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San Francisco, CA
– A fortnight ago, my daughter Jacqueline Fernandez, an opinionated 21-year old headed for a life in the medical field, wrote an article entitled, “Boxing Is Fixed.” She attributed that to Blood Doping/EPO, Human Growth Hormone and Steroid usage. Although I am stealing her headline to an extent, the subject matter is different. In 1988, the current IBF 160 lb. champ Frank Tate, an Olympic Gold medal winner from 1984 had weight woes. His manager Bob Spagnola pleaded with the late Nevada Commission head Chuck Minker to allow Tate and his challenger Michael Nunn to weigh in the day before the fight.


Both Spagnola is and the late Minker are both honorable men. Each yeart I never forget the month Chuck passed and what he said to ne before he died. Back to boxing, Bob needed to get Frank on a scale sooner rather than later because Tate had ballooned to around 200 lbs., and he was for all intents and purposes a walking dead man from shedding the weight. Then Jose Sulaiman, the President for life of the World Boxing Council, was of the opinion that fighters were less likely to get hurt in a fight if they had 24 hours (which has turned into more like 30 hours) to rehydrate themselves before a fight.


What I’m trying to say is that a featherweight (126 lbs) hasn’t fought at featherweight, a light heavyweight (175) has not fought at light heavyweight, I can on and on, but outside of the heavyweight division the current system of weighing fighters in is a fraud, an injustice, and as was the case with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Saturday, a crime against boxing which in California should be 245 A PC, Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

REMEMBER WHEN ARCE BELONGED TO JOSE SILLYMAN?This same sanctioning group, the WBC, they would weigh current WBO 122 lb. king Jorge Arce in on a Friday afternoon at 112 lbs. and he’d weigh as much as 129 3/4 come fight time. Why in the **** do we even go through the process of weighing fighters when they are not weighing anything close to the title they are either defending and or challenging for?


On Friday, Chavez Jr. hit the scale at 160, as did defending champ Sebastian Zbik. Having not scored a KO in over three years and with 10 whacks in 30 wins, you think that the WBC and Chavez would have had enough of an advantage over the punch less German that they were assured victory, but that was not the enough as Zbik weighed 165 come fight time while Chavez, the current WBC poster boy, scaled 180 lbs.


Obviously, Chavez was not a middleweight, yet the ring announcer announced him after a Majority Decision as the new WBC middleweight, again a 160 lb., champion. Had things been on equal terms, Zbik would have fared much better on the two scorecards that had him losing.


This occurs nearly every time a title fight takes place. The only man with the balls in this business to call for same-day weigh ins is Greg Sirb of the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission. Sirb and myself have cited the NCAA Wrestling rules in regards to weigh ins, and they are held some two to three hours before a match. Like before they implemented this riule, nobody is dying in NCAA matches and when they meet in the center of the mat, they are within a couple of pounds if not ounces of one another.


Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, the President of the WBO, the sanctioning body with the least amount of scoring controversies, this according to HBO judge Harold Lederman. Harold says this is because when Paco knows boxing and when he sees a bad judge, take for example Gale Van Hoye of Texas, he won’t use him again. Valcarcel takes and puts forth his best officials period.


Daryl Peoples, the President of the IBF, both he and Valcarcel need to separate themselves from Sulaiman, a man once indicted for stealing Mexican artifacts from the Aztec era, smuggling them into and trying to sell them in the United States. What they need to do is to go back to early morning-same day weigh ins, this in attempt to make the sports resemble fair sporting contests.


Not knowing their weights at the start of the fight, I commented on how much bigger Chavez looked than Zbik at Ricky’s Sports Theater last night in San Leandro, CA. At that point, a Mexican fan told me the weights of 180 and 165 and then went on to say. “Chavez is my guy. But this is not a fair fight. Anybody who out weighs the other guy by that much an unfair.


Following the bullshit put forth by Jose, often times Jose Sillyman and not Sulaiman, if fighters are struggling to the extent that they are draining their body and brain of fluids to make a weight, they are fighting in the wrong division and need to move up. For to see a flyweight champion weighing 112 and fighting near 130 lbs., and Chavez a middleweight at 160 fighting at 180 lbs., is it any wonder why people don’t take boxing seriously.


I think that if Chuck Minker were still alive, and he saw the unfairness that these day before weigh ins have become, I’m sure I could convince him to change things back to same-day early morning weigh ins. As for manager Bob Spagnola, he isn’t too keen on day before weigh ins anymore either.


In closing, and this is to my good friends Francisco Valcarcel and Bob Spagnola. Bob, if your guy Austin Trout, the current WBA 154 lb. champion was to weigh 154 to fight some monster, and then to find out the next day that the monster gained 15 lbs. and as a result Austin was hurt as a result, how would you feel then? And Paco, if a Arce weighed 122 along with an opponent, one who later gained 15 lbs. and the challenger got hurt, how would you feel? It’s time for the people in charge to take charge and not adhere to ESPN or HBO, managers, promoters, it’s time for Paco, Peoples, and even managers like Bob Spagnola to admit that the current system is not only unjust, it’s dangerous!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pete, Great story and food for thought. did you catch Teddy Atlas preview of the Chavez fight. he went on about Chavez being the smaller guy(I guess based on earlier bouts because as he waxed on they ran the footage of the two fighters at the weigh in and Chavez dwarfed his opponent) I hear your point about Austin giving up that kind of weight and can only say that my position will always change to defend /protect my fighter. It seems apparent that with all things being held constant the chance to weigh in earlier would help prevent some damage but if ALL was done consistently then we would adapt and those featherweights would become lightweights. my problems with Little Ceasar Sirb could fill a book but this is particularly flawed because he made his stand in spite of everyone elses position,no consistent policy makes it a joke,also he changes the policy for any title bouts thus taking all the teeth out of his big move. he knew that the Commonwealth of Pa would be title fight less if he tried to impose his will on everyone in the business.
    If everyone used the same rules and they were consistently applied I would be fine with it.
    I also love the day before weigh in for promotional purposes as the scale staredown and photo ops are a huge opportunity for last minute promotion of the event for smaller shows. not that anyone cares about small shows,that’s why we are in the mess we are in. as always Peace & Respect Spag

  • Bradguy,

    Great analysis on the same vs day-before weigh-ins. I’m not surprised Sillyman of the WBC has gone to great lengths to keep same day from returning.



  • Pedro,

    I agree with the words for buk buk for whatever he said (I’m sure it was distasteful and lacked class).



  • Severe dehydration of 18 pounds the day before the fight is commonplace nowadays as is IV rehydration right after the weigh-ins, but I think it hampers performance instead of helping it. Instead of being strong for the fight, they’re weak and sluggish from dehydration. They think it’s an advantage to be bigger, but that kind of serious dehydration is very, very dangerous; I’m surprised more guys aren’t hospitalized.

    It’s because they’re young strong athletes in their physical prime that their bodies can handle the tremendous stresses of severe dehydration and NOT wind up in the hospital.

    Yep, the Great Pacquiao is perhaps the only man in Boxing who fights at his actual weight. He enters the ring on fite-nite weighing about 146 pounds while fighting in the 147 pound division. His speed, skills, and versatility overcome tremendous size differences against 165 pound so-called “Welterweights.”

    Dehydration depletes protective brain-fluid, so brain-injury is more likely.
    Ever notice when a man moves up in weight and gets away from severe dehydration, he appears to show a better chin even though he’s fighting guys that hit with more power? Like Cotto for example.

    Day-before-weigh-ins are a sham, a blight on the sport supported by that scourge to boxing, jose sulaiman of the wbc, and I’d like to see a return to same-day weigh-ins as it was in my youth.

    Even Dr. Flip Homansky who spearheaded the switch to day-before-weigh-ins has come full-circle, knows he made a mistake, and now advocates a return to same-day-weigh-ins.

  • Ravishing Ramon


    I’m with you on Cotto, I too believe he lost against Corely, once again the padded record theory!!! However, I believe Cotto is/was a better fighter than these other guys they’re pushing today.

    I’m sick of these Promoter’s not allowing these so called great fighter’s to fight each other. I prefer Shobox over HBO currently, their talent is far better than what HBO puts out and lets not talk about PPV, I’m sick of getting raped for $64.95 (HD) for a card with 1 out 4 good fights and most likely it wasn’t the main event.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Hey buk buk, whatever kind of lame ass name that is, Both Skerge and I say **** you!

  • I like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr as a young and upcoming boxer but last Saturday night, he was outpointed by the champion Sebastian Zbik so that his only chance to snatch the title is by way of knock out.., IMHO. Zbik should have retained the title courtesy of a draw or a better split decision for the champion. The referee just didn’t noticed (or refused to give a warning/point deduction) the Chavez inflicted multiple low blows.

  • World Wrestling Entertainment is the REAL THING!

    Boxing is a FILM!

  • Ramon,

    At this point, who’s a real welter? Do you think either of them are going to fight Zavek or Senchenko? Arum won’t risk Pac losing to anyone who is not Top Rank. That’s the problem with Boxing/Promoters (HBO is a promoter too) now a days. They won’t risk their fighter losing to a guy they don’t promote, unless they get an advantage. That’s why Arum risked Pavlik vs Martinez. Arum thought by making Martinez move up, and because he lost a close one to Williams (I thought Martinez won), that Pavlik would be to big and strong. Oops! Cotto was no world beater either. Look at his fight vs Corley. Corley was ripped off in PR, and was never given a deserved rematch. Cotto wins by push down.


  • Gani V.

    Yeah, they did use their magic wand. Too bad that fight on the Horizon won’t be for at least a year or 2, that way Martinez will be around 38 or 39, and it’s not a sure thing either. It’s just Arum talking BS again, like he always does.

    I guess you’re not an analyst.


  • KP,

    Not defending Floyd here, but why would he want to make Arum money, when Arum has been ripping him ever since Floyd left. Arum did the same when DLH left (I’m no DLH fan either). Fact is, Arum want to control all of Boxing, and wants all BIG fights to go through him. Good for his business, but not the business of BOXING. I agree Floyd vs JMM was a farce.


  • pedro, you don’t throw “opinionated” to somebody, especially to your own daughter,
    as a praise! she might smack your loose-lips not so tenderly, pedro!

  • Ravishing Ramon

    Hello, Skerge

    I say it’s bull, because in a post above I spoke of scrubs fighting each other (Ortiz vs Berto) IMO both have padded records.

    Mayweather needs to fight a real Welter, just as Pac needs to fight one, if they aren’t going to fight each other.

    If Cotto fights Chavez Jr., that’s a present from Arum to Cotto, Chavez Jr. is to young with a padded record, which I mentioned above.

    Chavez Jr. will lose in 3rds!!!!!! Trust me. :O)

  • Too many boxing analysts on this blog, it makes my head spins which of the opinions is close to the real thing that had happened behind closed doors negotiation. The only truth about middleweight now is 99 percent Chavez Jr vs Martinez. If HBO, WBC and Arum used their MAGIC wand about the last fight, then they prepared a good fight in the horizon (chavez vs martinez). About Zbik better luck next time.

  • Pac wasn’t going to fight Ortiz because he’s with Golden Boy. Floyd’s his own boss, and he can fight whoever he wants..wait…except for fighting top rank fighters. I think Floyd and Manny are equally to blame for Cherry picking foes. I am sure that if Ortiz was with Top Rank, you’d never hear his name come out of Floyd’s mouth. However, to give Floyd credit(which I rarely do) he’s fighting a young fighter, flawed but young, near his prime and somewhat dangerous. So I will give Floyd some props for going through with this when it happens. In regards to Floyd fighting Marquez…the fight was a farce. I know many lightweights have moved up and fought at welter and had success, however at Marquez’s age I think he reached his ceiling at 135.

  • In another disgusting turn of events Arum just announced that Cotto will have the option to choose whether to fight Jr. for the 160lb title. Really? WTF did Cotto do to deserve a shot at the fake champ Jr? Cotto didn’t even deserve to fight the one legged Yuri Foreman for the 154 title. Cotto could have already fought Jr, Canelo, or Martinez as all 3 had expressed interest in fighting him. He passed to fight Mayorga, MAYORGA!!! It appears that Margacheato will have the next option on Chavez Jr. or will get the Jr. vs Cotto winner. Again, WTF did he do to get a shot at the 160 lb title? All the while the REAL Champ sits on the sidelines. F Top Stank and Bob Arum, and F their PPScrews.


  • Ravishing Ramon,

    I stand corrected, PBF is fighting Ortiz, as the Ring has declared. How can you call it Bull Jive when Ortiz is young, fast, strong, in his prime champ? Are you giving Pac props for fighting an old, slower, smaller, and past prime champ who has 2 move up 2 divisions? I’m not a Floyd fan, but I give him credit for taking on Ortiz. I wish Pac would have. I would have settled for Pac vs Berto too, and least they’re Real Welterweights, and no catch weight Bull Spit either.


  • Ravishing Ramon,

    Last I heard, it was only a rumor, PBF vs Ortiz.


  • 1200 Techs,

    I agree money moves Boxing. We see it to the extreme with Top Stank and now Golden Goose. Arum is still the King at making BS fights and crowning champs who fight for vacant titles though, and because most people don’t understand that those belts don’t mean sh!t, guess what, they tuned in to watch Chavez Jr. fight for a World Title. The same was done for fellow Top Stank fighters like Cotto, Pacman, Margacheato, and DLH when he was with Top Stank. Plain & Simple, Top Stank = Corruption.


  • Ravishing Ramon

    How about this for some more Bull, I’m hearing that Floyd is fighting Ortiz in Sept. another bull jive fight!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with you skerge.. It’s mad bs that fighters get stripped. But like TT said, a lot of that is driven by money and which fighters sell. I had a lot of people asking me if I was going to watch the fight this weekend, and guess which fight they were talking about? Not ONE asked about the real fight at hand, Froch vs Johnson! I basically said I aint watchin no friggin Chavez fight! That dudes a chump compared to the real chavez! If you want to see a good fight, tune in to Froch vs Johnson! What most people don’t understand is those belts dont mean sh*t! A fighter has to unify titles to be considered an undisputed champ, and not often that happens. Froch is inching closer whereas chavez isn’t even in the discussion!

  • At their convetions,the Association of Boxing Commissions has discussed when to have the official weigh-in. They have had doctors discuss the danger of dehydration but they cannot get a majoriity of commissions to support Greg Sirb on same day weigh-ins. Boxing fans should contact the ABC President, Tim Lueckenhoff at and ask that this subject be discussed again at their next convention.

  • I think the IBF has a 10 lbs rule, a rule that doesn’t allow a fighter outweight the other by 10 lbs the night of the fight, I think is a good rule but it should b a 5 lbs rule.

  • TT,

    Thanks for the compliment, I try very hard.


  • SCR,

    You are right; “Martinez shouldn’t even consider Chavez Jr. as a potential opponent.” However, it’s the principle (like Big Worm says in Friday), the principle. Arum and Top Stank keep pulling this BS of having the Real Champs stripped , so his fighters can lay claim to a belt. Most true Boxing fans know the belts are BS, but that’s what drives casual fans to watch, a “belt” is on the line. If it wasn’t important, why would Arum go through the trouble of having the WBC take them away and award them to Top Stank fighters? It’s tough to promote when HBO, the sanctioning body, and Top Stank are all colluding against the smaller promoter. The only way this gets fixed is if fans start sticking up for the little guy to get to play on a level playing field.


  • Skerge is always right on. All sanctioning bodies are at fault. You can have one sanctioning body that has a certain fighter ranked at #1 then another body won’t even have that guy in the top 10. How is this possible? It’s all about who can sell tickets that’s the name of the game. Canelo shouldn’t be a champ, Chavez jr. shouldn’t be champ and Pacquiao would in no way have eight division titles if that was the case.

  • Martinez shouldn’t even consider Chavez Jr. as a potential opponent. As the World Middleweight Champion Martinez knows all roads go through him if anybody else wants to be recognized as the middleweight champion. Plus the way it is now Martinez doesn’t have to pay the ridiculous sanctioning fees. Pedro, let me ask you this. Do you think DiBella has done a good job promoting Martinez? After defeating Pavlik, Martinez was still considered the opponent for Paul Williams in their rematch. It kind of reminded me of when Larry Holmes defended against Cooney and Cooney was introduced after Holmes. Peace out.

  • Just pulled this from Philboxing:

    Ask if there’s any mandatory defense for Chavez, Jr., Arum says: “Well, show me the rules that says No.1 there’s a mandatory without having an optional defense; No.2 somebody who is not even an interim champion or No. 1 contender suddenly is put himself on the mandatory position. There’s got to be rules. You cannot make up rules and then say you have to do something.”

    I didn’t hear Arum say this when the WBC violated No. 1, which directly benefited Arum. (when they stripped Martinez twice) I guess rules only apply when it serves you. Boxing fans should now know Arum and the WBC are in bed together.


  • Pedro,

    Great article, but there is another scandal that proves Boxing is fixed/flawed, and it’s the fact that the fight should not have been for a title in the 1st place. Examine all the “events” that led to it being for a title. First, Martinez schedules a fight on HBO to face vs Zbik, and then HBO turns it down claiming Zbik not known, terrible, & would never be on HBO. It does agree to let Sergio fight Dzinziruk though, and then WBC strips Martinez (the REAL 160 champ). WBC and Arum then scramble to secure Chavez Jr. with Zbik, and now Jr. has belt. Team Martinez issued a challenge to Team Jr. stating Chvez Jr. should beat the real champ for the belt. Enter Boxingscene scribe Marley (who’s in love with Bob & team Pac) who assists Arum in bashing Dibella by saying Martinez is not known & needs to be “built up” in order for the fight to happen. Who the F are these guys kidding? Like the way Arum has built up Jr.? Marley has been running a smear job on Martinez, so Boxing fans can lay off of Pac for fighting for the belt that was “taken” from Martinez without having to fight him (Sergio)for it. Enter the other hypocrite, Roach. Roach will hide his fighters/champs behind Arum when pressed for a fight that fans want by using the old; “We’ll talk to our promoter” line, but he’ll call out other camps Champs when it suits him. Check out what he says regarding Vanes vs Canelo. Roach; “Vanes won the eliminator to face him (Alvarez). Let’s see how good ‘Canelo’ really is,” Someone should tell Freddy; “Jr. won the title that was taken from Martinez. They should fight, so we can see how good Jr. Really is.” Then we can ad; “Let’s see if Pac is really an 8 Div champ, because he should settle it with Martinez for 154 title”.

    WBC, HBO, all of Team Roach, and fake a$$ boxing scribes like Marley are bad for boxing and need to be done away with.

    Thanks for letting me vent Pedro


  • The article is good although obviously biased, especially when you criticism is directed only to the WBC.
    The WBO is just as if not more corrupted than the WBC, do you know how much was cotto outweighin his opponente when defending the WBO jr welter weight crown???
    Did you know that, wilfrido vasques jr fought for the WBO superbantamweigh against a blown up super flyweight who was not authorized to fight in the U.S.A due to a phisical injury (marvin sonsosna)
    wilfrido ”vascas” (vomit in spanish ) jr defenden his WBO superbantam weight title only to blown up fly weight and super flyweights?
    maybe the WBO is the santioning body with the least controversial desicion because they’re making sure their champions finish their opponets before the 12th round, especially with their champion from the island

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Your post made no sense. Try again, this time with your 4th grade teacher coaching you.

  • PF, I agree, ‘Old School’, day of the fight weighs, around 12:00 Noon, seemed to be Fair for both Corners. It was Dr. Flip Homansky and Dr. Barry Jordan, who for Safety reasons, felt that the 24-30 hour, Pre-Fight Weigh-In, allowed the Body/Brain to re-Hydrate sufficently. Particularly to eliminate Sub-Dural hemmoragic incidents. Which are the majority of these ‘Brain Bleeds’, occured at/under the 140 pd limit. Smaller weight classes, tend to have less One Punch KO’s. However, over the distance, of 12/15 rds. these Lads, suffer repeated Head Trauma, over, and over. Especially if they are evenly matched. Example: 1963, March 21, Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium; Davey ‘the Springfield Rifle’ Moore, vs ‘Sugar’ Ramos, from Cuba, for the 126 pd Crown. A brutal Battle of Punchers, rendering Davey, after the 10 th rd stoppage by Ramos, into a Locker Room post bout como. He never regained his senses, and was ‘Un-Plugged’, on the 24, March. ‘Steel Wills, + Heavy Handed Punchers = Serious Damage under the 140 pd. Limit. Check out the statistics of Ring Related Deaths, and you find about 60%, at/under 140 pds.
    Chavez’s 15 + pound advantage Saturday night was a travisty. Could have turned out like another Gatti vs Gomache. Joey was in St. Vicent’s ICU, for 4 days following that FIASCO. At fight time Gatti weighed 160. Gomache, 142 ??????????

  • Theres never enough articles about this stuff. Good too see it for a change instead of the bullshit opinion picese on most sites. Does anyone remember Gatti Vs Gamache? Gatti in a 140lbs fight, in the ring weighed I beleave it was 164lbs correct me if I`m wrong but it was very close to that. Gamache sucked as a fighter but that kid got a raw deal and hurt because of it.
    Boxing is as dirty as it get, besides normal cheating theres so much leagal cheating its mind blowing.
    Also speaking of legal cheating….Body armor…this became a norm in the mid/late 90`s and no one blinks an eye. The old fasioned cups work, I used to use them and they work fine. No reason a “Cup” Needs a thick pad above it that wraps around the front of your waist.

  • yesterday at an open mat, a former college wrestler told me that nowdays if you’re even caught in a sauna it’s treated the same as if you used an illegal diuretic. weight dropping (or more appropriately phrased “dehydration”) is frowned upon in wrestling (to the point that one would not be allowed to compete).

    some guys (Arce, Gatti, Chavez Jr, are just better at playing the weigh in game than guys like Mickey Ward, Zbik, etc.) – I for one would prefer same day weigh ins (or even better 3-4 hour NCAA wrestling style weigh ins) but Zbik knew the system and had the same opportunity as Chavez Jr (or could campaign in a lower weight class).

    Now the question for Pedro, is there genetics involved or is it pure technology that determines how much weight a guy can drain and put back within 24-30 hours. Let’s get a better understanding of the details on how this works.

  • Ravishing Ramon

    I’m sick of boxing after strong fights in March, April and May this garbage happens again Chavez Jr. beating Zbik. I’m from the old school, what happened to the challenger having to TAKE the championship from the champion?

    That was not the case Saturday, please check the punch output rate, I could care less if Jr. threw more power shots, watch the fight you will clearly see Zbik should’ve kept his title.

    For the past 5 years we’ve had to watch these young boxers with their records padded against nobody’s!!! on HBO. Fighters such as Chavez Jr., Berto, Ortiz, Kirkland and a host of others. The only reason the Ortiz vs Berto fight was good was because you had two scrubs fighting each other.

    I could go on and on but I wanted to at least get that off my chest this morning.

    Real Boxing please comeback or should I say Real Boxers please comeback?

  • Your opinion piece is nothing new Pedro, these weight disparities have been going on for years (Gatti vs Gamache)…

    Most harcore boxing fans I know would prefer boxing go back to same day weighin’s.

    Same day weighin’s assure that the fighters will weigh within a few pounds of eachother.


  • Pedro Fernandez


  • Chavez landed about 20 low blows without a warning.Thats the problem with boxing. I can a understand the referee giving the advantage to a true champion, but Chavez? At least a real champion puts in the work earlier in their career to get respect from the officials. Like Michael Jordan getting calls from the referee. Unfair, but building your reputation to gain respect. Chavez has done none of that but be fed handpicked opponents and looked average in most performances. I hope he gets better, just don’t want to see him on premium cable unless he’s fighting quality opposition. He’s done nothing to deserve the opportunity besides be a product of top rank.

  • David in Dunedin

    Has anyone ever died in a NCAA wrestling match before?

  • Oh yea, as soon as I saw Raul Caiz Sr. was a judge I knew it was over for Zbik.

  • I agree with you 100 % Pedro. I love the sport of boxing but I ask myself how much more of this B.S. can I I take. Chavez is a paper champ there to make others rich, just like Saul Alvarez just to name a few. Thanks for your honesty !

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You are an asshole! Don’t bother leaving any more comment MELVIN as the system spams them and I don’t see them.

  • “Anybody ever tell you were have asshole-like tendencies Melvin?”


  • Pedro Fernandez

    He was weight drained to make 150, yeah it was unfair but Pac overcame that. Anybody ever tell you were have asshole-like tendencies Melvin?

  • and so when Antonio Margarito showed up outweighing Pacquiao 17 lbs. the night of the fight, was it to Margarito’s advantage and therefore was an “unfair” fight or just because it was Pacquiao that he was fighting a “weight-drained” fighter.. which is which?

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