• @ todaline, marquez, cotto? who fought them first?

  • it should read: Pacquiao made it a CONDITION SINE QUA NON.

  • KP, Canelo OFFERED to fight at a lower weight. Pacquiao made it a CONDITION. How funny all this BS. I very often compare Floyd with Apple. Both are perceived to be fragile, any day they’re going to fall, this new or not so new “guy” is going to beat them, they’re afraid and so on, yet they keep winning. In the case of Floyd, every time he wins, the opponent was slow, past his prime, cherry picked, etc. Pac fights the same opponents years later, and suddenly the guy is NO LONGER past his prime, he didn’t cherry pick. The “feet in molasse” Rios, way, way, way slower than Canelo, having been KO’d by a pedestrian Alavarado is suddenly better than a young Canelo, a strong, Technical and fast according to Austin Trout, Mosley and those who fought him. Ditto for Apple, they’re doomed, yet they control between 60 and 90% of profit in the businesses they’re in, which is the only metric we should care about, as with Floyd, the only metric is winning (stop right there and read above: same opponents, earlier victory for Money, struggle by Pac and even KO).

    Floyd accepted, at one point, all conditions by Pac, and had ONE, yet that one condition was called an excuse. Having been insulted, publicly humiliated by Evil Arum, he decides to NOT do business with Arum but offers a fight to Pac, and it is called an excuse. How so? Why can’t you interpret the offer as it was meant to be? Because, as with Apple, the only reaction people can have is VISCERAL one. Does it matter that on guy is winning, easily at that (which is called cherry picking by most) even though before the fight he was predicted to lose, or even get knocked out? Not a bit, what matters is the visceral, irrational reaction we can have, like with Apple, does it matter that the only Android maker with a profit is the one that adopted the exact model, feeling and look of Apple? Not a bit, as all we care about is how many handsets have been sold, even if losing money, how much “free” stuff we’re getting, not understanding that it is NOT free. We become the product, and that’s also boxing’s business model nowadays: $75 a pop (both sides do it but we can argue that Arum puts out the shittiest undercards. For the record, the only fights I ever bought were 2 Roy Jones’ and 1 Tyson’s) for sparring sessions.

    Gents, UNCANNY is today’s words. I’ll explain later.

  • rene villamor, Bob Arum is a good businessman. He knows not to make that kind of mistake.

  • Floydcott all his fights.

  • If i’m bob arum,whenever mayweather fight,i will put also pacquiao fight in other place,same day and time with mayweather fight so that the fans will decide which fight they will decide to watch,the result of ppv will be for fans also to decide.

  • Floyd has never wanted to fight PAC……for whatever reason he made negotiations next to impossible to make this fight. I give Floyd the edge in beating Manny however I don’t think Floyd is so sure…..or he feels the risk doesn’t outweigh the rewards, which I can’t wrap my head around becuase it would be the richest fight in boxing history. I’m interested in seeing how Floyd responds to Manny’s challenge in donating all their earnings to charity? That eliminates all the obstacles that Floyd has placed in the way of making this fight….blood testing, cut off, the purse split…..Manny is proving he wants to fight Floyd for more than money….it’s about legacy and for doing his part to give boxing this historic fight. Floyd however is still creating reasons not to step up.

  • Thanks, Pedro, for your timely article. it is time for fighting not talking. I hope
    Floyd would start manning up for the one fight the whole world is waiting for.

  • Skip Bayless – “Did Floyd DUCK Manny Pacquiao?”
    50 CENT – “Yes. That’s a 100 million dollars, and he just left it. At this point, it’s more him sorting out who’s the perfect opponent than him fighting the toughest fighter to fight.”

    STEPHEN A SMITH (longtime die-hard Floyd-supporter), ESPN. – “I’m saying because of the Manny Pacquiao I saw yesterday, I have to believe that Floyd is DUCKING.”

    FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR. – “My son fighting that little man, I’m concerned about my son’s life.”

    TIM BRADLEY – “Floyd doubts himself. Why won’t he fight Manny? Scared, man. He don’t wanna fight that. Floyd don’t wanna fight that. He don’t wanna see Manny in the ring.”

    MIKE TYSON – “Hey listen, he doesn’t want to fight the guy, it’s obvious. I don’t know if he’s scared of him or not, but he just obviously doesn’t want to fight the guy.”

    LARRY HOLMES – “Pacquiao did all he can. He did all I would have done. I think Mayweather just got a little too scared if you ask me. If he thinks Pacquiao is taking drugs so what, he should just say: ‘You take it, you kill yourself that isn’t going to help you, because with my talent and ability I believe I can still beat you.’ But he was scared to take that challenge. If they never fight it won’t be Pacquiao’s fault. Every time they came round to fighting, Mayweather put his excuses in.”

    JAMES TONEY – “It shows you right there that Mayweather’s not a man. If you be the best fighter in the world, you fight the guys, know what I’m sayin’? No matter, don’t put down no stupid @$$ stipulations, right. Hey, he should be a little scared. And Pacquiao is proving he’s one of the best fighters in his era, in this decade.”

    MICHAEL IRVIN – “I want Mayweather to stop messing around and making us brothers look bad by running. Okay, listen. Stop running, man. You’re making the brothers look bad. Get in the ring, even if you lose, it’s an honorable loss.”

    ATG radio – “Do you really think that we’ll ever see Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight?”
    GEORGE FOREMAN – “No. Not at all. No, it’s not gonna happen. Mayweather had a chance to do that fight years ago, and maybe for good reasons, he didn’t want it because there was a chance that , in early when he made up his mind to come back in boxing, Pacquiao would’ve run over him! Then they got a little even in time, and then Mayweather got pretty smart and understood, hey, why? I’m making all this money without fighting him, why fight him? So now there is definitely no reason to do it.”

    FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR – “My health is more important than money. They can take all the money, my health is more important.”

  • New name…remember Reluctant Roy? Fraudulent Floyd!

  • Anytime there was a serious threat to Floyd he’s ducked them every time. Williams, Margarito(retired). Now he won’t fight Pacman. He did fight Alvarez, but Alvarez is slow, and people fail to forget that Floyd is a hypocrite. He talked so muhc smack about Manny for fighting catch weights, yet in two of his biggest fights, did the same thing. In the fight with Marquez he didn’t even honor the contract and paid him off because he couldn’t make 146. I pound under the limit. Floyd made Alvarez come down to 152, when in reality he was already having trouble at 154 and yet no one seems to remind people and call him out on it. He’s a cherry picker and manipulator, who on;y fights fighters who are either past their prime or have no shot at winning. To make it worse is that faced with inferior fighters he takes no chances at all. I haven’t paid for one of his bouts in a long time because he only fights guys he is guaranteed tp beat. There is no drama. I think he beats Pacman so I am not sure why the hell he is so reluctant when you consider that he calls himself “Money”.

  • this fight needs to happen soon. we already got couple of important people in boxing that have passed on without getting to see this fight.

  • now we can monitor how many fans are clamoring for this fight.

  • You got to give the Filipino fans props for their passion about their idol. Let’s not forget, props to the Floyd fans for sitting through some of the most boring and cherry picked fights of all time and getting scammed to paying for Ortiz & Guererro. I liked the Canelo matchup, but we all knew he was too slow and wasn’t ready. Cotto was a good matchup, 5 years ago. He managed to duck him until he was past his prime like Mosley and Dela Hoya. A Khan match up will spell the end for Mayweathers credibility. Even Bradley deserves a shot, but not before Manny.

  • nice to hear from you,Mr.writer

  • That’s what you get for supporting a ducker and rationalizing his ducks. You’ve been blinded all these years. That coward robbed you of a great number of fights like Tszyu, Margarito, Cotto (prime), Mosley (prime), Williams, Martinez, Golovkin, Lara, and especially, Pacquiao! Floyd dazzled you with his mouth, his antics, and his skills to evade-potshot-cruise to a win. He can never be in any ATG talk. He was skilled, great but never ATG. 20 years from now he will be a broke sorry ass.

  • FOK Kenducky Flyd Chicken

  • Amen and thank you for the article. The world hopes that the rest of the media will soon follow and join the fans worldwide to compel Floyd in making the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight transpire.

  • Mr. Fernandez, I, like millions of boxing fans is one with you and Scoop Malinowski on this FLOYDCOTT. In fact we have made a FACEBOOk account already of this. It’s named BYCTT MYWTHR. Also, i would like to correct you. The Greatest Ducker/Coward of All Time Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not have 101 excuses but rather 1 million and 1 excuses prepared for ducking Pacman. He will continue to concoct lies and excuses to duck the fight that people want to see unless all the boxing fans do something. If all boxing fans will BOYCOTT all of the Duck’s fights then Showtime will be forced to put him against Pacquiao because that is the fight that people want to see. Keep up the pressure Mr. Fernandez.

  • Chicken Floydie doesn’t have the answer yet to pacquiao’s challenge to fight him for charity..!!!! it seem’s chicken floydie is been cornered and enough alibis is enough for the best ducker of all time…come on chicken let see what you got!!!man enough to face your fear..!!!!your talking too much…a coward will always be a coward…money will be lost but legacy will remain forever!!!and legacy will always remain to pacquiao coz he fights with heart for the fans….

  • nice one….but people who are not really into boxing are the one who will watch mayweathers fight because of his popularity….

  • Don’t patronize all Mayweather fights if not Manny Pacquiao, his true dancing partner in da ring..

  • Floyd is supposed to have a pair of black balls between his legs..but the way I see it floyd’s ball are white meaning “COWARD”. In visayan language “ANG TAWONG PUTI UG ITLOG TALAWAN”..SI FLOYD RA ANG NEGRO NGA PUTIG ITLOG HEHEHE.

  • Alright!!!! About time an article that is worth reading, believing and giving support too. Floydcott!!!

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