• Don actually promotes. He is a unique character. Thats his appeal, whether or not you agree with anything he says, he begs to be heard and many time he accomplishes that. Ever seen a Shaeffer or Oscar or Arum at a press conference? Just complete bores with little to no personality. At the least Don brings attention to the game.

  • I see where Phil and one-eye are coming from and myself, every time I listen to King speak, I feel the need to take a shower… Don King’s boxing integrity can be summed up in one moment. Riding to Frazier – Foreman 1 with Joe in Joe’s limo and two rounds later was desperately trying to insert himself into the crowd that was carrying Foreman out of the ring on their shoulders… THAT WAS DON KING DEFINED!

    However, everything Pedro said is 100% true and then some and I’ll go a step further. Since Don King retired and Oscar De LaHoya founded his Promotional Company, Boxing has become more crooked! At least when King was around, you could get a decent fight made.

    King was a scum-bag, no doubt… But no worse than Arum, Oscar, Richie Parker and others. King just takes a lot because he was a bombastic black guy… And that is coming from me, a guy who thinks that throwing the race card around is one of the lamest moves out there… But in this case, it is TRUE!

    Glad you archived this stuff Pedro… The ‘Donald’ was a sleaze-bag but still and always will be “Must Listen” material.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He is entertaining, incredibly intelligent, a great speaker, has accomplished many things for a guy that educated himself. He has his skeletons, Arum is an admitted Felon as well. But man I got to tell that in radio, guests like Don King are rare and that’s why I have some of his stuff archived. I was part of KingVision TV and he never, ever once told us to do, say, not say something. Same as a sponsor, King never leaned and I skewered him a few times. In closing, he had a kid at like 76. I led the Hungarian President Yanos Alder and a party of 300 and sung the old guy Happy Birthday last August in Budapest. Don’t you think he put on some epic fights in 40 years? Was boxing better with him at the helm, entertainment wise, than it is today? Thanks, Pedro……

  • I cannot and would not listen to Don King speak ever, anywhere….TV, radio, whatever.
    He is a running faucet of babbling bs, dazzling with you every wandering thought he can throw at you to make himself look good, make you feel good, taking the middle of the road and playing both soides of the fence at all times…and then it occurs to you, he hasn’t really said anything at all.

  • With respect,i refuse to listen to Dung King,Robber Arum and alphabet gangsters.Why? cos theyre thieving threefaced sociopaths.Im following this sport for 35 years so im HARDCORE BOXING FAN,in the ring the heros perform but outside it ,it is a’sewrage farm’.Of course its only my opinion.

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