• Pedro,

    You’re right about the severe rotator cuff. In the rd that Pac stung FMJ with the straight left and backed him to the ropes, if you pay attention to his rt hand, he merely uses it to touch Floyd. Pac had nothing on that rt hand. He also landed a winging Rt hook that had no effect on FMJ. This whole “event” was a farce from the beginning.


  • Wasn’t going to chime in on this, but some interesting points are being brought up. This was amateur style vs pro style at its best. Glad I did not pay for it. With that said, I call hypocrisy on the “purists” who celebrate the Floyd style, when they castigate Wladdy for using the same style (jab and grab). If anything the “fight” of the century was a fencing match. The punch numbers (if to be believed) indicate Pac landed the fewest punches vs Floyd, BUT… they also indicate the fewest punches landed by Floyd. This was clearly a case of; “I touched you more, so I win.” Many of those rt hands by Floyd didn’t land or were grazing shots.

    I scored rds 2, 4, 6, 7 & 10 for Pac
    I scored rds 1, 5, 8, & 11 for Floyd

    rds 3, 9, and 12 were swing rounds that were close. So, whoever you gave those rds won. My card was close anyway.

    It’s obvious the judges gave Floyd every bit of consideration, but that was obvious as Floyd requested and was granted the judges who have historically scored the widest margins for him, and a ref that allowed him to hold & bend as many rules as he could.

    Any real Boxing fan knew the fight would be made, as soon as Manny was KO’d by Marquez. Had Marquez not landed it, this fight wouldn’t have been made. Real Boxing fans know this. That was the Real Con.


  • Only guy hurt 2xs in the fight was Floyd? I’m not saying he didn’t win rounds but Killa hit it 7/5 pac

  • R u serious Pete? Killa said the truth how u gonna give a round to a guy running and hugging all round??!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    If Pac won three rounds, that was the most. He was pathetic AND it kills me that the seemingly green as guacamole folks think he was in the fight and with a SEVERE rotator cuff musle tear? NO! Don’t back Manny around here as I viewed his flight to the Philippines as a “Getaway” and not going home.

  • The “event” was definitely closer than the atrocious score card of 118-110…what exactly was moretti watching??

  • I think Pacman won 7/5. I watched the fight several times now. Yea Floyd did well in certain rounds. But ran the majority of the fight outlawed PAC by what? 60 punches jabs?! Spread through a fight that’s 4/5 jabs a round. PAC pressed the whole time and may not have landed all his shots was the one making the fight. I know boxing been watching for 30 years. It wasn’t the best fight but when ur running and holding a man like its ur chick I can’t give u the round for a few jabs and 2 potshots?! Looks to me hbo is trying to get Floyd back. After show time gig is up? At the worst that fight was a draw!!!! And I’ll smack the spit out of anyone’s mouth who dares compare Mayweathe to pernel Whittaker!!!! As small as Pete was and with no pop!!! He never ran he moved his his, feet and head. And exchanged with some of the most ferocious bangers of his time. These Judges need retraining. This ain’t the damned Olympics? If u disagree watch the fight volume waaaaay down or better off. And ur gonna see who tried to make the fight and landed better. It’s sad when a man has to try to rip himself away from another fighter to make the fight?

  • Boxing fans who “gave up” on boxing after the half a billion dollar event for rich folks weren’t really fans to begin with…Its to bad the canelo Kirkland wasn’t on the undercard because THAT would’ve made NEW fans, not turn off so many in droves…that snooze fest, that definitely hurt potential boxing fans big time…people in DROVES probably will not watch boxing ever again..they should’ve stacked the card with some barnburners…but Wtf do us hardcore fans know right? If these promoters tuned in to what we REAL fans wanted more, I think they would come up with a better product…

  • Look forward to catching up with this show–but till then, I notice that Canelo’s bout had 2.2 million viewers on HBO! Good sign that fans forgave the Mayweather flop.

  • Alvarez beat up a punching bag as Kirkland showed signs of brain damage BEFORE his fight with Alvarez.

    This whole farce was meant to set up a Cotto vs. Alvarez mega fight in the fall however considering the fact that middleweight champion Cotto is a natural junior WELTERWEIGHT who happened to get lucky by fighting a middleweight champion (Martinez) with a shattered knee… Cotto has NO CHANCE against Alvarez.


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