• @Pedro. Hahha. Unfortunately, not a bicycle. I’ll come right out and say it. I think Marquez was juicing for the pac fight and appears to be doing the same for this one… No matter, his punch resistance is gone and I think Bradley is going to ko him

  • A bicycle Martin?

  • Jmm is the favorite jn this fight. I’ll be laying some cash on Bradley as I believe he’ll ko Marquez… Steroids or not. Marquez looks to be on a cycle again…

  • I like Bradley and I kind of fear for his health. 2 months to recover from his last fight is crazy. I, too, favor Bradley’s youth and speed, but how he is going to react to punches now is a big intangible.

  • ahahaha…good ones regarding Wladamir Wrestlemaster Clinchking….lol…on a side note…heard when JMM was asked to do urine testing, he replied “No thanks. Coach Heredia said I don’t have to drink piss anymore”.

    ok ok jokes aside, heard wada is getting involved in conjunction with Nevada state commision and both Vada and yada yada arent involved for this fight…whats the word on that??

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