San Francisco, CA– In the history of covering the sport of boxing, there was always one athlete that stood out for one reason or another. The first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson and his having sex with white women, Joe Louis because he was a hero figure vs. the Nazis, Ali for his personality, I can go on and on. But today the spotlight is on Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino fireball who has shredded his opposition for nearly a decade straight.


That being said, I thought the commentary put forth by Adam Corrola, a somewhat famous radio talk show host, was some of the most ***** up bile in the history of the Internet. Said Corrola, “All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people. Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?” Adam go so low that it’s obvious Mr. Corrola has never been to the Philippines.


Hey Adam, I throw rocks at people for a living, and sometimes that includes Manny Pacquiao and his flock. But the manner in which you went after our sport’s MVP was so deplorable that I challenge you to a three round fight. We can do two minute rounds, three minute rounds, oh, and you can weigh whatever you want.


I’m expecting the Pac fans/nuts to insure that my wanting to fight and publicly humiliate Adam Corolla is brought to his attention. Seeing Manny is busy, I’ve got plenty of time and I’m in good enough condition that we can dance whenever the creep wants too!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Manny for Filipino prez makes about as much sense as Pedro’s wacko conspiracy theories.

  • It’s very hard for me to have any sympathy for Pac when it comes to politics after he allowed Arum to use him as a stooge for Top Rank’s partner in corruption, Harry Reid.

  • I’d like to see Tom Hauser on here for accepting “hush money.” Also for allowing some truly horrible writers into the BWAA. He is truly a swine.

  • How about Tommy Hauser for taking hush money from HBO?

  • why isnt bobby gunn in the wall of shame?

  • Pedro, A.C. showed just how Un-Informed he is as Boxing ‘What Ever He Calls Himself’? The Dufus, can’t rea;ize the ‘PAC-MONSTER’ is the Real Pd 4 Pd. Deal in the Game currently. 7 weight Classes, as a World Champion? Fernandez by TKO, over A/C. I’ll bring the ‘Bow Tie.’Car-Roll-A’, needs to be Shown; ‘WHAT TIME IT IS’.
    These people, who have NEVER been CRACKED in the ‘Mush’, set behind a ‘MIC’, and Let their Aligator Mouth, over-load Their Humming-Bird Arse. 1st RD TKO, P/F, WINNER.

  • As much as I’ve complained about PPV over the last oh 17 years, this I’d actually pay to see, quality undercard or not.

  • Easy knockout for Pedro. I hope it goes off.

  • The parts you quoted on this article are slightly out of context. I heard this episode and Carolla wasn’t attacking Manny, he was saying that you shouldn’t look to a boxer to be your leader if your country is already in a crappy state. You need a smart, “politically intelligent” leader. Besides that, he’s just saying his point of view. Not trying to start a political controversy. He can say his opinion, the same as all the “experts” on TV News can say theirs, and the same as you can state yours on your little blog here.

  • Jesustheprofect

    As Floyd would say, ” Pedro can whoop that a$$ for sure”.

  • well, dating a filipina is one of the best things that can happen to a guy, trust me on this one

  • Wow! Pedro. I’ve read almost all of your articles and thought you are a real Pac Hater. Well, not for now. I’ll go with Pedro Fernandez Round 1.

  • I used to think you were funny at one time, but time must have be tough on you lately. This tirade against Manyy/Philippines must be from a rejection by a Filipina beauty who got tired of your humorless humor/insults. GET OVER IT!
    Why don’t you just callout Manny and duke it out for a few rounds. NOW THAT’S FUNNY!

  • I think your an idiot as well Pedro. It’s a free country. Check out our first amendment…Adam is entitled to say whatever the fuck he wants. While I don’t think he is at all funny, he does bring up some valid points regarding Manny’s refusal for blood testing. I think the fact that he has an advisor from Canada, says a whole lot. I think Manny’s PED’s come from Canada. That little shit is juicing big time. Trust me, a lot of boxing insiders have been suspecting this shit for years, but unfortunately have no real proof. I think that Freddie is also in on this. His way of making the record books before parkinson’s ravages his ass!!

  • Cut the BS, Pedro….You’re 100 and he’s the bigger man. He might just beat your ass so you may as well do what you do best. Throw stones from a distance!

  • Adam might be a professional by his own profession but there is always a limitation, Comedian is just a comedian with dignity but in that case he destroy his soul. He might be on drugs at that time because if you are a real person you cannot say that. He said pacman is illiterate but I would say Adam is far worse that idiot or illiterate…what will be the worse thing or words we can use to this guy…it might be literate with no brain…or just he is the lowest kind of animal on this earth ( can I add the whole galaxies perhaps)…

  • adam carolla will kick pedro’s ass. lmao!!!

  • Adam Carolla address:

    Adam Carolla Podcast 10061
    276 Riverside Drive
    Toluca Lake, CA 91602

    Let’s teach this racist moron a lesson. Keep sending him chicken bones in a plastic for several months. Let him keep seeing those chicken bones. He should be worried when goes out, with so many Filipinos working in restaurants, hotels, casinos and airports.

  • im not a pacman fan but this dumbass ignorant is going way too far .. hey my man Pedro i’ll take this weakling Carrola my self!

  • I think Carrola will easily win this fight, because his idiocy is greater than Pedro!!!


  • Don’t mind this guy, he is just saying nothing but for publicity. This guy can’t believed that only a man like Manny Pacquiao,not an American guy will be known in all the world greatest fighter, pound for found king, and for him this is a big insult. He didn’t know that for us he just a garbage that needs to be dumped together with other shits like him

  • corolla or crayola, whatever this guy is just a junk car and old coloring crayons…

  • Let’s get it on!
    Fernandez vs. Carolla.

    I’LL Buy PPV even in Showtime if this fight Happens. OOOOHHH! I hope corolla gets his nose smashed and his teeth be scattered on the floor. LET”S GET it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Carolla, always watch your back from now on.

  • pedro we don’t need others to champion our case or honor. pacman will just ignore rants from idiots. he said we are lucky to be more intelligent, because we can understand them…as much as they CAN NOT understand us. NEVER. so it’s just pointless. go find better things to do…start by being objective in your next articles and interviews.

  • I have been doing that Pedro, been at his website a few times, but I don’t think Carolla really gives a sh*t. What a coward!!! Hahahah

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Attack from angles. I sized him up and feel he is worthy of coming out of retirement for. You guys need to make the match by dogging his website, calling his show, tell him some old guy wants to fight him for the honor of the Philippines. There’s enough of you out there to make it happen!

  • Well said Pedro, but show the professional way that’s the only way to kick his ass! He is the one whose illiterate, unprofessional, unbecoming, know nothing about different culture very insensitive person.
    He should go back to school and study a little bit about personal behaviour, basic pshychology, leadership and effective business writing etc….

  • Ok Pedro, here what you will do… straight double left jab, follow with right hook to the body combination right hook to the head and end it with 45 (left upper cut). Please kill this guy like there is no tomorrow. Thank you.

  • Pedro F and this Carolla issue is just a waste of my time…Duh!

  • This guy is just trying to make himself famous by riding the pacman popularity but his doing it the wrong way. I will not even mention his name for thats what he wants us to do. Now he just made himself the most hated man of the Filipinos as he did not only insult pacman but the whole of Philippines as a nation. I believe the Philippine government should act on this and not let his insulting comment go unpunished. Lawsuit!

  • reading your article, i thought i was in a segment of twilight zone…and i had to read it twice just to be sure. no need to fight adam for 3 rds. perhaps he’s got mouths to feed and has to do what he’s got to do to make a living. maybe, he’s just following your example and have a place in the sun too. just tell him, yes we also have some prostitutes here as there are plenty in the U.S. conveniently called hookers. we are not different from other countries who have women who are trying to survive…also please inform him that most american women are misguided and dispenses sexual favors FREELY, left and right and for fun. and now, back to boxing…

  • what’s wrong with manny going into politics?…we have arnold running our state. couln’t be anyworse than some of the politicians we have running the U.S., look at the state we’re in,we’re in debt to china.

  • This kid adam carolla wants public exposure and he got it but the problem he wont comeout in public to face the challenge..pedro wins! Congratulation !the best article i ever read.

  • Carolla is nothing but derange creation as a predator.

  • thanks for the offer to do the beating on this ignorant bastard Pete but if there’s somebody who needs to teach this low life a lesson it’s got to be me.i’ll send him a video of my working out and we can fight what ever suited him most.we can fight in the back alley,in the ring,with media w/o media,with head gear w/o head gear with weapons w/o weapons which ever way he want’s.i’ll e-mail you if responds.

  • a packing Filipino who wants to meet this packing american jackpwet face to face

    does hosting a guy show that shows how to throw down pitchers of alcohol beverages on your gut on a television with powtas flying up and down a pole makes you intelligent and higher on every aspect of a person living on earth than admiring a fellow countryman who happens to inspire the whole nation? what the pack is wrong with some packing american idiots like this one?

  • pedro, now you’re starting to act like those pactards you despise so much. relax bro, carolla was just stating his opinions and now you want to defend your filipinio brethen with violence! get a grip on yourself and act like a professional!

  • Larry Lachica, Jeddah




  • carolla trying to outdo the Mayweathers bashing Pacquiao and his race. What a loser!

  • let us crucify adam the racist!

  • Maybe this adam corolla (who was a sidekick of jimmy kimmel) on the now defunct “the Man Show” is still bitter that Jimmy is more popular than him now(hell, even pacman the dog is more popular) that instead of going after Jimmy, he decided to hit the host’s favorite boxer. This would be interesting if the fight materializes, a tail chasing, pinoy bashing bigot with a unibrow getting a can of whoop&#% from a punk like you pedro.. (i say this in awe and admiration pedro, mind you)…this would prove to be better than Hopkins-Jonesll by a mile…

  • damn! pedro is so weird!

  • Toyota should recall this carolla model for repairs…

  • I bet for Pedro F. against toyota carolla to win!

  • Carolla or Corolla ..whoever he is ( doesnt really matter ).. is a Fu…kn damn and stupid. He is just riding on a popularity of the Pacman , but in a very wrong wrong way . This guy is a funny guy .. an actor but does not even know how to act . Yes , he live in America …but does this mean he already knows everything . Just look back on his elementary days ..he is just sitting in row 4…,you know what I mean … a fu…kn idiot in a class . He does not even know about Philippines and Asia … coz he also get a grade of 70 ( failure ) in history . Now , what is special on this guy ??? None .. but bein funny , a clown and pure moron. Hey Clown Corolla , if you understand the word “RESPECT” try to clean your backyard first & get back to your school and pass your examination not just copying from other’s paper. You are a disgrace to American people as well as your ancestors and your idiot family.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Try 170 and pretty ripped! 4.2 miles in 32 minutes, I’d send Adam back to Brokeback Mountain with his head in his hands.

  • don’t worry fellow filipino this guy will never grow old, an x mark has been place in his head so stay tuned

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Hey Johnny, Bill O’Neill? The most controversial stop in amateur history? It was such a bad call by referee Ruben Santiago that the USA Boxing folks did not even admonish me for shoving a refereee across the ring as i did that night.

    Besides, nobody EVER beat me up like that stiff James Waire. Or when Candy Joe Gonzalez busted yoy up so bad the referee Rudy Ortega, he stopped the fight and the people rioted! In your last two wins, the guys were 1-2 & 0-7. Johnny,not only did you fight a slew of total bums, you fought 13 lbs. heavier than you should have. Bill Rivette wanted a middleweight, that was his fantasy. The problem is you didn’t have a real teacher.

  • can I get to fight him too? he can choose from stick to swords, I’ll use a pinuti or arnis stick, we will sign a waiver no legal case thereafter….

  • This stupid CAROLLA SO BROKE that he wants a piece of leftovers from manny,between you,manny and the people of the philippines.You are the illiterate,stupid,stupid person who doesn’t even have a clue with the word your saying.You’re so broke that you cant even buy a plane ticket out of U.S.,you dare talk about filipinos you IDIOT!First and formost,you dont know a thing or two about philippines and its people so dont you shot blank moron.Secondly,manny has millions of dollars that he can shove it up your butt and you’re gonna beg for more.This guy and people which you’re calling illiterate runs your country in every way for without this third world people you’re calling you great america would run on nothing!So you shut your mouth and better know your role.If you were in the philippines,you’re probably beaten up.

  • Carolla must pray his ass he and his family don’t get sick. If he goes to a hospital it is likely a Filipino health worker is going to attend to him! God bless his soul!

  • Needs ATTENTION…Lets give this IDIOT and #1 fan of gayweather a 1 ROUND of trouble he wants…GO MR. PF!!!

  • Now all of Pacland loves you Pedro, LOL!!!!!!

  • Darn! Is this the real Pedro Fernandez? Just when I’m really starting to hate you, you came up with a respectable article!

    Oh well Pedro, you’ve just lost your top spot in my all time most hated Pacquiao hater of all time. Worse, you have just become the most respected Pacquiao hater out there by us Pac huggers. :)

  • Pedro Ive seen you fight. I think you will embarass your self as Adam will knock you out Remember Bill Oneil

  • This guy is a mouth full of ignorance! and im sure he digested his brain and the ass ol disposed it like a shit! Oh men my shit is boiling because of this man!!!!

  • i would love to see his guy… 1 round with Manny
    Carrola is Gay

  • If Adam accept the challenge ,make live in kimmel show.

  • Carrola’s never gonna fight nobody. Just look at him. He looks like the nerd who got picked on and beat up from grade school all the way up to high school. This idiot is a coward. Let’s hear him talk back after these flak that he got for those idiotic remarks. I don’t think he has the balls for it.

  • Okay, I get it. I’ll have Teddy Atlas crucified on Adam’s left and Roger on Adam’s right. Of course, also with 29-inc fan knives. Alah eh, mga gago sila!


  • Because it’s easter and since I’m a Batangueno, I’ll crucify Adam Carolla with a 29-inch fan knife through his tongue!

  • Adam Corolla, if I chance you in the streets of New York, we’ll gang you up with my Asian homies.

  • Pedro is Legal alien here in USA, But Adam Corolla is former Illegal Alien here. Adam is Hispanic from Japan,,..Right hehehe…

  • This is a ploy by Pedro to drum up business for his website. Pedro, I’ve met you, and you’re what 5’6″ 140 dripping wet? Carolla will roll you. Carolla is just doing “radio”, and you know what that means: be loved or hated, just not indifferent or ignored. A radio rule.

    The Filipinos are great people, but Adam is right, it is one messed up country. There is a reason that they are basically a 3rd world country. And that’s okay. It’s a land full of crooks and really good citizens.

    Pedro, if you fight Carolla, pull a Sugar Ray Leonard, when he fought Lalonde, show up with a roll of quarters in your pocket so that the match won’t looks lopsided.


  • I am shocked!!! PF is on Manny’s side??? Thanks to that idiot Carolla he made PF bonded with us PacNuts haha. Till when I dont know but in the meantime hats off to PFernandez and go dismantle that brainless moron Carolla….woot woot.

  • Carolla is actually pretty funny. Nobody watched “The Manshow” or “Drawn Together?” But yes, his comments were very insulting and quite upsetting to me. He made very ignorant statements in an attempt at comedy and I hope he realizes his mistake. I don’t think he’s a bigot or a racist…just ignorant and insensitive about a 3rd world country who happens to not be as bountiful and prosperous as the USA. Everybody makes mistakes and I hope he can admit he made a really big one. I don’t know if anyone is familiar much with him, but he used to be a carpenter and can actually box. He made this movie called “The Hammer” which showed a bit of his skills, and I know it’s a movie, but he looked pretty good (I enjoyed the movie as well). A 3 round match would be very interesting, although I’m not familiar how Pedro looks or how well he fights.

  • i think your name is crayola?,bwahhahaha!

  • I’m very sure, Mr. Crayola, you will not see another Christmas……….

  • Mr. Crayola, I’m sure you will not see the end of this controversy. Prepare everything for your last journey, man. See, you in hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve been a fan of you since the first time i have read an article of yours 3-4 years ago,because of your no nonsense approach and felt sincerity and truthfulness.Having those values made you react the way you did to an unfair,malicious and uncalled for characterization of a person and a race.I am a Filipino and I never thought somebody who is not a Filipino will react or commiserate
    with us in such a way.That only proves your a real good guy.We owe you one.We don’t need you to hit Mr. Carolla black and blue inside the ring,just exposing his bad manners is good enough.Thanks and more power to you.

  • Adam Carolla just created 90 million enemies. Filipinos will not take this insult lightly. Adam “Idiot” Carolla better watch his back when he leaves his house. He just declared war on all Filipinos. Does this idiot not know that many Filipinos work in hotels, restaurants, casinos and airports. He would be have problem from hereon. Some hot headed Filipinos might make him a target. What he did was so foolish and idiotic. So stupid!!

  • salamangkero0210

    to which one will i become famous if i cut and eat his ear, adam carolla or floyd mayweather ? …… wrong, i’ll do it to both of them …. with matching San Miguel Beer ! cheers….one medium rare , the other well done….

  • I bet a thou dollar for you Pedro. Just tell us when and where the fight going to take place. I admit i dislike you before but what a twist. Adam would be lucky to stay 2 round with a SPARTAN like you.

  • adam corolla is the newest member of the floydiots fans club. he can’t help himself, after teddy atlas and tim smith made a name for themselves villifying the pacman, followed by frances martel who all took thier cue from the great drug expert, genius floyd sr. and roger. they all feel so smart because they have roger and floyd sr. as thier grand wizard fo the floydiots fans club who happens to be a crackhead. adam will never fight pedro. he is just like his idol, a lot of jaw flappin and little fighting. that is all they do and that is what they are good at, talk is cheap.

  • abel "kulot" labarda


  • this asshole needs some blood transfusion from pacquiao to re invigorate his failing and falling livelihood.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Tell me where to be & when Adam. You might need vocational retraining as I don’t think you are going to be able to speak after I pummel you for my brother & sister Pinoys. You’ve bitten off too much Donny Osmond.

  • Tell Crayola (crayons) we do kidnapping too. And not only sex stores and Pacfans he can find here, we also plenty of Shabu labs here and runs arms anywhere.

  • I accept the challenge and be ready for a good ass kicking pedro.

  • *clap clap! Go Pedro!

  • why dont you juct **** him in the a$$ pedro!!! from that.. we will be your fans forever- PACNUTS MEMBER

  • truly adam is not funny, but totally a joke.
    and adam who?

  • naa pud diay gago sa u.s.?


  • One thing for sure Filipinos will not pass up on this attention seeking imbecile. There will be someone that will ** ******* ******(Deleted)

  • Muck Adam. I’d dump in (deleted) but yoiu know) *** ****!

  • This fight will be more interesting than the B-hop/Jones fight! Hooooray for Pedro!

  • pedro will not have a hard time kicking his Carolla ass cause the fuckers scared. He fucks with the filipinos now he’s going to get what he ask for. Me! I used to fuck his wife even a year after she got married to that fucking bufoon. He couldn’t last half an hour with her. I tore her up and she likes it from me. I got the video to prove it. If carolla doesn’t apologize to The Filipinos then it will come out. See you fucker!

  • who cares about that ugly nerd dirty old man corrolla,obviously he is very ignorant piece of white trash.

  • go go go pedro whoop that bum ass!!

  • A cheap shot by Carolla, but he was pretty funny at times when he did the low-brow
    “Man Show” with Jimmy Kimmel.

  • let’s go pedro kill this idiot carolla…

  • leave that ignorant kid carolla alone.. that is the way his mother raised him.. an American way? anybody? poor kid…

  • i am not a Pac fan or whatsoever.i am just a Filipino who was just mistreated by this focccking Adam Corolla. this foccking attention seeker should not ever ever try to visit the Philippines or any Asian county because his head will be cut off. mark that…!!!

  • leave that i d i o t carolla alone.. that is the way his mother raised him.. an American way? anybody? poor kid…


  • Pedro, I cannot believe that you’re defending Pacquaio, maybe miracles do happen. What have you eaten today? Needless to say, this is the first time I totally support what you’re saying.

  • Pedro, I cannot believe that you’re defending Pacquaio, maybe miracles do happen. What have you eaten today? Needless to say, this is the first time I totally support what you’re saying.

  • Carolla is not going to take the challenge, Carolla is a wannabe fighter.

  • Who are we to judge other people? I even want Manny Pacquiao to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Criticism may not may be agreeable but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things, but in Pacquiao’s case there is truthfulness in his heart, he works hard for the next meal he will eat, he doubles his efforts to achieve something, he is the right person to lead our nation.

  • Adam Carolla is speaking of the whole Pilipino nation, then retaliation can be serve to Adam and his whole family.

  • Well, that is how the man is built. That is how his brain matter thinks. Give him credit for speaking his mind out. It is terrible, but don’t blame carolla since he has a small brain.

  • pedro, let me ask you something? if he is not a comedian what would he be? he may be literate, but is he smart enough? i wonder!

  • A Carolla can’t even dance, how much more fight, he needs to insult pacquiao to earn a living..
    carolla is a low-life that should be ignored

  • Adam Corolla is a racist who’s a nobody

  • Your making a celebrity out of a talent less asshole, who is only employed because he’s white

  • kill this guy!

  • carrola, carolla, or crayola. call it just same gorilla

  • This is a very cool idea. You should broadcast the fight live on the internet. The loser has to write a column in which he agrees with all the winner’s opinions.



  • Pedro Fernandez

    What I do is make people think, laugh, & cry. The Filipino people are a little nutso when it comes to Pac, but Adam went too far! Somebody go to his page and set this fight up.

  • Go Pedro, Whoop Toyota Carolla’s ASS!

  • You would think that after “The Battle of Bataan” the Nation of the Philippines would get more respect than this drivel that Carolla stated.

    Comedians don’t build character, they reveal it.

    He must not have any Filipino friends or any acquaintances of any Filipinos/Fil-Americans…Because if he would’ve, I guarantee that he would never ever of stated what he has just set in stone on his perspective as a whole of the Filipino nation.

    Don’t throw rocks my fellow Filipinos, throw bread back, and pray for this man.

  • go pedro!!! Kick carolla’s butt

  • Pedro, I disagree a lot of times with you but this time I agree with you 100% and that Adam Corrola is nothing but a bigot who shoulhd be chastised for his idiotic comments.

  • I’ll make a 100% bet in favor of Mr. Fernandez, kick his ass!!!

  • Game on, put it on PPV, I may buy it. I go for Pedro. Go go Pedro, we are with you. Knock Adam out cold.

  • Kick this Fu**** dumbass.

  • Hi Pedro. I appreciate your article from above. You just earned my respect to you and I am sure many pinoys appreciate you also. Thanks again.

  • yeah, i would like to see him in the ring with you, his comments shows that he doesnt respect boxers in general, he needs to be schooled my man…. his head is now a target for disrespecting a whole country, who’s the idiot now?

  • His name is Adam CAROLLA (not CORROLA).

  • go pedro kick that fucking arroagants ass verry bad.let him feel what is the real filipino power.kill that motherfucker.

  • Sounds disingenuous coming from you Pedro, as you are a known Pacquiao hater. Are you desperately trying to get hits on your article again? (You and the self-proclaimed fight chick).

  • Let’s get it on!
    Fernandez vs. Carolla.

    PF by unanimous decision!

  • i always thought corolla was an unfunny idiot. this just confirms it.

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