Captain Bob  Arum

Captain Bob Arum


San Francisco, CA– With Showtime figuratively cutting off the corporate testicles of HBO by snatching Manny Pacquiao away from them for a May 7 fight with Shane Mosley, where does that leave HBO Sports boss Ross Greenburg? It should put him in the unemployment line! Since he took over circa 2000 for a genius of a man Seth Abraham, Ross has done some of the greatest baseball and sports specials in history. But his failings with his boxing productions are so blatant that it would appear to some that HBO was looking to dump boxing, thus instead of doing something about the leak in the HBO ship, the suits instead seemingly got together and drilled more holes in order to accelerate the sinking!


Look, Bob Arum, like us all has limits. When HBO signed that “exclusive” contract with Golden Boy Promotions, they threw monkey dung in the face the Top Rank CEO. Not the silent type, Arum bitched and moaned to no avail. I thought the deal was bad for boxing, much like the pact Don King had with Showtime and the late Jay Larkin. Those fights were so bad, the vast majority being one-sided mismatches so hideous you didn’t even bother to watch. This preceded Larkin’s departure and Showtime’s boxing rebirth. After the Al HeymanBat-phone” was installed on HBO Sports VP Kerry Davis’ desk, the most powerful and influential promoter of the past 50 years, Bob Arum was kicked to the curb.


One of the reasons Arum went with those sometimes not so thrilling Latin Fury PPV cards was that Top Rank couldn’t get their fighters on YouTube let alone HBO. Now with Showtime PPV airing Pacman-Mosley and CBS showing the fight delayed to 115,000,000 million potential viewers, this is the best thing to happen to boxing since the Gillette “Friday Night Fights.”


Outside of middleweight (160 lbs.) champion Sergio Martinez, HBO has little “superstar” boxing talent. Don’t understand why they (HBO) would even waste TV time with pretenders like Andre Berto. Could it be a relationship with Al “10 Points” Heyman. Nonito Donaire and Fernando Montiel headline the best HBO Boxing After Dark fight of the new century on February 19. Outside of that, they don’t have much.


Paying the aforementioned Andre Berto or Chad Dawson $1 million US to fight is absurd. Berto has never shown us anything “special” and Dawson, well.Larry Merchant said tbhat, “If Chad Dawson is one of the best fighters in the world, then I’m Edward R. Murrow, quite possibly the greatest TV newsman of all time.


HBO has relationships with several networks. They need to start airing good fights on TNT, Spike TV, Bravo, etc. to try and counter Showtime & CBS. In closing, the building that houses HBO is located at 1100 Ave of The Americas. Unfortunately for Home Box Office, there is only one Elvis Presley in boxing, and Elvis (Manny Pacquiao) has left the building!

Pedro Fernandez


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  • Arum is indeed a genius of what he is “a league of his own” way in boxing promotion.He can enlighten even the boxing hardcore into believing his logic in decision making and work done.The best part ,he is correct and all the Pacquiao’s fights were satisfying to watch and to simply say “got the money’s worth” for those who paid in order to enjoy the fight.Any great boxing match doesn’t die down easily in everyone’s mind,in the contrary it creates a never ending perceive scenario until the next fightmatch comes to know if the’re right in thinking about it.

  • HBO fools didnt see this coming, they thought arum wouldnt dare, well theyre WRONG. Golden girl better do more.

  • with pacman on showtime and floyd on hbo. then pacman vs floyd is the biggest story in the world of sports all time. let us just wait and see… nice move bob!!!

  • Roberto Rios, you can let the young guys get a chance but not against Pacman. He would eat those 2 alive and people will suddenly cry mismatch and that Bradley is too green. Ok, he is a lot better than Berto who is just a protected fighter and champ who really hasn’t faced CLASS A boxers at his own weight. Bradley did, to his credit, but will really be good against Khan.

    If I were to schedule Tim “The Head” Bradley, i’d pit him next against Khan while Maidana gets a shot at Alexander. The winner of those two will then tussle and get the undisputed junior welterweight king. Next stop is at Welter for Andre Berto. Then Cotto/Mosley and finally Pac.

    I’m pretty sure Bradley won’t win against an ageing Mosley. Much more against what they call “damaged” Cotto. Miguel Cotto, damaged or not, will meet Bradley’s head with his fists and keep him nailed to the ground for good measure.

    My point is that… Bradley is good at Jr Welter but will NOT DO WELL at Welter. Berto is protected and is just a hype job, nothing else.

  • wonder if hbo can have valuable matches to offer until pacman retires.they still have to wait 3 years and that’s a very long time for them to be able to survive.i wish them luck.sayonara!hasta la vista!goodbye!hbo.

  • odnam gaualac purokuno

    Tim “Head Butt King” Bradley and Devon ‘Marathon Man” Alexander should be in dancing with the stars! These slicked inner city AA are just plain …Boo..ring! Pacman will keep the fans entertained before knocking these guys ass!And Kevin Lole who touted the fight of the year between headbutt King and Marathon Man should not be given a free pass to all Pacman’s fight!

  • I agree with Robert. If anyone deserves a shot with Manny, it’s headbutt Bradley. In some ways they have the same qualities the crowd loves watching. The problem is, he isn’t marketed properly or his handlers just wish to ride on his winning ways with minimum investment until he hits the jackpot.

  • pacman and arum are here to bring boxing back to the masses. pacman is just a TOOL to save the sport…a sport that floyd is trying to kill with his antics.

    what about GBP and HBO? what have they done to the sport? what have they done to themselves?

    how about fraud money may? what have he done to the sport? what have he done to himself?

  • Ten ur wrong. U have to let the young guys get a chance. To keep the sport alive. That’s the problem with boxing old farts keep getting the big fights. I’ll say this about Bighead Bradley, he comes to fight. Alexander bitched out. Bradley came forward the whole time trying to press the action. And don’t get fooled looks can be deceiving. Just because he doesn’t look spectacular. Doesn’t mean he can’t fight. He is a 3 time champ beat past champs and gone up in weight and won. He’s still unbeaten. If he was a football player I’d say he is rothleberger don’t look great but wins. U can never count out a winner!!!!! Also I’ve seen him take huge shots get back up and win. Great chin and heart will get u far

  • The downside of all of this is that Manny Pacquiao’s days of making compelling fights are probably over, or at least on hold, as he will be serving the role of Boxings Ambassador & Messiah instead of a functioning champion. Having hitched the fortunes of the sport, Showtime and CBS to one man, his next couple of years can be expected to consist of glorified exhibition (mis)matches.

    Having said that, the May event suddenly looks OK – I’d take even a 70 year-old Mosley coming off hip replacement surgery over Bradley or Alexander – as someone who called for the younger guard to get a shot, I can admit I was foolish and will take good care to avoid that tick bitting me again any time soon.

  • The fools running HBO Sports are out of touch with their audience. Pacquiao leaving for Showtime must be a wake up call for HBO to fire Kerry Davis and Ross Greenburg. Their house fighters Dawson and Berto do not entertain, never justified the inflated purses HBO has given them, and are fighters whose management exploited Davis and Ross’ incompetance. Replace Davis and Ross with people who know what boxing fans want.

  • Mosley is the perfect foil here. He will look like a real fighter to the 100 million or so around the world; still looks fit, will throw a few nice combinations early, won’t look for a soft place to lie down when Manny inevitably overwhelms him. The big problem will be the damage that gets done to him, but given Manny’s late-round “mercy” to Margarito, even that should be kept to a minimum. Let’s just hope Sugar Shane can invest this late-career windfall well and get the hell out while he can still tie his shoelaces.

  • Nick,If you haven’t had HBO or Showtime how do you know their programming sucks? Dexter is a pretty good show as was Entourage.Also Showtimes fights, when you consider their lower budget is superior to HBO and their Showbox series has competitive bouts with undefeated prospects a lot of the time. HBO is the king of showcasing fighters who they are trying to build. Thats why they give guys like Chad Dawson a pass and let him fight guys like Tarver for millions. I understand why you don’t subscribe anymore, but i think you need to give Showtime a little more credit, but I agree about HBO. Don’t forget, Showtime gave us all three Vasquez Marquez bouts and Castill vs Corrales, as well as Dawson Hopkins, and the Super Six all for Free.Not bad for a network with about a 3rd of the budget of HBO.If you like MMA, Strikeforce isn’t so bad either.

  • It’ll be interesting to see what the PPV figures are for this exhibition match. Pacquiao is clearly an “event” fighter now–selling 16,000 tickets in three hours is a neat trick, even if many went to scalpers as an “investment.” (I read $!,000 tickets are going for 8 times their face value in the Philippines.)

  • Hector Duarte Jr.

    HBO has no one to blame but themselves. Showtime has been able to deliver quality boxing at a fraction of the cost. I’ll be surprised if Ross Greenburg and Kery Davis keep their jobs through 2011.

  • Boxing is all about matchmaking and HBO’s fights, and most of Showtime’s fights, have sucked for at least five years. Ocassionally you get a good one, like Katsidis-Marquez, or Martinez-Pavlik, but the majority of the match-ups are boring and far, far inferior to the old Boxing After Dark days, when there was some really consistently exciting matchmaking.

    I actually don’t even subscribe to either channel anymore. Their programing was terrible. I had them both only for the boxing but there was so rarely a good fight on I couldn’t justify keeping it any more.

  • Pedro, if I were Arum, I’ll give to you the front row ringside press seat which id usually occupied by Kevin Iole’s ass. Boxing writers are free to say whatever they like -no problem with that-, but if a writer trashes a fight and calls it “GARBAGE” and tells everyone to ‘BOYCOTT” this fight, the writer himself should “DECLINE WATCHING THIS FIGHT” and do whatever he preaches. But I’m sure Iole is just a plain stupid hypocrite and lacks integrity and come fight day, he’ll be the first standing in line at the MGM doors. Pedro, you’re much more deserving to be given Iole’s ringside press seat.

  • Maybe Floyd will fight now since Manny is on Showtime.I mean if the PPV does well and the cbs rating are through the roof why would Manny go back to HBO with all the potential exposure from CBS.How can Floyd have any real leeway in negotations now.The best thing we can look forward to now is Mayweather vs Bradley and Im putting money on “Tankhead” to cut Floyd before the 6th round!

  • Whether you are a Pac man fan or not, you have to give the man his props. Arum has the biggest name in Boxing (yeah, I said it and I’m not even a big Pac Fan) and therefore has the leverage to be able to tell HBO “and now, the end is near and so I face the Final curtain” (you guys know the rest, lol)…Manny has certainly transcended the sport and yes is able to put “asses in the seats.” Wonder what that other guy (Floyd something, or whatever)is thinking about Manny being accepted Globally now as the ‘Face of Boxing?’ Well, at least that other guy can be accepted as the ‘Face of a Domestic Violence Abuser.’ …Peace.

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