Richard Navoa

Richard Navoa


San Francisco, CA– Having watched some of the more incompetent California Boxing Inspectors commit gaffs that would have gotten them fired had somebody cared, inspector Richard Navoa was not one of them. Having watched his work in the corners for years, you knew that nobody was pulling any illegal crap when Richard was in charge.


That being said, Richard is reportedly fighting for his life in his West Sacramento, CA home. The causation appears to have something to do with a Liver transplant he received a few years ago. All in all, Rich is one of those good guys that deserve better! My heart, soul, and my greatest hope is to see Rich working a corner real soon. Get well my brother, you are both truly admired and respected.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Richard was a good man to work with, he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I still remember the first day I met Richard.
    Via con dios.

  • I am very sorry/sad&my heart goes out2Joyce/all the family.I used 2 hang out with all the family when I was younger.I used2work with MOM Gerti at DMV&his Aunt Margaret is my GodMother&best friend was Christina.Richard was&very nice funny,thoughtful person.My prayers&luv go out2the whole family…

  • Rich was a friend and co worker and just a great person in general. every event I worked with him always went very smooth with his guidance and he will be greatly missed. still very hard to believe he’s gone. we love you rich r.i.p.

    David Pereda

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of our dear friend Richard Novoa. He was truly a very nice man and a super inspector. He will be missed by all.

    Jon Schorle

  • Pedro. Nice comments on Richard Novoa. He’s a decent guy with a loving family. Marty Sammon

  • Pedro your a class act! Rich Navoa is one of the very best inspectors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I always know when Rich is working that everything will be handled the right way the first time. He is a very nice man who always a smile on his face all the time and has something funny to say. A very positive person. These new inspectors can learn a lot from working Rich. I really hope all goes well with this really nice man. Thanks again Pedro!!!!

    Jon Schorle

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