Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA- Even though I praised and backhanded both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao yesterday in an article entitled, “The Good & Bad of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather,” not one of the scathing emails and blogs that I received were from the Mayweather contingent. Seeing I all but called Floyd a “sissy” of sorts, still it was the “in denial” Filipinos that were spewing truculent and racist comments. Is it just me, or are there an extraordinary excessive amount of Filipino knuckleheads per capita than there are in any other ethnic background?


One stereotype that has been affixed to the islanders is that they can never, ever, admit when they are wrong. When I stated a fact in saying had Manny Pacquiao agreed to taking the random Drug Testing that Floyd Mayweather wanted, and that the fight would have taken place March 13, 2010, all but one of nearly 100 responses denied such and tried to spin the blame on the fight not taking place 13 months ago on Mayweather. Yes, Manny did agree to the testing, but this was many months afterwards, and yet he still wanted a 10 or 14 day window in which he didn’t want any testing done.


Why are the Filipino people afraid to call a spade a spade? I mean, we wouldn’t even be having this debate had Manny agreed to drug testing instead of taking on Joshua “Handcuffed” Clottey last March, this again after refusing the drug testing demands of Mayweather. In general, most Filipino people that I’ve met are extremely well educated and articulate, so I have to ask myself why is there such a proliferation of anti-African American venom coming from them? It appears that the Filipinos that have been dogging Mayweather, and in some regards rightfully so, are so far beyond being bias and pro-Pacquiao, that they are instead racists in the truest sense of the word.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather


It reminds a lot of Cuban-Americans, the vast majority of whom that are successful are lighter rather than darker. In the case of Filipinos, although some might think that I’m wrong, their major stars, both in music and acting are again, lighter rather than darker. In closing, if I were to print some of the blogs I received ripping on Mayweather, whom I consider a jerk, you’d think the Philippine people were living in the days of Jim Crow and the Klu Klux Clan.

Pedro Fernandez


  • @Sondeezy

    Actually, Filipinos have their own boxing and it’s called Panantukan. It’s an ancient form of boxing similar to Muay Thai. We have many other martial arts that are incredibly deadly (and tested since ancient times) but you’ve probably already heard of them. Read my comment before this (if it even passes the moderation process, which it should because I speak clearly and without profanity) and you will realize that skin color means nothing to Filipinos. Ignorance will land you a big spot in our disliking however. We are a very respectful people. We respect everyone. We are very passionate people. We love everyone until we are disrespected. Once you disrespect a Filipino, you have darkness over your shoulder. Just read my previous comment. You will learn a lot from it. As will everyone else who claims that Filipino people are racist. It’s absolutely false.

  • Take your time to read this.

    Filipinos are not racist. The Filipino culture does not endorse racism. It simply does NOT exist in the Philippines. The Philippines is MULTICULTURAL, which means its citizens are comprised of people from many ethnic backgrounds. The Filipino people welcome foreigners. We don’t spout off racial slurs at them. And as for fighting…We are natural killers. Not natural boxers and brawlers. We KILL. Our “native” bloodlines are actually Melayu warriors who had to fight their way to the Philippines because of the Majapahit empire. We had many different people come to the Philippines and we accepted them all from Chinese to Thais. We only had real problems with the Spaniards and Japanese. However, I am Filipino and have Spaniard blood in me and I have nothing against Spaniards. My best friend is African-American and we’ve been best friends since the 5th grade. My father is Caucasian and my mother is Filipina. I was born in the Philippines at Clark Air Base. I have never been a racist in my entire life and I was raised in America! I’ve seen racism and I’ve been the victim of racism. Why would I take part in such evil? Foolish to lump every Filipino into that category, Pedro.

    Everyone was born on the same planet, under the same skies, with the same chemical composition.

  • Filipimno men are some of the msoe ratict bastards out there

  • Clarify, FILIPINO’s shut the fuck up, most of you didn’t know boxing and let alone don’t know where boxing came from, the only reason why your backing up Manny is cause of the fact that he has the same skin color as you. You guys finally pick up boxing when a guy that you see on screen looks like you, is now a GLOBAL CELEBRITY, and has money. WHERE WERE YOU 10 years ago? How about in 2003 when he beat Antonio Marco Barrera? GET the hell out of here. Flash Elorde, Pancho Villa, Nonito Doniare, and Mericito “NO Mercy” Gesta are some of the past and present boxers you need to be looking at, before you come into a realm of debate about boxing. “UNSTOPPABLE”, “UNBEATABLE”, “TOO FAST”, “TOO STRONG”, get the hell out of here with that shit. For you new kids that want to be fans, JUST BE FANS, and don’t talk shit about BLack, Latino, White fighters, casue that makes you look bad (directly for them Pinoys out there) and ignorant to something that you know little about. Most you guys that are Manny fans are all bandwagon, nuthuggin, my race to fame fans. Just like Africans-Americans like Barrac Obama, but don’t know shit about politics talking shit about hes a good President cause he’s black.

    Don’t get me wrong hes a good fighter, but you guys need to sound like you’ve boxed or been boxing, let alone know the business. I’m a fan of “BOXING” not the people that box. Manny, Mayweather, Ortiz, Martinez, are the top 4 boxers to be looking at. Marinate in that and give it sometime before you debate on a blog, post, or a comment, cause that’s just going to make you all sound stupid.

    P.S. I’m filipino too. So if you got something to say, let it out, I’ll give you my number and you can come see me.

  • Yeah, pacfans are sick bastards. What the hell will they do when manny loses or retires? Jump off a bridge?

  • i completley agree. Not all blacks even know who floyd mayweather is, not all blacks even like floyd mayweather. but manny and filipinos? they are fanatical!

  • And the posts prove that Pedro was right

  • I think Pacfans are generally good down home folks. As far as racism goes, everyone knows that Filipinos take alot more of it than they dish out. If you push people far enough, eventually they’ll respond in kind. I mean, can anybody really act surprised that some responses to Floyd’s racial video rant have themselves been racial? I think alot of the trash that people talk against Pac is racial at heart in the sense that people just can’t believe and don’t want to believe that an Asian fighter can be that good. But look out everybody, if you were worried about Pac being too good, here comes Nonito Donaire!!!

  • Pedro’s constant trashing of the Philippine national hero will most certainly be met with the wrath of 92 million strong. Pedro Fernandez does this deliberately to attract traffic on because we all know that is the only time when his article gets all clogged up with all sorts of comments. And having been a regular browser at believe me it is very true. It is a business strategy; Pedro Fernandez is not stupid.

    But reading onto the last paragraph of this very article, it very well made me wonder–WHO IS THE REAL RACIST HERE?

  • @1200….okay. No worries, bruh. I’ve read that term often and it’s an oxymoron, IMO. You’re right, using racial slurs, in response to racial slurs, kinda negates the original outrage, right? LOL

  • @1200 Techs

    Add the fact that the bigger they are, they are slower than pac, so there is really nothing suspicious about him beating bigger guys, cause pac has the speed advantage to negate his opponents’ size.

  • bnoles4life: what I was trying to say was that people shouldn’t argue with what they percieve to be racists remarks using racial slurs themselves! poor choice of words on my part…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Eight hours on that one. If the clown can’t come up with the evidence, he will be banned from RT and my Facebook page.

  • @one2combo…@ jojo
    Random drug screenings are not the rule. However, demanding 10 million dollars per pound overweight is not a rule either. They both had outrageous demands. The only difference is that Mayweather accepted and Pac didn’t. I think it’s funny how the media conveniently forgot about that”

    How is random blood testing up to and including the night of the fight, an outrageous demand? I agree, that $10M per pound was jus’ dumb.

    You want to know what’s conveniently forgotten? That Top Rank & Co. would rather sue than take a blood test.

  • @1200….what is “reverse racism”? It is, just like the word “irregardless”…no such animal!

  • This whole unnatural weight gain issue is a nonstarter. At 16 they were both 106. The difference being Floyd was an amateur and Manny was turning pro. Pacquiao came from being poor and hungry(near emaciated) by third world standards. He lost his first title by ko from a body shot because he was so weight drained. As he started progressing through the weight classes he became more stable. Not to mention he found REAL training when coming to the States and hooking up with Roach 10 years ago. There is the real correlation between better performances and increased size. He came into the ring for the second Marquez fight at 145 for Christ sake. The SAME as he did for his last fight against Margacheato! C’mon everyone! And Pedro,it is blatantly false to say no boxer in history could – or should – do so well against bigger opponents. B.S.! Greb, Fitzimmons, Armstrong, Burley, Duran, Langford etc…. Don’t act like you are the know all be all.

  • Pedro Mukhang Tite

    Hi Pedro, please do not generalize. For the past years I admit i’ve observed a lot of Pacfans make use of the N word when they give comments or reactions against mayweather. Did you know that most internet users here in the Philippines are kids? They don’t even understand what that N word really means. Please note that most Pacfans who are very actively participating in youtube comments, boxing forums, etc… are kids who think street trash talking is really cool. Before debating with anyone who comments in the manner you described, ask what age the person is first.

  • @ Sean: when did Trevor Graham join pacs team? please enlighten us and post a link to an article or any evidence you have that is true…

  • Pedro, you can’t reason with certain people. Oh well, que sera, sera…

  • Roberto: It might be suspect that pac is beating bigger guys better than he did little guys but remember to factor in pacs evolution as a fighter. He’s got a pretty complete arsenal now..

  • …the dude (pac) usually says that after being bonked around in the ring, not always a persons most clearheaded many fighters have said things right after a fight thats kinda looked at with a cocked eye like what the feezie?

  • Pedro, I remember when you said a while back regarding manny pacquiao that it makes it hard to like a fighter, when many of his fans spew so much hate…A lot of racists remarks were thrown out against different races, hate brewed to a boiling point at that time, basically ignorance filled the threads…i don’t blame you for being mad for having to deal with idiotic behavior..when are numbskulls going to realize that reverse racism is the same as racism? its so stupid and ignorant its hard to take serious whatever else message that person is trying to convey…with that being said, I don’t always agree with you (fact is no two people always agree), but I have to say I highly enjoy and respect most of your writing. With that being said, here is but ones perspective of the take on the situation. True the fight would’ve happened back in march and pacquiao should’ve just took the damn test and fight mayweather in the ring but whether or not it took people calling him out, fact is pac has stated publically that he is willing to adhere to mayweathers testing demands to prove to his fans that it was not him that caused the fight to not happen between him and may.Even though he anounced it recently, wouldn’t that be righting his initial percieved wrong? You’ve said it yourself in the past shouldn’t people be allowed to right there wrongs?and I understand its weird seeing pac always defer to his promotor, but I see that very much being part of a cultural thing and being the way manny is. Fact is, most filipinos in the Philippines look up to Americans, especially white or lighter skin ones. They speak very politely to them, something that I believe is embedded in asian culture in general. Its the same thing everytime right, I’m just doing MY JOB. It is up to MY PROMOTER to do his job. If you really break it down, what’s wrong with that?

  • The Mad Scientist

    Pedro Fernandez, I find it funny how you and Vivek Wallace are the only two boxing writters that can cause the pactards to hysterical..Lol!

  • Bad-guy ur always talking nonsense. It’s soo useless that I wipe my but with ur tongue and I’m still dirty. What Pedro is saying that dude is beating down bigger guys better than he was little guys. That does seem suspect!! And no disrespect but steroids on the west coast is out of control. Like I said u offer me 40/50 Millie name the time place and person even if it’s my mama. I’ll whip her azz and apologize later. And as a man if u call me out I’ll take the test just to get u in the ring to trash u. SUSPECT???????

  • Floyd mayweather is afraid of Manny Pacquaio, plain & simple. He knows he’ll never be able to back up all his commentary, & that he’s painted himself into a corner so that he can’t even take the money that’s available to him. He’ll never run out of excuses of why he won’t make the fight, & if it’s not drug testing (how could YOU pick up on this issue, even tho it was never suggested to be a possibility other than an accusation by the Mayweather camp, now YOU have him guilty & would want him tested.), or the fact that he needs $100,000,000 !!!!, or whatever further nonsense he can dream up.
    He ducked anyone that seemed dangerous to him (Margarito, Cotto, Williams etc.),& instead fought little fellas that posed zero threat to HIS ZERO.He’s a delusional phoney spewing false bravado that you obviously believe & then pass it on thru your column, but all that does is compound the felony. Ask yourself; who did he beat?? Who did Roy Jones beat?? Anyone that was a threat?? Both were “Pound for Pound” champions that were created by people like yourself; the Media. Just because you have a pen & access to the public does NOT mean you are right, it just means you are able to spread your bias. Floyd Mayweather will never fight Manny Pac. He’s just noise, excuses & will continue (if he fights again) to bully opponents with no chance & demand big money for it. MONEY MAYWEATHER ???- -Self named, same as his “I’m the best ever” claims. What foolishness…….

  • Good read Pedro,I will gave my position on why Manny should be tested.Manny has a total of 12 divisions under his belt,he has Trevor Graham on his team and we all know that guy is a cheat.In fact he can’t even step foot near a gym where Olympians train or fight.Freddie Roach had 3 fighters test positive and it goes against physics when you have a fighter putting on 45 pounds- while keeping his speed,power and endurance.Lets not forget Manny gets hit by these bigger guys and it has zero effect on him.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Walrus, thank you for your comments sir.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Unless you can provide some facts that he has kids out of wedlock, I will pull this post in 24 hours Jose Rizal.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Bradguy, I won seven amateur titles, have all my faculties, no bent nose, no scas, what in the f*** have you done besides sit your fat ass in front of a computer and spew dribble?

    I can’t think of anybody giving up 20+ pounds in a real fight against a real fighter and faring well, let alone winning. The guy I fought, Ernie Chavez of LA, fought Meldrick Taylor as a pro. I told Mel to look out for his right southpaw hook. First thing out of Mel’s mouth in the post fight press meeeting, “Who was the guy that told me to look out for that right hook? That’s the hardest I’ve ever been hit.” Ask Stanley Ketchel!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    There you damn it. More bullshit from a pacnut. The only thing preventing the fight March 13 was the refusal to take the tests. Get your head out of Manny’s ass and take a deep breath!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Point taken on Morales. But Manny has grown tremendously in size since then. Be it naturally or not, it is fact. Thanks for the input!

  • Point made P!!!!!

  • Pedro keepin’ it real as usual. As far as Floyd have fans, I think he’s lost ’em all except for his hardcore fanboys.

  • Why do we even question wether PAC juices or not??? He answered the question himself by not taking the tests!!!! Please stop saying that he’s afraid of needles!!!! Tattoos are made with lollipops!!!! If PAC takes the tests, mayweather smokes him!!!! Saludos Rafael!!!

  • JoJO, Here is Pedro talking about racism and what comes out of your mouth? Racism! i don’t know if Pedro is Mexican or not but he didn’t even mention Mexicans so what’s the beef? I know filipinos, trust me you guys roll deep as hell in the Navy. Your people have a lot of pride which is good but remember one thing when you ask a filipino who are your biggest rivals in boxing they say Mexicans. Ask a Mexican the same thing and they will say Puerto Ricans, blacks, and then maybe filipinos. (kinda of like the Lakers everybody considers them there biggest rivals but the Lakers are like whatever everybody wants a piece of us) Manny has done some good things agains great Mexican fighters even though I believe Morales was weight drained after they made him come back down to 130 after fighting at 135 and Marquez more than held his own even though he was past his prime and Manny was in his prime. I believe if both fighters are in their prime Marquez would handle him but sadly that fight won’t take place til he’s 40 now. If at all. Anyways lighter people usually get hooked up more than darker people. It happens everywhere look at all the spanish novelas. The women are always light with colored eyes. Not saying latinos don’t have those traits but they don’t roll like that.

  • @ jojo

    Random drug screenings are not the rule. However, demanding 10 million dollars per pound overweight is not a rule either. They both had outrageous demands. The only difference is that Mayweather accepted and Pac didn’t. I think it’s funny how the media conveniently forgot about that.

  • After Pacquiao lost to Morales in their first fight you were adamant that Pacquiao should not rematch Erik coz he is way too small for the mexican. I wrote you then that Pacquiao lost by the slimmest of margins and thus deserve a crack again at Erik. Well as history bore me out, in their two subsequent bouts Pacquiao Obliterated Morales proving you wrong. The problem here is you, Teddy Atlas and some other so called sportswriters have very big egos! All of you don’t like to be proven wrong. When pacquiao proves you wrong you can’t take it, thus the never ending tirade against Pacquiao.

  • PED-ro: “When I stated a fact in saying had Manny Pacquiao agreed to taking the random Drug Testing that Floyd Mayweather wanted, and that the fight would have taken place March 13, 2010”.

    How is this a fact? How sure are you that if Pacquiao accepted the random testing that Maynever will not make another excuse? Your “FACT” is pure conjecture on your part. Because as it turned in later negotiations, Fraud put up other excuses including demanding $100 million. Given his history of ducking other risky fighters, you still cannot put everything in the proper context. We will say PED-ro you are the one who will never admit that you’re wrong!!!

  • Come now, Pedro…
    Comparing your boxing abilities to the Greatest pound-for-pound fighter of the New Millennium? The Boxing Writers Association’s Fighter of the Decade?

    So you weighed 143 lbs against a guy that was 165 and you lost, so to you that means nobody else could overcome that size disadvantage either? Seriously?

    Many Great fighters in history overcame weight and size disadvantages because of superior skills, speed, conditioning, and gameplan as you well know, Pedro.

  • Pedro…while I don’t necessarily agree w/ the entirety of your initial article, I like that you dare *gasp* say anything but praise against the “establishment”. Objective and responsible journalism are what boxing needs more of.

    It’s not lost upon me how none of the above posters, really addressed the racial insults hardcore Manny disillusionists spew toward Floyd and African-Americans in general.

  • Pedro,
    Most of the time Filipinos gets the raw end of racist comment.

  • i’ll just say **pac fans** are a sick bunch. worse than trinidad or tyson fans and worse than all fanatics except maybe british fans who are the worst of the worst. no reason to question them anymore. it is the way it is but unlike brit fans who will be like this for any british fighter forever and ever, these pac fans will be gone soon. i’ll just call them pac fans because fil fight fans aren’t as emotional when it comes to guys for guys like say, donaire. so that is a relief. wait it out, they will be gone soon.

  • Pedro,
    Well shouldnt that make you appreciate these Pinoys who respond to your column otherwise you will have 0 comments. After all you invite them to submit their reaction positive or negative. That only shows they still read your column. Further, just because a few handful Pinoys react in a manner you detest does not mean all Pinoys are like that. The Philippines have suffered insults and deaths for centuries in the hands of the Spanish, Japanese, and even the Americans. Countless brave Pinoys have died side by side with you Americans during WWll, Korean war, and the Vietnam war and the world did not take notice. So please reconsider your worldview just because the Philippines don’t measure up to your lofty standards. Even Morales and other ring opponents of Pacquiao thought Pinoys were gentle people and not who they thought they were when they visited the country. Yes I agree with you some Pinoys have a lot to learn but don’t generalize for they are just too passionate in expressing their stand and its about time Pinoys do that.

  • Jojo, I’m going to be respectful here. because Pac has done things no other athlete in boxing or athletics has ever done. If I were fighting him, I’d want him drug tested. Sorry, but I once fought a fight against a fighter who weighed 165 at 143 and he smoked me like a cigarette.

  • Here’s my take on your article Mr. Fernandez, first of all i can only speak for myself, and i am a filipino. I admit, I do not like Floyd, but that does not have anything to do with his color. Its very obvious by his actions that he is not a person of good moral values, very arrogant, and by what he has done recently, i can even call him a racist, a wife beater, a child abuser, and a general a blly to those who are of lesser stature (i say that because, i doubt he would say that to someone his stature or his own size, incident with the security officer). And your comment regrading the fight would have happened had Manny accepted Floyd’s request of random testing with needles. But then again neither of us will ever know even if Manny agreed to that the fight would have happened, maybe yes but maybe Floyd would have found another way to get out of it (its arguable cause it never happened), ny take is that loyd knew Manny was scared of needles thats why he brought that issue to light, but thats all bridge under the water and we can all agree to dis agree on that issue but we will really never know. And why do you keep insisting that Manny should have ageed on testing when he really did not want to give in on FLOYD’s Unreasonable request, for whatever reason he has, it was hisall, NOW HOW DOES THAT NOT CALLING A SPADE, A SPADE??? Neither You, I, or anybody else can dog Manny for his decision, it was his call, its not you or me or anybody else who will step in the ring and slug it out…it’s manny so nobody can question him on that it was a judgement call…AGAIN i have nothing and most Filipinos have nothing against any race, racism was never an issue with most of us until we studied AMERICAN HISTORY. I grew up not knowing what it means and our society really did not dwell on any racism issues until one goes to the USA and experiences it first hand. In the philippines we lived with all races: chinese, americans, african americans (in fact we looked up on foreigners as if they were above us, at least thats how i felt growing up), indians, malays, japanese, etc…in fact if anything even in our country we are sometimes treated as second class citizens, thsi is due to the wealth issue, now in that aspect i agree that its a CLASS issue in the philippines and not a race issue. So i suggest you not try sweeping generalizations when you comment about how RACIST FILIPINO’s are.

  • hi i like your mind freck ,,.. im pilipino,..let me ask you a question,… why mayweather asking the random test that is not even the rule,,.. tell him to go back to the olympic boxing if you know what i mean,.. so your name is pedro fernandez??? is sounds like a mexican looozerrrrrrrr,… maybe you bit your wife like gayweather,… what a shame of him a man like that it doesnt exist in this world,,…. good luck for your article,.. you such a dork that making an article of bad things of other people in general,.. you should look up your self first before cleansing other people,,. have peace on your mind and move on,…

  • Oh pedro you’re just sour cause Filipino boxers beat all your countrymen boxers.. Now you are using black instead of mexicans.. What a cop out!!

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