Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather?

Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather?


San Francisco, CA– Having been writing longer than most of you have been alive, I’ve seen a lot in boxing. There were great fights, great nights, highway robberies, I’ve even watched two men die from the front row at ringside. Along the way, I’ve witnessed great fighters apply their trade, inferior fighters try to, strong fighters prevail and weak ones run and hide.


All that being said, there is really nothing more that I can say about Floyd Mayweather except that he has tremendous talent, and at the same time, can be for the lack of a better word, a complete asshole. I’ve even had a near fist fight with his father, Floyd Sr. Now that I’ve laid out for you my feelings about both Floyd’s, I will turn my attention to Manny Pacquiao.


Remembering when he was looking to quit against the late Agapito Sanchez, right here in San Francisco, on the night Floyd Jr. beat Jesus Chavez in late 2001, I think there is far more canine in the Philippine Congressman than you would find on the dinner table of some his compatriots from prior generations. The eventual outcome of the fight was a Split Technical Draw 6, where Pacquiao was being beaten and bullied about by the now deceased Dominican.


Referee Marty Denkin took two points away from Sanchez for his unsportsmanlike style of fighting, which included throwing Manny to the floor. But once Manny was bloodied and behind on the cards, he started whining to Denkin, which helped his case. Cut in the second and sixth rounds from accidental headbutts, the fight was called and the judges were split in that Marshall Walker had it even at 56-56, Raul Caiz Jr. had Sanchez up by two points at 57-55, even though he had lost two points. The other judge Ric Bays, he scored the fight as if he were related to Pacquiao, 58-54.


Had Denkin taken one less point, Sanchez would have won the fight on a split decision. Some thought that Sanchez should have been disqualified, but hey, all he was doing was roughing Manny up, while at the same time Manny was looking for Denkin’s sympathy. It was a disgraceful outing for the elected last year Congressman, one that you never hear these Pacnuts bring up when they discuss his illustrious career.


Now, after fighting three no-hope opponents back to back, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley, take into consideration Mosley was 0-1-1 in his last two fights and Margarito was 1-1. The disgraceful Clottey should have been “stoned” by his countrymen when he returned to Ghana, for he lacked any intestinal fortitude and never even tried to win. Only Margarito, the cheating Mexican mauler came to fight Pacquiao, but he was too slow, too worn, and lacked any talent other than that of a pugilistic mugger.


The outcry from the Filipino fanatics who love Pacquiao to such an extent they would act as his rectal thermometer sans any objections, is that the Nevada tests are fine, when they obviously are not. Although Mosley finally admitted using Steroids and EPO years after I was the only one to accuse him of such, there were other fighters, both in boxing and MMA that have beaten the exams.


Just like I wouldn’t give up my Mosley source (who gave me a look at the Balco Lab Grand Jury Transcripts) that said he took the “Clear & the Creme” steroids before the Oscar De La Hoya rematch, I’m not going to snitch these guys off, one of whom is retired now anyway. All this talk about Manny Pacquiao taking Steroids, EPO, Insulin, and other Performance Enhancement Drugs, it could all be trash and not true.


So here is toughest man in boxing, a man who says he settles things with his fists, suing Floyd Mayweather for damaging his reputation by saying he is on Steroids and the like. At least Mosley, with his punk ass lawyer Judd “No Stud” Burstein directing him, went and took what turns out to be a “rigged” Polygraph (Lie Detector) test, which stated he had never taken Steroids, when he later admitted he knowingly had.


When the accusations came out almost a year and a half ago, if Manny was a man and not some promotional puppet, Pacquiao would have started “independent, but corroborating tests” done by the Mayo Clinic, UCLA Medical Center or the like, and on a regular basis. Yeah, we all know Manny Pacquiao has been passing post-fight exams, but it is during training where the Steroids & EPO offer the greatest advantage to a fighter, and they can disappear from a fighter’s system in five days, so says the man who rigged the 2000 Olympics, and gave Mosley his illegal drugs, the now-reformed Victor Conte of the infamous BALCO Lab scandal.


If Pacquiao were coming up clean in regular testing, Floyd Mayweather would have been the laughing stock of the sports world! He would have been ridiculed to an unlimited point. Instead, Pacquiao, whose education is limited to say the least seeing he never really went to school and only recently completed a home study course which is said to be the equivalent of a Philippine GED, backs out of a fight with Floyd Mayweather because he wouldn’t adhere to Olympic-style random drug testing.


Pacquiao bull sh*ts people and says he will agree to random testing, at least that’s what he implied earlier this year in New York when confronted by Michael Marley of He then returned home and told Phil Am News that he would agree to the tests “ONLY” if there was a 14-day window. Now, if you’ve read this entire article, how can you not say Manny Pacquiao is the dog here?

Pedro Fernandez


  • pedro does this twice a month… its a routine, pedro picks on pacquiao for at least once a month… is it a menstrual cycle for you PEDro? anything new PEDro? nothing else to discuss aside fron the PEDS PEDro?

  • Neil…actually, BOTH of those fights had blood and urine testing. BOTH. From what I understand, b/c Floyd told the Pac camp, should they refuse the 14-day window, it would be off the table permanently. Top Rank walked away (NOT Team Mayweather). So, in Floyd’s mind (speculation), ANY talk of a testing cut-off date, much less the revoked 14-day window, wasn’t a negotiation. As I said, Floyd’s side has NEVER ended negotiations, ONLY the Top Rank side. Why can’t you see this? Moreover, if you’re someone acting in good faith, determined to make this fight happen, why o’ why do you do the things that Arum has done? The short answer: so you sabotage the fight and blame it on the @$$hole. It’s so primitive, that it’s working. While Floyd may, in fact, be an asshole, ironically, his side, if you think about it, has kept all of this stuff close to the “vest”.

    Lastly, how is the fight NOT happening b/c of Floyd? If you archive Fighthype, Floyd shows the contract he signed. However, where Manny’s signature is required, it’s blank. Now, I don’t know if it’s authentic or not, but I happen to think it is. I mean, Top Rank hasn’t refuted this and considering how Manny handles anything that could be damaging to his name, he’d likely sue abou this if it wasn’t true. Right? The fight isn’t happening b/c of Floyd’s negotiation demand and Manny’s refusal of said demand. The fight is not happening due to BOTH fighters, but unfortunately, Arum’s ruse has got you convinced otherwise.

  • HeNeverSawTheHookComing

    @neil the truth Ignorance is Bliss

  • explain please bnoles4life why floyds camp said there where no negotiations going on 2nd time when the whole world knew there was??oscar said its almost done.then when floyd was askd at a basketball match what was goin on he said im not thinking of fighting im on vacation???? lol there was no excuse about blood testing from floyd he just didnt want to know.does this guy want to box or not? first it was 14 day floyd wanted then manny said no.then manny said lets go 14 days.then floyd said why was 14 days ok,then not ok.then vacation.its not who you like and dont like.its why the fight aint happening.thats floyds fault with his vacations and his camps lies,and hes always in trouble.evey1 has said floyds ducked people for hes scared of a midget whos easy to hit with no balance.o and i agree with pedro on sanchez he was a bit dirty but he was hammering manny after 6 rds even with 2 points deducted.o and for the record i think floyd beats manny.but the fight isnt happening because of floyd

  • yes and these fights took place without osdt? correct…carnt believe tyson wanted osdt when tyson tested positive for cannabis and cocaine after the holy fight.that was a blood test after the fight that caught tyson you will say that haye wanted wladamir osdt lol theres saying it and then theres goin to the extremes floyd is going to.hear bob arum say mannys willing to do the random test.carnt wait to hear floyds excuse not to fight now??? trainers going to court he might not be in my corner,then floyd says he carnt fight because hes in trouble with the law AGAIN.14

  • pedro its floyds dad that has him doubting manny.if floyd snr after the cotto fight with manny [when he was in awe of him] had not said he believes hes on somthing to take cottos punches and come back stronger,nobody in the boxing world would doubt manny.the fight isnt happenin because floyd is not bigger than boxing instead of saying why dont he take the test to clear floyds fears and suspicions.why dont floyd ask kindley that the nsac do random testing for the fight?? he hasnt done it.why?? because hes that arrogent he thinks people should do what he says.if i was manny i wouldnt do what floyd wanted to clear hes fear.if nsac implemented it and manny said no then i would call manny guilty.fighter of the decade with or without 3 losses dont have to do what a part time asshole whishes..shit i should speak to ste edwards from boxingtalk.sorry guys wrong site

  • Neil…..

    If you want to go that route….Tyson asked for blood testing for his Holyfield fight and Bowe asked for blood testing for his fight w/ Golota. Now, what?

  • Pedro….

    Believe it. You can’t argue facts to people who aren’t open to accepting them.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    What you are saying is why Floyd wants random testing. If Manny has or had nothing to hide, in my opinion, he would say let’s fight with the random testing. No, he refused and went on to fight three no-hopers. He should have fought the rusty Floyd, because if Floyd can beat Ortiz, a leftie like Pac, then he will have had the right prep for Pac.

    I cannot believe Filipino people, or Pacnuts, would not want their guy tested? I can’t believe it. It’s mind boggling!

  • what the hell is every1 going on about???? never before has a fighter asked for random testing.if any1 should ask for random testing it should of been oscar as he has had two fights where his opponents was dirty.when he fought manny he never ask for the test.mannys speed was the problem for every1.floyd never ask for random testing before manny wanted the fight.any1 ask holyfield for random blood tests when he was training with mr lee haney a known drug user to move to heavyweight?

  • It’s not about steroids, it’s not about the money, it.s the skills you have….
    Get in the ring Floyd……. It.s about being a MAN!

  • Baldomir was the ring champ at the time mayweather fought him although many felt margarito was the man at welter. Very similiar situation when pac fought hatton for the ring belt at jr. welters even though many felt bradley was the man. At this point, mayweather and pac are at the top of the food chain where they seem to have seperated themeselves from the pac as far as skills go. If they don’t fight each other, they BOTH will certainly have done a HUGE disservice for boxing as far as I’m concerned. The fans are calling for it, and both of them have grown wealthy due to the fans support. Both early in their carreers, they smoked through the competition, but if they don’t fight one another, they’re legacies towards the tail end of their carreers will always be criticized as when they both ceased to fight the best out there…

  • Pedro,

    I thought Arum offered him $8M and Dibella or Goosen (whomever Baldomir’s promoter was) offered him $8M +$1 w/ the belts on the line.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I do remember Arum offering him $4 million to fight Margarito, when the most he had ever made was $1 million. Doesn’t take away from this situation, Pac chose to fight bums instead of taking the tests and fighting Floyd………period!

  • Pedro,

    Read the articles. Apparently you can’t follow a calendar either. Sorry to tell ya but your boy Floyd is scared. But you know that already. Remember how he ran from Margarito?

  • Moo: Your right. Manny needs to confirm it..What if he says it needs to be a 14 day cut off though like koncz is saying? How would u feel about that?

  • Moo….Fighthype, IMO, is about as impartial as you’re gonna get in boxing, ESPECIALLY as it pertains to these two fighters. They’re actually PRO fighters. THey don’t often, IF EVER, thrash fighters on their board. They’ve written very PRO-PAC articles and do their best to give their readers the facts and then let them decide for themselves.

    I gotta question for you: What other boxing scribe, had the foresight and gumption to chronicle the negotiations for the fight? Why hasn’t Dougie “El Debarge” Fischer @Ring Mag done this? WHy hasn’t Dan “Two Chins” Rafael done this? Why hasn’t Greg Leon from Btalk done this? You know what all three of these guys have common? They’ve all been overly critical of Floyd, overly stimulated by Manny’s accomplishments and NONE…I repeat, NONE of them have written ANY article that wasn’t an opinion piece ABOUT where things went wrong.

    Sorry, bruh…FightHype is waaaay legit.

  • Awesome,
    Just got back from vacation and had to comment on this one. I don’t actually have any comments on who the bigger dog is. I’m actually afraid to say the word dog as I don’t want any Pac fans to get hungry, but it’s fun to watch Pedro when he’s on the scrap. Rectal thermometer? Where do you get this stuff? Anyway, keep up the good work pedro. Generate that controversy bro!

  • HeNeverSawTheHookComing

    @bnoles4life. Keep speaking the truth! All one has to is listen to Arum and one can see his motives. After Rios had won He started talking about fight between Rios and Pac! That fight is at least 2 years away if ever! PacArum and his minions. Just remember this: caveat emptor!

  • Richard,

    It’s double talk…WADA uses the host nation’s anti-doping agency. So, Arum knows exactly what he’s saying. He doesn’t trust USADA and knows that WADA doesn’t test themselves. It’s the neverending story.

  • Oh yeah…now, Arum wants WADA to conduct the random, unlimited (read: scheduled and limited) blood & urine testing, b/c as USADA is an American “outfit”, he doesn’t trust them to be impartial. Here’s what’s wrong with that:

    WADA uses the anti-doping agency in the host country (the fight is in the U.S., so guess who gets to do the testing? Yep…USADA)
    USADA follows the strict rules/protocols set by….you guessed it, WADA
    WADA doesn’t actually TEST the fighters, the host nation’s anti-doping agency does…(care to guess who that is?)

    Why do reports give Arum’s “double talk” such credence?

  • Richard,

    Arum has been spewing this garbage since 2010. The Fighthype links, more than sufficiently, refute the “drag” Arum says. Moreover, Koncz, Pac’s advisor (allegedly, the closest person to the fighter), is still saying 14-days. So, who do you believe? Remember, the Mayweather side has NEVER stopped/ended/walked away from negotiations, however, the Pac side has done that at least twice. So, who really doesn’t want the fight?

    Lastly, I’ll clue you in on a way to tell if and when Bob Arum is lying: is his mouth open?

  • the profloyd website? anyway im with 1200techs…team pacquiao already agreed to the unlimited testing thats what arum said..waiting for manny to confirm this but im sure arum is telling the truth this time..manny the richest athlete in the philippines now..whatever negative things we’ll throw at him still it wont change the fact that he is now sleeping with plenty money in his bank accounts…i envy this guy…

  • HeNeverSawTheHookComing

    Thanks Pedro, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Richard. Oh my bad I forgot your real name Dick!

  • Sean my dude we’re on the same page but it seems people are so wrapped up in foolishness that they seem to overlook the blatant disrespect here. Dude I couldn’t have said it better. Arum/Pac is totally disrespecting the US with this BS. People hate Floyd so much they overlook this. All this over blood testing. Only a complete dumbass wouldnt know why.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Richard, read the series at and STFU.

  • “there is far more canine in the Philippine Congressman than you would find on the dinner table of some his compatriots”


  • I think every red blooded American should be offended by Arum and Manny’s stance on USADA. The US was fair enough to allow him to make millions,it was fair enough to make him fighter of the year,fighter of the decade and we were fair enough to hear his defamation case. But we are not neutral enough to test him? I think Manny should return every cent he’s earned on our shores! I also expect any American that agrees with him to renounce their citizenship and leave the country. The nerve of Arum and Manny! What should Maywether use? A witch doctor from the Philippines to test Manny?

  • Pedro,

    Arum said in the article that they would accept FULL RANDOM testing as long as WADA ran the show. If you can find where he goes further in depth about the 14 day window I will stand corrected.


  • HeNeverSawFloydRunning,

    That article is July 7. The articles with the Arum claims were July 11. Since you aren’t too bright, look at a calender to find out how relevant your information is.

  • From your pal VC’s testimony via NY Post:

    “Mosley injected EPO roughly every other day for 14 days, then went into the “maintenance phase” where he used the drug once a week, beginning on Aug. 15. Mosley then began to taper off the drug so that he wouldn’t test positive in the event that he was tested for EPO following the fight.”

  • I just read the links above regarding Koncz’s statement (who’s crooked as the letter Z). Team Pac and Co. need to get their sh*t straight. Just agree to the unlimited random test already! Pac can put all the pressure on Mayweather by publicly stating he is willing to take UNLIMITED RANDOM TESTING. That’s it. Simple. Man up Pac! Don’t let this guy tarnish your legacy!

  • Well maybe not up there with Azumah Nelson, but definitely Ike Quartey.

  • Clottey truly is a f’ing embarassment. I used to rate him before, but he completely played himself. Yeah he made more money than I can imagine, but whatever, he had a chance to put his name up there with Azumah Nelson and Ike Quartey, but he just flopped.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    In two weeks, one can do enough blood doping to add 35% or more Oxygen to their blood. Jon, read about EPO before popping off please. Steroids can be rinsed out in five days. But the EPO is the main culprit I believe.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Good stuff!

  • Why doesnt Floyd simply ask the Nevada commission to implement it for there potential fight.If Nevada says that they would and Manny refuses then I can understand this whole testing thing.You got 2 cash cows,2 egos ,I would tell Floyd to go F**K himself if it was me. If Nevada says I would have to do it then I would or…..I would call Jerry Jones to see when cowboy stadium is available and refill my prescription for Peds!!!

  • Pedro,

    Who cares about a 14 day window if there is random training the rest of the time? Are you afraid that Paquiao is going to go on a two-week PED tear? PEDs don’t work that way. They work over longer periods of time. Two weeks on a PED wouldn’t do anything. You REALLY think that’s Manny’s plan? To agree to random testing, beat the system, then go PED crazy the two weeks before the fight?

    It’s completely illogical.

  • Mainstream Media has failed us on this issue. Instead they, especially those at ESPN prefer to frame the story as PBF is a coward and scared to fight Manny because he insists that Manny and himself be tested for PED’s.

    Until ESPN starts to frame this story in the correct manner, there won’t be any public outcry for Manny to do the right thing. Right now Bob Arum is framing and spinning the story to protect his most lucrative asset.

    Imagine if PBF refused to take the tests and wanted a 14 day cut off. He would be called to congress and forced to testify and prove his innocence to the entire world.

    Thank You! Pedro for doing your best to frame this issue correctly and bringing the obvious truth to light.

  • Pedro: Arum stated on Friday the pacquaio camp agrees to unlimited random testing. Check the link I posted above. What do you think?

  • Pedro, with this kind of boxing reporting, your chances of making the Boxing Hall of Fame shrivel like a bodybuilder’s testicles…

  • It is clear as day to even the biggest idiot that Manny is a dirty fighter. Doesn’t matter who you are this can’t be defended. I am 1000% sure!!!!! A clean fighter’s pride would’ve been resolved this. Manny plays the humble, dumb role but this dude is a veteren. One minute he’s the big bad wolf the next minute he’s afraid of needles. GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Richard, they still want a 14 day window, Why can’t you guys comprehend that?

  • Jesustheprophet

    Telling it like it is. This is what we’ve expect from Pedro…nothing more nothing less….no interest attached…

  • ” I think there is far more canine in the Philippine Congressman than you would find on the dinner table of some his compatriots from prior generations” Thats Classic Pedro…How they resolve this lawsuit issue is the only hangup to this fight happening.

  • I don’t think Manny would even pass a home pregnancy test!


    Pac agrees to testing according to arum. Pac would do himself good if he himself also declares to take unlimited random testing in addition to arum stating it.

  • There are articles all over the internet yesterday regarding the drug testing. Arum claims that as long as WADA oversees the tests, they are ready to sign on. What next, Floyd?? What excuse will you hide behind this time??? Manny is technically flawed, can be outboxed rather easily, yet MayRunner still can’t sign on. He is really going to hate seeing what Nacho said about Manny overwhelming and stopping Floyd.

  • Agapito was a rough, dirty bastard but he certainly was giving Pacman all he could handle and more. Pac hadn’t found his man strength at point while Agapito was a rough, grizzled veteran.

  • both fighters, and both their representatives are to blame….

  • Pedro that’s why I respect your writing you tell it how it is,and also we can tell you care for the sport. That’s write if Manny Pacquiao want to be mention with Ali Robison, Duran, He going to have to TAKE THE TEST! which to tell you the truth I think it might be to late if he takes it now, he will always be a suspicious one in my book.It like I will never mention Hank Arron with Barry “Big head” Bond, look at a pic of Manny in 2005 when he fought Morales and look at one today specially his face did his jaw grew too?

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