• Terrible judges are the WORST. For boxing..They have the potential to do a lot of damage both inside and outside of the ring….Ring talk has always done a good job calling out the scummery around the industry…Let’s hope that CJ Ross never judges another boxing match ever again….Instead, she can go judge boxes and compare their relative “squareness” to one another…

  • Thought Ishe won as well but the scoring was pretty strange in that fight. I may be wrong but I though one judge had Ishe winning wide and one had Molina winning wide. I’m sure Ross will return as well.

  • I thought Ishe did more.

  • After that mess on Saturday night her leave should be permanent. Having that fight a draw is mind boggling!

  • Maybe the split decisions on the same card should be looked at. Carlos Molina SD12 Ishe Smith and Pablo Cano SD10 Askley Theophane. These scores have been overlooked because of the Ross decision.

  • Jack, on point again!

  • Excuse me but isn’t this how Eugina Williams was dealt with? They threw her on ice for a while, until everyone forgot (close to four years) and then brought her back? 411 for all Eugina Williams has scored many world title fights since Lewis – Holyfield.

    By “some time off”, I hope she means we will never hear from her ever again.

  • She is taking a leave so she can go into hiding and not have to answer questions about her scorecard. Once things boil over she can re-apply for a license is she so pleases. Everyone has made such stupid statements in the commissions that it was either her, or the commissioners. Easier to let he go for the time being. I think all of these people need to go and start a clean slate. Overall it just stinks. Judges should be people that know about boxing, not someone who s politically connected as I believe Ross is. Many of the judges are inept, yet get these jobs because they come with all kinds of perks.

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