Los Angeles, CA-The outrage continues against the well documented and somewhat tarnished Ring magazine and or Ringtv.com. Ratings chairman, former judge Chuck Giampa appears to be the fall guy here as no one seems to want to take responsibility for the rankings. I thought the magazine’s rankings were advised by a panel of writers. Now it appears to be a dictatorship. While the rankings are mythical, when a magazine is owned by Oscar De La Hoya, and the WBC lightweight (135lb) champion Adrien Broner (25-0, 21 KOs)

Adrien "The Problem" Broner, undeserving of pound for pound consideration

is promoted by his company GoldenBoy Promotions, this is where things get a bit fishy. Ringtv.com rating Broner at  #5 in their mythical pound for pound rankings doesn’t look good. While Broner is an amazing talent, the selection is not credible and without logic based on quality of opposition. Broner has only beaten two world class level fighters in Antonio De Marco (28-3-1, 21 KOs) and Daniel Ponce De Leon (44-4, 35 KOs). The win against De Marco was impressive but the victory over De Leon was a suspect close unanimous verdict that many thought was a gift in his first HBO appearance.  By no means am I saying Giampa or his colleagues are being influenced by their boss, but when one person (Giampa) can have so much influence over their rankings, a ranking that many fans used to view with merit, should fans even be able to take the so-called experts who write for the magazine seriously?  The biggest problem with pound for pound rankings however is that theres no set criteria. So in defense of the magazine I will try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Fans however seem incensed.  Also some of the actions of the magazine and its owners within the last year or so  have to be called into question. Who’s at fault and who’s has the authority over there is also a mystery. In my opinion the most credible rankings are the boxrec.com computerized rankings. A computer can have no bias, and as far as the divisional and pound for pound rankings they get as close to impartiality as it gets.


It’s been reported that former 122 lb. champion Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym (44-2, 33 KOs) failed 3 pre-fight blood tests thus the scheduled bout versus WBA 122lb champion and Guillermo Rigondeaux (11-0, 8 KOs) is scratched from Saturdays HBO After Dark card featuring Nonito Donaire (30-1, 19 KOs) defending his WBO super bantamweight (122lb) crown against face first brawler, Jorge Arce (61-6-2, 46 KOs). Donaire, a Filipino fighting out of San Leandro, CA is expected to steamroll Arce who’s past his prime and can be one dimensional. The card was designed to give more exposure to Rigondeaux, a two time Olympic Gold medalist and build toward a potential super fight with the Filipino star. Those plans unfortunately will be put on hold. Kratingdaenggym apparently has a serious medical condition that has yet to be officially confirmed. We wish him the best.


Coming off his stunning one punch shotgun like knockout of Philippine congressman Manny Pacquiao (54-5, 38 KOs), is Marquez (55-6, 40 KOs) fighter of the year? It’s quite possible that Marquez can win boxing’s version of the triple crown; fighter of the year, KO of the year and fight of the year. I can’t remember the last time thats been done in boxing history. Congratulations to Marquez if he can pull off the feat!

-Kevin Perry

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  • I didn’t think it would take long for controversies to arise regarding the Ring Magazine rankings and Golden Boy fighters. I’m sure there will be more but Oscar can’t be dumb enough to ruin the credibility of a renowned magazine he’s invested in by way of lending his influence to position fighters who are not deserving of such rankings, or could he? Any comments?

  • Fighter of the year has to be…Donair! He defended his title four times this year even with a bad cut on his hand. Broner is tough guy but not P4P top 5 yet…could be at the end of next year if he steps up the caliber of fighters they put in the ring with him.

  • donaire for fighter of the year i guess…broner dont deserve to be on p4p yet…too early for that..

  • I like Donaire tonight, obviously.

    Arce has some validity in saying too many of Donaire’s opponents showed him excessive respect – although that certainly wasnt the case with Darchinyan & Montiel …

    But Arce will bring a proven chin and resolve. He beat Vazquez before Donaire and never lost that belt in the ring, so you can’t entirely call it a joke of a fight.

    But in every other way, Arce is practically engineered to make Donaire look good. A short, charge in fighter who throws wide punches … we’ve seen what Donaire usually does with that type.

    A loss to a smaller, ring worn Arce who was once KO’s by Michael Carbajal would be a huge indictemen of him and the entire era decade of elite little men. But I don’t think it will happen.

    Donaire by TKO.

  • Sorry to hear about Poonsawart. I wasn’t on board with that decision which went against him vs Ryori Lee for his title and I thought he deserved the opportunity to be in a position to fight for it again.

    It seemed like an interesting fight although in terms of styles and stance it wasn’t really helpful in terms of helping us brainstorm Donaire-Rigondeaux any better.

    I agree it’s way too early to be placing Broner anywhere near the P4P list. Most of the superlatives you can put on Broner’s performances in the last two fights could also have applied Devon Alexander or Amir Khan at various points of their ascencions.

    I am prepared to give him forgiveness for the DeLeon fight (which I scored for Ponce) and chalk it up to inexperience, maybe weight loss and even stage firght.


    I can go with JMM as fighter of the year, since Ward forught only once and under very favorable circumstances at that. I guess one no-doubter over Pacquiao trumps two good wins from Moreno, Donaire, Gurerro, Kessler & Froch.

    Upset? Is it really such an upset seeing as many people had him wining 2 or even all 3 of the previous fights, with the most recent one being the most questionable?

    The only real shocker is Pacquiao being knocked stone cold, seeing as he hasn’t been stopped in 13 years and hasn’t suffered a legit knockdown since 2003.

    Otherwise you could argue that, totally against conventional wisdom, the momentum had been building to clearer win for Marquez. The fact he’s looked in decline for years didn’t him form having his most effective performance against Pacquiao in the 3rd fight, so even though he looked like crap against Fedchenko while Pacquaio it doesn’t automatically translate into a poorer performance vs. Pacquiao. The 3-1 underdog status simply made no sense in light of their recent 3rd meeting.

  • I’ll take Donaire for Fighter of the Year. As far as Ring goes, I make it a point to not acknowledge them since DLH bought them.

  • It should be quadriple…add upset of the year!

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