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San Francisco, CA– If you are a Manny Pacquiao fan, then you see Tim Bradley as nothing more than a “pugilistic” pushover for the mighty Pacman. After all, Bradley was chosen by Pacquiao’s promoter Top Rank. If you’re a Pacman maniac, then there’s no way he can lose this Saturday. But if you’re a realist, you should be able to realize that the Pacman train has reached a near conclusion. Push the Pacman as hard as you want, but the fact is that Pacquiao has looked beatable in his last three outings. I’m not going to waste a lot of space on the Pacquiao’s three most recent efforts, but in each fight he has not looked invincible.


Unlike Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley and Antonio Margarito, who in my mind came to collect and not win, Tim Bradley is the exact opposite of the aforementioned trio. The man nicknamed “Desert Storm” has never been in a fight in which he was exposed as an “opponent” and I don’t believe Saturday will be a precedent setting scenario. Unlike a lot of Pacquiao’s opponents, don’t expect Bradley to be satisfied with just getting paid. Unlike the aforementioned, Tim Bradley is coming to kick the naturally smaller Manny Pacquiao’s ass! Nothing outside of victory is in the mind of Bradley, 28-0, 12 KOs.


If Bradley comes with the “will to win” mentality, and not just to get paid and go along with the program to win, he will force Manny Pacquiao to out box him in the center of the ring and against the ropes as well. If Bradley can control the mid-ring action and push Pacquiao’s back to the ropes, Bradley will deflate the Pacquiao balloon and cause the country of the Philippines to sink into depression. Because if Bradley can control the fight and Pacquiao against the ropes, with Pacquiao catching instead of throwing, he will pull off the upset.


Should Tim Bradley be able to invoke his will here, the Pacquiao fans will be silenced like a deaf mute. They will have nothing to say, nor will they admit that a proposed fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather is the mismatch I have predicted for months. If you look at Pacquiao objectively, than you’ll realize that he’s lost a step and Mayweather would’ve beaten on him like a conga drum.


The man who forces the other to fight off the ropes will in all likelihood win. If Pacquiao can back Bradley to the ropes, he wins, On the flipside, if Bradley makes Pacquiao fight on the defensive, the aura of Manny Pacquiao is history and the multi-million dollar super fight with Floyd Mayweather is like much like deceased fish floating on top of the water. But more than likely, Pac will smoke the game Bradley.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Margcheato ended his own career by cheating. Arum just threw him in with two of his fighters to finish the job.

  • I am kind of nervous for my grandson manny but come on people why cant we have pacman-mayweather before all physical chances run out?

  • if margarito only came to collect he wouldnt have gone the 12 rounds believe me, pacquiao ended his career.

  • This fight reminds me of Matthew Saad Muhammed against Dwight Quawi,in which the Camden Buzzsaw came at Saad Muhammed relentlessly. I expect Tim to fight a similar way against Pacman. I feel Bradley will just outwork him and Pac will quit in corner after eight rounds of brutal punishment

  • Pac is on the decline and he should hes had about 60 pro fights with a balls to the wall high energy style, still he might still have too much for bradley who squares up at times, and isn’t as fast or as hard hitting as pacquiao, then again the late Agapito Sanchez, with his rough tacticst roughed manny up a bit, bradley is capable of doing the same but with greater skill and sizs.

  • @ Benny it seemed like he did already with the last sentence…lol….Pedro luvs Manny LMAO

  • Pete the Sneak

    LOL…You’re a trip Pedro. Your Headline screams how Manny will Smoke Bradley, however the gist of the article talks about how Bradley can win.and how Manny has regressed. So we go from Bradley being ‘SMOKED LIKE A NYC BLUNT’ to Pac, ‘more than likely’ smoking the game Bradley. Love those eye catching headlines dude. Peace.

  • "Dick"The Mick"

    When this fight was announced I thought that Bradley had a real chance. I still think so even more than I did then. Bradley is going to make Pac fight and fight hard. There will be no rest periods. If he he doesn’t go all out he will have to face his old man which is a daunting prospect in itself. Pac had trouble with Marquez who is a pure counter puncher and Mosley did not try to win and it was a sparring session. This fight is different because Bradley is really going to try to win. He is the most “live dog” in a very long time. The long odds are looking better and better. I also think that Pac has a lot on his mind beyond the fight itself.

  • I predict a Bradley headbutt BEFORE the end of the 4th round….though I suspect Pedro is very much on the money here. Truthfully, I have nothing against Manny Pacquiao, it’s his fans and the garbage and attitude that they permeate that makes me watch for his downfall.

  • Not sure if it’s the 24 episodes but I’m liking Bradleys chances more and more. Anxious to see what happens.

  • Nice analysis Pedro as always and I agree 100%, but do you think Bradley’s massive dome will come in to play? Also, I still stick by my previous post on here, if Top Rank is going to “cash out” on Pacquiao now is the time. The only other Top Rank opponent in a similar class to Pacquiao I can think of is Mike Jones and it would probably take a few months of 24/7 episodes and an $80 rebate from Tecate for me to even consider buying that fight. Tim is going to have to learn to sit down on his punches a bit to have a chance and force his will like you said, but hey if Malignaggi can step in to enemy territory at 147 and score a KO for a title anything can happen.

  • And if you are proven wrong again Pedro, as always when it comes to Manny, what will you do? Commit HARAKIRI?

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