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San Francisco, CA– Having ridiculed the Catholic Church, it’s proliferation of pedophiles disguised as Priests, and their followings of 2000+ year old archaic writings, I find it the most deplorable of religions due to a number of reasons, mainly because of their hypocrisy and the hiding of pedophile Priests for decades. Before I go any further, the Archdiocese merely transferred Priests that were molesting boys from church to church, providing them “fresh” meat, instead of putting them in jail where they these perverts belong!


Manny Pacquiao has gotten a ton of negative publicity in the last few years, like raising chickens and then fighting them to the death. Drinking to excess, womanizing, fathering at least one, if not two or three out of wedlock children, gambling, Manny has set about as bad an example as any person in the public eye, let alone an elected Congressman. In addition to Pacquiao’s societal shortcomings, Manny never had the balls to admit that Juan Manuel Marquez beat him in November, nor has he acknowledged the fear he has of Floyd Mayweather, especially after fighting Marquez, a man Mayweather shutout and down for 2,160 seconds or 12 three minute rounds. Even with all the controversy, Manny wanted “no part” of a fourth Marquez fight!


Although Manny has learned to talk out of both sides of his mouth, like a true politician, he has nothing on his Massa’ Bob Arum. The promoter whose epitaph on his gravestone should read, “I was lying yesterday, but today I’m telling the truth,” has lied, cheated, bribed people and admitted to such under penalty of perjury, in short, Manny’s mistruths are pale in comparison to that of the man with a mug so stretched by facelifts, Arum could be the male counterpart to actress Joan Rivers when it comes to plastic surgery.


Pacquiao’s latest revelation according to my Philippine source is that he has walked away from the Catholic Church and has become a “Born Again” Christian. Being of a scientific mind, I find it hard to believe in any of this bull sh*t. Like the long departed German Karl Marx said, I believe, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Like an early from of the Penal Code, the Ten Commandments, “Thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill,” etc., these were originally drawn up to control both the masses and poor.


First of all, I don’t believe Manny Pacquiao has “dumped” the Roman Catholic religion, for to do so would be akin to committing political suicide in the Philippines. There is no more powerful organization, no entity with more money, no group with more power than the Catholic Church. That being said, there is no way Pacquiao can run for President in 2016 sans the support of the Pope’s disciples. That being said, I think this is nothing more than a ruse to deflect attention away from Manny Pacquiao’s shortcomings as a person and prize fighter.


Manny Pacquiao has never decisively beaten Juan Manuel Marquez. Their third encounter last November, the one where trainer Freddie Roach told Pacquiao that, “You need a knockout to win,” this before sending him out for the 12th and final round. The same fight that afterwards while Marquez was being carried about the ring on the shoulders of his handlers, at the same time, Manny was on his knees in a corner praying for an underserved victory from an invisible God.


When Floyd Mayweather appeared headed for jail in January, Manny Pacquiao stated that, “I would have fought Floyd in May, but he’s gong to jail.” In that same week, Mayweather received a reprieve and was given a June 1 date for incarceration. All of a sudden, Manny became mute, whether he was suffering from Laryngitis, or Arum just told him to shut the **** up, you didn’t hear a word from Manny regarding he and Mayweather. The next peep out of the most productive worker (slave) on the Top Rank “plantation” was that he was he was fighting Tim Bradley in June.


Whether it is his failure to pay child support for his out of wedlock child, building a radio station whose electric voltage is a danger to the inhabitants of the ghetto-like neighborhood where Pacquiao built it sans any permit, his tax problems with the Philippine IRS, or the fact he has less than a complete set of nuts aka “intestinal fortitude” and lives in fear of Floyd Mayweather, and to a lesser extent, Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao, whether you can see through the pink sunglasses or not, he is far less than the man his Filipino fanatics think he is.

Pedro Fernandez


  • “There is no more powerful organization, no entity with more money, no group with more power than the Catholic Church.”

    You’re wrong on that account, Mr. Fernandez.

    There is one religious sect that is much more powerful than the Catholic Church: The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) religious sect.

    The INC has been practicing block voting for many Philippine national and local elections. The sect has millions of registered voters and they ALL vote for the candidates that their leaders pick. They do this from the lowest elected posts in the villages all the way to the presidential level. Philippine presidential candidates are known to bend their knees before the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership. ANYBODY who WANTS to win a Philippine election must bend their knees to the INC or content with someone backed by the INC.

    In return for their support, many members of the INC occupy high government posts and the INC also can influence government policy.

    Many Filipino politicians openly attack the Catholic Church for its meddling with government affairs and politics, but they are strangely silent on the issue of the INC suppressing and gravely abusing the Filipino’s right to freely choose which candidate he deems fit for public office.

    For all its faults, the Catholic Church in the Philippines does not interfere in the Filipino Catholic’s freedom to vote. Yes, they advise Filipino Catholics to vote wisely, but they do not order them to vote for this candidate and that candidate only.Can you imagine a religious sect doing the same in the United States?

  • todaline,
    Truth is I just don’t know why Pedro keeps on focusing on Pacquiao. To me Pacquiao is just another boxer who rose from nothing into something. I am not too sure though whether Pacquiao knows or has heard about Pedro and the articles that Pedro wrote about him including his religious convictions. Pacquiao is not infallible human as he is but so far I have not heard Pacquiao brag about his achievements, on the contrary he attributes whatever he has achieved to the Almighty God. I heard him own up to all his moral failures and he said he has repented of all those. Dragging the name of God in these discussions I do believe is wrong, specially if you believe in the ten commandments.

  • Pedro, you clearly have much more influence than you think. I’m pretty sure that WALRUS and the hundreds of million he thinks you influence would easily send you to the White House. Isn’t it WALRUS?

  • There is now a growing number of Manny Pacquiao’s haters. thanks to you Pedro!

  • dondon, you could be right, my man. But if I interpret the Guy’s Will correctly, He doesn’t mind inquisitive minds.

  • @todaline

    Haha, maybe you have offended “SOMEBODY UP THERE”.

  • don, I don’t know what happened. I type directly in the browser so everything should’ve been the same. Maybe some divine intervention.

  • @todaline

    why was your comment above, was in strikeout format??

  • It’s a pleasure Cheesey.

  • GEORGE, let go off Pac’s nuts. You could cause him to be impotent, which in turn would solve his pro-creation problems.

  • Todaline, cool thanks.

  • Another off key article by by the so called call it as it is Pedro the truth teller….If Manny is so scared of your boy Maytwitter why did he call him out in the first place..Why didn’t he just up and say lets get it on….instead he said every thing but….

  • Cheesey, I don’t have any links. These are things I’ve been studying for over 30 years. But I’m sure a little Googling will bring the answers;
    Example: why a priest cannot marry




  • Pedro: http://www.insidepinoyshowbiz.ph/story/alleged-ex-flame-of-manny-pacquiao-joanna-rose-bacosa-resurfaces

    I looked it up and this one alleges far more worst from that article you posted up. In the end, you do enough dirt, it’ll bury you. Seems like Pac has been playing Johnny Droppin Seeds…If its true he has not supported his own child, then he’s trully commiting a POS move..thats Piece of .

  • Different article!

  • http://www.dailypinoyshowbiz.com/joanna-bacosa-pleads-to-pacquiao-to-let-child-carry-his-family-name/

    Correct me if I’m wrong Pedro, but is this the article you based those quotes off of?

    Because in the very end of this article, this is what Pacquiao’s alleged mistress’ told the reporter:

    “Furthermore, she told reporter that Pacquiao provided financial support for their child.”

  • Todaline, I know that God exists, but you’ve made some interesting comments about religion, which unfortunately seems to be different from spirituality.
    If it isn’t against Ringtalk’s forum policy, post a link(s) to some of your stuff.

    Pedro, you’ll probably find this article interesting. Completely in line with what you’ve been saying about the effect that the Catholic church has on the Phillipines.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You needed to read the article, the quotes I took were based on the December 2011 Philippine article!

  • Todaline: The point I was trying to make with Ali’s quote was NOBODY is perfect. there’s, conflicting reports on WHY the fight broke down, both sides talking nonsense at some points. Cant lay the blame all on manny, especially this time around. Examine the good and the bad both boxing and outside life of this one man pacquiao, for radio stations built, theirs the hospitals and so on and so forth. Based on that article regarding his child out of wedlock and not recieving child support, all i saw was a “mistress” begging for her son to be named after Pacquiao! WTF is tht bullcrap? It did NOT say anything in that article about not recieving child support, at least the one put up by Pedro. How many of these guys be piping other broads too? Temptations especially for these rich athletes must be up the wazoo….Anyways, If Pac is lying about his Lifestyle changes, he’ll have to answer for it in consequences one way or another.

  • I meant religious LEADERS. To true religious PEOPLE I apologize.

  • As for all this religious talk, remember this: December 25th, the date we use to celebrate Christ’s birthday, was initially a pagan celebration for Rä, the Sun god (that’s why you see the “arcs” on the “Saint’s head, it represents the sun). Christianism was a movement against the religion that became Catholicism. When that religion, more like a sect actually, saw that the movement was growing at a pace they could no longer control they decided to EMBRACE it and incorporated their own beliefs and superstitions to it. They always operated in secrecy, hiding whatever would demystify or contradict the belief that this “new” religion was THE one Christ “created”. Then they started “preaching” the new faith to the humanity by slaying half of humanity for refusing to convert to their religion.

    Today we have the pontiff living inside of a palace where debauchery is the norm, the same effing pontificating mofo who eat in a golden plate while his supposed brothers and sisters starve across the world. And when his holy majesty decides to visit one of those places, the 3-day visit costs as much as a whole year worth of food to the locals, but hey they kissed this mofo’s gold ring, as if he was some kind of divinity.

    1200, like you I do believe in a Supreme being, not just what the kleptomaniacs known as Catholics describe to us. People do not understand that religion is a business like any other, and they are the merchandise. Look I’ve “done” a tiny bit of theology and it is difficult not to doubt most things in the Bible. Most verses or chapters contradict another or themselves but hey they have an answer for everything: FAITH, close your eyes and believe, you don’t need proofs. God is the proof.

    Religious people? Professional lazies with an acute sense of business…

  • @jrock09- that’s the same cotto, that Manny.and arum was trying to ge
    t a rematch with for cotto’s 154lb title, but at 147lbs (look it up),
    I guess its OK
    For Manny to fight him at a disadvantage, but not OK for Floyd to fight cotto for his title, at cotto natural weight, with no disadvantages

  • 1200, you have to take into consideration WHEN Ali said those words. Remember that SEGREGATION and racism were very prevalent in those days. It’s easy for us TODAY to judge the words of a man who had many reasons to say what he said. This is the same as calling an Army General violent because he’s defending against what his country deemed the enemy.

  • Pedro, good job. I am so happy to see somebody writing against that pest that is called religion. As Napoleon expressed when he used the pope to crown him emperor: There is no better tool to manipulate people than religion. With the pope in his pocket, Napoleon new that he had total control.
    Being aware of the dangers of religion is specially important in this days since one of our political parties is using it to brainwash America and to protect the interests of the powerful.

  • “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”
    John 8:7

  • Pedro,
    I saw Manny Pacquiao’s on internet regarding his born again conversion. He confessed to those vices e.g. drinking, womanizing, fighting roosters, etc. that you have made mention. He does not deny any of those but now he says that his conversion due to his regular bible study made him turn the other way and seek the Lord with all his heart.

    Why don’t we give him the benefit of the doubt. He is human after all.

  • The real actuality of the matter is, NONE OF US can grasp,understand or even perceive God’s existence which goes to show, their IS something greater than us (humans). You might “think” you understand infinity, but humans, simply are not capable of it! And like Pete the Sneak alluded to above, if their is a God, I find it hard to “believe” that God would join something “man made”.

  • “No intelligent black man or black woman in his or her right black mind wants white boys and white girls coming to their homes to marry their black sons and daughters to produce pale half white green eyed blond headed negroes.”That was quoted by Muhammad Ali, who some, viewed as a racist, mean spirited person, along with being a womanizer. To keep it short, he was human, falling short of perfection, not unlike Manny who is also man. In life you balance the good and the bad, not unlike those that “subscribe” or “prescribe” to religion, whichever way you want to view it. One man’s poison is another person’s medicine. You’d have to be completely blind in all 3 eyes, the mind’s eye included to not SEE that like Ali, Manny has a good side about him based on the accounts of his undeniable philanthropic deeds, but on the same token, if you don’t see his short comings, then you probably need to get up OFF your KNEES, because NO, Manny is a MAN, and not more or less. I have no doubts religion has been used, abused, misconstrued, and misrepresented. But I also have no doubts about the power of “Faith”. Even the “Almighty” science, which really is nothing but a “man” made construction on how to view and evaluate the world around us, we still take a leaping “faith” on what “science” tells us. After all, who has the time to actually “test” every single “theory” out there. No doubt “science” falls short because HUMANS fall short of what I like to call “The True Nature of Actuallity”. Let’s not forget while many slaves toiled the soil, it was a “God” they sang praise to. All at the same time, man with evil hearts utilizing and twisting “religion” to maintain the “status quo”. These boxers who take it to “the next level” like professional athletes, have to dig deep within themselves to reach heights “above and beyond” and throughout history, it is that one voice they find solace in, and that is the almighty God they praise. I can rip apart arguments regarding the Bible within a couple of pages in regards to people who take it literally. But do not miss the ancient wisdom in these holy text that have stood the test of time for thousands of years, quite a human accomplishment because after all, depending on which scientist you “believe” in, humans have been around 50,000 give or take 10 thousand of years!

  • Roberto, wouldn’t you be confusing God and religion? You do know that God doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with any religion, don’t you? Religion is to God the same thing George Bush is to the killing of Bin Laden. They’re both riding someone else’s coat tail.

  • I find it amusing where we as simple humans claim to be so smart to refute a creator ieGOD? Do u think ameba or bacteria know they are a part of this big web of life?? God might be so emence that we couldn’t posibly know where to look. We are connected in a solar system in perfect order on a planet with tectonics a moon of perfect size and perfect axis tilt conducive to life. We have a Shepard planet in Jupiter and a magnetic field. The distance from earth to the moon is amthemTically a certain length. When u multiply that length it is exactly equal fro the distance earth to sun. There are many things that may never be explained. But to claim because of ur rational(scientific) mind won’t allow u to believe I think people make science their own religion. It’s funny how god said man has dominion on the earth. Eat right protect the planet and it inhabitants love one another. I think just those few principals from thousands of years ago b4 science apply well today?? No

  • Cheesey, religion and social issues are my favorite. I write a bit about that on a few places.

  • Phil, since the topic at hand is religion, would it be too much asking you to show some love to your fellow human beings? You seem to enjoy in anticipation the “eventual” misery these two gentlemen or as you call them “slaves” will find themselves in. What is it? Can’t bear your own miserable life and need companions? What makes you so certain that they’ll be bankrupt? You MUST have statistics showing probabilities higher than normal for anybody named Pacquiao or Mayweather to be bankrupt within 3-5 years of their retirement.

    And to call them slaves. Your cognitive abilities must be out of this world. Maybe we should name you the new Nostradamus!!! Maybe you did not understand that the few times Pac has been referred to as slave here was FIGURATIVELY. The same goes for Money May, slave of his money. What you’re doing dear brother could be called pseudo-intellectual masturbation.

  • Let’s hope that both of these slaves finally fight and then we’ll get to watch the race to bankruptcy thereafter.

    I say Floyd wins both the fight and the bankruptcy race several years later!

  • Todaline, damn homie, you’re on a roll!

  • And why boxers have to thank God for “giving” them a victory after a fight? If they really knew anything about the God they were told about in the churches they went to, they’d know that HE doesn’t take sides, therefore HE cannot allow one of his sons to beat on another. Heck, HE wouldn’t allow them inside of a ring to beat the pulp out of each other. But boxers thanking God for a victory is the same as Bill Gates saying that he wants to eradicate hunger by killing half of some country’s populace through “vaccines” or by using eugenics. Or the RepubliCONS telling people that by NOT allowing the Feds to control health care they’d get better care (let’s remember that the best, #1 health care in the world is run by the government: France). Now, most people confuse better he alt care with better hospitals and/or doctors.

    And talking about people’s health why don’t boxers have ENTITY/ASSOCIATION/AGENCY where they can go to after they stop taking punches in the head so they can get evaluated? And why, oh why don’t they unite and create some kind of pension fund to guarantee a minimum standard of living?

    Why? Ask Arum, King and all the other mofos.

  • Here’s the thing about religion and how it interferes with everything in life, be it politics, education, economics, sports and your everyday life: in order for these moos to control YOU, they need to create an ENTITY who dictates the Universe and all beings and things inside of it. Then they force you to BELIEVE through church going (let’s remember that the meaning of a church is a Congregation of people worshiping a God). You will then transmit that to your offspring. Whenever ANYTHING happens in the world they’ll tell you that a prophecy has just come alive, it was in the Bible (let’s also remember that Michel de Nostredame, the apothecary known as Nostradamus predicted more disasters than the Bible). In the meantime you keep giving money to the church so the they can have a good life while you’re having a hard time paying your rent.

    You know a church is bad when the priest tells a lady that the best way for her to communicate with God is for him to stick his “probe”, which he presents as God’s instrument, inside of her genitals. But let’s compare different “worshiping” ways: the priest/preacher/reverend/imam, etc, starts preaching and you’re in a state of trance, believing it’s God’s work. Please take some time off and go to a Bruce Springstein concert. You’ll feel the exact way way. Is it God’s work?

    Religion has crept in every little space in our society, and it dictates our every move. Let’s remember that America as we know it, was founded by people fleeing religious persecution. Today we have people on TV, radio and the net persecuting other people because they don’t adhere to the religious beliefs of a few. Jesus would be thrown in jail upon his descent from “heaven” by the same RepubliCONS who claim to represent him on Earth, telling us that HE is an impostor. Religious people want to keep you in the dark so they can come, steal everything in the house and penalize you because if you had paid your electric bill, the lights would’ve been on and you’d have seen the robbers, so it’s your own damn fault if you got robbed.

  • Mr. Fernandez, while I don’t agree with you concerning their not being a supreme being (sorry, but too many things have happened to me to believe otherwise), I do respect your opinion. Also, I believe you are spot on concerning the Catholic church and the hypocrisy that abounds in this supposed ‘sanctuary of God.’ I have a saying concerning religions: “I don’t believe in Religion, and I don’t think God does either.” Peace.

  • Pedro: who cares about Manny or Floyd or JMM’s religion? We want to see good fights. Also, we all know that styles make fights; just because you have trouble with one person doesn’t mean you will have trouble with another. When you compare JMM’s fights with Pac VS. his fight with Floyd that’s a no brainer based on styles. Floyd is a great defensive fighter that counter punches and never throws combos or trades shots. Pac is an aggressive fighter that trades shots and is an action fighter. Not to mention the size and reach advantage Floyd had on JMM. Floyd is taller and has long arms for his weight division as opposed to Pac who is about the same height and size as JMM. Most times the fighter with the pronounced physical attributes (height, speed, arm length, heart etc.) will win the fight if they are evenly skilled. With that being said; I do think Floyd would probably win the fight against Pac because of his size, reach, and defense. Oh yeah; how can you be scared of someone you fought 3 times. If JMM was so much more dominant than Pac he would have won a clear cut decision in at least one of those bouts. The fact is that they all were 3 close fights because they are evenly matched. Just like Ali vs Norton; Ali could have fought him 20 times and each fight would have been close. How about calling Floyd out for fighting a shell of a fighter who only has his name left and no skill to match. Typical Floyd move in fighting the biggest name with the least amount of risk. Cotto is SHOT! Look at his last few fights after the first Margarito fight. Beat a bum in Michael Jennings, had a life and death struggle against Clottey, got blasted by Pac, beat another bum in Yuri foreman, beat another washed up bum in Mayorga, and beat another shop worn bum in Margarito! And you people really think this will be a test for Floyd. I like Cotto but the evidence is clear that his better days are behind him. He hasn’t beaten a top fighter in years. Way to go Floyd, keep the hype machine rolling. By the way, Sergio is out there at 150 or 154, and he called you out Floyd. Man up!

  • Brian, the truth is biased toward reality.

  • Bias article..

  • Good read… I see Manny retiring real soon. Not good for Top Rank if they can’t strike a deal with Mayweather this year, everyone will lose out. I wish we had the old Manny back. This new guy is not appealing. Just saying..

  • Interesting stuff Todaline.

    Pedro, good article.

  • Pedro, when talking about the Catholic Church don’t forget to mention the Pope sharing his daughter with his son. The same son who fathered children with said sister. People should also know that there was at least one female Pope. And that the celibacy imposed to priests in due to the church’s real estate investments. Priests used to be married, but when they died the family would inherit the property given to the priest by the church, therefore the church decided to impose celibacy (just like Jesus they say, even though it appear that he was married to Mary Magdalene) in order to get the property once the priest died.

    Gents, any religion converting you with swords is not one representing the Supreme Being.

  • As Always Truthful, Insightful, and dead on !!! Love You Pedro

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