Manny "I'm Back" Pacquiao

Manny “I’m Back” Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– In the minds of many, Manny Pacquiao was the unbeatable boxer. He couldn’t lose, certainly not to hand picked Tim Bradley on points, and then by KO to Juan Manuel Marquez, but he did. That being said, Manny Pacquiao, in his first fight since Marquez looked stellar in the opening round against Brandon Rios.


The second stanza went to Pacquiao as the Filipino out landed Rios 4 or 5-1. Looking to work Pacquiao’s body, Rios did so with very limited success. With his “money” punch, the southpaw’s left cross was landing at will and dominated the session.


The third was no different as Pacquiao simply kicked Brandon’s ass from bell to bell. The fourth, Rios had a five-punch body salvo interrupted by a Pacquiao assault, coupled with good footwork, fast hands, and an array of punches. When Rios had Pac in range, Pacquiao simply used his superior talent to befuddle the bigger Rios.


Things never changed, not the direction in which the fight was going, round after round, Pacquiao was nailing Rios time and again with that “money” punch, surrounded by jabs, hooks upstairs and down (body). After six frames, Pacquiao is pitching an easy shutout.


Rios had no answer for anything as Pac was doing whatever he wanted, like Manny was working out with a heavy bag, not a once beaten professional. Approaching round ten, it was 9-zip Pacquiao and it didn’t change in any of the following rounds. Scores were 120-108 on my card and 120-108, 119-109 & 118-110 officially. Pacman (54-5-2, 38 KOs) is now looking for a beat down by Floyd Mayweather. Rios declines to 31-2, 22 KOs. According to the ringside bean counters, Rios landed 113 “power” shits. That’s about 108 more than what I saw.


Australian Billy Dibb (36-3, 21 KOs) came into this rematch with the man that took the IBF 126 lb. belt, Russia’s Evgeny Gratovich (18-0, 9 KOs) determined to right the wrong. Instead Gratovich knocked him down in round six, and then continued to hammer Dibb until the fight was stopped in round nine at 1:36 by the referee. Gratovich “owned” Dibb.


Two-time Olympic champ Zou Shmig (3-0, 0 KOs) of China remained unbeaten in by besting Mexico’s Juan Tozcano (4-1, 1 KO) on points. Scores were 60-54 twice & 60-52 across the board. Can’t punch, Freddie Roach trained, Zou’s not going to be “upper echelon” in this lifetime.


Andy Ruiz Jr., all 257 lbs. of him, is supposed to have a lot of potential, as well as flab, got off to a slow start before coming on and forcing Tor Hamar (22-3-14 KOs) to not come out for round four. Ruiz, down from 297 lbs., now 21-0, 15 KOs, is still too fat for his own good


Unbeaten 130 LB. Puerto Rican Felix Verdejo (9-0, 6 KOs) shutout a Thai guy at 134, whose name is so hard to say that we will just call him Thai guy #1 on the radio.

Pedro Fernandez


  • @ Kenny: I like Pac, but I want to see what he has left after the KO loss. Let’s be real; Rios couldn’t find Pac the whole fight due to Pac’s great footwork. But styles make fights, I just think Pac will gain more leverage if he beats another solid opponent like a Bradley (and yes I know he beat him the first time). If you ever followed my posts, you would know that I’m a Pac fan, but I’m also a realist. If Pac and Floyd fought I would be pulling for Pac, but the match up at this stage of his career doesn’t look good on paper. If the fight was in 2009, I think he would have had a better chance. But I still want to see the fight. If Floyd thinks it’s easy work, then he should make the fight.

  • jrock09, “Good win for Pac, but let’s see what he can do against a more skilled technician.”

    he already beat Bradley and he’ll beat him again if/when they rematch.

  • PJ and Jrock09,

    Maybe you are right in your assessment but, and the big but, your Mayweather will not fight PacMan. Perhaps Mayweather does not think PacMan got no chance against him. He is still SCARED like a duck.

  • I dont know why a lot of people hate Pac when the guy only does is to please his countrymen in every fight. You’re saying nasty things and badmouthing Roach and Pac everytime they win and and rejoicing in tears if they lose. Floyd is the king today. but king are replaceable either by inheritance or by someone conquering the throne. The truth is he won’t fight the Pac because his balls are turning into prunes everytime he hears his name rapping at his door. Its easy for him to make excuses and a lot of fools in the boxing world and paid boxing analyst and sportswriter including Justin Bitter is almost licking Floyds ass.

  • Mr Santa Cruz Jim, Pleaseeee get Roach’s and PacMans Scrotums out of your mouth. Robert Garcia is no different than Freddy Roach. But Because he’s freddy roach no one says anything, even though he can be a big time self obsessed turd himself it’s always overlooked and he’s always given the benefit of the doubt, but those of us who are not stupid knows that he was just as guilty of all that ridiculous drama leading up to jack ass Ariza kicking him as anyone else, Roach and his impatience along with the king size ego he has was the one that started it all. Alex Ariza is a lame ass drama queen that Roach was simply jealous of because he was getting much credit, problem is Ariza was dumb enough to take advantage of Pac mans kindness and Roach of course was waiting for the right time to get himself and Pacquiao to let him go. Roach is an egomaniac control freak no different than that other screaming tantrum throwing Teddy Atlas. Manny Pacquao made Freddy roach. He is his ticket to fame. The Freddy roach who helped Virgil hill rack up those title defenses was a humble man who became greedy. Emanuel steward groomed kids into world champions. Freddy Roach got already established fighters to pick it up a level. BIG difference. Steward did it the hard way. Roach could never hold a candle to Emanuel Steward in both class and expertise. BTW, Roach is lucky that Garcia didn’t knock his ass out confronting him like that, and if anyone has class it’s Garcia for holding still and not getting up and kicking Roach’s ass, for which Roach would have certainly had Garcia arrested and sued, a real tough guy that Roach is. 

  • Stickit in, a fitting name for a dickhead!

  • Whether or not May wins by a landslide, that’s the only fight left for both IMO. May vs Khan? Pac vs Marquez part 5? Its like Rocky 5. Don’t need it. Pac vs Bradley? Let the crickets answer that one. Let them prove it in the ring once for and for all.

    On a side note. Pac vs Rios was a good entertaining fight. Rios is one tough dude. He would’ve went out on his shield. Has nothing to be ahshamed of. He had his moments and was still in the fight, which was not indicative within the scorecards. Everytime he got in close, he did his best work like pretty much everyone knew he would do. But Pac’s wheelhouse just proved to much.

  • Good win for Pac, but let’s see what he can do against a more skilled technician. One win against Rios doesn’t put you back on top; Rios lost to Alvarado last time out. Pac needs to have another good comeback fight against a skilled, live opponent like Bradley, Thurman, or even Broner. If he gets past them, then the Floyd fight will be more well received. Most astute fans don’t think Pac has a chance against Floyd, and I tend to agree, but that’s why they fight the fights.

  • Because Pac does not have the boxing skills to contend with Floyd. Floyd is not only bigger than Pac but he has better defense. Pac does not have great defense and he resorts to jumping in and out. It is one thing to beat up on rios but a totally different to try and fight a defensive wizard like Floyd. Floyd toys with Pac.

  • Maybe now trainer? Robert Garcia will shut the f*** up. What a loudmouth jerk. Rios to. Doesn’t any have have dignity anymore? They are disgusting, almost as bad as Phony Floyd’s clan.

  • No disrespect Pedro the fight went exactly how i thought it would go, that Brandon Rios would be a punching bag for manny all night long. I also didn’t like mannys body language either he looke.d shocked and disappointed that he couldn’t knock Rios out, I think roach should stop talking so also, u would think he the one fighting instead of manny I also notice manny didn’t call out you know who like he said he would on Espn lf he beat rios

  • @G-killa the answer is simple, PF despises (East) Asians (male boxers at least). Read through any reference in RT articles and you’ll see put-downs of Pac, Zou, “Thai Guy #” … he also hires writers, like that stupid fight chick that does the same. Don’t take my word for it, read for yourself, it’s all snarky put-downs. He’s not an objective writer.

  • Sooooo glad Pacquiao won. Rios’ camp was fortunate to get a pay day and that is all I will say about it
    other than that are a$$holes

  • Another exciting fight is looming on the horizon. Pacquiao is not yet done!!! How about Pacquiao-Mayweather this time around?

  • Beat down? Then why fight the fight? Buster was supposed to get a beat down? Ali was supposed to get a beat down by foreman? Why not just say the man did good work last night. Instead of throwing smart remarks? Why do u always seem to have a nasty comment to add on great fighters? I know u boxed a little. Is it ur jealous? These men are everything ur never gonna be?

  • Manny put on a boxing clinic on the former young and tough chin welterweight champ Rios. I was surprised that Rios didn’t capitalize and trade punches with Manny like he said he would. Rios was also a dirty fighter punching in the back of the head during their clench throughout their fight.

    Give props to pacman for fighting a really dangerous opponent after being put to sleep by Marquez. Rios’ strength is his mouth.

    “What we have here is a fighter, regardless of what he says, who has to be hurt psychologically…to put Manny Pacquiao in a ring with Rios (or Alvarado) would not be looking out for the Filipino fighter’s best interests.”

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