Manny "I'm Not So Smart" Pacquiao

San Francisco, CA– About seven years ago, Manny Pacquiao was up to his ears in tax trouble. American promoter Bob Arum didn’t bail him out, Philippine agent Michael Koncz didn’t lend any help, and at that point, his current co-promoter Oscar De La Hoya wasn’t getting yet a percentage of Pacquiao’s earnings. Word had it, the United States Internal Revenue Service was going to drop the ball on Manny and attach his next purse. Pacquiao, an un-educated Philippine prizefighter, was in deep trouble.


The man that has been boxing’s most successful manager for the past quarter century, Shelly “Sheldon” Finkel, a former rock music promoter who sprang to boxing prominence after signing most of the 1984 United States Olympic team, Finkel stepped in and worked out a deal for Manny with the IRS. What did the ingrate that Manny Pacquiao is do in response to Finkel saving his ass? Pacquiao, whom Finkel didn’t think needed a promoter (like Floyd Mayweather) was canned by the Philippine Congressman.


Having slid through the grasps of the United States Internal Revenue Service, Manny Pacquiao, now Philippine Internal Revenue spokesperson Roil Losers filed a Criminal complaint against Pacquiao on March 1, this after Pacquiao ignored three mailed notices and a subpoena from his office.


Pacquiao, ranked as the 24th highest paid athlete in 2010 by Forbes Magazine, if the prosecutors think they can prove their case, they will indict the current Philippine Congressman for Tax Fraud related issues. If convicted, Pacquiao, thought to be a possible candidate for President in 2016, might face up to two years in jail.


Because after the way you screwed him over, I don’t even think he’ll take your phone call.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro, That post of Cheesey’s was sarcasm.

    Nobody is that psycho.

  • Dang Pedro, u messing up man! Im sure cheesey1 was being faceticious! i wonder how many “heated” emails he recieved from ones that didnt pick up on the sarcasm…

  • I meant attempt at sarcasm…

  • Pedro, I think Cheesey’s post was an attempt to sarcasm. But I could be wrong.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Can somebody send this clown an email and tell him that paying child support is a law and is morally right.

    Cheesy1’s email is

    Look at the comment he left above! What an *sshole with no respect for women!

  • Pedro, child support…please that’s beneath the saint that is Manny Pacquaio. Damn, the woman should be happy that the saint made her pregnant in the first place. Now that she was blessed by him through the age old saintly tradition of having children with women that aren’t your wife, her and her child are guaranteed access to heaven. Hallelujah.Only a crazy person would expect him to continue to provide for that the child’s shelter, safety, food and clothing.

  • @WBO WBA WBC IBF, I don’t know if Manny will get out of this unscathed, and I truly hope he does, but Manny did something he should never have done: become a politician. Manny is not ready to swim in that pool. He doesn’t have the viciousness required to navigate those waters, nor does he have the money to buy the necessary allegiances to preserve a future he never had.

    I have been telling people here that, although black, I am much, much closer to Manny than I am Floyd. You see, “I am” Manny, I am, just like Manny, the bread winner, the lonely son, brother, cousin, who’s sent abroad to provide for those left behind, and as such the red carpet is deployed whenever I go back, or at least it used to be like that. Like Manny, whenever I’m “home”, dozens, sometimes hundreds would come to get their “present”.

    But, like thousands before me, when things got bad and I could no longer “maintain” my relatives in the “luxury life” I had created for them, I became a loser, a pariah, someone my very extended family was afraid of being seen with. I hope Manny realizes that the adulation shown to him today is the result of the handouts he so generously gave and retires from “public life” to be happy with his family, and by family I mean wife and kids, as the sharks are wildly swarming, waiting for the slightest mistake to devour him.

  • todaline why is it all top ranks fault the fights not happening?? 40m floyds offer no ppv??? when manny in his last three fights has done more ppv than floyd in his last 3.correct?? it was blood testing thats been stopping the fight correct??? now that is not the problem.its ppv now.would u or any1 in mannys position take that low balls offer?? no! if manny said i will fight you for free floyd.floyd wouldnt fight him still.the blood test was a smoke screen,now thats no problem its something else.its that clear even stevie wonder can see floyd dont want to fight.manny purpose to floyd 45-45 split 10 percent to the winner?? thats fair if floyd and his fans thinks it will be an easy night..never has a fighter in history refused to fight his biggest rival for the biggest purse ever.all i heard for 3 yrs take the test the fight is on?????

  • At least Floyd pays child support!

  • I don’t know what his P and L Statements look like but his past history and his recent past of paying money to Three Promoters?!!! I’m SURE that Manny is in deep $hit with the US IRS and every other bill collector out there. Boxing has laid Financial Ruin on much smarter guys worth FAR MORE than Pacquiao.


    Pedro Manny got pull in the Philippines its just another propaganda. I ll bet you 100 bucks Manny wont go to jail hes not as stooopid as Floyd.

  • I bet he will reconsider that offer (better than any he’s ever had) to fight Floyd Mayweather now. Imbecillic Pacquiao mega-fans had a great time making fun of Mayweather during his supposed issues with the IRS, let’s see how they respond to Pacquiao’s issues with the PIR.

  • 1200 and Pete, you’ve got it all wrong. Throw the whole Top Rank team in jail and the fight is ON. Just ask Cotto, he knows.

  • Pete the Sneak: Mike Tyson said if he was president, this is what he would want to do…. “I would throw them in jail if they didn’t fight. I’d have them arrested,” Tyson said. “You can’t do that but that’s what I would try to do. These guys need to get locked up and find a new profession until they get their heads clear.”

  • Dondon: I still wish he got involved in a different way. In his heart he really wants to help people. There’s a reason they have a gun ban during election time. Not saying all politicians are corrupt, but in that arena, you’re dealing with gangsters and crooks. Backed up by the POLICE in some cases! Even the good ones that truly want to help people, they have to navigate through murky waters. IDK if he still does it, but pac would have people come from all over the place to his mansion, and he would literally hear out thier story, and would write checks and pay for hospital bills etc of the less questions asked. He singlehandedly became “social services” for the people…

  • There’s nothing good to say about the tax moguls or who they represent. But until something better comes along you got to deal with them or you’ll go the way of others like Joe Louis, Red Foxx, Willie Nelson etc. Matter of fact you might be able to buy some one of a kind memorabilia from Tommy Hearns so he can settle his tax issues.

  • Maybe they can place both Manny and Floyd in the same Prison where they can finally get it on. They can put on a Prison style Fight show and have it televised straight from the Pen like James Scott used to do out of Rahway…lol..Ring side seats will cost up to 85% of your commisary goodies. The the best part, have Larry Merchant do the Mayweather interview after the fight. Watch out for the shank Larry…

  • “Roil Losers”???? You’re kidding me right??

  • @1200 tech

    Manny’s next “bread & butter” after boxing is….”POLITICS”. U see, politicians here in the Phils. always get rich/richer before their term ends.

  • *his generosity…

  • Man, I saw this happening a long time ago…He needs a solid person helping him with finances, and when I say solid, I mean someone thats trustworthy thats really looking to help out pac and is legally knowledgable as well. That whole visionquest ordeal, stunk like hot garbage. Not to mention his political role where hes playing with sharks. I said from day one, since he announced it, I hope that politics doesnt ruin him because he’s generosity is undeniable. Keep your head up Manny. I hope you beat this and triumph over it.

  • Sad, just sad. Hello Floyd…

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