• Not a perfect solution but it is better. I had to write a paper some years back and there are afew good studies out there that take all sides into cosideration. I beleave the 2 studies where from 2 colleges in England and Germany, cant remember what universities. Getting knocked out isn`t good for your health but taking a prolonged beating is a hell of alot worst.

  • I don’t know if smaller gloves are the solution KP. How would they apply it? Does everybody wear the same sized gloves, meaning 108 lb. fighters and 240 lb. fighters wear the same gloves? That sounds wrong too. Would the gloves be 4 ounces? Would it be a universal glove? Reyes gloves uses different filling than say Winning gloves, so would the glove filling be univeral? There are so many different related issues when you start changing up the glove sizes for safety reasons. These ring tragedies have unfortunately been happening since boxing has been around, but with more easy access to social media they are being reported more often than ever. I don’t know if the rate has gone up since say, the 1980s.

  • Great article KP

  • good column Kevin. The big fat gloves are a good idea that had unintended consequences. It’s time to take a hard look at glove size.

  • You guys don’t get it. Boxing cannot be reformed. Everything has been attempted in the past, but money supercedes health and safety. The countries that have abolished the sport are the most humanistic ones.This sport should not continue in a civilized world

  • I understand. But what I am saying is what about those fighters that can withstand the punishment? Then the same issue will be a problem. The heavyweight guy the just got hurt was never really hurt during the fight. So are you saying smaller gloves would of helped in this fight? I’m not so sure. What about a fighter like Ray Mercer who has granite in his chin or a Vitali Klitchko? They can keep taking the punishment. With smaller gloves it would be like them getting hit with a bat over and over again instead of a stick. Boxing is a dangerous sport, we all know you don’t play boxing. And I hate saying this but every person that fights knows the dangers of this brutal sport. I hate seeing guys injured and I don’t wish that apom nobody but smaller gloves is not the answer. There really isn’t an answer in this situation. Other than the corner needs to recognize some things. Not saying all fights there is a clear cut sign but in this last fight there was

  • PJ, I don’t think you realize the impact of the large glove sizes. Think of getting hit by a bat, and getting put away immediately, or getting hit by a stick, over and over and over and over. Yeah the stick might not hurt as much initially, but the fact that the larger gloves add to someone being able to sustain blows over a longer period is the problem. Also in the gym, fighters wear much larger gloves, 16oz I believe and this punishment they endure as well. Also the headgear that is used the gym. Many people think that the headgear is mainly to help absorb blows, but often they are there to stop fighters from getting cut in training. The extra weight of gloves plus headgear many times is a detriment. Smaller gloves is a step in right direction and the evidence supports that.

  • Smaller gloves will help in some instances. What happens when you have a fighter that can take the punishment from smaller gloves? Also in MMA if a fighter gets hurt and falls to the ground the other fighter will jump on quickly and the ref stops the fight. In boxing you can get knocked down and get a count, get back up and fight again. I don’t think changing the glove size is gonna help too much. What needs to be done is the corner needs to realize when to stop the fight. That guy was saying things to his corner that should of triggered something. His face was a little swollen but the way he made it sound was like it looked like a balloon. His corner should of stopped it right after he started saying that. When he went back to the corner and stood there looking at the crowd instead of sitting, that would of been it.

  • Just thought about this the other day in the wake of what happened to Mago. Smaller gloves are absolutely essential in boxing. More precautions need to be taken to protect these guys.

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