth lame excuses, wouldn’t be hiding behind a cloak of pride, I’d have taken the “random” testing loudmouth Floyd was demanding and went out there and kicked the snot out of him. The only two reasons I wouldn’t is if I were dirty, or I knew that on a good night that I couldn’t hit Floyd Mayweather in the ass if I had a tennis racket in my hand. That being said Manny, the ball truly lies in your court. This leaves me with three conclusions, either you’re afraid of fighting Floyd sans PEDs, you fear getting caught using Performance Enhancing Drugs, or you’re afraid of Floyd Mayweather. You fans can spin this anyway you want, but this is what it comes down to after almost a year and a half of listening to each guy’s B.S.


There is no greater gentlemen in boxing than the current World 168 lb. champion Andre Ward. He likes Manny, appreciates what he has done for the sport, and seeing he went through “random” drug testing leading up to his Olympic Gold Medal win in 2004, I think he is the man we, especially Manny Pacquiao, should listen to and he says, like many other fighters that if were fighting Manny, he’d want “random” testing as well. Lastly, before I get besieged by the Pacnuts, this means “random” testing without a 14 day “grace period” or window leading up to the fight. This could potentially be the biggest fight in boxing history, and if Manny had the pride and respect he says he does for the game of boxing, he’d take the tests and prove that he is the better man!

Pedro Fernandez




  • hahaha… your man Oscar is the one needing a test LOL

  • Pedro, (sorry for the re-post, just want Pac fans to see it)

    There is a way to catch EPO and designer PED’s. Look at the Landis interview where he revealed how Lance was able to beat tests. WADA knew he was cheating because the O2 in his blood was near the same level when at rest, and after he trained. WADA just couldn’t prove it until Landis told him how he did it. That’s why when PBF fought Mosley, they took a bit bigger sample. You have to compare the O2 in the blood over a period of time. No wonder Team Pac wants a cut off. Roach knows it will be out of the system after a fight.
    Watch 60 minutes on Sunday. Another Lance teammate admits he used and will expose Lance. He even gave up his Gold Medal! Again, team Pac knows how to avoid and that’s why they asked for a cut off.


  • if i don’t see pac or mayweather fight again it will be too soon. these two idiots both had a hand in killing what would have been one of the biggest fights in boxing in years. the peak for that fight where the interest was at it’s highest is gone and will never return. one guy has not fought in a year, the other fights nothing but top rank house fighters or old “name fighters,” you can have this.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Roberto, you are so full of *hit, they should re-name you, Porta Potty!

  • manny was interviewed recently here in the Philippines by a popular tv news anchor. he was asked pointblank about the steriod issues. he said,he didnt even know what is a steriod and what it looks like. that’s the kind of answer im expecting because Filipinos have little or nil access to this kind of drugs. in my more than 52 years of existence, i only heard of that drug in my former gym where a group of body builders talk about this drug. This PED is only widely used in a more developed countries especially in in your honest opinion, who’s juicing?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jason, tired of the Gay stuff. In your country it means scared, in the USA it means Homosexual. With the broads Floyd’s been banging, the gay shit just doesn’t apply. Besides 1000’s of you Filipinos use the Gayweather crap. Find something original, if you can!

  • Pedro Fernandez


    That video was from New York earlier this year. He stuttered and stammered. I read Phil Am news release last week where he said 14 days. Maybe the great Dong of Phil Am news can clarify this. E mail him please.

  • Manny told Fil M news LAST WEEK that he wanted a 14 day window. END OF STORY!

    pedro can you give us a link? is this true or just a hearsay? coz i saw that video that manny pacquiao agree to a random test til the day of the fight and here’s the link..

  • Wow! Too many Pacquiao apologist posting the same garbage making excuses for him..its very simple people, just agree to the test and see what Floyd does next..assuming and speculating what Mayweather would do if Pacquiao agrees to OST is irrelevant..

  • Pedro Fernandez

    That includes you Benny, go away!

  • Too many buzzards in this website…………………….

  • Peter_dbest….you have it flipped….Floyd has NEVER refused the fight, it is Manny who has refused. Therefore, the end of excuses belong to the Top Rank camp.

  • no need for OST…..a new technology in urine testing is uncovered to detect HGH….

    Please watch this video about Ceres Nanosciences technology on detecting HGH by way of urine testing.

  • Manny Pacquiao: Urine testing for HGH is now here, No more excuses for Floyd
    Monday, May 16, 2011

    By Superstar Billy Graham

    We’ve heard it over and over from Floyd Mayweather Jr, “Once Manny Pacquiao takes the test (random blood test), we will fight.” It is like a broken record, when we know for a fact Manny agreed to OSDT (Olympic Style Blood Testing). For those who don’ t know this bit of truth, please watch this video. You will clearly hear from the #1 Pound for Pound champion in the world that he agreed to the test Floyd is demanding. VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE! Manny Pacquiao AGREES to Floyds Demands On Blood Testing!

    So what does this have to do with urine testing? Plenty. You see, a company called Ceres Nanosciences has developed a new technology to detect HGH (Human Growth Hormone) by way of urine testing. No more invasive blood testing for HGH. We already know, steroids and EPOs can be detected by urine testing but HGH is a different story. Before, it was concluded only blood testing can detect HGH when in fact detecting HGH by way of blood testing is nearly impossible. Only one known athlete has ever tested positive for HGH by way of blood testing, The Superstar will remind you, maybe millions of blood testing and only one athlete (British Rugby player) was caught with HGH in his system. Ceres Nanoscience has been developing this since 2009 and here is the link: USADA will help fund further study of urine test for HGH

    Now The Superstar will present you a video where the experts will tell you in their own words they are developing and on the verge of detecting HGH by way of urine testing. This should satisfy every party who is involved in trying to make the mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather because this is the sticking part on why this fight has never materialized. By the way, for those who are not so well informed about HGH, you have to couple anabolic steroids along with HGH for it too be effective. After using anabolic steroids, when on the cycle, many athletes will use HGH soon after. Because without steroids, HGH is practically ineffective. Also the results of using HGH will need months of use before you start seeing the benefits. It is not immediate results like many uninformed people think.

    Please watch this video about Ceres Nanosciences technology on detecting HGH by way of urine testing.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Again, they were under the threat of being tested at anytime. Get it?

  • Andre Ward is a man that represents everything that Pacquiao did before. PacNuts have a hard time believing that their national hero is not the “Destroyer” or the “PacMan”, but “Money” Pacquiao. Andre fought for his country in the Olympics and embodies how a young, professional boxing star should carry themselves at all times. If he agrees to then I ride with ‘Dre. I could care less about who is Floyd to demand, blah, blah? The fact is it is a valid issue and Andre brings credibility to the drug testing situation. By the way Pedro, I don’t know how the three points you mentioned are not even entertained by most boxing fans.

  • Bert Sugar said it best: Why did Mosley’s trainer have to catch the bricks in Margarito’s wraps when the commission had an agent in the dressing room when Margarito’s hands were being wrapped? I’ll tell you why, for the same reason the commission’s drug testing is virtually meaningless.

  • Pedro the pactards are coming for you, there are too many of them and the real Pac’s fans get drowned by these ignorants fanatics.

  • mayweather came weighing 146 lbs to a marquez fight though both boxers agreed with contract catchweight at 144 lbs. weight limit with 600k dollars fine for every pound excess. floyd jr. also refused to be weighed before the fight. mayweather jr. had made a public statement long way before marquez fight that he want to even up the playing field in boxing. is this the way to have a fair fight? pedro, would you care to enlighten me about this matter? help me please, i’m confused!

  • what puzzles me up to now is that why was the random blood tests on mosley and mayweather jr. was stopped by tygart 18/19 days before the fight considering that floyd jr. does not want this this to happen because he believes that his opponent can still take effective illegal enhancing drugs 14 days or a week before the fight? why floyd jr. did not complain even during the weighing about this matter hence mosley was found out to be using steroids leading up to his dela hoya fight or at least he demanded for a blood test after the fight if he was really sincere with his previous statement that he wanted to clean boxing?

  • A new test is currenty being developed to detect hgh through urineanalysis…
    No more excuses…

  • So first the naysayers discredit all of Pacquiao’s opponents by saying they are all old, slow, dehydrated, shot, or coming off losses so Manny’s wins over them sin’t impressive at all… but then right after, they turn around and say that Manny MUST be on drugs because it’s the only way he could have possibly been able beat all those same “old, slow, shot, dehydrated” fighters.

    Which is it, folks, get your story straight!
    Were they top big guys that Manny beat so he must’ve been on drugs to be able to do it
    were they old, slow, dehydrated, and shot coming off losses so his wins really ain’t that impressive at all?
    You can’t have it both ways.

  • Even if he took the tests before every fight the rest of his career, the skeptics would never stop wondering about the fights in the past. It’s a no-win for Paq. Look at how Teddy Atlas ripped into him. It’s asinine. He said De La Hoya was shot. Do you think all those little old men in Vegas are in the business of losing money? De La Hoya was a big favorite when he fought Paq. Now the fights being tagged as a dodge-em fight by Paq’s critics.

    Regarding the blood testing, apparently it is not an insignificant amount of blood they withdraw. I was reading an interview with another fighter who said he understands where Paq is coming from because it is not a small amount of blood they take out of you and it takes your body a few days to regenerate it.

    This is kind of like the birther issue. Obama finally showed his birth certificate but of course the truly dumb post it on line trying to say it’s a forgery. The people riding Paq now would ride him even if he was giving a gallon of blood a day.

    Also a lot of people in boxing just think it’s wrong that anyone would be told to do by another fighter. It’s hard not to think this is partly Mayweather’s play at gaining a sleazy psychological edge.

  • Pedro-

    Well said brother. Do you have the link to where Manny told Filipino news that he wanted a 14-day cutoff? I would love to see that so that these Pac fans can finally accept reality. Great work.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Another Pac fan condoning cheating! shame on you all!

    NO, Ward and Abraham were given USADA tests. Another blind Pac fan not knowing their stuff. The bottom line is there is more than just Floyd. Don’t be a ***** Manny take the tests and go and beat Floyd. LAST TIME I’M GONNA’ WRITE THIS AS I WILL JUST DELETE THE SAME REDUNDENT REMARKS.

    Manny told Fil M news LAST WEEK that he wanted a 14 day window. END OF STORY!

  • pac man should take random tests but i heard it inconclusive when pack man has his own staff watching his back in the Philippians i mean talk about organized crime a freind of mine told me that between vegas and and the pilipines they have a deal to manipulate the system so pac man looks good and it a shame that boxing is so corrupt that a decent fighter like floyd cant get a decent fight so i say to the fans make him take the test in another state not nevada in a public forum and then we will see if he is a fighter or is pac man all hype keep it real stop cheeting real fighters dont use striods the just hurt people so i say i pac man all hype or can he keep it real and fight floyd all natural and prove once an for all who is the real champ

  • The Standard test given by most state`s and althletic comisions are easy to get by. At one point yes they were effective, back in like what 1994? BALCO made its money finding differant ways around this. Also do any of you think BALCO was or still is the only game in town? Theres alot of money to be made getting around a weak and outdated system. Football,Baseball,UFC,Boxing,even horseraceing is rampant with cheating. Its good to support the sport you love but its another to be blind and support the opposite of what sports are saposed to represent, a fair playing feild for everyone and may the best man win.

  • I bet Manny wouldn’t even pass a pregnancy test…

  • The upside to all this is if Pedro and co make enough noise that Pac just folds and agrees to the tests. That would be win win, then eihter Floyd and him would fight, or he would find another excuse. I’m guessing the latter…

  • yes, but Pedro, not to insult you, but why would Manny give a spit what Mallinagi, Ward, you and Guerrero say? He get’s tested same as they do. Why should he be subjected to more tests, cause Floyd says so? They don’t want to fight him wihtout test? So don’t fight him. What does he care? I’m not a pacfan, but the NSAC isn’t an excuse, it’s simply a fact. Yes, Mosley, Holyfield, Wright,Tyson etc etc ad nauseam have all beaten the tests, but again, why would that affect Pacman? If he’s juicing or not, why would he care? It’s not in the rules to take those tests.

  • @Pedro: The Question is what kinda people would back a guy not willing to come clean or show that he’s clean. Pacfans are some sick individuals. True boxing fans don’t believe Manny is clean. This would be the biggest grossing fight in boxing history.
    Not only is Manny fearful of Floyd he’s also fearful of getting exposed.

  • Pedro,

    Pac fans forget that the NSAC already declared that OSRT are subject to negotiations, just like purse split. In essence, they have wiped their hands of the mess and have not taken responsibility for cleaning up the sport because they fear UFC pulling out of Vegas and Top Rank following them out too.


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Me, Paulie Mallinagi, Andre Ward, Robert Guerrero, none of us would fight him sans random drug testing period. It ain’t just Floyd. I can’t believe you Pac fans keep bringing up the same ecuse, “well the NSAC doesn’t mandate it. Yes and Mosley, Holyfield, Tommy Morrison, they all beat Nevada’s tests. So, and I’m not trying to offend you, but that excuse is lame as a three legged horse!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    It’s an old video that Jason Aniel sent me from the New York for the pre-Pac-Mosley conferenCe, As I commented on he told Phil Am News last week that he wanted a 14 day window. Manny is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Like trying to get a straight answer from George Bush.

  • Fluid Bedwettwer Jr

    Pedro…the god’s chosen rock but don’t rock your head man!

    Pac was asked if he agrees Floyd all demands including no limit of blood testing and he said yes on recent negotiations with Floyd.

    Pedro.. please comment.

  • Jon, this song can end soooooo easily. Pac can put an end to it. I keep reading how Floyd “could maybe, we never know, come up” with another excuse to not fight. However if you’ve followed this whole thing, Floyd has always been EXTREMELY consistent, asking for random testing while Pac has come up with so many excuses to not take it that I just cannot understand this speculation about Floyd “could maybe, we never know, come up with another excuse”. On one side we have a guy who said the fight is on, just take random tests, on the other side we have a guy who changes excuses every time he opens his mouth, and yet the one that is vilified is the one just asking for the tests and NEVER made any excuse. Pac’s fans are putting excuses in Floyd’s mouth, so why not wait until he actually comes up with ANY excuse to bash him?

  • @ Pedro. I understand what you mean about the UFC and the NSAC…. Man there are so many juicers in the UFC. But why should that be PAC’s problem? He only needs to take the tests that are asked of him. Screw Floyd. Many should agree to the tests and then stipulate that Floyd has to come in at 135. This can work both ways….

  • @ sergio – funny hahaha!

  • Everytime Pacman fights someone, his opponent would always brag that they could beat Manny, that they are the best fighter to beat him, that they have got whatever it takes to whoop his ass down and yaddiyaddiya…Well it’s been what? ten years and nobody’s ever beaten him yet. And after the fight they will make a lot of excuses like, “well Pacman was fighting seasoned fighters, or beat up boxers…or that he’s been using PEDs”. What do you know, same story told every time. Was Diaz a seasoned fighter? How bout Hatton or Cotto? Were they incompetent at the sport? Was mArgarito really that bad of a boxer? How about all the mexicans that Pacman annihilated? Were they really that lame of a fighter? And Dela Hoya and Mosley? Weren’t they the best and legendary in boxing? But after the beating they would just justify their losses and condemn Pacman and dissing him for their loss.Not even giving him credit for the outstanding talents and display of skills. And Mr. Mayweather, a bigmouth that he is, always blaming Pacman for not making the fight happen. For always saying that Pacman has beaten seasoned and beat up fighters, well hasn’t he have any respect for the talents of Pacman’s opponents? The only evasion he can make is to claim that Pacman is into PEDs. What a wuzz! It has already been proven that Pacman is free of any PEDs. So why don’t Mr. Mayweather shut his bigmouth and stop hiding under his lame ass excuses. Talking to the media and the internet cannot deny the fact that Manny is the best there is! So suit up FLoyd, because at the end of the fight, you might wanna find another excuse after Manny beats you silly.

  • Let’s face it, ‘Pretty Boy’ wants to remain that way. In tact, and without a Loss on his dance card. So why engage the PAC-MONSTER? One, he can definitely get Hurt. Two the PAC-MAINIAN DEVIL can lay a big L-word behind his clean pettigree. So AVOIDANCE is the safe play, for today. But the Public and Fans demand PBF, take on the ‘Wee-Man’, in a challenge match, for all the EGO & Play-Dough, they can stand. My Money says PAC-MAN stands. Un-Marked and taking the ‘Pretty One’ to school. If you call yourself a Fighter, be Fighting. If not get in line at the MGM studio Call for Talent. PBF would be great making Fight Films, the ones he can’t possibly lose.

  • That was just a joke about the ped’s…lol

  • Hey guys can we give this a rest until say late September or October when his next fight is near it gets tiring to read about …lol plus I saw Floyd in miami and he said he is retired…what is Juan Manuel Marquez opinion of Manny or Tim Bradleys they are the next two in line…Paulie should shoot some ped’s in his hand like Floyd does…

  • Pac was the legit champ at 140 when he beat Hatton. That would be undisputed. Hatton beat Kostya whom had all or should of had all the belts. When the sorry sanctioning bodies strip fighters it’s just dumb. Pac was the man at 140 plain and simple just like Marquez is the real champ at 135

  • This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…

  • I wish/hope (whatever) that Olympic style drug testing would become mandatory in pro boxing.

  • Wow PED issue again? oh my

  • And about the Margarito coming in at 150, oh well. Fighters who have the upper hand can negotiate anything they want. See the Sugar Rays, Oscar recently until Pacman, etc……

  • Brian,

    You missed the point of the article buddy. Floyd Mayweather is beating down every door trying to fight Manny. He is taking to the internet, newspapers, radio, tv, etc. calling out Pacman for a fight. Even though he RETIRED rather than fight this small, PED-infested Filipino who has NEVER failed a drug test.

    Remember, the only one CAUGHT cheating was Mayrunner. Perhaps that is why he is scared. This punk has taken to beating citizens and women so he DOESN’T have to fight Pacquiao. I don’t blame him. Even 25% of the midget, much like the one who fought Mosley, would overwhelm him. Speaking of the Mosley-Pacquiao fight, what a horrible effort from both fighters. Pathetic.

  • All I know is Manny keeps on fighting while Gayweather flexes on women and untrained amateurs. Floyd, you know where PacMan is, pull your panties up and do something about it or shut the f**k up! That goes for the rest of you FMJ fanboys.

  • You’re taking steroids, Pedro. Now take the test. :) Show off against Pacman. 😀

  • “That being said, the idea of Manny and him splitting $100 million is no fantasy, and with all due respect to the Filipino people, the only reason this fight has not materialized rests on the shoulders of Manny Pacquiao.”

    Duh?! Just on the shoulders of Manny Pacquiao?? It takes two to tango (or box). Chicken-shot Floyd Jr ain’t got no balls to fight Manny in any ring, anywhere. That coward keeps mouthing off both on-cam and off-cam and he keeps throwing alibi after alibi after alibi, but he doesn’t have the guts to fight Manny.

    I mean, what? All of a sudden, big bad African-American boxers not to cocky about whooping the ass of a puny little Filipino boxer like Manny? That shit’s whacked. You’re barking at the wrong tree, Pedro. Why don’t you call out Pretty Boy Floyd to strap on a pair and fight Manny?

    I don’t even think it’s about the money for Manny. I bet you even if Floyd challenges Manny to a streetfight, Manny will just say: sure, name the place and time and we’ll square off. While Floyd Jr will probably come up with a new alibi.

    Oh btw…I read your previous article…and I do believe Manny is on PEDs.

    Yep, he got injected with lots of performance enhancing drugs. The majority of boxing fans already know what those drugs are. His mother and Freddie Roach even injected those to Manny themselves.

    Manny’s mother injected him with the drugs called HUMILITY and FAITH IN GOD. Roach injected Manny with drugs called DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION.

    Manny injected himself with a drug called LOVE FOR BOXING and he even took a healthy dose of RAW GUTS.

    Floyd sure could use some of those drugs if he wants to reclaim his former spot as pound-for-pound king :p

  • I understand and comprehended the story just fine you just didnt understand or comprehend my question. I know Manny and Marg’s fight was at a catch weight and agree with that but previously Marg fought at 147 for 11 fights in a row besides the one fight at 154 with Roberto Garcia. Maybe making 150 killed him but then it must have really killed him to make 147 for some of those 11 fights is all I’m saying.

    You and others say “Manny take the tests with no cut off” which is all well and good and I wish he would but why should he because you say so or because Floyd, Ward, Mallinagi and others say. I just think that if other boxers are calling on Manny to take the tests then they should lead by example and should have asked for it in there contracts with other fighters they fought. Manny is the only on being singled out and called out at this moment. He may be dirty, he may not but he’s following the same rules and guidelines as everyone else and I feel until others (Not talking about FMJ since he would do the randoms) start to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk its a mute point.

    I can understand your point Pedro and am in no way saying your view is wrong but there are other sides and other opinions which shouldnt just be totally dismissed because they dont align with your beliefs.

  • All I know is that when Bruce Lee said “The art of fighting without fighting” This is not what he had in mind!!

  • All the fighters in Mayweather’s weight class or somewhere even close would do anything to get a payday or a chance at beating Mayweather, so they would give in to all of his demands in a heartbeat. And lets be fair, cause of his name, skill, and acomplishment he would have the power to give some of those demands. Only Manny Pacquaio can say no and tell Floyd to go shove it. It was Floyd Sr. that started all this sterioid B.S when Hatton got his ass knockout who he trained! Floyd Jr. Has ducked Cotto, Margarito, Tszyue, Wright, Forrest, Williams and who knows else. He dosent want the damn fight! Get that through your head!!!!! You keep saying Manny is turning down 30 Million….ITS FLOYD turning down 30 million. Manny is active, fights often, has plenty of endorsments, does music and movies. Floyd dosent do shit. No endorsements, he is the one with the IRS problems, gambling issues and is in need of money for lawyers and such! Manny was 2 days past his 16th birthday when he turn pro at 107. How much did Floyd weight at 16? You said in your last damn show jokingly that you knew Andre Ward when he was skinny! All light fighters were skinny at some time. You say you were a boxer so you know alot……well Manny is a boxer too and he is better then you so stop hateing! Its funny, you never thought you would see a guy who calls himself Money turn down 50,000,000 to protect a “0″! Bring it Pedro!!!!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You didn’t read & or comprehend the story.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ward-Abraham had a surprise test by USADA Friday.The NSAC doesn’t want stricter rules, in my opinion, because of the UFC being thier main meal ticket nowadays. AND Brian again showing your liited knowledge, they made Marg fight Pac at 150 for a 154 lb. title. I’m sure you can smell the stink of that? We’re not talking about Floyd, I ripped him apart in a recent article, this is about Pac wanting a 14 day window from testing. YOUR lack of smarts is appaling.

  • If the use of PEDS are as bad as it appears and as you state, then all athletes are truly suspect. For me it would seem if Ward, Mallinagi and Cotto point to Pac and say he should be tested then to me they should have put it in there recent contracts to be tested to prove a point. Seeing as how they are pointing fingers but elected not to require randome tests for there last fights then we should assume they possibly are/did juice as well.

    The bottom line is FMJ said he wants Pac and everyone else tested but has done ZERO to petition the NSAC to try and make it happen. FMJ is the one who stated he wants to clean up boxing and if thats what he truly wants then he should be commended but he should be doing something to make it happen besides beating women, threatening children and poking security guards. I’m not saying FMJ is scared of PAC or the fight wouldnt have happened even if Pac had agreed back in early 2010. However Floyd with his popularity and dominance in the sport is/was in a position to maybe make it happen for all Boxing but he elected to punt and do nothing.

    As for Pac fighting a weight drained Marg, did all or some of the previous 11 fighters before Roberto Garcia all fight the same weight drained Margarito at 147? For the most part almost every fighter is weight drained since none fight at there true weight anyway.

  • Pedro, I hate Floyd, but why should Manny give in to Floyds retarded demands? He should take the same tests as everyone else. Who the hell is Floyd to dictate to anyone what tests to take? All boxers take the same tests. Anyone can say anything about anyone. Doesn’t mean you have to give in. Floyd is a piece of garbage, if he doesn’t want to fight, who cares, Manny certainly doesn’t. He keeps fighting, while Floyd keeps punching out his wives, threatning his children and beating up security guards. Manny doesn’t need Floyd. Fight him or shut the puck up.

    Oh and keeps us up to date on Arum and those other scum bags. I hope they pay through the nose.

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