Chavez Beat Up Lee Onn Inside

Saturday, June 16, 2012
El Paso, TX Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., (159 lbs), Culiacan, Mexico TKO 7 Andy Lee, (159.25), Detroit, MI. (WBC 160 lb. title)
Chavez Jr. (46-0-1, 32 KOs) looked impressive in his thorough dismantling of Lee (28-2, 20 KOs) who was thought to be his toughest test to date. The fight was stopped at 2:21. Jr. says he will fight “true” middleweight king Sergio Martinez in the fall. I’ll believe it when it’s signed. But I must add, Chavez has improved and will tower over Martinez both in height and body mass.


Newark, NJTomasz Adamek, (225), Jersey City, NJ UD 12 Eddie Chambers, (202), Philadelphia, PA. Adamek (46‐2, 29 KOs) scored a tactical win over Chambers (36-3, 18 KOs). Adamek was busier, but Chambers was quicker and in the minds of many won the fight. In the end, the judges scored it 116-112 twice and 119-109. Outside of Adamek fans, the decision was not well received, especially by the NBC TV crew. Chambers claimed to have suffered an injury to his left arm early in the fight.


Bryant Jennings, (222), Philadelphia, PA UD 10 Steve Collins, (244), Houston, TX. Jennings (14-0, 8 KOs) makes Collins (25-2, 18 KOs) look like an amateur on his way to a knockdown and shutout on scores of 100-89 three times. Keep an eye on Jennings!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Albuquerque, NMHolly Holm, (145.5), Albuquerque, NM UD 10 Anne Mathis, (146) France, (World female 147 lb. title). Holm (30-2-4, 9 KOs) avenges December 2011 KO loss to Mathis by “boxing smartly” throughout, never giving the powerful and strong Mathis (26-1, 21 KOs) the leverage she needed to throw and land bombs.

Edwin “Ace” Ayala


  • I thought Chambers won. I am quite certain I wasn’t influenced by Flores’ cheerleading and I think most long time viewers have enough experience with shill TV commentators to filter it out.

    I had it 7:3:2 for Chambers, and I could see 7:5 or 6:5:1. The only definitive Adamek rounds were 5 & 6, I also gave him yhr 12th.

    I do feel that sometimes fluries of mostly blocked punches can be considered effective IF they keep the opponent in an almost constant defensive shell and allow th agressor to do mostly dominate teritorially.

    That was not the case on Chambers-Adamek. Only in th 5th & 6th did Adamek succeed in preventing chambers from working. I felt Chambers landed just enough in the other rounds for his cleaneshots to offset Adamek`s volume enough to either win or tie the other rounds.

    Note that many of Chamber`s punches were thrown whith offensive intent, while comming forward NOT pokes or lovetaps thrown on the retreat or while leaning back on the ropes.

    Ring generalship played a role in several close rounds. Despite Chambers lack of power, I never got the sense Adamek had confidence nor was he really an agressor. Chambers could go forward and back Adamek up whenever he wanted.

    Despite Chambers being a light hitter, Adamek was unwilling to punch with him. Shockingly, Adamek retreated from every one of Chamber`s one-armned forward thrusts! Chambers threw his last left hand punch halfway into round 3, yet round after round, Adamek bailed out without countering as if there were zinging lefts comming at him all night! To me this validated my early impression that Chambers limited but effective punching was stressing Adamek out.

  • I had to re-record the Amakek-Chambers fight twice, using my DVRs Extend Stop Time feature, adding an hour. Just got to see it.

    I thought the NBC announcers were totally biased towards Chambers, especially Flores. I thought Amamek won. A lot of the shots Chambers threw were blocked or Adamek ducked under them.

    Punch stats seem to indicate Chambers landing only 18 more shots (assuming the stats were correct to begin with) but Adamek’s were harder .

    Eddie was not busy enough. He’s good at slipping punches but not at firing back. And a lot of his punches are slapping punches (though obviously did enough to bloody Adamek’s nose).

  • I agree with Roberto Rios. Although the matchup with Sergio may be a little more intriguing with his continued improvement (his size vs Sergio’s skill), it makes you wonder why this kid is still at 160. His team knows that there are cats at 168-175 that are more than willing to get a pay day off him and take him to school. Think about this…how would he have done in the super 6 tourney…Kessler, Froch, Ward…

  • jr refused to piss test, be weighted on fight night,and have his gloves weighted for his fight with lee, roach and jr. showed manny steward and lee no respect. I think sergio m. is making a big mistake by not asking for rdt for this fight.and if this is jr last fight(sergio) at 160, who could he beat at 168? froch would ko ,jr ,ward would beat the shit out of jr, dawson would outbox him, im sorry i just dont see IT! in jr. he will be exposed soon enough.

  • Roberto: I get the dehydration part (I have kidney failure and went 6 months without being able to piss) *after* a fight, but when the guy can’t piss before a fight, it screams BS (why would be be dehydrated on fight night?). Also, I refuse to cut the guy any slack because a) he already tested positive for a banned substance, and b) he has already skipped out on a post-fight drug test after the Rubio fight.
    Looks like a lot of smoke.

  • JCC is lightheavy size,he is fighting in the wrong division,he is cheating. Cheaters when caught are punished.WHO IS FOOLING WHO?????????

  • @kieth I agree somewhat but if ur dried out u can’t piss. Remember 24/7 mayweather / Mosley may had those dudes there all knight waiting for piss. And throughout the fight JR didn’t have a good sweat at all very dry. I’m very happy to see he takes this serious and gets alot of shot for being matched well and being the son of a legend. But let’s cut the kid some slack. He didn’t have any amature experience and also had to learn under much scrutiny. I think he has turned into a real solid pro and think he is 3rd best middle in the world after Martinez and pirog, that says alot. But I feel for him because if he ends up at super middle he is a dead man. First problem is he won’t be able to impose his size, 2nd is Andre SOG Ward or Bad Chad Dawson, but in all realness he is screwed because that weight cut he does can’t be healthy. And the only reason he is getting away with it now is because he is so young. But it’ll all catch up, the drinking eating and partying too. Hopefully he’ll embrace being a true pro and live it 365!! He’ll be better off, ps I hope roach teaches him how to jab man!!!!

  • Whatever. How big did Chavez rehydrate to? 180, 182 pounds? Did he even take a drug test after the fight? I heard he skipped again?

    His size beat Lee; that’s all.

  • I’ll withold judgement on Chavez Jr. until he wins outside Texas with a real drug test. My beef with the guy is that he has already been busted for using diuretics, so incidents like claiming an inability to urinate for a test throws up all kinds of alarms.

  • That network is terrible. I recorded the bout, but they had three fights in a 2 hour block. Thus I only got to see the first two fights and then it was cut off. Note to NBC, if you have three twelve round fights on a card, make it a 3 hour block.

  • Chavez looked to me like a plodder. He walked straight ahead and would duck his head once before throwing a punch.He didn’t keep a right hand stance as he advanced. Just one foot in front of the other. Lee needed to throw in combo and move. He went straight back most of the time. Chavez does punch hard and take a good punch. He looked to be in good condition to.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Nick, I’m still shaking my head. The first fight I watched was Sugar Ray Robinson’s 2nd comeback fight against Ralph Tiger Jones and Pedro you made the right decision to include MMA in your coverage because down the line boxing will be a pinhead in the world of sports ( not unlike a lot of the people steering it in that direction ). BJ Flores evidently never saw Chris Byrd, Larry Holmes or most of all ALI in his reference to fast Eddie’s defensive skills.

  • Adamek/Chambers was close, but Chambers’ offense was more succesful i.e. landed punches. It was only close because Chambers lost the use of his left. Where’s the outrage….(whatever, shit happens).

  • i had chambers winning…he outlanded adamek despite fighting more than 3/4 of the fight with one hand and he defense was incredible(i`m pretty sure he tore a bicep judging by the lump on his arm)…adamek looked slow and off balance the whole fight…….the one thing any objective observer took away from this is that chambers is a class above adamek(regardless of the ridiculous scoring….119-109 made the pacquaio scores look reasonable)….

  • Adamek won the fight period! I watched it two times. I guess the NBC TV crew are blind!

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    The fifth round of the Julio-César Chávez Jr-Andy Lee fight had more action than the totality of Tomasz Adamek-“Fast” Eddie Chambers bout.

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