• I always tell this story about Norbert Ekassi who got starched in the first round by Alexander Gurov, and said to his handlers: help me get up so I can show him who I am. Like Ekassi you believe your (and your congeners) BS, to the point that you cannot understand that nobody’s winning or losing. We’re debating a hot topic, and each side thinks it has the upper hand.

    See, while you get all mad I’m reveling in my little corner. Ciao bambino.

  • No life accomplishment BS. Stop it or I’ll donate your comments to the Spam folder. By the way, if a guy was truly a G-killa, he would not need to let the world know. Are you short?

  • It’s funny how 1200 shut u down. Used ur own big mouth against u and u still try to act like ur the sharpest knife in the drawer??? LEGEND!!!! Us don’t know ur left hook from a fishing hook!!!

  • Man, I just understood why all this animosity, how dumb I have been. It is the use of what some of you consider “big words”, nothing to do with my opinions. Wow. Now, please, I want you and all the mofos who are accusing me of “braggadocios” to show me where and when I have done such a thing. And if you’re intelligent enough you’d know that running 100m in 11 sec is nothing to brag about? Keeping the same weight for 30 years? Merely the result of good genes and good food (never, oh never do I eat fast food, no soda, no sugar and cream in my coffee, just espresso, no beer, just wine sometimes.) Is that bragging? It is rather a choice that all can make.

    I state my opinions and defend them, and being that we live in one of the most intolerant countries in the world, going against the grain makes a few upset, and you come furious trying to curb my spine. You’re gonna have to try a wee bit harder. Perseverance and certainty run in my veins little brother.

    Criminal record? LOL, that’s a good one. Give me your email, I’ll give you my full name so you can verify. The only times I see the police is when they come buy something from me or have a cookout in my backyard (or theirs). See, this mofo is a law abiding citizen who’s never had to fear the authorities, was never seen drunk on any street, never used any drugs (though I tried maryjane once to see what the fuss was about). Now you know, I’ll go back to using my “big words” (I understand that having to use a dictionary can be somewhat unnerving, if not downright upsetting, but hey, like boxers with and without defense or power, some of us, possess the power of the verb, some wonder what the verb is.

  • I’ll one up u dunce? I’ll give u my real name and u can google me and my accomplishments. Can I even find u on google???(criminal records don’t count my brother)

  • We do have opinions. And we are all tired of u stroking ur self. Since ur so wise u would take advice. I know it might be ghetto so please forgive me of that. A true hard man or tuff guy won’t beat his chest and scream to let everyone know he’s tough. He is silent not braggadocious. Because he is confident in the man he is. A chump or B.A.N screams how bad he is when truth be told he is scared senceless. Like I said a legend in ur own mind. It’s gunny how G hit u on every point and was right. I’ll never address u again being ull never admit wrong because ur Da Bomb???!!!!!

  • Yes Da Bomb I have done some fighting, however if you had any sense of humor you’d have detected the irony. You’d have understood that I was merely messing with him by expanding on his 4.4 on 40. And since you’re in a perusing mode, check RT and you’ll read how modest I was about my “fighting”. With that being said, yes people do listen to me, all day. I talk for a living. What about some of you guys “gangbaging” on me? Can’t tolerate a differing opinion stated with authority? Too bad, your heads will keep exploding til the day you stop being a sheep and start having your own opinion instead of identifying and following a leader and his ideas, which then become “yours”. You know the proverbial “some people have no opinions before reading the news”.

    Et a la fin de l’envoi, je touche…

  • ??? Giant do anything wrong but state the obvious? 99 percent of Floyd excuses are black. Yes we are all human but he hit the nail on the head with toad! All around! Look at his last post. I ran the 100 great. Has he ever done any combat sport to really have a true opinion here? Guys sucking too hard on his own straw. Has he ever had a man of equal size and strength trying to take his head off? I bet he’s gonna reply how he was the heavyweight champ of backyard brawls. And b4 he bothers to question me in a 2x state champion wrestler and fought 4 mma fight no losses. I didn’t peruse that career in concern of my health. Oh hold up toads gonna one up me and be undefeated in all combat sports??? Brother ur a legend in ur own mind. U comment here to be heard because nobody in ur life is listening? They are all tired of hearing how great u are.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I don’t get in between here, but G Killa you need to tone it down a bit.

  • G-Killa, can we leave the insults aside? And thanks for the compliment, yes, I always strive to go higher, faster, longer, better, than most. Is that bad? Should I agree with you so that you can call me a nice guy, even if I hold different opinions? I really don’t give a damn about what you or others think, I have my opinions and never deviate until proven wrong. Problem is, nobody has proven me wrong.

    So Judah was up 4 to 2 midway. And what that means? Was the fight over and Zab won? Is this a way for you to claim some sort of “victory”? He knocked him down, Floyd was worried, he was up 4 to 2, and in the end badly lost, had to resort to dirty tricks to avoid getting knocked out. And why are you injecting race in here? Only in America. Everything has to be seen through black or white windows. Look at how silly you “sound”. When are you guys gonna learn the finesse boxing has to offer? When are you gonna understand the difference between feinting and running? When are you gonna admit that somebody cannot run and land 60% of his punches on the other guy? And Napoleon “almost” won, Hitler “almost” won. Hirohito was winning until he lost, just like Zab. History is littered with “heroes” who almost won.

    Lastly when are you guys gonna try to win an argument with valid points and not insults? I guess, never, as every time you come up with some BS, I can immediately counter it and enrage you some more. FYI, I’m a human being, with a white father and a black mother, race means nothing to me, who you are is what I care about, and according to your colorful “language” you don’t amount to much.

    Oh, and I used to run a 100m in 11, nowadays probably 13-14 with my old legs (unless there’s a pair of big b00bs waiting at the finish line

  • Toad is a dork!! He is the type of person who is always right. And a one upper. If u can do 100 push ups he does 1,000 if u run a 4.4 40 he does it in 4.0? Don’t bother to engage this douche. He’s never wrong and is always right only in his mind. Fact is Judah was up 4 rounds to 2 midway through the fight. Knocked Floyd down and had him worried to hell. So where was zab never gonna win? I’ll bet ur black toad. Is seems only blacks are defending Floyd running like a b–ch!!!! I’m straight up if ur acting like a bitch I’ll say it weather ur of my ethnic background or not. Why can’t most of u jockeys do the same

  • I agree with almost all you said, Sven, but still stand by the poor background comment. Most of these guys are are non entity/obscure fighters who make very little money so when someone comes asking for catch weights, all they see is an opportunity to make good money. Let’s not forget that a lot of them sit “on a shelf” for a longtime, not earning anything, because their promoters have better fishes to fry, so once again, a knock on the door with a “lucrative contract” is seen as a way to finally put food on the table.

    And in a perfect world they’d eat right, train right and be on weight and ready to go anytime, but this is not a perfect world. FYI, I’m closer to 60 than 20, and have weighted the same for the past 30 years (I can still wear pants I kept, as it was a gift from when I was 25), without exercising. Just eat right.

  • You have to forgive Floyd’s fan boy when he plays ignorant about Margarito. If you remember correcty, Little Floyd did the same thing when the Cheat was on top of the Welterweights, choosing to ‘retire'(See RUN), rather than acknowledge his presence.

  • @todaline,
    if you’d been a figher yourself you’d know that weight, making weight, fighting at weight or above/under are subjects you live by nonstop as long as you fight. You breath, eat and sh…t “weight”. So – dont give me that poor-background-no-education-BS. Every fighter knows exactly where their limits are regarding weight!
    End of story.

    Also – as stated before on this site: I’m a firm believer of weigh-ins on fight day (in the professional ranks). This would eliminate all controversy around the weight issue and also would add a bit of safety to the sport. Of course we wouldnt be treated to see matchups like Pac-Margacheato or Mayweather-Canelo.

  • @Sven watch this guy put a spin on it…he forgot to add Margocheato is a WAY bigger man and came in fight night with almost a 20 lb. advantage!

  • It was Margarito’s second fight above welter.

  • @todaline…that wasn’t hard to find buddy…it took me less than a minute…no need to make a conjecture what if this, what if that….the point is, Pac beat Bradley based on what IS, and that he’s the better fighter! If you want to add a single attribute to some fighters, it makes them somebody they aren’t so what’s the point? what if khan had a steel jaw…what if mayweather had even more punching power…if bradley could Punch…trust me.. a lot of fighters would be out for the count…

  • Sven, nobody forces fighters to sign a contract handicapping them, just as nobody (no longer anyway) forces guys to sign a contract to to die in a war they don’t believe in, or nobody forces anybody to be a carpenter, a roofer and risking their lives, falling off buildings, etc, but this is all they know how to do. Fighters for the most part, don’t have a degree allowing them to be a doctor, a Silicon Valley engineer. They’re not accountants, they usually come from poor backgrounds, so when they make money they want to show off, and they don’t know how to say NO to the prying hands, so they’re always broke, and when someone comes promising a good chunk of money in exchange of taking off a few pounds, they’ll do it because they need the money.

    This is akin to the debate from Republicans accusing the poor of not finding jobs, the same jobs they destroyed and keep from coming back.

  • When did Margo become bigger and better than Canelo? I must’ve been sleeping while avidly consuming boxing.

  • 1200, you greatly disappoint me. You are comparing polar opposite things here. Pac has been knocked out three freaking times, which suggests that somebody with power, who can touch him can knock him out. Coming from his own mouth, he was “hurt on the chin” by Bradley, so you either read but cannot comprehend or are too obtuse to admit that you’re grasping at straws. The response I gave to Da Bomb still stands as stamina or not Judah was never gonna win. When was the last time Money got knocked out by a good, fast technician with loads of power?

    Keep combing RT in hopes of finding a contradictory statement of mine. You know what’s the difference between blank and empty? Thing about it, it is right here, in your text.

  • @Pedro,
    I dont get it why this always comes up. Nobody forces fighters to put their names under a contract and weight limit. If you sign for 150 – you better make 150. If you cant make the weight – dont fight at it. Simple as that!

    Pacman is a small welterweight and wont fight above it. Canelo cant make welterweight anymore. End of story.
    Thurman is freakish but Manny would probably still prevail. Oppositionwise Thurman hasnt done anything yet. Also, Thurman loads up on his punches – speed will give him problems bigtime!

  • Emilio, didn’t they starve Marga-cheato to 150 lbs? He wasn’t bigger or weighed more than Canelo. I got your back, just not here even slightly.

  • By the way, Manny already beat Margarito who was bigger and better than Canelo. That fight was not even close. It was a massacre.

  • Canelo and Lara are not welterweights, so I do not see why they should be mentioned as a Pacquiao or Bradley opponent. The Ghost Guerrero would have beaten them? Really? Why should anyone be calling for Manny vs Canelo? Manny cannot even make 147 pounds. There is a reason why there are weight classes in boxing.

  • @Todaline: remember that one time you responded to a poster who said imagine if judah didn’t have stamina issues, he’d given Mayweather problems?

    Here is your response todaline “Da Bomb, imagine Ali without his Parkinson, he’d still be Champ. Imagine Napoleon without the Russian Winter, the Soviet Union would’ve never existed, as it’s be a French province. Imagine Germany without the Nazis. Hitler would be known as an obscure German sargent from Austria therefore the Yalta treaty would’ve never taken place, the US would’ve never gone to WW2. Imagine that Musashi had not met Sasaki Kojiro and nobody would have known about the greatest Japanese hero. Imagine what America would look like had JFK survived or better yet, imagine the British Empire not losing the war in 1812. Imagine, imagine. I know human beings have a fertile mind, but imagination can only take you so far…”

    So there you go smart guy. Right back in Yo Face! What say you about imagining if Bradley had more punching power???

  • @Todaline quit being a hater. Roy Jones said it himself. If Paulie can crack he’d be top p4p boxer so stop with your know it all attitude. My point is who gives a rat’s ass about what ifs? It’s about WHAT HAPPENED!

  • Sugar Q: Bradley has a far better resume than any of those guys and fights are won in the ring. Bradley was rated number 3 p4p so pac TOOK a dangerous fight. What about Chavez vs Martinez? Rigo vs Donaire. Didn’t Cotto go through and fight EVERYBODY from CLottey, to Margarito, to Judah, to Mosley, to Pac? What about Pac fighting the SAME guy that is his kryptonite in Marquez?

    And Mayweather deserves MAD PROPS for putting a whooping on Canelo. In fact, he SEPERATED himself as the clear cut numero uno p4p by doing so. I like the idea of Thurman vs Pac. Or what about Thurman vs Providnokov, winnner take on Pac? It’s to bad this situation with promoters not willing to work with one another.

  • Sugar Q, you’re looking for trouble. These guys don’t like facts. Their mind is set and nothing will change their views.

  • Let’s be real people, Canelo, Thurman, The Ghost, Lara and The Porter that beat Alexander would’ve beaten both Manny and Bradley of last Saturday!!!! Bradley was brilliant for signing back with Top Rank and so is Manny cause we all know that protects them from the real fights out there. It’s funny no one’s calling for Manny vs Canelo but Floyd just shut Canelo down and doesn’t get credit for it whats wrong with that picture? People say that Floyd won’t fight Manny but MANNY HASN”T FOUGHT ANYONE OUTSIDE OF TOP RANK!!!! Now tell me, what’s wrong with that picture? Manny vs Thurman anyone?

  • 1200, see, you really have to work on your boxing acumen. If Canelo was more fleet footed, he’d have been tagged less, instead of tagging Mayweather more. You probably don’t want to remember that Floyd was going after Canelo, so your pseudo argument is bunks. Paulie cannot crack but if he could he’d still lose to the higher echelon, as it is not only about “cracking”, and if our knees were in front of our legs, you’d be asking what would Nikes look like. Rhethorical question are good when filled with substance. when devoid of them they look/sound dumb. Thanks.

  • 1200, stop being a fool. Pac told you that Bradley hurt him on the chin. What else do you need? Don’t believe me, believe Pacquiao. End of the story, stop being a fanatic.

  • So there we have it – Pacman is back, is he (or was he at all gone)?
    Lets look at the facts. Bradley was P4P on rank 3-4 before the fight and regarded as the top welterweight behind Mayweather. He was the younger fighter on the rise while Pacquiao seemed to be ready for the taking. Big mistake! Pacquiao schooled him on saturday – anyone who says something different hasnt seen the fight.

    But lets look a bit deeper:
    a) Bradley looked like a meathead going to the bodybuilder nationals instead to a fight! I mentioned this to anyone who’d listen before the fight – nobody was paying attention to this fact. While its nice to see a fit fighter – such proportions often hinder a fighter. Endurance and energy problems during a fight are the result!
    b) Mileage! Pacquiao put on a very good performance, but Bradley looked washed up, old and sluggish. Once he started winging those haymakers I knew this fight is sealed & done.
    c) Wrong game plan! Diaz talked a good talk but had it all wrong in this fight! Bradley looked more than ready 2 weeks ago – often an indication of overtraining, bad timing. They were trying to knock Pacquiaos brain out, once this fell through the fight was over. You cannot teach knockout power – something Diaz should’ve considered before the fight.

    In essence Pacquiao should be allowed to cash out against Floyd and Bradley should definetly retire. Tiring opponents with a sandbag tactic isnt a way to get old in this sport. Bradley is too tough for his own good – hopefully he has someone near him to get him to retire before he takes more damage. He cashed in in the last couple of fights, if he’s a bit smart he wont have any money problems nor will his kids.

  • Great article about pacquiao being better that bradley from the firet fight. And all this wfter you picked bradley to win here.

  • @Todaline: …and if Canelo was more fleet footed, it would be night night Mayweather right? Or if Paulie M. can crack, he would be p4p one of the best? What if our knees were on the back of our legs, what would chairs look like?

  • @sugar q

    “if he wou’ve…”

    woulda, coulda, shoulda….Bradley got owned again by pacman end of story. Give Bradley credit, he’s a tough guy, top pound per pound former wbo champ, but maybe won 4 rounds, was staggered many times, out of the total 24 rounds these past 2 fights. Pacman is in a whole different level even at 35 and has lost a step.

  • Pac definitely looked like an old fighter leading up to this fight and last night. PAC’s really is a special fighter considering most fighters from lower weight classes are usually burned out by 30 years old. All the wear and tear, plus that brutal k.o. ,it’s amazing that Pac still can dominate a young top 5 p4p champion in his prime like Bradley. I don’t see why people expect him to be dominant like he was with Cotto and before at this stage in Pac’s career…That was 4 and a half years ago! That war he had with COtto was after brutal gruelling fights against Sanchez, 2 x’s with Morales, Marquez 4x’s and add the war he had with Margarito who came in ready to die in the ring. The man has been fighting pro since 16. That candlestick must be long since it’s been burning on both ends for a while now!

  • Last night was about what Bradley’s not what Pacquaio is. Bradley trained for a KO and didn’t have a plan B then ran out of gas. If he would’ve stopped the wild swinging and stayed with his jab and body attack he could’ve won last night but Bradley’s mental weakness showed up and Pac did what he had to do. That was not a spectacular win, Pac looked worst than I’ve ever seen him look.

  • You once said that pacman has never been tested by usa black fighters and insinuated that he’d lose, just like he would lose to bam bam rios because no one has ever has come back from a KO like Marquez. Plus you said recently that Bradley has the age, size, mileage, and speed advantage,and would handedly beat Pacman. Look to me that Bradley was slow, had a lot of miles, looked old, and was back tracking at the 11th round. Smells like your old De la Hoya vs Pac predictions again Pedro. Give props where it’s due, Pacman has made Hatton, Cotto, De La Hoya, Barerra, Morales, Rios, (to name a few), and now Bradley look like shot fighters. The guy is a living legend.

  • Pete,
    Pac is at another level.
    Pac is like Mayweather (An Elite Fighter).
    That’t the only fight out there.
    Everything else is just a joke.
    You mentioned years back about Pac not facing a “slick black fighter”.
    Last night he did, and dominated him.
    Of course, it’s not Mayweather!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, not another JMM rematch.
    JMM was losing the last fight before getting in the KO
    Another fight with those two will cause a death for sure.
    Pac hits too hard, & JMM won’t quit.
    I’ve told people Bradley talks a good game.
    But that’s it.
    I think you went with your heart in picking Bradley.
    Morte times that not, you go with the facts.
    That’s what has always made you who you are.!!!
    That’s what I always loved about you.
    Even when we were winning the Golden Gloves.

  • Pac is still pretty good, but if Bradley had any power it was ninite.

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