Philippine President Manny Pacquiao?

San Francisco, CA– Although there is a plethora of anticipation that iconic Filipino boxer and current Congressman Manny Pacquiao will run for the Presidency of the Philippines in 2016, he has plenty of Filipino American political detractors. Some have even speculated that Pacquiao’s recent metamorphosis from being a pussy bandit with an illegitimate kid and a gambling problem that was said to crossover with his over consumption of alcoholic beverages, to that of a Born Again Christianity is window dressing for a run at an office once held by the late and infamous Ferdinand Marcos. In recent months, when the subject of Manny Pacquiao the boxer comes up with Filipino Americans, I also broach his alleged political aspirations.


My aunt has a Filipino nurse come and see her once a week. Never before have we discussed Manny Pacquiao. That changed Wednesday when she brought up Pacquiao during a conversation. Educated with two college degrees, the woman took a deep breathe as she sat down. “Manny Pacquiao will never be president of the Philippines.” Being the pushy type, I wouldn’t let her end on that note so I prodded some more and asked her why she feels that way? “Pacquiao has no real education, he says stupid things, some of which he wishes he could take back.” She was referring to the comments attributed to Pacquiao that, “All Gay men should be killed.” When the US Media and Gay groups got wind of something that had been in the press for a few days, that and his being banned from a Los Angeles shopping mall, Team Pacquiao went into “Damage Control” and the writer implied that Manny was taken out of context.


Having first met Pacquiao in late 2001 in San Francisco as he completed final workouts for what turned out to be one of his most disappointing ring performances when he all but quit in a fight with the late Agapito Sanchez, then the dirtiest fighter in the game of boxing. Although his English was limited, it was apparent that Pacquiao was not a future Rhode Scholar. Nice, cordial, respectful, this was at a point in Pacquiao’s life where he didn’t have millions of dollars in the bank, luxurious mansions, his own team of bodyguards that mirror the United States Secret Service protection bestowed upon President Barack Obama.


There was one exception to the aforementioned notion that athletes are not smart enough to be a good politician. That was Alexis Arguello, the Mayor of Managua, Nicaragua when he died a few years ago. Although the official ruling was death by suicide, intelligent people believe that conclusion about as much as they do in the self-hanging of Arturo Gatti, whom I feel was murdered by his skank wife. Arguello was educated, well read, and could fit into any conversation regardless of the subject. The same cannot be said of Manny Pacquiao.


President Obama is a graduate of Harvard University who while attending the Cambridge, Massachusetts institute of learning was near the top of his class. Now do you think people would have voted for him in 2008 if his education was limited to “home schooling” and the equivalent of a GED, which can be construed two ways. The official title is “General Education Development,” while comedian Chris Rock calls it, “Good Enough for a Diploma.” At the end of the day, Manny Pacquiao’s chances of being elected president in 2016 are “Slim & None,” and as promoter Don King is famous for saying, “Slim just left town.”

Pedro Fernandez


  • Manny Pacquiao going for presidency in 2016 wow…i never heard just knew after landing here…he must be praised by his people…

  • Educated Filipinos, especially those who use the Internet for social and educational awareness, are perhaps just a tenth (or even less) of the whole voting population in the Philippines. So even if you see people here in your site or another expressing disgust on Pac’s intention to run or higher national office, these are just small voices compared to majority, particularly the masses, whose minds are already made up to vote for the persons who are popular enough to merit their votes.

  • I agree. It certainly doesn’t matter for many stupid voters in the Philippines whether Pacquiao had a Harvard degree or just a 6-month crash course on legislative procedures, so long as he remains popular to masses come election time. Education or moral standing really have no bearing in election; popularity does. But that’s the essence (and flaw) of democracy… when ten stupid votes defeat two wise votes.

    I still believe that Pacquiao has the sincerity (at the moment) to help his people get out of the shitholes, but that alone is not enough to drive the dirty politics away from his surroundings. It’s a jungle out there and he needs a good company of good men, which is not the case, as he is definitely surrounded by dishonest vultures and crooks who are out to milk him of his money and influence, and ride on his popularity. So give him more years, he’ll become one of them.

  • Pedro, while I certainly agree that Manny is no where near being Presidential Timber (Good Enough for a Diploma, gotta love that Chris Rock), you just never know what may transpire with these folks out there in the Phils. I mean, if I were standing next to you back then in 2001 when you first met Manny in San Fran and you would have taken me aside and whispered “you see that guy, he will be a Congressman someday in the Phillipines,” I would have told you ‘Pedro, please lay off the sauce brother.” Now I know Congressman to President is a hell of a big difference and stretch, but all I’m saying is you just don’t know what may happen with Manny between now and the next elections in 2016. Crazier sh**t has happened. Peace.

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