Superman Is Fiction

Superman Is Fiction

San Francisco, CA– There was an article floating around the Internet yesterday that claimed a sparring partner had shot Manny Pacquiao up with steroid injections. I posted the article and then when the original source pulled it, I did as well. That being said, having been a boxer with over 40 years of involvement, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe the story, but when the original link went south, I decided to go in another direction.


Look, this is not a subject that should be taken lightly. Being suspected of wrongdoing can be a heavy cross to bare. That being said, I find it hard to NOT believe that Manny Pacquiao has used Performance Enhancement Drugs. The king of all sport cheats, the now reformed Victor Conte of BALCO Labs fame, is the opinion that nobody can bulk up the way Pacquiao has on fish and rice alone. Now while I disagree on certain matters with Conte, personally I feel he is biting his tongue on the this and the Barry Bonds matter. Having personally watched Pacquiao grow from a skinny 122 lb. fighter personally to a 145 lb. monster, to me this is not from a diet of fish and rice.


All you need to do to get a firm grasp/opinion on the matter is to look at the baseball stars of the prior decade. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, there is more than a preponderance of evidence that these three, among many others, used Steroids and the like to bulk up their bodies, thus enabling them to hit the baseball further than they normally could. When Jose Canseco said it, and later stars like Roger Clemens, who will go on trial soon, Alex Rodriquez and others were put under such pressure from the media, all except Bonds and Clemens, admitted such. America, white America in particular were at one point in the same state of denial Filipinos are in today over Manny.


Most of the baseball players, even Rafael Palmero, who was caught on Steroids, this after vehemently denying any use before Congress, was run out of baseball. Baseball’s best hitter, Manny Ramirez, too has been run out of the game, retired, instead of taking a second suspension for using Steroids and the like. Barry Bonds, after being released from the Giants, no team picked him up, not even desperate for power hitter teams in the American league where he could have been used as a designated hitter. The bottom line is that a great majority of the baseball players that were performing far beyond their norm were cheating and some have admitted it. May I note, that not one of the players named by Jose Canseco in his book ever pursued legal action.


The only difference I believe is that Manny Pacquiao been in denial since the topic of his using steroids and other drugs has come to light, and that the regulators in boxing really don’t give a spit. Like the Major League Baseball owners of the 90s, who were hurting at the gate, meaning less people were attending games, all of a sudden ball parks across both leagues were filled with fans because of the fact home runs were being hit at a record pace. Nevada, the state has been hurting because of the decline in gaming and boxing attendance, and it being the site of the biggest boxing, and more importantly biggest MMA (UFC) fights, I don’t think want to go there as many people feel a lot of MMA fighters are juiced.


I’ve talked to Dr.’s, other athletes, fighters such as Paulie Malignaggi, Miguel Cotto, Andre Ward, and with the exception of Ward who, “Doesn’t want to point a finger at Manny Pacquiao,” still, like Cotto and Paulie is suspicious that a fighter could bulk up like Pacquiao has done on rice and fish alone and believes Manny should have agreed to random testing, this from an Olympian who had people waiting outside of his house unannounced to test him prior to the Olympics. When I think of the great Roberto Duran, having watched him move up 40 lbs. from his original fighting weight, he was not nearly as solid, let alone ripped like Pacquiao became. Nor did his head appear to grow.


Like Barry Bonds trainer admitted with Barry, Manny Pacquiao’s head has in m eyes noticeably grown in size, I could lay out pictures that show such, but the people most in denial, the starved of sports star Philippine population will accuse me of photo shopping the pictures as they did the last time. Having known Filipinos, I can tell you that one trait they seem to have as an ethnic group is a refusal to ever admit fault or being wrong.


Although I will get into Floyd Mayweather in another article today, all I have to say, and this is not conjecture or opinion. Had Manny agreed to take the “random” testing without a cut off date, he and Floyd would have fought last March, and this being 14 months, might have already had a rematch.


Manny is from General Santos City and not the planet Krypton. There is no such thing as Superman, nor Superman-like achievements. We have to give Manny credit fir being a tough guy, but to think that he has achieved the accomplishments he has in boxing naturally, is akin to believing Pamela Anderson’s breasts are natural.

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Pedro Fernandez


  • To be honest, look who’s around pacquiao? Who do you think in his hangers know how to administer PED? he doesn’t have Conte and Herredia in his camp. Mostly folks from out of school youth kind of program. They don’t have sophistication as these guys not to detect by Nevada Commission. I doubt it, period…

  • Thankful you did not remain silent … God’s word reigns!

  • All of the people, I presume mostly filipinos, who just deny flat out that there’s no way the dudes on that superman juice, have nothing to say but that he passed piss tests (which according to what I’m reading means nothing), and that pacquiao loves his country and will be a senator, and that he’s incapable of doing such a thing, because he loves god and his country, and that americans a blacks are just mad, so just shut up and bla bla bla bla bla, and so what if all people before him were juicing? Maybe they were, does this mean that improvement is pointless, that the sports world can’t push for a change. And really appreciate the fact that pacquiao is a real charming and real cool, doesn’t even try to play the tough guy, and all that, I hope he really isnt on the juice and he proves it.

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  • Pedro,

    There is a way to catch EPO and designer PED’s. Look at the Landis interview where he revealed how Lance was able to beat tests. WADA knew he was cheating because the O2 in his blood was near the same level when at rest, and after he trained. WADA just couldn’t prove it until Landis told him how he did it. That’s why when PBF fought Mosley, they took a bit bigger sample. You have to compare the O2 in the blood over a period of time. No wonder Team Pac wants a cut off. Roach knows it will be out of the system after a fight.

    Watch 60 minutes on Sunday. Another Lance teammate admits he used and will expose Lance. He even gave up his Gold Medal! Again, team Pac knows how to avoid and that’s why they asked for a cut off.


  • Listen EVERYONE, It’s not that Manny gained the weight and stayed “ripped”, it’s the fact that he brought his power with him as he moved up in weight! That is NOT normal. Shane said he’s never been hit that hard in his career and Margarito’s face is still jacked up. Let’s be real, I’m not saying Manny knows he’s dirty (I blame his strength coach) but I AM saying that Manny IS Dirty. Until he agrees to Olympic style testing these “un natural” feats will be just that in my book…”UN NATURAL” have a great week. Blessings to all

  • Pedro,

    I bounced a ground ball your way and it went over your head… NO, I am not “high”

  • Pedro Fernandez

    JMM is too small to fight Manny today. Manny won’t come to 135 and 140 is pushing it for JMM.

  • Few points here:
    1) Pac never agreed to OSRT with no cut off.
    2) Roach knows exactly how they work, see Margo fight when he asks for a test
    3) There is a way to detect HGH and EPO, you need to compare blood samples. Landis info given to WADA helped detect blood doping and anomalies associated with using difficult to detect PEDs. Why do you think Armstrong retired shortly after.
    4) NSAC already declared that extra tests are subject to negotiations. Hence, Floyd has every right to request them, just as Pac has every right Not to agree.
    5) Why won’t Team Pac agree?


  • Chill out everyone! Come November 12, 2011 Manny will get slapped around by the only man who has given him two beatings. Until then will the steroid issue will come to rest. Marquez is a fighter and like one he will show up to win, he’s got the balls to stand and trade with the PacMan unlike all these other chumps Arum has put in front of the Filipino. Expect fireworks again.

  • Pedro,
    I understand your conviction to clean up the sport that you love so much. But remember Pacquiao is just a boxer just like Felix Trinidad, Julio Cesar Chavez, and many other boxing greats who came from another foreign land. Yes he is just a boxer who achieved something beyond the ordinary, but still just a boxer who is fighting in a foreign land. His role is to train and fight against anybody his promoter threw in front of him. But it is not his responsibility first and foremost to make changes on issues like drug testing protocol and other drug testing procedures. I believe it is the task of the pertinent US sports body to do this desired revisions. And those who are under such conviction must do their part too in expressing your demand for appropriate changes right in the face of those who are in the position to do so. If Pacquiao does not bend down to the condition of another fighter for drug test apart from what the commission requires that is his personal prerogative and no one can force him to do so, regardless of how people will interpret such response because he has not violated any foreign laws or regulations. He does his job of fighting then he runs to the bank to get his pay but the burden of making changes to the internal practices of boxing in the US does not rest on his shoulders. Again Pacquiao is just another boxer who never had the luxury of a good US education and can’t expressed himself in good english. His being a Philippine lawmaker is a different ballgame.
    The reason I am making this comment is that many of the comments expressed have gone beyond the appropriate bounds even to the point of insults and making derogatory remarks from those expressing polarized views including yourself. The Philipino people have been highlighted as a generally simple minded people incapable of depth and flexibility of ideas. Whether true or false it is not your role to judge them.

  • I think Manny is an amazing fighter and one that is not afraid to go to war and loves to entertain his fans. That being said, unfortunately his ridiculously huge success and fame are due to: 1-Taking PED’s and 2-Fighting hand picked opponents. He is a global money train and Arum, nor anyone else involved with him, will allow the money train to get derailed off the tracks. So a combination of PED’s and fighters who have a minimal chance of beating him are chosen, which equals his unheard of reign. The only people who believe all this is on the “up and up” are people who know nothing about boxing and have never been in the ring. Rumors are a funny thing…because what happens is they start of being seen an nonsensical and ridiculous, then years go by and the truth always surfaces. At some point someone or some information will come forward which will show that Manny was indeed taking PED’s and his legacy will be forever tarnished. It probably will not be until after he is retired and someone is going to say “f it” and want a HUGE payday from the media. It will be some lackey in his camp or some money hungry Filipino with no loyalty to his countrymen, etc. By mid, late 2013 it will be a known fact he took steroids. To make double sure he wins, they put him in the ring with shot fighters coming off KO’s or over the hill fighters. He has not fought a real person with a chance of winning since the mid 2000’s. Ortiz, M. Jones, Berto, P. Williams, Bradley are all out there and competitive viable candidates and yet he picks Mosley and JMM (who Floyd was crucified in the media for fighting but now its OK for Manny I guess).

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I guess you missed the televised admission of McGwire, Arnold admitted it, so did Alex Rodriquez. Palmero tested positive and was run put of baseball. Jack, are you high?

  • Pedro,

    Stop being a hater… What’s next? Are other STUPID thing are you going to say? Guys in the WWE use? Arnold Schwarzenegger used? … People like you probably bought Jose Canseco’s line when he said that Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Palmero all used and that he helped hook them up! — This is how RUMORS start Pedro!

  • Floyd is being a Beotch about all this. As the considerably bigger man, as one who claims to be the best ever, he is not supposed to look for excuses to avoid fighting a guy who used to be a FLYWEIGHT!!! Seriously, if Floyd can’t beat Pac, with or without PED’s, then Floyd isn’t half the fighter he claims to be. The only way for him to live up to all the talk at this point is to invite Manny to train with roids, load his gloves with plaster, and take PCP the night of the fight. Either that or Floyd should follow Pac’s shining example and challenge fighters alot bigger than himself, like maybe Andre Ward. (Now that’s an idea!)
    As far as Pac goes, I would imagine that he’s really pissed at this point about being asked to do what others are not doing, namely take additional drug tests. If the testing standards were universally established, then Pac would agree to follow them. But I just can’t picture him agreeing to jump through a series of hoops that have been specially set up for him by a guy (Floyd) that’s just looking to establish dominance and a mental edge before they get in the ring.

  • Manny will never take these tests. He doesn’t have to because the fan base is full of idiots that couldn’t care less if one kills another in the ring while doping. This is really what Manny is promoting by his refusal. He’s a liar and a cheat who bought votes to get elected and because that is an acdepted practice in his third world country I guess its okay. Just like this!!

  • I found this article that I think hits the nail on the head about this entire situation. It’s a different view, but I think it helps when there’s a healthy debate about a very contraversial topic like this whole drama. I hope some get soemthing from it.


  • Floyd should make his own commission. The “Floyd mayweather Commisssion”. The new rules are Olympic style drug testing and one fighter does not follow weight limit and that is only him. For Pedro I respect your opinion, however you should back it up. Do not just use pure logic. Opinions of Cotto and malignaggi are useless, they are not doctors it is not credible. The doctor that you have talked too, give his name his report. Hearsays are a piece of crap. For Manny, Just take the test!! Come on. Make all the haters and non believers eat their words. Pedro, oscar, Floyd, teddy atlas and the newest SORE LOSER sugar shane. It is also for the good of the sport.

  • Comparing the 90s baseball steroid saga and Manny.. Is that enough evidence or proof to justify your accusations that Manny is cheating by using steroids?.. I don’t think so..

  • Pedro Fernandez

    14 day window is what Manny is still demanding. Phil Am boxing ran the story last week.

  • Pacquiao earned 20 million dollars from the shane fight, and is likely to get another 5 million coz of the great PPV results. Oh, many people are dying with ENVY. Teddy Atlas is one of them, Dela Hoya another, the crooked Mayweather Clan, and my dear friend Pedro…..to name a few.

  • Pacquiao is from the Phils., a third world country! Its a poor country where athletes, amateur or pro, have barely enough money to buy proper equipments, proper nutrition. Its a struggle basically. If Filipino athletes routinely use performance enhancing drugs, then why in God’s name a filipino athlete is still to win an olympic gold medal? Lance Armstrong is dogged by this PED issue also, people just can’t accept that sometimes some athlete really perform extraordinarilly without the aid of PED.

  • Another point of view from someone who seems more neutral, not me but a boxing writer from another boxing website.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his family members have publicly discredited Manny’s achievements, then AFTER discrediting him and accusing him of wrongdoing, they tell him take these test we want you to take. If you ask me, Manny is a fool for compromising. I would have told them to kiss my ass. You guys really seem to miss the point. I want stricter test in boxing. These commissions suck. I have been to states where they don’t even watch fighters hands get wrapped. It’s a very unsafe environment at times. But I don’t mix my baked beans with my apple sauce. The biggest fighter in the sport, would not allow another fighter to demand he do anything outside of the commissions regulations. More importantly boxing is more mental than anything. Why should Manny appease Floyd’s weak psyche and help him get over his fear of getting in the ring with a steroid/ped freak. If Floyd wants to believe that ,that’s on him? It’s a war you have to get every edge you can. If I was clean I still wouldn’t bend for this guy because Manny has Floyd mentally. And once you have a guy mentally you keep him in the dark, doubtful place. It’s really mind boggling to me, that you guys don’t understand this.

    Most Floyd fans can’t comprehend these things. More importantly if Floyd wanted the fight so badly he could bring AWARENESS to PEDs in boxing in a brighter light. He could get on TV and talk to people like John McCain. Everyone would take his side, because of the rampant use of PEDs period. Floyd could turn this turn this thing upside down on Manny. Manny is a politician, he has advisors that would tell him how bad things looked. Floyd could exhaust ALL resources to have the biggest fight ever done the right way on a level playing field. So what if the NSAC refuses his petition. At least he tried, you can’t hit the lottery if you don’t play. Floyd would have a hell of a case and he would put that commission under the spotlight. The NSAC would not want to be bad guys and they have the power to implement stricter testing for individual events. Keith Kizer has openly said on more than one occasion, that nobody from Floyd’s camp has petitioned them. You guys just don’t dig it. Floyd and his camp don’t want to box Manny in. Because if the NSAC ruled in their favor, there would be NO more excuses. I can see the bullshit a mile away. Manny does not have to give because Floyd says so, Manny is the bigger star at this point. It’s not my opinion it’s a fact. Internationally it’s not close and here in the US he has surpassed him. Since when does the A side give in?

    Instead of Floyd doing it the right way, he insults the man. Then he and his family throw around accusations that have been shot down from every angle. I don’t have to get into specifics. Everything from the weight issue, to Manny’s ko% after junior lightweight. Manny has went the distance 2 fights in a row, so his ko% will be another jealous poin that they won’t be able to make again. I hope I am clear on my stance, because blind allegiance is never good. I will end this on this note. I put myself out there for a reason. The reason is, I have integrity. If a commission orders Manny to take blood test and he suddenly refuses to fight Floyd, then I will assume he is DIRTY. But I will NOT assume a fighter is dirty, because his main rival tells him to do something that is above and beyond the standard rules. That may make Manny stubborn but NOT dirty.


  • Here we have the normal assortment of idiots that won’t address one simple point! WHY….WHY would he say NO to a simple blood test? All these fools that need a hero don’t care if he’s dirty. They don’t have to risk their lives in the ring BUT I can promise you one thing IF Floyd was the one who said NO all these losers who pin all their hopes on a doped up freak would be going berserk. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and we better never hear Roach ask ANY fighter to ever take these tests even if he suspicious. Karma’s a bitch and one day he’ll be handling a guy who will be facing someone he knows is juicing and he’ll be f*cked! What people are too stupid to realize us that Roach himself is using. Take a look at his arms and his muscularity. He didn’t have that when he was a fighter but as a 50 year old trainer with Parkinson’s all of a sudden he’s ripped. You people are just stupid!

  • At last an honest article where the author doesn’t spend his time fawning over Pacquiao and apologizing for every insinuation that he MIGHT be using. I too believe that Manny Pacquiao is cheating and has been cheating since the arrival of Alex Ariza. The fact that at 32 years old that Manny didn’t even take a deep breath all the way through the Mosley fight and he once again was pushing a MUCH larger man around makes this a no brainer. In general people are stupid and they want to believe the fantasy. The Philippines is just ridiculous. They’re putting all their eggs in this one basket and they’ll be sorry in the end because they’re being made fools of. I think most of them would deny it even if he did come back positive. He will never take a test not for Floyd or anyone and all these idiots will continue to ignore what is right in their face. Kudos, PF!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Take a look at the history of the sport, the 90s baseball steroid saga and Manny. THAT’S HOW!

  • My question is this: What if Pac accused Floyd of PEDs and wanted invasive blood testing, but Floyd refused? What would the majority of this board clamor? Thought so.

    How do you SUE a man for accusing you of using “synthetic” talent BEFORE you prove his allegations false? This logic escapes me.

  • Too much success breeds JEALOUSY.

  • Can you imagine Acre beating David Haye? Manny has 12 divisions under his belt,it makes no sense he’s able to hurt these bigger fighters.

  • RE: Again, fight was done until Manny backed out of the random testing. I told ya’ you guys could never admit fault! That being, the fight would have happened March 2010. The $100 mill was a joke, as are most of you Pacnuts.

    When Manny already agreed for the blood testing it’s Floyd who back out..

  • I just heard on Maxboxing that the supposed Filipino sparring partner (who allegedly exists and) who says he injected Pac in the ass with roids goes on to say that he did so in the bathroom of the Wild Card Gym!!! That is really hard to believe. Pac may be a slightly gullible guy, but Freddie Roach knows what he is doing, and I’m sure he would never let guys inject each other in his bathroom. Moreover, Steve Kim, the journalist at Maxboxing, said he has been going to the Wild Card for 10 years and has never seen Pac spar with another Filipino! In other words, the article is bull. The reason it was pulled from the internet is that it’s bull. I guess some people are so eager to discredit Pac nowadays that they’ll even make up fake stories about him! Regardless of what you believe about Pac and drug use, Pedro, you did the right thing by dropping the article from your website!

  • All i can say is that Steriods does not make you a better fighter. Fernando Vargas can vouch for that. I thought Sugar Shane lost the DLH rematch when he was using. Hell, even Ivan Drago lost (LOL). The Steriod James Toney was using (I forget the name) is the steriod that helps heal injuries faster. He did tear his left Bicep on the fight he was positive! Roy Jones even had a problem and had to answer to when they found a certain chemical in his sytem after the Rick Fraizer fight of all people. Mike Tyson said he didnt even want to take anything when his back was broken againt Clifford Eitienne, he said “No, cause i knew you would be testing me”. Watch the clip. Oh and I believe his trainer for that fight was Freddie Roach!! yeah buddy

  • bottom line pacman is a dirty figther.Mayweather, mosley, roy jones started their careers at ligther weight but has they went up they didnt diminate the way pacman has. Thats why pacman should get tasted for roids…..hes dirty has hell. Boxing promoters dont say anything becaused hes bringing in the millions.

  • I think KP summed it up best. We may never know so why don’t we move on and just have these guys fight already

  • De La Hoya moved up just as many weight classes. Moving up that many weight classes is not that uncommon. He didn’t carry his punch like Pacquiao but maybe he’s just not as good as Pacquiao. Look at their body types. Pacquiao is a ripped Bruce Lee type of dude, of course he’s not going to look like some fatso who puts on weight by eating donuts.

    I think you are just unfamiliar with more muscular body types. No offense. I personally have little doubt that I could pretty easily pack on about 25 pounds of muscle naturally working out hard totally naturally. My body has always responded to exercise that way. Like I said, Pacquiao has a Gatti, Holyfield, Steve Cunningham type of body. (I know Holyfield did juice, but he was always a beast.) Some guys are just built that way. I remember I used to wrestle, some guys if they hit the gym turn into freaking monsters easily, others can work out all day and never get great results. Pacquaio was always ripped, he’s older now.

    Comparing him to Duran is nonsenical. It’s like comparing LeBron James to George Gervin. Do you see a difference in the physiologies of the players from the different eras? If you put the NBAs All star team from 1978 against the 2010 All Star Team the 78 team would get humiliated like the Washington Generals.

  • Both Mayweather and Mosley used their Twitter accounts to point to an article written by an unnamed author about an unnamed Filipino fighter who sparred with Pacquiao. I won’t talk about the article because it is obviously made-up and was obviously written by someone who does not know a lot about boxing.

  • Pedro are you genetically related to Teddy Atlas?

  • Some of the benifits of p.e.d.’s include increase stamina, increase in speed, increase in overall strength, increase explosiveness…Seems like traits MANY fighters excelled in from the past to present when compared to other pugalists of their time. Hardly fair to consistently rip one man apart when it is already accepted that there is NO WAY to test for ALL p.e.d.’s with ANY of the current testing methods. With all that being said, it is in Pacquiao’s hands to clear his name in the publics opinion by stating he is willing to do random osdt up until the day of the fight. ONLY THEN will we really know who backed out of the fight…

  • Sergio, you make some valid points.Very valid, however thinking Pac is on PED’s isn’t a totally insane thought. Just imagine if it wasn’t Mayweather who had asked him to take the tests…lets say for example someone like Andre Ward who is a total gentleman with class. Would people view this differently? if Mayweather wasn’t such a jackass people wouldn’t be so up in arms about him asking him to take the tests. Mayweathers attitude is really the problem here and the way he went about this whole fiasco. He pissed so many people off with his accusations(before they negotiated the fight) that Manny just doesn’t think Floyd has the right to ask Manny to submit to the testing. However, Mayweather is asking him to take the same tests Manny would be doing. Does Manny really get weak when his blood gets drawn? I’ll take him for his word, but so many other athletes lied and said they never used and were caught later on. If he just took the tests, this issue would be said and done. I think he beats Mayweather at this stage.

  • Just because Pac has never tested positive doesn’t mean he’s never used them. It’s not like guys pop a pill before the fight starts and thats how they are used. PED’s are used during training to help them recover faster and train harder. Not saying Pac’s on PEDs, but this idea that because he’s never tested positive is full proof he’s clean is BS. I don’t think it’s fair that people single him out, however it’s obvious that the testing in boxing, baseball, football etc just isn’t up to par and the athletes are far ahead of the testing protocols in sports. They know how to beat the tests, because the testing in place is suspect. Again i don’t believe Pac deserves all of this scrutiny, but the fact that he won’t agree to RANDOM blood tests(that can detect EPO and HGH) he is kind of leaving the window open for scrutiny from the public.

  • Why did mosley not get caught????

    answer: How can Mosely be caught using PED when NSAC started testing for Steroids only in 2005 which is past that time he used it? PEDs may enhance training but this periods are supposed to be covered by Random OST. So what’s the problem?

  • Here are some points to ponder:

    1. Take note that Richard Shaefer, then Shane Mosley’s negotiator on his fight against Zab Judah, declined the Olympic style drug testing demanded by the Zab camp. But then, demands the same type of testing on Pacquiao when representing Floyd Mayweather. There’s some credibility issue here.

    2. USADA wants us to believe that the state atheltic commission’s drug testing system is inefficient. Bear in mind though that some olympians (which USADA has jurisdiction over) used PEDs in the 2000 Olympics that went undetected.


    Another point: there’s a big difference between ‘request’ and ‘demand’.

  • Pedro, its not done yet, as long as mayweather stop dodging, very simple, 50-50 share and they go drug test and thats it, but mayweather will make another excuses again im sure. Its very very obvious mayweather is scared.. He is a shame in world of boxing.

  • Again, why attack Pacquiao? Why not make it universal and have the NSAC institute olympic-style testing for each and every boxer? Clean the sport like Mayweather claims he wants to do?

  • Wow. Can’t we just discuss facts and sound opinions without the juvenile mudslinging? Don’t you think you are hurting your credibility by doing that?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Again, fight was done until Manny backed out of the random testing. I told ya’ you guys could never admit fault! That being, the fight would have happened March 2010. The $100 mill was a joke, as are most of you Pacnuts.

  • Pedro, why would Pacquiao do the test just because another fighter wants him to? If another student accuses an A student of cheating, just because he is doing so well, with no evidence at all, would the A student need to prove anything?

    Why not pressure the NSAC to institue the olympic-style drug testing instead? If they say it is now mandatory, then Pacquiao will do it. Why should another boxer do a test just because another one says he should, when there is NO EVIDENCE that he has cheated. Only suspicions and allegations just like yours?

  • “HAD MANNY TAKEN TESTS LAST YEAR, ISSUE WOULD BE DEAD.” I was of that opinion, too, until I realized something’s wrong with that particular wish. First off, some clarification: the phrase should be: HAD MANNY ACCEDED TO FLOYD’S DEMAND OF AN OSTD TESTING….” I then realized that no one’s sure (including Pedro) if Floyd would have come up with another outrageous demand, say, that Manny should wear bikini on fight night. It became clear to everyone, but not to Flomos and Pedro himself, that Floyd was playing mental games, perhaps to conceal his own insecurities in fighting Manny. Mental games that until now Floyd and his cohorts, pedro-esque and all haven’t gotten tired of playing yet, a futile game that continuously saps Floyd’s youth and Pedro’s sanity.

  • You know, the USADA can embed a team in Pacquiao’s training camp to monitor everything 24/7. That would even be more effective than random blood test and at the same time remove any excuse of being weakened by blood testing.

  • Consider the facts: From the Barrera fight at featherweight on 2003 (incidentally the last time Pacquiao had a Filipino sparring partner) to the Margarito fight at junior middleweight on 2010, Pacquiao has consistently rehydrated to welterweight on fight night. So what bulking up are you talking about? In a span of 7 years, 2 or 3 lbs. plus or minus is unbelievable bulking up? Instead, you should be asking how the hell was he able to drain himself at those lower weights and remain competitive.

  • Manny can clear his name by suing the write for baseless accusation. You guys just cannot accept that a pinoy is that good in boxing.

  • I gained 15 pounds of muscle alone from a over the counter suppliment called 1MR. All Pacquiao is doing is adding a little muscle and going to the weight-ins without dehydrating himself! All the people that accuse of other people of steriods are losers that never went to the gym a day in there life! He is still a small guy in the ring compared to these other guys during fight time and he is winning on skill alone! Maybe some fighters were hand picked but who hasent hand picked any fighters! Our generation of fighters/boxers know more about lifting weights then any other Generation! Your Generation used to say that lifting weights makes you slow and stiff! If Ali had lifted weights he would have be a KO artist!! Marquez moved up 2 weight classes and lost to Floyd but i honestly believe he would have beaten that Shane Mosley that showed up and Andre Berto. Styles also makes sucess. I remember DLH getting knocked down by Georgio Cappenella when he had skinny legs at 130 lbs, next thing you know he is taking punches from Gonzalez, Chavez, Quartey and Vargas. WOW, he must have been juicing too!!

  • As per link I provided with above,the steriod era DID NOT begin recently. So why is it that pac seems to take most of the heat based on suspicions? what about all those other fighters that fought under the similiar drug testing protocols that could be labeled as” suspecious”? Its already accepted that there is no sure shot way of catching cheaters so whos to say that all these fighters from the past to present havent been doped up? without proper evidence, your guess is as good as mine…

  • Enough of this B.S. … He has fought in accordance with all requirements of numerous Athletic Commissions and tested negative!!! Can’t say the same for a lot of other fighters though, Boxing or MMA. Moreover; opinions are like asswholes, everybody has one!!

  • Manny can clear up these accusations, further elevate his legacy, and add many millions of dollars to his bank account by doing one simple thing:

    Agreeing to Olympic testing standards and fighting Floyd Mayweather.

    Very simple.

  • “rice and fish” (3x) isn’t a joke, it’s a racial jab. The article would have more weight without this kind of “humor” (and I use the term loosely).

  • Shane said floyd is better boxer, sorry i dont agree with that, floyd cant be better boxer bec he simple dodge, how can a boxer be better if he scared to fight, his mind is already lose to pacquiao, the way pacquiao moves, it will totally owned him. I saw floyd fight, i tell u now, his tactic only works to fighters like hatton shane and marquez, but with very fast pacquiao, he cant to much trust me. Pacquiao is too new school for them, hes move is not typical boxing style, its mixed with some bruce lee moves. Check it urself.. Tell floyd to study some mma style just a tip for him.

  • Pacman dont use any drugs exept food supplements, and ofcourse the asian wonder food called Rice! U guys dont eat that much rice we knew that bec u guys think rice is for third world country food, but now i hope u guys know already what is the real power outside ur country. Asia have alot of powerfull athletes i hope u guys stop thinking western poeple still dominating the world.

  • Pac agreed already dude, u dont know that he agreed all floyd demanded? But why floyd still dodging? Come on… Is it bec floyd is the last hope of american boxing?

  • Rice and dried fish, in phil poor people eat that. Oh btw rice can easily gain weight, u guys dont know how poor these people are, they can like 2 finger size fish and like 1 kilo of rice for a meal, bec they cant afford, only rice is cheap. And pls ask any doctor abt how rice can make u gain weight with its carbs. U guys just cant believe that. Come on, just accept america is not a dominating country anymore, in other sports u guys lose to china, in boxing u lose to philippines, u guys still have the basket ball sport, dont cry u still have 1 and its not end of world yet. Just accept like a man.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I said that I think he has used PEDs. Didn’t say it was something positive. He is a public person, out there, and opinions about him are just that, opinions. ikt is my belief that nobody is Superman, nobody. I watched three generations of fighters, maybe four or five. I will again compare his feates to that of Sosa, McGwire and Bonds, Palmero too!

    If he isn’t he could have stopped all this talk 15 months ago by taking the tests. The Pacman is the one fueling the story, not me, not Floyd, and certainly not fight News!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    The rice and fish was a joke Jimbo. Adios!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Tommy Lee or whatever his name is gave that t her I was told. I remember she wanted to sack Tyson after the McNeely fight, but he was already booked!

  • The problem I have with your assessment is you also ridicule his opposition. So which is it: is he on an amazing, historical run fueled by PEDs or is he just benefiting from going up in weight and fighting weight drained and shot fighters?

    It is true that there are PEDs that can go undetected, but those same PEDs can also go undetected in Olympic style blood tests. That is why Marion Jones never failed a drug test.

    So if he’s taking drugs that can go undetected in Nevada there is also a chance they would go undetected by blood tests. In other words, even if he had taken the tests last year and passed, there would still be a cloud of suspicion over him.

  • As for manny and ped’s.. I think the evidence will be seen in injuries because one thing the athletes do not escape is their bodies breaking down very rapidly and rather grossly. I mean if you look at the injuries athletes suffer because of steroids its horrendous I mean their limbs literaly begin to tear at the seams. Look at the baseball players juiced up when they went off they were constantly injuried. Toney ripped his achilles heel ie his foot nearly feel off and his chest ripped all during regular workouts. Holyfield had to quit because of a hole in his heart and near heart failure. Shane had no more reflexes after the juice and he sat for so long inactive most likely because of injuries. Now in the post fight interview manny mentioned his body is breaking down.

  • I here you pedro but if you make a broad general statement about a wide range of people it would behoove you to back it up with reasons and facts to support your accusations. I am really interested to hear your ideas as to the cause of this malady amongst the pinoy people. And just to let you know pedro I feel you one hundred percent. My step mother is a pinoy and my god she rides a high horse. And yes she has never been wrong about anything just ask her. But again I am very interested as to the cause of this trait amongst these people.

  • If both Pac and PBF take PEDs then it’s a wash and high time for them to get it on. PBF needs to overcome his fears and drop his objections. It’s lame when a bigger guy uses allegations of drug use to get out of a fight with a little guy. Holyfield looked about as chemically enhanced as they get, but both Bowe and Lewis fought him without whining and both of them got the better of the Roidal Deal. True courage, which no one is demanding of PBF, was on display when De la Hoya got in the ring with Vargas, who was already naturally bigger than De la Hoya and who looked like a roidal incredible hulk by the time they squared off. If PBF is as good as he says he is, then he should be able to take the smaller Pac regardless of whether Pac is taking anything short of PCP.


  • RE: “..is akin to believing Pamela Anderson’s breasts are natural.”
    Her Hapatitis C is definitely real; she’s definitely of the “Look but don’t touch” variety.
    Even if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t touch that skank with a 20 cm long pole…

  • Why don’t just accept the fact that Pacquiao keeps on winning and earning decently and securing his spot “among the greatest” boxer that ever lives.He is a living legendary sport figure that helps his family, constituencies and now progressing into fighting the endemic poverty in Philippines.Who ever you put in front of him as an opponent in the ring ,he welcomes him and pray for their fight to be entertaining but not fatal.An individual or a person with such a clear conscience is remarkable and should be encourage to continue.Person/s that see no goodness or correctness to that is a suspect.The GOOD things last forever and the bad will be
    judge in the end … Congratulation to Pacquiao for winning his 14th straight fights in the ring and spreading the sport of boxing to the world once again.

  • We all know I’m not a pac sniffer. But let’s be real boyz, when he was fighting at 126 and 130 he was going into the ring at 142 144, now he is wieghing in at145. Now u being an athlete Pedro. U know cutting weight eats muscle and can weaken u. The guys stamina has always been off the charts. His head is big because he is Asian and they all got fat heads!!!! Also I’m pretty sure he is eating a lot better and sticks to a weight training regime. Which could all be legit reason to all the doubts. Now could I be wrong hell yea. But we have to give the man the benefit!!!! What if he isn’t juicing??

  • I agree that its fishy that Manny didn’t want to do a blood test close to the fight date. The Boxing Commission should enact a rule to do random blood test anytime leading up to the fight. This would end all this speculation. I can’t say Manny uses enhancing drugs, but his rise in weight, power and speed is not the norm.

  • Jesus said regarding Mayweather” he is pushing hard for olypic style testing for his fights”…lol…where on twitter…..mayweather has made no effort that I know of in front of the commission.If he really feels that way he should address the commission with his concerns and try to get the rules changed….What boggles my mind and including in that article no one seems to mention Ariza as having any involvement that seems strange to me…just wondering….I really hate to see someone who reached the top get dragged through the mud with no real proof…I mean innocent till proven guilty…He hasnt even been charged yet..and Mayweather everybody needs to stop talking about him because HE SAID “HE IS RETIRED”!!.I personally thought he could beat Manny but when a guy call’s himself “Money” and turns down 50 million to quote Ed Lover”Come on Son….you need to stop it”

  • can you get any more creative so you bring in more hits to your site pedro?

    this is another old article you’ve revised. you can do better…

  • I believe he took peds 100%.

  • Bobby Pacquiao should be in PEDs too instead, to gain glory in boxing.

    All these accusations are baseless, coming from freaks…

  • “what”

    It looks like my other e-mail address has been banned. I was politely asking Pedro if I have been banned. I hope not b/c I respect the man and his writing.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, all of my friends in the medical industry feel the same way. Example: In Dubai, I asked the Pinay for “scrambled well eggs.” She brougt me back jello like eggs, I complained and the manager came over, who was also Pinay. She looked at the order slip where there was clearly written by this denying waitress, “Scrambeled Well.” After the manager read her the riot act, she continued to argue and she was sent on an immediate (permanent?) break. The manager replied, “Some Filipina will never admit when they’re wrong. That’s our one fault.” She gave me another breakfast (Oatmeal) as I know better than to complain about food and send it back from American eating establishmen ts. The ladies that take care of my uncles argued, were admanant they were given their meds at 3 PM. Well, I was watching TV with mt uncles from 2-6 annd te nver got any meds. My aunt arrived and was told they got it at 3 PM, I told her that was not true. They counted the meds and found three extra doses per uncle. The girl still argued and my aunt replaced her. My friends that have Filipino wives all say the same thing, and I’m sure its just not the fems. Look, we all have racial sterotypes, this one happens to have merit in it. When I jump on the blacks tomorrow, namely Floyd Mayweather, I’m sure they will cal me racist too. Tellimg the truth is not easy or rewarding. I love Filipino people, my grandpa was bor in Subic Bay, but that doesn’t prevent me from shoving the truth in your face.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    By using hand numbing agent, Floyd is guilty of using PEDs certainly.

  • Boxing is a dirty game. No argument against that. With that being said, it would be hard to believe that there aren’t any boxers whom use steriods or other epo’s for that matter. But when your going to look at appearance alone, what about those boxers/fighters who use but don’t necessarily get ripped up? In your next piece, I hope you finally point out that MAYWEATHER himself can actually be called out on being suspecious of taking some sort of ped’s as well…Here’s a link that provides evidence that the steriod era did not begin recently:


  • I have to say this Pedro,

    It was very unprofessional for you to run that story on you website without verifying facts. I am of the opinion that Manny cheats too. But it doesn’t mean I have proof other than just looking at Manny.

    I was posting a comment when Manny what about to face Cotto, and at that time I said Manny looks in great shape, he is ripped. He has muscle under is armpit, he has muscle in places where is really hard to get muscles…I than realized he was juicing. The icing on the cake is Manny attitude, he said he took Cotto punches in “order to taste his power”…Add his supper human stamina ..and what increase power with age…and what do you get…???? Sammy Sosa…

    Wasn’t Bobby Pacquiao on the juice too..

  • “Having known Filipinos, I can tell you that one trait they seem to have as an ethnic group is a refusal to ever admit fault or being wrong.”

    You realize you come off as a racist right?

  • Pedro all sound arguments, I believe Pac has taken PED’s too. You don’t want to know what Lin said.

    Have you banned me?


  • All sound arguments Pedro, unfortunately no real proof yet. That website http://www.freepressreleaselist.com/ is full of shit sometimes.

    BTW, Pedro I firmly believe Pac has taken PED’s, like you. You don’t want to know what Lin said.

  • Before and after every boxing fight (I’m told), a urinalysis is performed. If there are any doubt of the fighter’s condition, the bout ends in disqualification before it even starts. Now, there are people who either drop weight for a fight to match the weight class of the competing fighter and some bulk up. So what’s the issue? It has nothing to do with ETHNICITY or CULTURE Mr. Pedro Fernandez.
    In almost all major sport events, i.e. The Olympics, the athletes in questions are tested and retested, and if they are found to be positive for any banned substances, the Olympic committee revokes their status and strips them of their medals. The same as in Boxing. The Boxing committee will revoke their boxing license and belts. So now here’s a question. Are you, Mr. Fernandez accusing the testing facility and the boxing committee of covering up for The Filipino Superman from Gen San with a diet of fish and rice? The man makes millions of dollars and you believe he only eats fish and rice? If he’s using performance enhancing drugs, why hasn’t it been detected? I bet you since Mr. Pacquiao eats fish mostly, he would test higher on Mercury.

  • When Pacquiao was fighting at 122 he was 21 years old. Manny has a ripped physique. Though he is far, far better than Gatti, he has a similar body type. When Gatti was 21 he was fighting at 130 pounds, by the time he was 32 he was fighting at 147, ripped, and probably walking around at a fairly ripped 170 pounds.

    Not fair to compare him to Duran. Look at NBA players today versus NBA players in the 70s. Athletes get bigger and stronger with each generation.

    If I had been a pro fighter when I was 21 years old I would have fought at 140 pounds. At 34, today, if I was still fighting, doubt I could get down below 168 under any circumstances. And I would still look ripped, and I have never taken a drug in my life.

  • Manny Pacquiao Drug Test Results May Shock You
    By Matthew-Paul Narciso.

    Depending on your views of the 30 year old boxing champion, you may be shocked to find out the results of his drug test, or you may simply nod your head because you knew the truth all along.
    Over the course of the last 19 months, Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines has fought in four divisions, ranging from Super Featherweight to Welterweight, while capturing the WBC Super Featherweight, WBC Lightweight, IBO Junior Welterweight, and WBO Welterweight titles, respectively. In that same time span he has scored 7 knockdowns of bigger opponents while surrendering none, carried an eighty percent knockout percentage, and seemingly becomes more destructive with each fight.
    The ever so eloquent Floyd Mayweather Sr. fired the initial shot heard around the boxing world when he shared his opinion with Dave Mayo of The Grand Rapids Press that Pacquiao was using an unidentified performance enhancer to gain a competitive advantage over his much bigger opponents. It was widely assumed that Pacquiao’s sensational knockout over the Briton, Ricky Hatton, Floyd’s charge, was the cause of such an accusation as Floyd had made no such argument or concern public before the fight. The public assumed that either Mayweather saw something in the fight that convinced him, or the result of the one sided statement by Pacquiao triggered a rebuttal of sorts.
    In the weeks leading up to the Las Vegas Mega Match between Pound 4 Pound King Manny Pacquiao and the defending WBO Welterweight Champion, Kermit Cintron joined the ranks of detractors by sharing his concern with Pedro Fernandez of Ring Talk that he was concerned over Pacquiao’s recent success in weight class sprinting by stating that “I honestly think that he is taking something, because a lot of fighters coming up in weight like that, 40 something pounds… he just looks ripped like Bruce Lee. A lot of people who come up in weight like that don’t look as ripped as he is, they hold a lot of water weight. I just believe he is taking something. I think he is taking something that’s for sure…”
    Although Paulie Malinaggi had originally voiced no suspicions of Pacquiao in leading up to the November 14th Welterweight Championship Bout, he did make his opinion public that Pacquiao would be knocked out by Miguel Cotto. According to Paulie who had first hand knowledge in the ring with Cotto, Miguel would simply hit too hard for Manny to be able to withstand such a punishing assault. However, after the Filipino’s 12 round demolition of Paulie’s former conqueror, Malinaggi was quoted as stating to BoxingScene.com “I think there is something up with Manny Pacquiao. I am not going to get into it. I think people will understand what I am saying. Full blown welterweights don’t take those type of punches from Miguel Cotto the way he took them with total disregard for his power nor do they hurt him with every punch they hit him with. These are full blown welterweights I am talking about. This guy is coming up in weight and doing all these things. There is something up with this guy but that’s as far as I am going to go into it.”
    Although there have been speculations among some critics, the fact remains that Nevada is in the higher echelons of substance testing among states due to the amount of Boxing matches that occur within it’s borders. The test will detect over 40 substances and masking agents including painkillers, barbiturates, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, growth enhancers, and steroids to name a few. Pacquiao leading up to his tangle against Cotto spotted a perfect record, both in the state of Nevada and elsewhere.
    The test results have finally arrived and confirm the gut feeling of countless boxing fans, analyst, and journalist that Pacquiao is indeed clean, now sporting a 10-0 record in Nevada drug tests. Although it is well within reason to question such a historic feat, one must place everything into an empirical and historic view to fully understand the results of the test and what it means. Boxers such as Henry Armstrong achieved similar feats before the introduction of performance enhancers to mainstream athletic competitions, but in the post Mosley/Bonds age, we seem to be on a witch hunt to assassinate excellence.
    In order to fully comprehend the accusations that certain drugs will remain undetected in urine tests, allow me to set the record straight on the drugs most assumed to go undetected as it related to Performance Enhancers.
    Deca-Durabolin, an anabolic steroid- Although widely assumed to go undetected, that is in the case of drug tests that are searching specifically for recreational drugs as they are more concerned with specific chemical compounds that point to Cocaine, marijuana, et cetera. In the case of an Athletic Oriented Urine Analysis, this would be found even up to to 18 months after discontinuation.
    Assorted non illegal Anabolic steroids- This is really applicable to the exact answer of Dec-Durobolin. Although some tests not specifically searching for such a substance may not detect certain strains, the test applied by Athletic Commissions would.
    Other drugs that will be detected on such a Urine Analysis-
    – Marijuana
    – Opium
    – Heroin
    – Phencyclidine (PCP)
    – Ecstasy
    – LSD
    – Anabolic steroids
    – Oxycodone (OxyContin)
    – Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
    – Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium)
    – Barbiturates
    – Amphetamine
    – Methamphetamine (aka Meth or Crystal Meth)
    – Morphine, Codeine, and other narcotics/opiates
    In light of the evidence presented, it is appropriate more than ever to drop unfounded accusations as they only hurt excellence and diminish the sport, rather than supporting the rebirth of modern day prize fighting. It is not without reason that one would question such a timeless conquest, such as Pacquiao has achieved, but with the results plainly on display for public viewing, it is time to let go of the idea that Pacquiao is being aided by some mystery drug that has effects never seen before, bares no name, and amazingly shows up on no drug test, as this type of drug exists strictly in the imagination of those unable to except the standard which has been set by the wrongly accused. Floyd Mayweather Senior recently stated that he wouldn’t fight Pacquiao due to his suspicions of drug abuse, now that the results are in, one can only assume that further insistence that Junior should not fight the Filipino Typhoon would only confirm another suspicion of the boxing public.
    If you doubted that history could be made or that a small man could emerge as a giant, then you may be shocked to see that while both claims are positive, the drug tests are irrefutably negative.

    Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/282649#ixzz3qHQYVHfi

  • Now a days, many athletes around the world have been linked to PED use.
    Many of them denied it, even though later they were confirmed users.
    many fight fans don’t realize the seriousness of this matter…
    if in fact Pacquiao is ever found guilty of using PED this would be far Greater
    than other athletes who have used Performance Enhancement Drugs, simply because
    In Boxing you are directly hurting someone while putting their life at risk.
    even if Pacquiao is clean, Boxing needs better Anti-Doping Policies.

  • Shane might have started at lighter weights but has admited to taking steroids. Mayweather I doubt takes any enhacement drugs as he is pushing hard for olypic style testing for his fights. Who knows?? but I also believe Manny has been on and off the juice.

  • Randy Negradas

    While I understand that the author of this article may have conducted a research about things he said in this article, I totally disagree with his statement that Filipinos as an ethnic group has the tendency to refuse admitting fault or of being wrong. Hey Mr. Pedro Fernandez, whoever you are, how many Filipinos you know? You’re generalization is based only on a small number of Filipinos say a hundred out of the 92 million Filipinos. If you have an axe to grind against Pacquiao, just focus your article on him and not generalize about Filipinos because you don’t know who we are in the same way that I won’t comment against you because I don’t know you. I tried to Goggle your name but it seems it doesn’t ring a bell. Are you the Mexican singer?

  • Floyd, Shane and Manny all started boxing at 109 lbs.Floyd and Shane look pretty ripped to me but no one ever mentions that……just saying.

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