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New York, NY– By now boxing fans have gotten the news that the Amir Khan (26-2 19 KOs) versus Lamont Peterson (30-1-1 15 KOs) jr. welterweight (140 lb.) title bout has been cancelled. This is because Peterson has been flagged as a user of a banned substance via the comprehensive testing of VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association). VADA is similar to USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency), the entity being utilized by Floyd Mayweather beginning with Shane Mosley in 2010. The testing protocols of these agencies are designed to catch cheating athletes who otherwise would pass standard testing procedures. So Far Mayweather and his opponents have come back clean.


For Lamont Peterson, the banned substance has been reported as synthetic testosterone, a substance Peterson admitted to using prior to his signature victory over Amir Khan in December of last year. Ironically Peterson is the one who requested WADA testing in his rematch with Khan, only to himself get popped for using PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) himself. Either team Peterson thought they wouldn’t get caught or somehow the idea of using drugs to improve Testosterone didn’t register as an obvious conflict for an athlete, despite stricter testing protocol. Either way, these missteps have tarnished Lamont’s clean image and may linger with him for the rest of his career.


Recently, Lamont’s trainer, Barry Hunter and his physician, ‘Dr. Thompson’ appeared on a boxing podcast (8 Count News) to attempt to explain Lamont’s positive test. According to Lamont’s physician, Lamont was suffering from extremely low testosterone and his levels were likened to that of a 70-year-old man. The Doctor saw this as a red flag and prescribed something to bring those levels up, justifying it as a preventative measure to avoid trauma. The doctor said that low testosterone levels can cause slow reaction times and can thus lead to increased injury and death in fighters who would fail to avoid repeated blows to the head. But what about the fighters delivering the blows doc?


The biggest fight in boxing failed to materialize due to the fact that one opponent refused to participate in testing protocol like what has caught Lamont Peterson. That same athlete has now claimed that he has no problem taking testing, but has yet to participate in what is becoming a popular trend amongst high stakes prize fighting at the highest levels. Now that it’s abundantly clear that athletes have legitimate claims and reasoning for additional testing. It’s a good thing for boxing, but cheaters must beware. The case for testing has just cemented itself in the boxing landscape and it appears to have left a lasting impression on the sport.

Jarrad Woods


  • The simple fact is, Amir Khan is not that good AND uses drugs himself.He lost to Peterson, not because Peterson overpowered him or dominated him but because he lost points for being penalised because of his poor discipline. He could not hurt Peterson and struggled not to get outright beaten by him. The hilarious thing is that Peterson is a nobody – no offence to Lamont, I like the guy.

    Khans career is over and rightfully so. I just wish he stoped whining and making excuses – the girly media might buy it and show pictures of khan hitting peterson durin a fight that PETERSON WON, but the real me see Khan for what he is – a cash cow for Frank Warren who can’t stand up to even low evel fighters.

  • It’s a conspiracy!
    Amir Khan tests clean and Lamont Peterson is dirty.(yeah whatever)
    They want Khan vs Mayweather. Peterson was set up to fail to make Khan look good.(clean)
    Why would a person who knows they are dirty agree to a stricter test? ( only if they believe they can pass the stricter test). Khan passed the stricter test while Peterson was set up to fail.
    Now Pacman or Khan will agree to the stricter test because he can beat it. Now Floyd will be in for the fight of his life.

  • What does all this mean or prove? Not all that much.

    Doping didn’t cost Amir Khan his title belt, the judges and referee did.

    Lamont Peterson had a very nice rounds 3,4,7 & 8, and made several others close and uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, Khan should have had a win by either 7:5 or 7:4:1 with the questionable penalties and questionable knockdown playing only with the point totals.

    And Peterson probably got more help from Khan`s overconfident, unfocused approach which had no discernable game-plan than he did from the testosterone.

    Other than that, Khan would always have trouble cracking Peterson’s shell defense; Peterson happened to read and time Khan very well and Peterson`s equal height and longer reach meant Khan couldn`t hide his porous defense at long range as easily as he did vs. Kotelnik, Judah or Malinaggi.

    Maybe Peterson was a little more “ballsy” compared to his other step-up fights, in terms of not giving away the first half of the fight. Confidence to let the hands go a little more is the only thing you could attribute to the drugs … but even with all that, and all the energy Khan wasted jumping around, Khan was still pulling away in the championship rounds and starting to beat Peterson up in the 12th.

  • Why did Peterson fail the test? Why did he request testing knowing he had taken testosterone?

    Maybe they were so arrogant in their belief they could beat the tests that they felt cocky enough to call for the testing?

    Maybe his people didn’t understand the difference in test methodologies?

    While some testing systems are tougher than others, they all miss more users than they catch.

    Or maybe they just followed a flawed DIY formula from some message board or some guy in a gym – some dopers are much less sophisticated than others – the farther you go down the food chain (or “purse chain” in this case)the more likely such positive tests would be.

    I`m not so sure this would create a playing field any less tilted than it is now….

  • “””Sorry but BS on Peterson’s part… Much like Dana White’s calling BS on Alistair Overeem’s lie/excuse… According to White, you are asked to disclose what you’ve been doing before they test you and anyone with a brain knows that Testosterone is a KILL SHOT re a PED test and there isn’t an athlete or trainer or physician or Amish Farmer alive who doesn’t know this.”

    “””there isn’t an athlete or trainer or physician or Amish Farmer alive who doesn’t know this.”””

    Had double quote the last part because it’s instant win!

    Whole post by Jack QFT

  • The interview you would hear if there was a machine that forced you to tell the truth…

    Question: You tested positive for PED’s. What do you care to say?
    Cheating Athlete: I take PED’s. I’ve been using them for years.
    Q: Why?
    CA: Because they work! — Idiot! — Do you have any idea how much better I am on this than off it?
    Q: Where did you get them?
    CA Same place as everyone else. Online, a guy in the gym a guy on the outside I met through the gym.
    Q: Are you concerned about side effects?
    CA: Sure but I’ve weighed the options and I decided that the reward is far more than worth the risk.
    Q: What do you mean by that?
    CA: Meaning it is the difference between making 4 to 5 figure paydays and 7 to eight… And all in life THAT entails.
    Q: Are you ashamed you got caught? What about your legacy?
    CA: Actually, I’m pissed off and when I’m done talking with you, I’m going to kick the $hit out of the guy who was in charge of making sure I was able to beat the test.
    Q: Will you use PED’s in the future?
    CA: Does a bear $hit in the woods?
    Q: Thank you for your time
    CA: No problem, thanks for having me on.

  • Sorry but BS on Peterson’s part… Much like Dana White’s calling BS on Alistair Raheem’s lie/excuse… According to White, you are asked to disclose what you’ve been doing before they test you and anyone with a brain knows that Testosterone is a KILL SHOT re a PED test and there isn’t an athlete or trainer or physician or Amish Farmer alive who doesn’t know this.

  • I think Khan is on PEDs as well. He just got away.

  • @KP He failed both tests. Both his A and B came up positve for THIS fight. He also admitted juicing by his own accord last fight. Ask anyone who does testosterone or victor Conte etc. it doesn’t stay in your system, that’s why Overheem pissed hot too he figured he would test later and pass. So Cheaterson has been cheating all along. And you ask why would he volunteer the info? Because if he really had low test he could have gotten the ok to take it. Pretty simple. But he cheated. Ban him.

  • Not one but two tests. Cmon people, these tests are thouroughly done with extreme dilligence and prudence. Its completly random. And the measurments are as precise as can be. Its one test he couldn’t beat or outsmart. Under this testing you have no idea what will be used or held against you. Also you are given a complete list of banned substances. Where is the argument I ask you? I suppose that by admitting he did it before hand he thinks he can point out an ill efficiency detected in the testing in itself since he didn’t get popped the first time. Very clever but you sir are busted

  • From my understanding there were 6 tests taken by Peterson and only one came up positive for higher levels of testosterone. I think there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye and I’m not ready to condemn Lamont as a cheater quite yet. Also, I think Golden Boy has a lot to gain by not having Lamont fight Amir again. Amir Khan has not done well financially for them and they’re ready to cash him out (Mayweather fight in December) but if he loses again they can’t do it.

  • Is there a doctors note? Exactly. To say because he requested the testing that’s evidence that he is not cheating is absurd. Its equivalent to a man trying to prove his innocent agreeing to tak a lie detector test. Its not as if he is agreeing to the test as so much as he has no choice but to agree because by refusing you appear guilty. The reason to take a lie detector test is because if you fail you can still argue that the test is not %100 accurate, which is a valid argument, so you are better off taking the test an taking your chances of passing. And before people take tests they are questioned about any medication an such an such. These tests are legally binding so that’s why the athlete in question had to feel out his agreeing to the testing questionaire docment. Case closed. He failed two tests

  • Why would he volunteer information about testosterone therapy before the fight with Khan? It’s obvious that with the levels in his system he would have never been detected. That sounds ridiculous. However before doing the VADA testing he should have in informed them. People fail to realize though that these are athletes not doctors. If he took testosterone therapy as he claims for a fight that occurred last year I am sure he assumed that it would not even be present in his system by now. To make it worse it was never detected in a previous test before and after the fight with Khan. If you were in his shoes and this was months later mind you, would you believe that your test would come up positive? There is a possibility that he is lying and recently took the drugs. However if that was the case and he himself requested the VADA tests he has to be the dumbest person on earth, or highly uninformed about the methods of testing and what VADA tests for.

  • He didn’t disclose because he was trying to cheat. Had he had approval it would be ok and he could take it. So obviously he was trying to cheat. Why wouldn’t he just get the ok and do it legally if he could, obviously because he was cheating. Oh and another thing. Want to know what causes low testosterone? I’ll tell you. Taking it !!! Your body then stops producing it and the. You’re low so you have to juice. Ban him. Have him testify under oath and take a lie detector, not his own lie detector..

  • This is definitely a peculiar and unfortunate situation. Considering that Peterson requested the test, i could see the possibility for a legitimate medical condition. This is not a case like Overeem; in which the guy is some type of Colussus beyond the natural realm. Also, i completely understand Peterson’s camp not wanting to expose the reasoning, as I would not want to give any information on any particular weakness that i had going into a match.

  • He suffered from low testosterone yet remained undefeated in all those pro fights vs world class opponent all the way till 2009 with low test. Gee, it’s a good thing he wasn’t at normal levels or PBF and Manny would be removed from their spots. What an utterly ridiculous argument.

    Sorry for ranting, I frigging hate cheaters.

  • Lamont Cheaterson should be banned for at least a few years, that way if the penalty isn’t just the normal amount of time between fights, maybe cheaters will stop cheating. Also 6-1 ratio is allowed? I mean wtf? How can yuo allow someone with that much test fight someone who is following rules. It’s farking dishonest, scumbaggery and out right dangerous. If they really wanted to put a stop to it, they would lower allowable levels to human levels,and start banning people from the sport or give them fines in % of their purses that would bankrupt them. That would put an end to it. Allowing for 4:1 or 6:1 can’t remember who allows what is just letting people cheat. Like don’t cheat, but here, cheat a bit..

    oh and for those who are going to say 4:1 what is big deal (let alone 6)
    the diff between some people who have high test to just below average to diff ethnic groups being a bit higher is in the decimals. as in I think caucasians are at 1:1 and some others are .8:1 and some higher ones are 1.1:1 So allowing 4 or 6 is complete bull@$$.

  • In what is possibly the worlds dumbest move. Lamont admitted to taking testosterone before their first fight. I mean wtf?????? How stupid can you get? They are going to strip him for sure.

    @ people who are wondering why he didn’t disclose beforehand is because he has no issue with test levels. The normal ratio is 1:1, 4:1 is just a bullshit way/excuse for people to cheat, they are alowing them

  • I am with Kevin Perry. It doesn’t make sense to me. Pedro what do you personally feel?

  • I don’t understand why he would ask for random testing if he was knowingly cheating either. My question is still the same- why didn’t he declare this medical condition beforehand ? Why did it only come up after he tested positive?

  • Peterson figured since he cheated the Nevada system, he could cheat the VADA system!

  • Kevin, you are missing the point here. He didn’t disclose it! He wanted the VADA testing but didn’t want to follow VADA’s testing rules?? His victory against Khan should be ruled a no contest. This is obvious and I am not even a Khan fan! The Nevada way of testing is bullshit!

  • His testosterone was below the 4-1 limit for California. I have to believe his story regardless of the circumstances. It doesn’t make sense that someone would ask for VADA testing and come up positive. I’m sure he believed he had a level in his system that wouldn’t be detected.However Vada tests for the testosterone regardless. In Nevavda and California and in the case of USADA they only test if there are red flags.

  • The low T syndrome is BS. Just an excuse.

  • Any boxer who claims that he has low testosterone AFTER he gets caught should not be allowed to use that as an excuse. It might be true but why didn’t their team mention that BEFORE they get caught?

  • As much as Mayweather fans dislike Pacquiao because of his fans, it’s pretty much the same

    I’m not saying asking drug-testing is wrong, in fact I give props to Floyd for wanting to clean up the sport, remember Andre Berto hinted Ortiz had “something” in him when he beat him, then Victor fought Floyd and undergone OSDT and cleared up his name against Berto’s claim

    But if you look back, Money never asked OSDT BEFORE Mayweathers accused Pac of being on PEDS, why is that? If he was serious on cleaning up the sport, why didn’t he ask JMM, Hatton and everybody he fought before to undergo OSDT? And when was the rumor of Pac being roided started? After he beat Hatton, whom Floyd Sr. trained… don’t tell me you also believe even when he said Filipinos were gunned down but don’t die because of PEDs?
    Really, I like Floyd, as a BOXER, his ring IQ, his skills, his overall talent but sometimes his fans are going overboard, much like Pactards, that try to discredit what either of them has done just because they like the one over the other

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Nameless, last post sans a name. I hate computer tough guys that won’t list their name while talking smack.

  • I don’t want to diss Lamont but maybe now they’ll learn of what happens when you believe or listen to Roger Mayweather’s rumormonging ( Uncle Rog said Khan is on PEDs along with Pac )… it backfired, and now his whole career is on the line

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