• @TODA,

    According to Clint, we all have one opinion. There is a mistake here,
    cause you got lots of it.

  • @TODA

    But you didnt answer 1200 tech’s last two “salvo” against you, thats why i said “you quit on your stool”. It was a good “fight” though, you deserve a “rematch”

    Peace man, i know that you’re having a hard time dealing with the snow? in your place

  • dondon, as the great Clint Eastwood said so artfully, opinions are like anuses, we all have one. And I respect that.

  • @dondon: Todaline has been in some battles here..He’ll make you “Toe the Line”…

  • @1200 tech
    i have been “watching” some of todaline’s “fight”, he was k’od by the great Skerge, won an action pack close decision against richard (with the help of meth), and now, seems he quit on his stool against you.

  • Dondon: I agree…I thought first time around that bradley had a good chance against PAC. I also felt PAC might have had a hard time getting up for the fight. If they end up fighting and PAC doesn’t take him seriously, I think Timmy derails the whole pac train…

    The ultimate card would be May vs PAC with Bradley taking on Khan on the undercard, WINNERS COLIDE!…were talking smashing all records IMHO. But boxing is f^@end it could NEVER get that good because the guys on top refuse to deal with one another

  • @1200

    i think pac vs bradley is a risky fight for pac, bradley is capable of beating pac. this fight is better than pbf vs khan

  • Diego Corrales was FMJ’s signature fight (going in), all others FMJ was the favorite (or should have been) – I say Floydcott!

  • @dondon: actually, Ledwaba was whom I was refering to. It was in counter to what Todaline said :

    “1200, the underdog/opponent/stepping stone status being attributed to Pac shows you how little most boxing scribes know about boxing.”

    I brought up Sasakul as a response to ANOTHER time Pac was an UNDERDOG fighting for a title when Todaline conveniently left his name out when he had to DIG up
    all the names and Todaline said:
    “Go look at drinking the pac Lehlo’s fights, he was always almost falling all by himself. So Pac was great by beating Mendones, or is it by beating Batiller, unless it was Chokchai, or Senrima no wait he became great fighting Singsurat, Torrecampo, Marquez, and of course what made him the greatest of all time was the the quitting job he tried to do with Agapito Sanchez. Great.”

    and finally @dondon, you see, Todaline FAILS time and time again, and once again, out of his mouth:
    ” Not disputing this, but I fail to see how it is related to the topic at hand. Floyd was an underdog with few fights when he completely dismantled Gennaro Hernandez, RIP, universally recognized as one of the bests. ”

    It funny how Todaline FAILS to see the subject at hand which goes back to when he opened his mouth when I was about to put it on the poster joem, who conveniently tucked tail, and ran. Scroll up and see what the SUBJECT at that time was and it’s easy to see how the dialogue progressed into a BURIAL.

  • dondon, yes he was. Not disputing this, but I fail to see how it is related to the topic at hand. Floyd was an underdog with few fights when he completely dismantled Gennaro Hernandez, RIP, universally recognized as one of the bests.

    1200, I swear I acted alone, just as I know you voted only once for Pac. Just as I know you DID a direct comparison between all the BS excuses given by both sides and will not talk about it because you the scale tilts very heavily to Pac’s side, so you’d rather talk about something else, which makes the word of the day, DUCKER.

    BTW, I believe joem was trolling.

  • @todaline

    I think 1200 is right, PAC was an unknown underdog against sasakul that time! two weeks notice fighting on your opponent’s territory where he was treated as a national hero back then.

  • Just for the record, I think it was unfair I called out todaline under the FLOYDCOTT thread by stating: “If one hundred votes were counted at that time… You might want to check Todaline to see if he voted TWICE!”

    I want to change that…..


    Let the record show that I would like to add joem, someone found on this thread. joem said above:

    “south africa just love floyd when he was there last week, just like mandela, dont that just make yall mad as hell, lmao, floyd is worldwide,”

    I’d like to add to the record that no need to check Todaline twice because it is CLEAR that it would be joem AND todaline that voted to NOT Floydcott in a poll of 100 people!

    *disclaimer: this is ALL JEST. 1200 Techs does not know whether or not Todaline took a part of this poll. Please DO NOT INFORM the FBI!

  • Todaline: In another thread you said “KP, you need to put your prejudices aside and recognize that the man, known as Money is an all time great (just as Pac).”

    Here on this thread, it is OBVIOUS you want to put down pac when you said:

    ” ‘drinking the pac haterade brada’? Go look at drinking the pac Lehlo’s fights, he was always almost falling all by himself. So Pac was great by beating Mendones, or is it by beating Batiller, unless it was Chokchai, or Senrima no wait he became great fighting Singsurat, Torrecampo, Marquez, and of course what made him the greatest of all time was the the quitting job he tried to do with Agapito Sanchez. Great.”

    Give some credit where its DUE!

    Word of the day: BUSTED

  • 1200, in another thread I said the word of the day was uncanny, I’m changing it to BLUSTER.

  • 1200, if Money has been avoiding Pac, what would you call the myriad “reasons” Pac and his team gave for not fighting Money? As you know they gave so many “reasons” that we lost count. But maybe the stadium will soon be finished, now that he no longer fears the needles, now that he became one of God’s creatures, superstition is no longer a reason, and he no longer gets scratches that need 6 months to “heal”. He now accepts all tests up to the day of the fight, unless he doesn’t as he did in the past. And on and on we go. So what are we going to call those “reasons”? Certainly not ducking as you seem impervious to that possibility.

    Pac needs a new name, and we shall call him TEFLON. Everything seems to slide (minus Marquez punches) on him and no one seems to remember that had he just stopped all the BS we’d not be talking about it today. What you don’t want to understand is that yesterday is justifying today. In the meantime we can all write about who’s ducking whom, but Pac’s the one being raped by Arum and therefore missing out on the 50+ millions this fight could generate. Money Man is making that Pac or not. Where’s Pac gonna get enough money to pay the taxes guys in both countries? Fighting Bradley and Rios? Or another Arum fighter? Yeah, he’ll get some, but that’ll represent a fraction of what he owes, and we don’t know how much he owes uncle Bob.

    1200, let’s dwell on facts, not irrationality. Draw 2 columns, one for Pac, one for Floyd, then write FACTUAL excuses, not OPINIONS from people like Skip Bayless or the likes. Factual things said by the two men and their respective teams, forget what an disgruntled (¢50) ex would be partner said, just what came the horse’s mouth, and then tell me who had more excuses.

  • Todaline: so you have time for more?? I’ll bury you worst than that snow if u want it! : P

    No digging necessary…If you’d follow PAC long enough, you know that was his first major upset…funny how YOU avoided that like may weather is avoiding PAC !

  • @1200: “funny how you can dig up the old names”.


    Talk about digging…

  • no kidding with the snow, no precip for 22 days in NM, bu t i hope they make the figth and make it fair for everyone but i doubt it

  • Todaline: that’s ONE fight he was an underdog. funny how you can dig up the old names but FAIL to mention (or is it avoided) sasakul, you know, the ex flyweight lineal champion pacquiao dethroned as an underdog. fastforward to the battering of hatton, de la hoya, cotto, and others and THIS is after he tangoed with barerra, marquez, and morales. an ex FLYWEIGHT. now thats huge.

    maybe you didn’t catch it, but even the late great emanuel steward said manny was a GREAT fighter, for his work as a featherweight and below….

    anyways, i’ll agree to disagree with you. i’ll gladly take some of that snow here on the west coast because we’ve had a terrible season so far for us snowboard junkies!

  • Gents, let’s agree to disagree. I’m on the East Coast, under 18 inches of snow, got to go finish my cleaning. But I appreciate this nice debate.

  • 1200, are you talking about the Ledwaba fight? Man, get out of here!!! The man was a so so fighter with no balance, prone to getting hurt whenever a phantom punch grazed him. The people on TV, the writers spend their time hyping a guy in order to sell tickets/story and you say I’m the one ” drinking the pac haterade brada”? Go look at drinking the pac Lehlo’s fights, he was always almost falling all by himself. So Pac was great by beating Mendones, or is it by beating Batiller, unless it was Chokchai, or Senrima no wait he became great fighting Singsurat, Torrecampo, Marquez, and of course what made him the greatest of all time was the the quitting job he tried to do with Agapito Sanchez. Great.

  • Todaline: Stop drinking the pac haterade brada. It’s made you completely illogical. Try two weeks notice. Upset special served by the pacman in 2001 for a world title where he was an UNDERDOG. If you think pac became great after he beat de la hoya, i’m afraid you have a lot of catching up to do my friend.

  • 1200, the underdog/opponent/stepping stone status being attributed to Pac shows you how little most boxing scribes know about boxing. If you take the conditions in which those fights happened, if you examined the “favored fighters” before forming an opinion, then you’d see that with Oscar for example being completely dehydrated at a weight he hadn’t made in years, there’d be a problem. Notice how crafty team Pac was when posing conditions for the fights?

  • joem, don’t put Mandella and Floyd in the same sentence. Worldwide? So is Pac (even more so than Floyd).
    Manuel Largo (but Narrow), virtually all great fighters were KO’d. So?

  • joem: your a fool..pac was an UNDERDOG 3 times in title fights and that doesn’t include when he slapped around de la hoya…he was the OPPONANT and supposed to be a stepping stone…the rest is history…

  • Jay M., what happened to Ali? Are you mocking his Parkinson’s? Or is it the fact that he lost badly when he was way over the hill? You guys, as “true” historians that you are, judge a fighter’s entire career by his last fight. As for Floyd ducking, are you talking about him fighting the same fighters before Pac fought them, at their natural weight? Are you talking about Margo, a Arum fighter? Disqualified. P Will? I’ll give you that one. The “day of reckoning” you’ve been waiting for is what keeps you guys buying his fights, making him richer.

  • Mayweather doesn’t care about boxing fans that the utter disrespect he hurls unto them are smacked into their faces for maximum effect and he has done so long enough. I believe that “a tooth for a tooth” treatment will wake him up. This arrogance being exhibited by Mayweather is so appalling that a desperate measure must be resorted to. I love boxing so much that I would never advocate boycott of boxing except as a last resort and only in the most extreme of cases. With the recent pronouncements from the Mayweather camp, I think they are going to avoid a Pacquiao fight again. The feeling of frustration and despondency is setting in on me that the exercise of the last resort is becoming inevitable. So, with heavy heart, I beseech the boxing world not to watch any boxing fight until the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight comes to fruition. I know that this is one notch further than what this article is asking for but I believe furthermore that their promoters don’t have clean hands as well and a message to them should be sent in an unequivocal manner. This is what it takes to be treated seriously. The media has to do its part to reflect the sentiments of the boxing fans. Giving any kind of credence to a Mayweather excuse to be politically correct merely adds to his ammunition to continuously duck Pacquiao. BOYCOTT!!!

  • Lennox luis and Roy jones are boxing great that were KO’d

  • my boycott started I haven’t paid for a ducky fight for some time now but paid for all of Manny’s fights

  • south africa just love floyd when he was there last week, just like mandela, dont that just make yall mad as hell, lmao, floyd is worldwide,

  • yall still talking about the great Floyd Mayweather, you can say what you want, but you will pay to see him fight everytime, cause he is the best ever, that why ya’ll make him richer then any fighter in boxing history, he gave miss pacman a chance an she turn down 50 million, cause she was scare to fight floyd without steroids, when was the last time pac beat a fighter with no loses??, she is a catchweight champion, she never beat anybody at there natural weight for the belt like floyd do, it dont matter yall gonna still hate floyd anyway even if he beat supperman, miss pacman was ktfo like a bicth, by a dude floyd with, pac fights are set ups by his slave master billy bob, we no why you people try to diss floyd, an it aint got nothing to do with boxing, we hope floyd never let him make all that money after gettn ktfo, AN GREAT FIGHTERS NEVER BEEN NTFO BEFORE, NAME ONE, ?

  • Floyd is shameless to call himself the best when he ducked many other champions in the past. How can he say he is the best when he has not proven himself yet. Fight the best first then if you win that’s the time you exalt yourself. Floyd you are all talk but needs to grow some manly balls. Boycott his future fights to stop his mockery of the sport. You can only knockout a defenseless Ortiz. There will be a day of reckoning when your big mouth will be humbled. Those who exalt himself will be humbled. Muhammad Ali bragged he’s the greatest and see what happened to him. Floyd you call yoursellf the all time best, I wonder what is in store for you.

  • good read and on point….don’t forget carlos Takam who fought to a draw against mike perez…like max kellerman said, it really was a tale of two fights, with the second half having some exciting action….nice game plan by takam who elected to box against the more experienced boxer, and later turned up the heat….

    bute almost pulled off the upset after losing almost every round…Canada turns up for fights! not sure if pascal has what it takes to take on stevenson or kovalev though…

  • floydcott.. floyd fluid is only mouth watering and money bussiness.. its true he is coward and envy of what pacman achieved…

  • But it is risky. A loss and the Floyd fight is done!

  • boycott is the best thing to do for all the boxing fans. Floyd should fight Manny. No more excuses

  • 4 months is a long time for this bout. It is already promoted. No need for promotional tour whateever, because this fight is the fight every boxing fans is waiting for.

  • It looks like Pacquiao will be fighting Bradley on April 12th. That is much more interesting than Mayweather Vs. Kahn.

  • Well if you remember, Pretty Boy Floyd was a knockout puncher. The problem is he started to injure his knuckles and he now has 10 fingers but only like 7 or 8 knuckles. So his hand problems made him stop trying for the KOs. I think he’s better than Leonard myself.

  • Good idea Pedro!…It’s about time for the the real boxing fans to stand up and be counted…We are all tired of WWE-like fights of Floyd Mayweather!…What do you expect from Mayweather-Khan fight?..Same schitts like Guerrero, Canelo, Mosley, Ortiz..

  • boycott…..floyd should fight manny not a lower class boxers…

  • Surely tired of Mayweather ducking Paquiao. I will boycott his fights unless, he faces solid competition out there like GGG or Pac.

  • I am not interested in seen Khan vs Mayweather. Khan is NOT deserving of this fight. And Floyd should not fight him.

  • that way we are able to monitor how many so far are boycotting

  • we sould have a voting tab or button for the boycott thing

  • rozano, that xylocaine fetish used by Pinoys is ooooooooooold man. That excuse is called FALSE EQUIVALENCE. Find something else. Usada does NOT ban it, and it’s a PAIN KILLER. Why’s it that Pac fans can only post emotional comments, name calling, et al?

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    I agree that it may be time for Mr. Bute to consider closing out his excellent career. A couple of years ago, he looked fabulous. He is still quite good, but it’s becoming a lot riskier for him.

    Regarding Pac and Mayweather, there have been so many conditions/roadblocks to this great superfight. I wasn’t a big SRL fan. He was undoubtedly great, but I always supported the underdogs (Randy Shields, Larry Bonds, etc.). However, he and Hearns didn’t hesitate to “get it on.” The same can be said for his fights with Benitez, Duran and Kalule. Hearns would’ve fought anyone, at any time. Yes, he is dealing with the repurcussions of that, but it sure made for some thrilling wars.

    Amar Khan has Virgil Hunter in his corner, and who knows? Maybe, they can come up with a fight plan that can fluster Mayweather somewhat. But, as you know, Khan has several vulnerabilities including his chin and his tendency to slug it out when boxing smartly might suffice. It seems to me that Khan peaked back in 2010-11. No disrespect to him at all. He has done well. I’ve never met Virgil Hunter, but I get the impression that he is a real student of the game. How many Bay Area guys actually remember old Tiger Floyd? (club fighter during the 1930’s and trainer until the late 1980’s). Hunter actually remembers Floyd’s emphasis on infighting. You have to be some kind of boxing fanatic for that!

  • I will watch floyd next fight. On free replay or on whatever free source. I have never paid for Floyd’s fights. Ever.

  • Boycott for sure. Way to spread the word Pedro!

  • Boycott Pussy Boy Floyd until he faces either Pac or GGG!!

  • Who cares what excuse both sides almost 4 years ago. The point is there is NO EXCUSE why this fight should not happen. To say, Floyd would win anyways is BS, and that you would rather watch him fight Khan is a slap in the face to the boxing public. Him fighting Khan is like fighting Guerrero, a waste of time. Now Floyd is saying he won’t fight because Poochio is with Top Rank?!?! If it sounds like BS, smells like BS, Floyd is full of BS!!

  • I dont spend a single cent in any of floyd’s fight in the past and will continue to do so. So on the Floydcott suggestion, My man… I’m with you even before you even posted this article… LOL. From a general fan’s perspective though, I think this Floydcott will definitely be good for boxing or more specifically the boxing Fans because it will prove that FANS will not forever be fooled by con artist with the same modus over and over. I think the Floydcott is still more of a wishful thinking at this point (like any kind of boycott) but I’m one of the many boxing fans around the globe that are hoping that this thing can be achieved so Floyd will be forced to fight fighters the fans really want him to fight (Sergio, GGG, Manny or even Lara).

  • i’m asking the nevada gaming commission to include xylocaine in it’s lists of banned substance. may weather is the only one benefiting from this exception. it’s the only state that allow that does not banned this drug. something is wrong about this. try to think of this boxing fans.

  • Floyd has had 3 excuses. Pac has had at least 10 excuses. And now all of a sudden Roach is coming out saying he is for the mandatory random testing. How things change after a loss. No Floyd is not gonna negotiate with Arum. Arum has to many excuses and it is a waste of Floyds time. Roach said he doesn’t think Arum would have any issues with Pac negotiating 1 fight with out Arum. Lets see if thats true. We already know the fight can’t be made in May because 4 months is not enough time to promote this fight per Arum. Any news on if this out door stadium is gonna be built?

  • I agree to Floydcott his fight against Khan. And i already talked to 4 people about the Floydcott on all Floyd fights. We need some Hollywood actors to unite in our call for Floydcott.

  • I’m on for Boycott. F**ed Floyd! He’s chicken running scared with Packy.

  • a good suggestion since floyd is only interested in ppv numbers and not about protecting his pride.

  • i will boycott floyd mayweather fight!!! unless he fight manny…
    that i really wanted…

  • i will not anymore watch floyd mayweather fight!!! unless he fight manny…
    that i really wanted…

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    Thing was vexes me about Mayweather is that up until his 2-fight series with José-Luis Castillo, he really did take on all comers and divisional peers/rivals.

  • I have no interest in helping Floyd satisfy his contract with Showtime. Fight GGG or any challenge in May and Pac Man in November. If he would, he’d be worth all the “money” and more. Instant respect. No more naysayers. He can own his legacy despite earlier transgressions if he came correct and fought the best in 2014. Two fights. Make them meaningful.

  • It’s easier said than done,boycotting Floyd’s fights. He has mastered the art of invoking Pacquiao’s name every time he has a fight coming up therefore causing Pacquiao’s fan base to buy his fights just to the possibility of him getting beaten .I don’t think Floydie will ever MAN UP!

  • Floyd Waygeather is all about the money. I wouldn’t want him as a business partner though, he obviously passed on the loot 3 years back. So he wants to be money may, but I still see him as prettyboy Floyd. Prettyboys are all about appearance, and it appears as though he wants to keep his perfect record. It ain’t so perfect if you don’t fight the best of the best. You can be like Oscar Jr. and keep a record of wins vs illegit competitors. Real Champs fight all. I hope the fight never happens, because May got too pay over the gublicity of nothing. Don’t fight the best, don’t get called the best.

  • I will FLoydcott; no interest in paying $75 to enable boxing’s biggest star to duck the Pacman. Only Pacquaio, Sergio Martinez or Golovkin are worth a Floyd PPV. Floyd is proving that not only is he no Sugar ray, he’s no Oscar De la Hoya either. Oscar took on all comers. SMH.

  • I think Mayweather is scared shitless of Pacqaio..too many excuses only fear…he doesn’t want to blemish his record and he knows that Pacqaio is the only boxer who can and WILL beat him..I will boycott ANY Mayweather fight unless it Pacqaio …

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