Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao


San Leandro, CA– Before I get assailed by both irate Pinoys and angry Blacks, what I am about to say has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. That being said, as I sit in Ricky’s Sports Theater in his bayside city San Leandro, CA, the #2 rated sportsbar in all of America, the Manny Pacquiao matchup with Floyd Mayweather is so often brought up that I, as both a writer and fan, I want to puke! The fight would have taken place last March had Pacquiao adhered to Mayweather’s demand of “random drug testing.” That is fact, not conjecture on the part of one of the few un-bought and paid for boxing scribes in the world today. As for Mayweather, I should begin this note with the fact that I feel he is a bit light in his testicular sack.


As a representative of the Philippines and an elected Congressman, Manny Pacquiao (53-3–2, 38 KOs) has brought both pride and dignity to a nation starved of both. Having met Pacquiao, this when he was staying in a downtown San Francisco hotel when he had but one jogging suit to his name, I am indeed proud of the man born in General Santos City, the Philippines. That being said, Pacquiao has shortcomings, as does every human being, but I don’t believe he is afraid per se of Floyd Mayweather as some have implied. Sitting in Ricky’s Sports Theater of San Leandro, CA, I talked with boxing fans who applaud the Pacman and his undefeated run since the first Erik Morales fight in 2005. There have been no close calls since, as Pacquiao has all but *itch slapped everybody put in front of him.


The ridiculous excuses put forth by Team Pacquiao, led by supreme bulls spitter and promoter Bob Arum, the actions put in motion by Arum are beyond appalling. First Manny was afraid of needles. But that lame ass claim was disproved by yours truly when I showed the world a photograph of Pacquiao getting a tattoo, all the while being prodded by needles and bleeding as well. In an interview that I will not publish until, only if and when ailing Emmy award winning broadcaster Nick Charles were to pass, Nick felt that if Pacquiao had nothing to hide, he “should have” submitted to the blood tests.


I’ll be honest with you, if I were to tell you that I had not struggled with this part of the story, I’d be lying. Floyd, now 34 years of age, has wasted his prime either fighting stiffs or not fighting at all. The only-est (verbiage of the great Muhammad Ali) good thing I can say about Mayweather is that he is a talented technician of pugilism. A defensive master, the still unbeaten Mayweather hasn’t been in pugilistic peril since seeing he faced Jose Luis Castillo in 2002, this before facing a slew of has beens and stiffs!


I will make this short but sweet. Floyd has a big f*****n mouth, but unlike Muhammad Ali who had legions of fans, Floyd’s followers consist mainly studio gangsters and wanna’ be thugs who do nothing for American’s but raise the crime rate. There is nothing positive that can be said of Floyd outside of being the nephew of a great human being and world class trainer in Jeff Mayweather.

Mayweather Shames Some Blacks!

Mayweather Shames Some Blacks!


Floyd’s unbeaten mark was challenged twice. The first time being his near surrender to Carlos Hernandez in May 2001. Had Hernandez pressed the issue, Mayweather would have suffered his first defeat. Insted, Hernandez, dubbed “The Famous One” would have indeed become famous as Floyd was looking to quit because of both the pain in his tender handds and an onslaught by Hernandez. The best thing I can say about Floyd is that he is related to the ever-so classy uncle Jeff Mayweather. Outisde of that, Floyd is a piece………..of work!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Find someone else to poke your stick at. I’m tired of this pro-Pac crap.

  • I believe what’s holding back Floyd is his undefeated record. If he didn’t have an undefeated record to protect, he’d be fighting all the time against top guys. The best thing for Floyd would have been to lose the decision in the Castillo fight. It would have freed him up to test himself in the big matchups. That said, you do have to give Floyd credit for fighting a vertiable Who’s Who of top fighters (with some notable omissions). How much can you fault a guy who fights and soundly defeats people like Shane Mosley, Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Zab Judah?

  • Mr. Fernandez, I truly don’t understand some of the rhetoric, race baiting and thrashing of other cultures put forth by so many ‘Filipinos’ on this forum. Reason I don’t understand is, I travel quite a bit and have worked along side many a Filipino in my days (I’m a Bronx, NY Puerto Rican, or Nuyorican if you will) and I truly find them to be proud, humble, intelligent, hardworking folks who believe it or not have an incredible sense of humor and are also extremely generous to a fault. Where the heck do these particular folks here come from? I truly can’t believe that the love they have for one Manny Pacquaio (whom I admire as well) can turn them from the folks I have come to respect/admire to the name calling/racist cretins you have described. It has to be a very small minority as far as I’m concerned. Peace.

  • No Eardamn, that was based on Robert’s opinion, this after he fought a guy on steroids. Either smarten up or you’ll be history here too! Not taking no more BS from irrational Filipinos. I love Filipinos in general, despise the ignroant ones that can’t read or comprehend what I write.

  • Prince, another guy who has been banned here. Go somewhere else and spew your ignorance, I’ve had enough.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    The testing is behind the times pacnuts. Mosley beat it and he, as I pointed out six years ago, was using two steroids and EPO. Nuff said!

  • Pedro why do u go back and forth with these dim wits??? The definition of nigger is an ignorant person. I see plenty piney niggers here!!!!!!! And wetback??? Ur an American if these azzwipes knew how to read they would know that. Shit u can’t get no wetter than swimming the whole pacific ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Another thing;Manny doesn’t have to take the RBT and Floyd doesn’t have to fight him.Manny has every right to refuse what he feels is an unreasonable request,just like Floyd has every right not to fight someone “he” believes is cheating.To say he is afraid because of that is like saying Manny is afraid to get tested along with Floyd out of fear of being caught cheating.

  • Why don’t people understand Mayweather doesn’t control when officials would test both fighters?Who says officials will want to test on the day of the fight? What Mayweather wants is for officials to have an option to test up until the bell rings.Manny doesn’t want them to have that option.Mosley and Floyd didn’t get tested 19 days before the fight.But testing officials had the “option” why can’t Paq fans tell the difference and further more-why does Manny need a certain cutoff day? Up until the fight doesn’t mean on the day of the fight…

  • after reading all of pedro’s responses, its very clear what kind of a person he his. i dont need to elaborate,just read.

  • pedro, pedro, you stated that guerrero would not want to fight pacquiao sans blood test. this means he got a suspicion that manny is on steroids or on illegal enhancing substance and this suspicion was based on the allegation of the mayweathers.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Prince, if you went to school, you majored in two fields, Excuses & Denial.

  • there is no such thing as pac being afraid of needles…you must interpret it wrong…pac didnt want to be tested near fight night cause he felt weak at the exact fight..(i know its because of the morales 1 experience)…let me ask you mr pedro,floyd ask extra test cause he wanted a fair fight,but manny said he agreed to test but not too near to fight day cause he felt weak,the question is do you want pac to go in the ring with floyd not feeling 100%?or do you prefer that floyd and pac abide by the commission rules and just fight?!…dont crucify a guy who stay active in fighting and gives the fans exciting fight every time he step in the ring,who have done nothing wrong with you!!!compare to the other guy who have a s**t mouth,fight only once every year,who have stupid antics outside the ring which gives boxing a bad image to the public and hides with his so called drug crusade without follow through and who doesnt care about his legacy and the fans…the only thing he is concern of money and having that 0…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Prince, again, it was in the Las vegas newspaper and Bob Arum echoed the notion. I am afraid that you think that Manny’s shit doesn’t stink either, that’s how mucked up your limited mind is.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    The fact that Pac has gotten bigger and stronger is suspicious period. When he had a chance to shut the world up and big mouth Floyd, he ran and hid behind Bob Arum and company. I’ve got more man in me than your entire family chump!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Eardamn, you are an idiot. Please don’t blog here anymore, for to assault Robert or to question the integrity of one of the nicest and religous men I know, that is an insult I won’t stand for. Go to hell and leave us alone!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    It was in the Las Vegas review Journal. We don’t have time to search for links for you sir.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He failed to man up when the fight was being put together. I like manny, knew and met him when he was poor. A good humble man that I respect. What I don’t respect is myself and Floyd being called Ni**ers and Wetbacks from droves of Filipinos.

  • @Pedro Fernandez

    Ok, take away your opinions of what was said on Manny’s side during early negotiations for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. Manny’s afraid of needles, Manny doesn’t want to be dictated testing rules by a boxer rather than the commissions themselves, whatever. All recent reports are that Manny has agreed to testing. Manny has said himself that he’s willing to take the tests. The reports I’ve heard about the testing during the Mayweather/Mosley fight are that the last tests were taken 18 days before the fight and Manny was willing to take tests up to 14 days before the fight and right after the fight. I don’t know if the number (14) has changed, but the point is, Manny has agreed to testing. Go ahead and Google “Manny Pacquiao Agrees to Blood Test” and you’ll find countless articles and even YouTube vids of Manny saying as such. Unless I’m reading all of those stories wrong Manny is agreeing to the tests. Yet all I hear from the people who want to denigrate him are saying over and over again, “MANNY JUST TAKE THE TEST!!” Why is that? It’s getting old.

  • I also believe this fight will never happen.I have been waiting for 2 years for these two to fight and i am sick and tired of both their excuses.Pac man get tested and fight and mayweather stop running and fight perfect record be damned because at the end nobody will ever give u full credit for being undefeated if you never fought your real and only challenge!

  • I wanna dish on both…this is of course a free country and I am entitled to my opinion as silly or dumb as it may seem.I believe they are both messed up.Floyd I truly believe is scared of losing his perfect record to the only boxer out there who poses a chance of beating him.Pac is an offensive fighter with ko power and is young.also,pac man has bulked so much as to beat a game cotto,margarito,etc all way bigger than him.I dont question his boxing ability,but there is something fishy with all his weight gain and moving up so naturally.I believe pac is a hero to filipinos,but the majority of filipinos only have pac man and donaire to cher on so even if manny is using,they dont care.This is not a non bias attitude and i believ they are putting their blood before judgement.

  • First off please someone post a link or anything that shows Manny or anyone from his camp stating that Manny is afraid of needles. It’s a lie that was perpetrated by camp Mayweather. Enough time has gone by for everyone to clearly see Mayweather has no intention of fighting Manny. Manny was not forced to accept anything by the media or otherwise. It was only after careful thought, that he decided his fans wanted the fight so he came up with a compromise, well we all know what followed. It’s bad enough Manny entertained the idea, but as of today people are still talking about it as if it was a legit cause to begin with is beyond stupid. Mayweather is a liar! Did he lift a finger to clean up boxing? NO! you only need this one lie to prove Mayweather has no intention of fighting Manny. Mayweather hasn’t stepped up competition since the Castillo fights, hell even before that there was only Diego. Mayweather while gifted against mediocre talent, is untested and the true media creation.

  • anybody who suspect somebody of wrongdoing without presenting even a shred of evidence is a guy with no principles at all… ‘the ghost’ has no principles… much more to the one who says that ‘the ghost’ has principles…

  • As said by Pedro “They have no medical care per se for poor folks at all. They have Manny and a bunch of white looking female singers and some good pool players. 90% of the population doesn’t even have hot running water!”

    Who needs hot water (for shower) anyway in the Philippines? Cold water is good for the skin that’s why 90% of Filipina and Female Asian skins are smooth and silky. Hot water for shower, makes your skin dry and rough.

    PHILIPPINES is a tropical country.

    Back on the topic:
    I do hope that this fight will be set. I like to see the face of Mayweather after the fight. How his shoulder roll defense is in effective, against Pacman. I think that Floyd will use both his hands and fist to cover his face. Floyd will not be able to defend himself if Floyd will just use 1 arm for defense.

    Floyd is just scared of PM. Lets understand Floyd for asking 100M USD for Floyd is buying his first defeat at that price.

  • Yo! Pedro my man.Now i see your frame of mind. I bet you have never experienced being the “MAN” that is why you don’t understand what pride is.I bet you are the type of person being pushed around and bullied. I pity you my man. You don’t take conditions and all that shit if you are the MAN.aight.

  • they are both mostly bad for boxing at this point. even if they were to get it on now, the peak of interest for that fight is long gone. you have one guy who has not fought in a year and another who fights nothung but exhibition matches and should slip on the p4p list IMHO. dont care for either at this point.

  • never did pacquiao said his afraid of needles!!!i mention about you having a crusade about pac using EPO and steroid cause you mention on your article that pac is afraid of needle and having lame excuses…and implying his hiding something thats why he didnt submit to testing…then you posted a comments about steroid and EPO,about marion jones,mosley…damn,is that not implying that pac is using something illegal?and you posting pac having a tattoo does not make you the pioneer in the “alleged” pac is afraid of needle excuse(its funny how you praise yourself in this article about you posting the pics with pac having a tattoo)…its a well known fact even before pac is not yet popular…he had a “guardian” tattoo way way back…please post a link where pac said in his own mouth that his afraid of needles…

  • Marion Jones, Shane Mosley, barry bonds, Alex Rodriguez, all have admitted to using steroids. All took the so called reliable test…and passed. How many more pro athletes have to get caught before enough is enough?

  • Floyd sucks… people will be talking about this fight until the end of time, not because of the result but because they’ll never fight. Floyd has a point about the blood testing, but he makes himself look like a coward. He just lacks guts, or just really doesn;t feel it’s worth the risk. He feels that he has nothing else left to prove. He really thinks in his mind that Pac’s on something. Do I? no? But I am not the one who has put my life on the line. The things Paquaio is doing is truly amazing to behold. If Floyd doesn’t think it’s worth it to take a chance of losing for 50 mil so be it. Manny does deserve some blame here though… He could just agree to the demands of Floyd. However by not doing so he’s just about as guilty as Mayweather. I don’t understand Filipino culture but I’d think it would be honorable to take the test and go out there and kick Mayweathers ass, instead of playing Floyd’s game by giving him a way out of the fight.

  • “The Ghost” has principles, unlike you, you Filipino pinhead!

  • Oh Im positive if Manny was ever going to fight a nothing like Guerrero , Guerrero would agree to his biggest payday … like that! We all know how money changes minds .. Pac agreed to a ten day window ..? Do steroids take effect in only ten days .. Heck Im so done with Floyds antics I say let em both juice! Lets just get it on…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Look, Marion Jones beat the tests, Shane Mosley’s results were destroyed after the second Oscar fight and prior to the FBI asking for them. Robert Guerrero, a stone cold God fearing Christian, he stated he would not fight Pac sans blood tests!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Prince, please read the article. Nobody here accused anybody of using anything. Again, read it word for word and use your dictionary if need be. Better yet, have somebody read it to you!

  • Gary, that theory has been tossed around for sometime now. I happen to agree to a degree. All the prime welterweights during Floyds early years at ww are done with ww…Margarito, Williams,Cotto. I believe part of Pac vs. Floyd not taking place is the ongoing lawsuit against Floyd, his family (father), and Golden Boy. If Pacman dropped the lawsuit two years ago the fight might have taken place. The Mayweather family has seen enough of the court room during Floyds lifetime.

  • In one of your replies you wrote “Funny how a guy can grow so much (naturally?) when he’s around 30. Like Barry Bond’s hat size increasing incredibly in his mid 30s”. Where’s your proof. MP did’nt get heavier at all in the last 5 or so years. His fight time weight has always been ~ 145 lbs from jr lightweight and up.

  • OK, I’ve got my sleeves rolled up (you have to take my word for it) and I’m ready to start trouble. Mayweather is not afraid of Pacquiao, he’s afraid of Alex Ariza (Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, and the provider of Pacquiao’s “secret ingredient”).

    Ariza entered the picture more or less around the time when Pacquiao fought David Diaz in 2008. If you check the record that is around the time that Pacquiao started starching his opponents. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe no.

    Here’s what for certain: according to a published report, Ariza also introduced pre- and post-workout supplements to aid Manny’s muscle recovery, something that was lacking before 2008.

    Manny Pacquiao was a very, very good fighter before Ariza arrived, Freddie Roach was a great trainer before Ariza arrived, but Manny turned into a destroyer after Ariza arrived.

  • mr.fernandez i know that you have a lot of knowledge about the sport of boxing…but you should know that its wrong to accuse someone of using steroid and EPO if you dont have proof/s…simple as that!…give pac his due respect…until his proven guilty then thats the time to crucify him..and il be one the first to condemn him…but right now in my eyes and a lot of fair fans eyes,hes done all his achievements in his own “natural” ability..please stop your crusade about pac using steroid or EPO without proof cause it only makes you sound like a fool…(no disrespect mr fernandez)

  • as qoute by pedro: “They have no medical care per se for poor folks at all. They have Manny and a bunch of white looking female singers and some good pool players. 90% of the population doesn’t even have hot running water!”

    This is one hell of a racist comment.. and you call yourself a writer.. karma is just around the corner buddy..

  • your a racist shit, your not suppose to be a writer if your like that..

  • who is FMJ to demand olympic stlye blood testing in the first place?

    You forgot to write about Manny’s fighting some crappy wash out fighters!

  • Pedro, Please change your name to Peter so we can understand you better.

  • Why will Paquiao agree to a Mayweather demand when the commission itself do not adhere to blood testing. Floyd Jr. and his Family of Sh*ts only want a way out because they know deep inside thier hearts that Paquiao will manhandle their beloved Asshole.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mander, you will never be posted here again. You submitted 15 comments all saying the same thing. Just because you have time to spew dribble doesn’t mean I have the time to answer. You are now going straight to the Spam folder, thus I will never see your comments again. Thanks and good riddance!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Big Shot Low Life, an appropriate nickname. See the above comments. Pac only agreed after the press belittled him. And he wanted a ten day window which makes testing for EPo useless. Do your research son.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    They have no medical care per se for poor folks at all. They have Manny and a bunch of white looking female singers and some good pool players. 90% of the population doesn’t even have hot running water!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    B ut he didn’t or wouldn’t before the public got on his ass. Again, for you dumb ass folks, had Manny agreed to the drug tests, the fight would have taken place March 13, 2010.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mander, last time. You are so full of shit, you should wipe your mouth with toilet paper!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mander, is your IQ a single or double digit?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Flipper, this is the last time I will respond to you. Had Manny agreed to random testing, the fight would have taken place March 13, 2010. Please stop it as you and Floyd are both full of shit!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Not a bad comment Gary. Not bad at all!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Steroids, EPO, these things were not around then. And I don’t ever recall Duran, Ray, or Hearns deferring to his promoter. As for Arum, I never mentioned him and for you to bring him up just shows you didn’t read the piece entirely. Learns how to read, and oh, leave me alone!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Larry, I get bombarded by Filipinos that lack comprehension or are just so far up Manny’s ass, they are like benign tumors! I left Marquez out, and I truly feel that Marquez won the second time. Now Pac is too big for him. Funny how a guy can grow so much (naturally?) when he’s around 30. Like Barry Bond’s hat size increasing incredibly in his mid 30s.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Gandalf, get a life, just don’t breathe around here!

  • Hey Pedro another great read !But I think you overlooked Pacmans two fights with Marquez ,which i am pretty sure happened after the Morales fight in 2005,I am sure you would agree they were pretty close calls.take care Larry

  • Another spin pedro, if Floyd Jr. wanted to fight why so many silly demands? Why should team Pacquiao give in to these silly demands? Who died and made mayweather Jr. King? Hearns, Duran, Ray leonard, Hagler fought each other without making stupid demands! Lately, Mayweather Jr. asked for 100 million dollars to fight Manny, clearly he will do everything necessary to duck Pacquiao. You hate Arum, who cares? But do not color other things with your biases.

  • I think I’ve finally figured Floyd out. He’s waiting for Pac to continue to pile on the “boxing years”. Then, when Pac is about 50 years of “boxing age”, Floyd will consider him worn out enough to fight him. Thoughts?

  • Why is lil floid on the P4P list at all in 2011 when he’s only fought twice since the Hatton fight waaay back in 2007 ?

    Just 2 fights in the past 3½ years.

  • Pedro, Pedro, Pedro. Dude, when are you going to give Manny some credit. You were the original non-believer, saying that Manny will have problems with fighters as he moved up in weights, yet Manny proceeded to lay waste to various bigger guys put in front of him.

    OK, I give you credit for the first EM fight, but Manny soon adjusted, and went on his march to greatness.

    Now you blame Manny for not agreeing to the blood test last year? Dude, it’s all a smokescreen from Team Mayweather, who to a man, has no real plans to fight Manny. MayNEVER now wants 100million before he’ll agree to a fight. Get real, not enough money to pay somebody like that.

    It’s all talk, the guy has been ducking other great fighters for the last 10 years, like Marga, Cotto and the like. And since Manny beat up the guys he dodged and ducked, well then… NO WAY, NO HOW FLOYD JR WILL EVER MAN UP….

  • if the above comments would not be accepted then i would say that pedro fernandez is not a boxing writer but simply a moderator…

  • “Irate pinoys and angry Blacks”. I never realized there was a racial aspect to respecting a boxers skills..who knew? Mayweather tried the goody goody act early on in his career but I saw how he was treated by the HBO anchor…(and when I say anchor, I mean anchor as in sinking the program), Larry (the blowhard) Merchant. After that, I suspect he began to accept a “bad guy” role. Turns out he was a jerk to begin with so it made the job easier. I guess the mr. nice guy persona works for some people such as Delaphoney and Manny, but the black guy is better off playing the villain. (I dont hear anyone talking about the multiple rape accusations leveled at Delahoya back in the day, or the cutie Manny is accused of stepping out on his wife with). Is Mayweather an arrogant woman beating prick? absolutely. But whatever he is or isnt, people keep talking and writing about him and I’m sure at this moment he’s in his multi million dollar home in Vegas betting on the NBA without a care in the world….laughing at the people hating on him. Unless he’s in the ring, I dont care about Mayweather and no one else should either. (Speaking of Jerks, whats up with Victor Ortiz blowing smoke up his own a** after being one punch away from getting knocked out? He’s talking like people should kiss his pinky ring when they see him.)

  • but l agree with this author that mayweather is a defensive master or genius at that. as i said in one of my commentaries in my facebook account that floyd jr. got the hit and run tactic, shoulder roll defense and clinch tactic. i mention also that nobody can beat this undefeated boxer including pacquiao because he invented another kind of defense which is new to boxing and that is random blood test defense and 100 million dollar asking purse defense…

  • the author should also understand the filipino culture and beliefs that if someone loses some blood that someone will become weak and it will take severals days to regain the original strength.

  • this is nonsense..i just wasted my time

  • Al Bernstein doesn’t seem to think pac is on steriods;jsessionid=D2548EA450D2835034D6AA1B01C0B230?contentguid=KB7bCZJJ

    I agree that when you have arum speaking up for manny and spinning these excuses, it doesn’t help manny’s cause..But remember when these accusations first started..It was after the Hatton fight in which floyd sr. stated publically that “he MUST be on steriods.” I think pac just didn’t want to be pushed around by mayweather in the negotiations..If we want to do a mayweather sr. moment, we can actually point at pretty much everyone on that p4p list and come up why we think these fighters are on steriods…As the time passes, it really seems like floyd is the one thats ducking pacquiao..What would be best for boxing is if mayweather actually made it clear if he’s going to continue fighting or not (if he were to beat his cases)..I mean retiring 3 times, come on now! It keeps us from discussing potential fights..For every expert you have that” thinks” pac is on roids, u have an expert that is on the other side of the fence..But now the tide is turning and the majority just feel that mayweather is simply ducking!

  • In other words, the Floyd Money personna we all see is what you’re chastising. I do to, as well as his near meetings with the law. But as a pugilist, I have to say, in my 45 years of following boxing, I’ve never seen anybody as complete. And I truly don’t believe that he is light in the cojones department. What I think is that he might take his “negotiating skills” a bit too far.

  • “Ever-so classy uncle Jeff Mayweather.”… You better meant that sarcastically lol Which i believe you did. I felt like this was more about Manny than Floyd. If were talking about “ridiculous excuses” Manny had one and yet you wrote nothing of Floyds exploits. Blood testing itself was ridiculous enough to end this debacle and “100 million” more excuses coming-in for Floyd to avoid a beating from Pacquiao. Sorry Mr. Pedro but i don’t buy your seemingly unbaised acticle.

  • Within 5 years Floyd Mayweather Jr. is broken and homeless good for him!!! LMAO

  • hey mr. writer for your INFO the pacman already agreed to the gayweather’s demand for drug testing if you dont know or just trying to make a fool out of yourself………………….

  • When you say that the Philippines is a nation starved of pride and dignity, Pedro you are loco, you don’t know what you are talking about!

  • Big Shot Low Life

    Ei Mr. Pedro,

    Get your facts straight, Team Pacquiao agreed to the test days before and after the fight. Then again, Gayweather changed this request over and over again until it made no sense. Pacman gotta put some pride against those demands.. for goodness sake, no special demands were asked from team pacquiao to Gayweather.. so why the hell should he bow down to their level as thugs. Only Gayweather is bad for the sport.. putting accusations with no hard evidence. since his professional career nothing has been found illegal on pacman.. the US sport medical commission has proved that. Pacman has just done every good for the sport.. inside and outside the ring. can’t say the same for Gayweather.

  • mr. fernandez, you don’t know what is right and what is wrong or fair and unfair or you dont understand honor, pride and dignity or you don’t have these all… boxing is being manage or run by a boxing commission which has it’s own policy or rules and regulations in which the boxers under it should follow and no boxer including mayweather has the right to make a demand and insist to his opponent an additional random blood testing other than what the commission requires. to be fair with pacquiao, he agreed to a blood test in the first negotiation before the fight but not close to the fight and right after the fight, in the second negotiation, manny agreed to the 14 days cutoff on blood test as demanded by floyd jr. before the fight but the undefeated black boxer changed his mind and demanded for a random blood test all through the fight. in the third negotiation pacquiao agreed to all demands of mayweather but floyd asked for 100M dollars for a purse which is unrealitic. the author didn’t seem to know this or he purposely didn’t mention this for whatever hidden agenda he got. but the bottom line here is that all boxers should follow strictly the rules and regulations of the commission otherwise any boxer could make unreasonable additional demands for every fight negotiation and everything will be on chaos… rules are to be followed, no ifs or buts, no more no less! just like in the implementation of the law!

  • “maybe” your right we might have the pac vs floyd if pac agreed to random blood test in the first negotiation..but i look at it as why did floyd ask pac random blood test while he didnt ask his past opponents to do the same…im a fan of pac and floyd but his always tellin that pac is an easy fight for him,pac is one dimensional.etc…if that so why not just *uck the extra test,get in the ring and show the people that your more superior than pacquiao…then 2nd negotiation pac said he agreed to floyd demand of 14 days before the fight,then pac change it to 7 days,then 5 days…but its not enough for floyd(even floyd vs mosley tested for blood more than 10 days before the fight)..then theres the 100 million demand which floyd camp didnt deny…floyd could have fought pac before cotto vs pac,before clottey vs pac and margarito vs pac…but he stayed hidden and silent…at this point i think its not pacs fault its floyd,its getting clear to a lot of people now that floyd dont want to fight pac now and his showing sign that he dont want to loose that 0…

  • Even if Pacman agreed, Floyd would have another excuse.

    Furthermore, as no. 1 lb-for-lb, why agree that easily to the demands of another ? It’s a precedent. I’m sure Pacman will not even think if everything was part of the official testing. There is pride and dignity involved here. As a Latino, you should know how important the preservation of dignity is. It may not be popular, but he stood his ground.

    One has to draw a line sometimes, and Pacman did. Why don’t the commissions adapt the test then ? Not good for health ? Dangerous ? Same results as current tests ? These are the questions one should ask instead. Get them official, and everyone can’t escape the needle. Not just for Pacman and Floyd.

    At any rate, the guy has moved on to achieve his other dream, that of being a powerful politician. He is happy with his boxing legacy, and doesn’t care about Floyd anymore. I guess he has to do it the hard way, fight 2 fights to get the same $50 million instead of 1. He obviously is preparing his war chest for a run at the higher office after he retires.

    We are poorer by not seeing the fight of course, and at this point in time, both do not seem really interested. Pacman can make money without Floyd, and so does Floyd. So here is hoping Floyd gets tired of all the heckling everywhere he goes and fights. Of course, all the heckling could also lead to the opposite reaction.

  • I really wonder why you people always bring out the issue of “random blood testing” olympic style against Pacquiao when all the issue I see is that this is simply Mayweather’s way of escaping a fight with Pacquiao. In fact, Pacquiao has agreed to this nonsense demand of the coward Mayweather lately, but still your boy won’t fight. You, Mr. Fernandez, are too mesmerized with your Mayweather’s talents, which is true, indeed he has the best talent in boxing, but that talent is only a tool, and can easily be without value in a real fight, especially when the fight is a war with the best warriors in boxing like Pacquiao. What matters is the balls. Does your Mayweather have the balls to fight Pacquiao? Can’t you see how scared your boy is in the thought of fighting Pacquiao. Give him the balls first. Your admiration for a coward is not well deserved.

  • I’d have bet that if Manny agreed to the initial blood testing “rule” of Mayweather, the Mayweathers would then come up with yet another excuse like they would want 60-40 of the revenues. That blood testing thing is hogwash, Manny already agreed to a minimum 125 day prior testing and immediately after the fight, but the Mayweathers insisted up-to-the-minute testing which every doctor would brush aside. The Mayweathers claim that they would like to “cleanup” boxing with the test rule, but lately Mayweather Sr says that the testing only is for Pacman. If I were Pacman I’d decline the test, too, and let them accuse me of taking drugs. Pacman was right in turning down Mayweather’s exclusive rule of blood testing. That’s harrassment, not in the rules of boxing.

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