Filipinos Demanding Mayweather Fight


San Francisco, CA– A writer who used to work for Don King, who many think “unofficially” now works for Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, one Michael “The Menace” Marley, is now reporting that Arum and his company Top Rank will try and go forward with a Floyd Mayweather fight, sooner, rather than later. Reason being, Pacquiao is taking more heat at home in the Philippines by his countryman than he can handle.


The Filipino people are up in arms over the pablum being fed to them by promoter Arum. And seeing he speaks for Pacquiao, Manny is taking the brunt of the criticism in his homeland. Many Pinoys and Pinays are starting to wonder out loud, “Is Manny Scared Of Floyd?” If not, “Why Won’t He Fight Floyd?” I think I have gone over the reasons that the egomaniac and power thirsty Arum, who all but has had everything his way since the departure of longtime rival Don King, doesn’t want the fight, mainly that he isn’t holding the better hand of cards in the public eye, Mayweather is by agreeing to a 50-50 split!


Pacquiao, who has never been the subject of criticism at home, now knows the pain involved in being Arum’s tool. Thus, to his credit Manny has supposedly told Arum to stop bull spitting people about his cut from the November bout with Juan Manuel Marquez fight won’t allow him to be ready on May 5, and to make the fight! Looking at this from purely a political point of view, Pacquiao has to be embarrassed with the way Arum has portrayed him in the media. Scared of needles, superstitious, an unhealed cut, something that everybody in the Philippine can see is not the case.


Lastly, with Presidential aspirations, Manny Pacquiao doesn’t want to go down in his native country as the man who refused or was afraid of fighting Floyd Mayweather. I can see political opponents dogging him in future campaigns. “If he is afraid of a big mouth American, how can we trust him to fight for you as an elected official?” If this fight does happen in May, it’ll be because the Filipino people are calling Manny out, and at the same time questioning his manhood. Not quite the qualities you want in an elected official!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Richard, some say Castillo beat Mayweather the first time, most say Mayweather beat him. It’s a matter of opinion. To call that fight a robbery is to not know what the sweet science is about. Mayweather, however, felt that a tarnished victory was not a good thing and gave an immediate rematch to Castillo and soundly defeated him. On the other hand Pac fought Marquez in 2004 and most people thought he lost. He waited until 2008 for the rematch, thinking that Marquez had slipped a bit. Another 3 years and a few subpar performances by Marquez convinced him that Juan was there for the taking, and once again he was wrong.

    So no, your argument is not a good one. You need to remember that the simple fact that one guy is swarming another does not mean that he’s landing much. Problem is, today’s crop of boxing fan confuse boxing and brawling. If one guy is backing up another, even without landing anything, he wins. Does it matter that in fact the other guy is the one landing? No, it doesn’t. Man this is boxing, not a dark alley brawl.

    Regarding your other points, when Arum, Ariza, Buboy, Pac, Koncz, etc, give 10 interviews a day and put on a fake clock on the internet giving Floyd a dead line you’re ecstatic, but if Floyd tell them that May 5th is the deadline and does some interviews you cry wolf. And straight from KP book, a “retirement” is ducking (sorry Kev). As for the rest read the many articles written by Pedro as to what Pac accepted or not, and when (remember that he kept saying I accept full test and then at the negotiating table, said something else). Remember all those stories about needles, superstition, I mean there were so many of those, another site has actually a list of 99 reasons given by Pac team not to fight. 99, you can’t make that stuff up. 99 reasons just not to fight a man.

    But the real reason, and you guys seam to not even be interested, is that Arum will not put any of his fighters in the ring with Mayweather. Not a single one.

  • Pedro Fernandez the no. 1 hater of Manny strikes again. I don’t really know where he gathered this information.

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  • Pedro, Manny DIDN’T agree to the May 5th date. He only agreed after he said he would fight on the 5th of May with a 50-50 split. He has given in to the tests, the date, the venue, you now want him to take less than half?? Mayweather, and SR. for that matter, have offered Manny a 70-30 split, AKA ducking. However, if he does find the cajoles to fight Pacquiao or Martinez, we can make a friendly wager.

  • Richard, Manny agreed on TV to take less money to get the fight. Arum pulled the plug. Richard, betting on Floyd over Manny is like stealing money!

  • Todaline,

    I am a fan of boxing, not just one fighter. That said, I do have favorites. Holyfield, who was dominated by Lewis yet was given a corrupt draw, used to be. Tito, who got whipped by Hopkins, is another. No blinders here. You are right on one point, Marquez didn’t have to fight Mayweather when he didn’t bother making weight. He also thrashed Marquez, where Pac has struggled. Try to stay even, like when Castillo beat Floyd’s can and got robbed???

    Who is holding up the fight??? Arum and Mayweather, who are both afraid to lose. Somebody on this site stated that Mayweather excepted the 50-50 split, completely false. Floyd has spoken in the last few days, numerous interviews, saying Manny doesn’t deserve half. Add in the PED testing, retirement(see ducking), May 5 deadline, location, ask yourself, what hasn’t Pacquiao agreed to???

  • KP: I do see your point regarding why would the champ have to move down. Pac has proven to be formidable against welterweights, whereas, Bradley isn’t as proven as he was fighting as a jr. welter. In regards to Mayweather fighting Hatton, he had other challengers out there in his own weightclass that could’ve posed a bigger problem (cotto, margarito, pwill) so why did he take on a fighter that was fighting more effectively at a weightclass below him? I do agree that Bradley is the next best option and at this point but Pac had the ring belt at jr. welters when he beat hatton..So why not try and clear out the div. now? I just feel it would be a bigger accomplishment if he were to unify a division at the tail end of his carreer, taking on fighters at THEIR most effective weights…

  • Rich, oh Rich, if I’m a Mayweather nut hugger, what are you? As I said in a post earlier, people get enraged when they run out of counter arguments and resort to name calling. Notice that I never do any name calling here. You know why? Because I NEVER run out of arguments and the ones I offer are usually rock solid. So, please stop the name calling and keep the dialogue CIVIL.

    What you’re doing is akin to Amir Khan, blame your poor performance on everybody but yourself. I do not hug anybody’s nuts, I do however, like to point out inconsistencies when I spot them, and when Kevin tells us that it is OK for Pac to drain fighters before fighting them but not OK for Floyd to refuse to be drained, I just remind him of his double standard.

    You say: “Nobody forced ANY fighter, since the mobster days, to fight at a catchweight.” True, nobody forced Marquez to go UP to fight Floyd at welterweight. They had a contract stipulating that should Floyd not come in at the contracted weight of 144 he’d have to pay $250000, and he could not come in at over 147. He came in at 146 and paid the money. Marquez had the ability to refuse the fight but chose to fight and got beat handily. Now, you guys come with soooo many BS regarding that situation, comparing going up in weight and getting drained, it’s so bizarre.

    This is the same Marquez who went up in weight the same way he did with Floyd and toyed with your hero Pac for 12 rounds, only to see corrupt judges give the nod to Pac. The same Marquez who couldn’t win a round with a semi retired Floyd. So what’s your point? Mine is as clear as spring water!!!

  • Kevin,

    Its obvious Todaline is a 100% bonified Mayweather nuthugger. Check EVERY post he has here….Who cares what weight anyone came in at??? If you signed a contract for a certain weight, then that is on you. Nobody forced ANY fighter, since the mobster days, to fight at a catchweight. Cotto fought a BAD fight, he could have weighed 160 and STILL been blown out!!! If he has a bone to pick with weights, maybe it should be with his hero, who never made ANY attempt to come in at the right weight for Marquez.

  • Gerard ricafranca

    If floyd is strong then he should fight martinez at 154.manny cant really fight at 154, he weighs 144 in fights at 147 fights.

  • Gerard ricafranca

    It depends Pedro.. In the cotto pacquiao fight. I think Manny looks strong. But his punches were not there like when he fought at 135 and 140. He had to use a lot of punches. As for cotto he still looks strong but he gets tired easily. I cant really tell whose advantage it is. Gerard Ricafranca aka. THE HANDSOME FROM MANILA. For LAmbda rho beta the best

  • There is a slight disadvantage to both, but losing weight is far more detrimental.

  • If 2 fighters in a different weight fight at a cathweight, who is at a disadvantage, the one going down in weight or the one going up???

  • “Manny can keep fighting my leftovers”…..

  • By the way, KP, Pac’s opponents were not forced to fight him with stipulations? You’ve seen what has been happening for the past two plus years when Floyd refused to bend to Mannys demands and distortions (and truth be told, vice-versa): no fight. Pac will only fight cadavers, semi or completely retired fighters or ones that his team deem safe, hence the constant catch weight BS. Yep, that’s the King of catch weight in all his might.

  • Kev, all I’m doing is pointing out your double standard regarding Pac vs everybody else. I guess Monsieur doesn’t like the truth getting back at you, so you call it attacks against you. I call it a DIALOGUE. You say something that I (and most here) disagree with, I reply reminding you that you should apply the same standard to everybody, not just Pac. As 1200 points out, you’re OK with Pac forcing Bradley to go up to 47 but outraged that Mayweather asked Hatton to do the same. It seems that anytime anybody tells the truth about Pac, you come out with your guns blazing and calling an innocent exchange “attacks”. Thin skinned much? As a little boy, I learned that in a “dialogue” the irritation shown by one of the parties is a sign of a lack of argument, so…

    Look, if the catch weight BS was not in his benefit why ask for it? It ultimately makes him look bad, always asking other fighters to drain themselves so he can get an unfair advantage. What really benefited Marquez is his superior technique. Yes, you do call both on their BS, however you’re like 90-10 in favor of Pac, always finding ways (creative ones at that) to minimize or excuse his BS, whereas with Money it’s like a freight train coming at us. Just ask an UNBIASED person to compare your writings about both guys.

    And I still stand by what I said, I mostly like what you write…

  • Todaline, I get so sick and tired of your comments and attacks against me. Pac’s opponents were not forced to fight him with stipulations. They should call him on his bullshit, yet they don’t do it. The only catchweight fight of his I have a real problem with is the Margarito fight. He fought Margarito at 150lbs for a 154lb fight for a vacant belt. To make Cotto come down one pound to 145 maybe not the most honorable, and Cotto was the champion and shouldn’t have let himself be manipulated. I think It’s not right for him to ask for those stipulations, yet when the fighters agree and do it they need to take some personal blame. I think people blow everything out of proportion. Only two of his fights have been at catch weights that benefitted him. His bout against Marquez when they weighed 143 benefitted Marquez who is a lightweight. That’s a concession that was unnessesary on his part. When Marquez fought Floyd, Floyd didn’t even try to make weight and just gave him a check. Don’t act like I am some Pac lover, I call both guys on their BS, and it both stinks!

  • 1200, I am not sure why people were bashing Mayweather for fighting Hatton at 147. The win was legitimate. It makes no sense for the champion who is the bigger draw to move down in weight to fight for the other guys belt. It’s completely nonsensical and irrational. I don’t think it needs to be at 140 for it to be competitive. Bradley is quite possibly the naturally bigger man/ Not the bigger puncher, but physically stronger. As for Paquaio fighting other welterweights, I think overall he poses the best challenege out of fighters near the weight that are available. I can’t see many other challengers out there for him to fight besides Mayweather or Bradley or Marquez(A fight I don’t want to see).

  • thanks, but ill pass on kiss! LOL

  • Gerard ricafranca

    I love Pedro Fernandez. I want to kiss you. Gerard Ricafranca

  • Gerard ricafranca

    Gerard Ricafranca of san beda law. Future politician. Add me up on facebook. Manny is the best, 8 division champ. Floyd is a ducker. I hate Arum and floyd. Floyd pacman fight will never happen. I am hot. Hadsome and i am a future boxer. Remember my name gerard ricafranca.

  • KP- Why were people bashing Mayweather for fighting Hatton at 147? Bradleys best weight is 140 so to get the best possible bradley, the fight needs to take place at 140! Pac weighed in 142 for his fight with Marquez and has gone on record he can still make 140. Im not looking at the business standpoint but from an ATHLETIC standpoint in order to make this bout competative, needs to be done at 140. If Pac cant make that weight, go fight other welterweights then….

  • KP, why did all those catch weight victims have to abide by what Pac wanted, and Pac NEVER has to sacrifice anything? Since you think that Pac is a small guy and a few pounds don’t make a difference anyway, why come to his defense on the weight issue? Was it silly for Pac to ask Martinez to come down from 160 to 147? Asking virtually every single opponent to sacrifice their body and come in at weights unnatural for them is OK with you as long as it is Pac who’s demanding it, but outrageous when someone asks Pac to do the same. Brother stop being a Pac cheerleader.

  • Bye, Bye Simon. Go find Garfunkel.

  • Why would Pac have to fight Bradley at 140? Manny’s champ at 147, hasn’t fought at 140 in a few years, and is the upside. i’ve never heard anything so silly in my life. Why would the perceived favorite and bigger draw move down in weight to fight a challenger. Makes no sense from a business or athletic standpoint. Also Bradley has already fought before at 147. Bradley can weigh in at whatever weight he wants as long as it’s over 140 and under 147. I think just taking the fight is dangerous. Bradley has a perceived lack or power(I still think he’s a good puncher) but besides that, he has good skills, heart, footwork and can fight on the inside. Thats a good fight, and he’s in his prime.

  • Come on guys….In my opinion, to be redundant here, he only had to weigh-in one pound less than his last fight. He’s always had issues with stamina, and had issues with fighters who had advantages in speed. Look at his bouts with Paquiao, Corley, Torres and Mosley. I understand weight means alot but I find it hard to beleive that 1 pound was a major factor in his loss. He had no issues weighing in at 146 his previous bout. Nothing suggested that weight was the factor in his loss. He himself never stated that he was weight drained.I can see your point of view guys, but it’s hard to argue that he was dead at the weight. He fought a stupid fight, and exchanged punches with a fighter with faster hands. In my belief thats the main reason he got beat.Maybe it had a slight effect, but regardless even with that extra pound or two he still would have got his ass handed to him with the same strategy.

  • Gerard ricafranca

    Manny is the best. I love him. Add me up on facebook Gerard Ricafranca.

  • Reasons why this fight was not made.

    1. This fight was NOT made because of 50/50 split you keep report about that was NOT agreed to by Floyd. He never made such an offer. Except the $40M he offered with revenue or PPV sharing. He came out an publicly said this yesterday. “That Manny is a $10M fighter” and doesn’t deserve more.

    2. Bob Arum is a

    3. Mayweather’s greed.


    So get off Mayweathers tip Pedro!

  • I call out bs when I see it. In the above post that hasn’t been posted yet, I was saying pac take on Bradley at Bradley’s comfortable weight of 140, and if he doesn’t, trust me, I got some ish to say about that. just as I commended mayweather for taking on Cotto at 154. I KNOW Arum is full of caca at times, and he seems to lead pac around like a puppeteer. But this fight breaking down does NOT fall only on pacs side. It just seems both sides don’t really want the damn fight…

  • Pedro, I am a Pacquiao fan and you saw my response up there. Filipino too. One of the few who knows how great of a fighter Gerry Penalosa was. Was able to watch all the big bouts growing up thanks to an illegal blackbox. I love the Filipino people but it cracks me up now that 1.)every Filipino walking is now a boxing expert but has no clue who Penalosa,’Flash’ Elorde, or Pancho Villa were and 2.) still feel it is their obligation to defend a grown man in Pacquiao and Arum.

    I’m tired of the BS and just hope that Mayweather and Pac fight for the sake of getting it over with, so some of these other decent matchups get overlooked. As a Pacquiao fan I am embarassed and I could care less if people think I am a traitor. I tried to get on the Philippines biggest network when I was in Vegas and was shouting at the camera that Marquez was robbed, but my brother pulled me away realizing the backlash we would receive. Haha. Stil mad at that fight because a warrior like Marquez at the very least deserved a draw.

    KP, I respect your opinions and I always like reading your stuff. I was disappointed that Cotto drained himself for a huge payday against Pacquiao, but was happy he put his foot down in this situation. By all accounts the fight will be at 154 but you would know more than me. I boxed before too and like Pedro said it makes a huge difference, especially for a guy like Cotto who struggled every fight to get down to 147.

  • Whatever happened to balls? Aren’t you Pac fans ashamed or at least embarassed by Pac & Arum’s BS? I guess not, seeing you have your head so far up Manny’s ass you can’t see anything else/

  • Yeah, Ernie Chavez, unbeaten except for a retiring loss to ex-champ Meldrick Taylor, weighed 165, while I scaled 144 for a 147 lb. National Golden Gloves bout. I boxed his ears until he hit me with right hooks (southpaw). They weighed us in Tuesday, we fought Saturday. I remember telling my cornerman, “That’s not the guy that weighed in. It must be hid bigger brother.”

  • Pedro, you’ve fought guys that outweighed you by almost 20 lbs…Im sure you wished at the time, damn, I wish this guy drained himself to make weight! though, they should only do catchweights if the boxers are seperated by at least two weight classes. Pac should have never stipulated that catchweight with Cotto. At the time, I think Manny was becoming acclimated into the higher weight.

  • Sure having to make the catchweight of 145 drained cotto but hot damn, is that seriously the only reason he lost? KP is right. If you have a bigger fighter fighting a smaller fighter, meeting at an agreeable weight in the “middle” is somewhat evening out the playing field, the one that holds the size advantage has to drain down. In essence, mayweather DID NOT hold his end of the bargain against Marquez when they fought. When Pac was at the lower weights, it was reported he had the to drain himself too at times to make weight. In the end, a lot of fighters do it to fight smaller guys.
    Sure Cotto is currently more comfortable at this new weight. But you havehave to factor in the wear and tear to at this junction of his carreer as well. Some criticized pac for taking on a shop worn Cotto. That was BEFORE the shellacking he got from Pac. Even a shot glass eyed plasterless Cheato coming i from the shellacking HE took from the hands of pac was able to touch up a visibly fading cotto in the rematch. Fact: Both Pac and May ducked a willing to drain Sergio Martinez. Cotto is the 3rdmost best choice for May and I’m glad he’s taking on Cotto at 154. Pac better take on Bradley at 140, otherwise, it’ll be a tainted win imo since he’s not taking on him at his best fighting weight…

  • KP, you never had to lose weight and fight.

  • Todaline, Pedro agrees with you 200%. KP ran track and did real well. But he never had to shed weight.

  • No wonder this fight didn’t happen. Floyd was only offered $40m with no back end in a statement he made today. He never agreed to a 50/50 split like you guys reported. Oh well… I don’t mind seeing this long over due fight with Cotto.

  • once again floyd 1 up manny again! he is moving up to fight cotto no catch weight and not a cotto coming off a shakie performance, manny dont want wit floyd and it is as simple as that. so floyd will be fighting the real cotto.

  • well, well… floydie finally decides to man up and move up a weight class.

  • KP, I’m no athlete (used to be, though) but I had to lose 2 pounds and the only thing I had to fight was my kids and a few light boxes at work and believe me, I felt a big difference. So as a journalist, it is your duty to get informed about athletes weight loss before telling us that “I don’t think one pound had anything to do with him losing to Manny.” Have you studied how the human body reacts when losing 1 or 2 pounds of PURE muscle? Apparently not. I mostly like what you write but when it comes to Pac you become totally blind and all rationale go out of the window. Peace.

  • Most likely the fight will be at a catchweight also…Cotto had fought his previous fight at 146, I don’t think one pound had anything to do with him losing to Manny. It was the type of strategy he had. He tried to outfight a fighter when he should have tried to outbox him. Against Mayweather he should try and turn it into a brawl at times, but box cautiously as well to not let Mayweather generate any offense. Not sure why people are so up in arms over catchweight. They are nothing new. If a fighter is willing to drain himself for a payday, thats his own fault. I think what Floyd did to Marquez was dishonorable because he was fighting a smaller guy who was moving up, didn’t even try to make weight and then wouldn’t even bother to get on the scale to let anyone know what his weight was the following day…Not taking sides here, but it bothers me when people act like Manny is the only fighter fighting with catchweight stipulations. Against Oscar, the fight was at 147, but Oscar was no paranoid about making the weight he took too much off and weighed 145. That was his own undoing.

  • Hard to bash Mayweather anymore. He is fighting Cotto at his best and not asking him to drain himself for a catchweight. Like the old days fight the best at their best. The longer this lack of a May/Pac fight drags on and Manny follows Massa’ Bob & that leach Koncz the worse it looks for Pac’s legacy even in the Philippines. Mayweather is a genious by taking on Cotto at 154. I can hear the Pacnuts screaming “Mayweather is fighting Pacquiao’s leftovers” and the rest of the world is saying “but not at a catchweight”. Can’t wait for May 5th and I wish I could see the look on Bob’s face when he finds out not only is Cotto gone but he is fighting his mortal enemy Mayweather. Haha.

  • Manny vs Bradley. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a joke! Mayweather will be going up to 154 and not fighting a weight drained Cotto like Miss Pacman aka The Catch Weight King did!

  • Floyd vs Cotto….Manny vs Bradley = Manny still comes out on top!…just sayin

  • my local super market has many Filipino employees. They think he walks on water.
    It’s amazing to me that he gets elected as a public official! But then again he will most likely be less corrupt than the other elected politicians.

  • Fight is not happening. Floyd is fighting Cotto.

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