Pac Dropping Marquez

Pac Dropping Marquez


New York, NY– Although the fight has not been signed, it looks like Juan Manuel Marquez (52-5-1 38 KOs) has a solid shot at becoming Manny Pacquiao’s (53-3-2 38 KOs) next opponent. But Marquez must first defeat David Diaz (36-3-1 17 KOs) in July, before getting his third shot at the current ‘pound for pound’ king. A third match between JMM and the Pacman seems made to order as Marquez is one of the only opponents to give Manny any trouble in recent years despite being unable to defeat him. But that was a few years ago. With all things considered, could the outcome be any different today?


In their first meeting in 2004, both Pac and JMM met at the featherweight (126 lb.) limit. At the time Pacquiao was virtually a one handed, raw pugilist looking to make a name for himself. Pac gained a strong lead early by knocking Marquez down three times in the first round, also breaking his nose. The only real controversy here, was how could Manny have let this guy get away? I remember this watching this bout and wondering why Pacquiao couldn’t get this guy out of there. But credit goes to Marquez for surviving, adjusting and boxing his way back into the fight. The outcome was a draw.


The last time the two met was in the spring of 2008 and both fighters grew into the jr. lightweight (130 lb.) limit. In a close and entertaining bout, Marquez survived another early knockdown in the third, to make a similar statement as he did in the first bout. He adjusted. But despite Marquez’s efforts, he failed to convince the judges, as two of the three believed Pacquiao won on points. It was a somewhat controversial decision, but nothing to really bring before the commission. In reality, the knockdown and a couple close rounds were the real reasons that cost Marquez the victory. Manny wins by split decision.


Looking at both fighters last few opponents, it would be hard to imagine Marquez in Manny’s position. I don’t see him naturally beating welterweights, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito (now Jr. middleweight) or Shane Mosley. And Manny would likely devour lightweights, Michael Katsidis, Juan Diaz and Joel Casamayor like a piranha. And with Manny being the bigger man on fight night, logic would dictate that it may be an easy night. Because if Manny is breaking apart bigger men, then a smaller man not necessarily even out the playing field. Especially an aging adversary he’s already beaten with less tools and experience.


If Manny was good a few years ago, he’s even better today. As boxing’s biggest crossover star, he’s transcended many of the natural limitations of the sport by dominating world class opponents in eight weight divisions. In his last bout he turned a once crowd pleasing warrior and former welterweight (147 lb) champion “Sugarless” Shane Mosley into a lumpy bag of salt. After a rumor that Manny received steroids from a former sparring partner, Mosley quickly jumped on the bandwagon suggesting that it must be true. He has since stated that he has never been hit that hard and doesn’t even remember two of the subsequent rounds following his knockdown in the third. It’s hard to imagine Marquez, who’s been down several times, against several opponents to fare much better.


Another thing to consider is that Marquez would still need to make it up to a catch-weight, not in his favor to face Manny. Marquez previously agreed to face Floyd Mayweather at 144 lbs, the same proposed catch weight for his bout with Pacquiao but complained it was too much weight gain to compete at his best. Since Marquez hasn’t fought anyone above lightweight since, it’s not logical that it would be to his advantage now. He also hasn’t beaten anyone in the loaded Jr. welterweight (140 lb.) division yet, which would have seemed like a logical step.


With a likely guaranteed fight purse of $5 million dollars, I’m sure it’s hard for Marquez to turn down a payday bigger than he has ever made before. It’s also a fight he’s wanted for a few years and at 37 he probably realizes can’t chase Pacquiao forever. But with that said, a third bout would only determine if Manny was better once and for all. Or at best for Marquez, it would make the two even in a trilogy spanning five years. Even though I personally don’t give Marquez much of a chance here, we will likely see this November bout anyway. It’s not that Marquez has no chance at all, as the odds are against him in every direction and unfortunately that’s just the way it is.

Jarrad Woods


  • To Jonjon.
    hey, don’t be stupid, you are a Filipino… you choose, be proud as a Filipino for our fighter or being a crab mentality. it’s up to you man!

  • the fight of the year is pacman vs marquez, they are both good on boxing and they have their name in this field, and no one can break their legacy… i can’t wait to see how they gonna kick their ass this November at the Las Vagas…

  • Maybe J.M.M. can test mannys pee for him. He certainly seems to have an affectection for drinking it. Is it to much to ask for an analisys while he’s at it?

  • Marquez > Pacquiao

    Marquez drinks his urine and Pacquiao uses PEDs. If Pacquiao didnt have the ferociousness to finish off a running Mosley…. what makes so many people think that that he will be able to finish Mayweather (The best defensive fighter in the world).

  • Marquez WILL come to fight and once again we will see beristeins compassion at work like in the pac de la hoya fight, unlike in the rito cotto fights that should’ve been stopped sooner..jmm will get into that slugfest with pac at some point and thats when the tko or corner stoppage will happen..if JMM looks terrible against david diaz, he should fight Erik Morales. As much as I would like to see the trilogy, at this point, pac vs jmm should be at 135 to see fireworks..I know he has a lot of naysayers, but I really think Bradley at 140 against Pac would be heat. They say he’s hard headed, but no one can question his heart. He has a crazy workrate, youth on his side, and speed to give pac a challenge. The greed or lack of foresight (maybe both) when it comes to promoters is going to put a damn nail into the coffin of boxing if they choose to ignore what the fans want to see. These rising stars need a mantle. Why not take on Bradley at 140 and ortiz right after at 147? Nobody hardly knows jacksh*t about boxing anymore..How do I know this? Just ask around. Imagine when these old stars fade.Promoters should realize that even if the youngsters lose, at least promoters help get name recognition out to the future of boxing.

  • for one pacquiao is not undestructable he is human and he was afraid to fight marquez thats why it took him this long. for two marquez has had some bad fights but in reality he really wanted this fight so that proves that he will be well prepared for this fight and his going to bring it. for those who expect a one lopsided win for pacquiao are in for a surprise,marquez is the only figther to figure out pacquiao this fight will be competitive (a puncher always has a chance that being marquez).

  • Marquez was battered and his eyes were swollen and almost closed when he fought a c-class fighter and one dimensional in Katsidis(beaten and battered by Guerrero)..He was too vulnerable as he was easily hit by Katsidis.Marquez fought overhype Juan Diaz who lost 5 of his last 6fights…These c-class fighters battered Marquez at his best weight how much more against a complete package in Pacman at higher weight…Now, will be fighting faded David Diaz instead of fighting Cotto, Clottey, Margarito and even Mosley as tune-up instead of fighting his same size and faded Diaz…Marquez was lucky fighting a then one dimensional and drained Pacman…Marquez will now be in a firing squad this coming Nov…

  • This is going to be a much better fight than Mosley. Freddie Roach admitted he was scared of this fight because Marquez has Pacquauio’s numbers. Marquez will come to fight. Mexican fighters are not only good, they are game. With regard to the agreed weight Marquez knew he could handle Pacquiao at this weight after all he chased after Pacquiao and he signed the fight contract first so let us not critize Pacquiao and just enjoy the fight.

  • for someone like pac, it is easier to fight bigger slower guys than a smaller counter puncher who is so accurate like Marquez. If anyone thinks this will be a blowout, you are so wrong. Marquez is too smart, good, experienced with the biggest heart. He sees something still in Pac he can take advantage of, believe that. Pac is not much better than he was in 2008. Look at the first two fihht and look carefully, then you will have your doubts on who won

  • It seems you are a pactard..anything that’s not praise for your god is consider hatred to you fools..not all of us have blinders on and we see things some of you fanboy worshippers don’t want to see..

  • It seems that you are a Pac hater.

  • Pacquiao has not improve much since he last fought Marquez..the skill level of his opposition has dropped majorly since moving up in weight, not to mention they were compramised at that..only improvement Pacquiao has made since moving up in weight is his strenght, power and stamina and that remains suspect..sorry pactards, not hating on your hero but I have my doubts because of his scumbag promoter and his suspecious strenght and conditioning coach..not to mention TopStank didn’t help Manny’s cause with all the excuses about taking RDT..

  • hahahaha, Miss Minnifield DENIED one of his all caps rants? Awwww…..I can only imagine what he said. Actually he reads from the same script every time.

    Crazy Joe, FMJ is DONE. He was rightfully removed from many P4P lists due to inactivity. Time for you to find another fighter to follow, buddy.

  • Marquez will at least go out on his shield. He will give his all and I predict it will be a good fight while it lasts. Pacman by mid-rounds K.O.

  • I don’t think J.M.M. is the best fight for Pac right now. Theres a guy named Maywether that could fight him. Assuming you already know that this fight won’t happen right now, then you still have Khan, Martinez, Bradley (only 1 division lower)and many others. The fact that we have to settle for Marquez when the Maywether fight is there to be had makes me sick. We should all be boycoting BOTH fighters until they fight each other. After all, It’s WE the fans that pay the money, so why can’t any of the Pac fans and maywether fans stop bickering like little children and start putting the heat on H.B.O.? Pacmans better than Maywether Wah Wah Wah Maywether is better than Pac blah blah blah. Who gives a f@#$ about the he said/she said. Grow up. If H.B.O. recieved enough pressure to put the fight on than it get’s done, period, but it doesn’t seem like anyone wants it to happen. They’d rather spend there time telling us how nice Pacman is or how the mans’ against Maywether. Who gives a F#$%! If you want to blow Pac kisses all day long, then go to an I LOVE PACMAN site. If you love Maywether, than stand in front of his house all night and profess your love to him. That way all the fighters fans can blow him like they want, and all the FIGHT fans can get on with business. It’s all about getting the best fights, NOT proving how much you secretly love somebody. I’m starting to look forward to the day that Pac and Maywether are gone from the sport just so I don’t have to hear this crap anymore!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Big Al, we don’t allow posts all in caps. It’s like you are screaming. Could you repost correctly please?


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Joe, your post was a little over the top and IT WAS ALL IN CAPS which we don’t allow. Please repost. Thanks!

  • @reflex . Another advantage for pac? if PAC went up and forced fighter A to come down, pac is considered a loser taking advantage of catch weights. Now fighter B moves up and pac goes down and you’re still singing the same tune.Marquez is a lightweigth, what the hell do you expect?

  • JMM is not a legit welter
    he will kiss the canvass
    7 times in total in the trilogy!
    3 in the 3rd chapter!
    the 4 is history!

  • JMM is next in line for retirement,
    but I love his recuperative power,
    unlike mosley who retreats after being down,
    marquez will stand up regardless of how brutal the KO was.
    At this time of there career, PAC will demolish JMM in a manner that he will no longer beat the count,
    LOVE to see the KO!

  • Marquez > Pacquiao

    Pacquiao is still in tremendous condition, however, he is now on the decline. The Pacquiao from a couple of years ago would have finished Mosley. Marquez is one of the most technical fighters that figured out Pacquiao in their first fight. Pacquiao’s weakness is the attack to his body. Marquez in both fights did an excellent job of landing to Pacquiao’s body. Pacquiao may have improved the defense a little bit but when the heat is on…. he always goes back to his oldself. Expect Marquez to land alot of counters and body shots all night. Unfortunately, one must win 10 of the 12 rounds to have a chance of a decision versus Pacquiao. Judges will never score against the opportunity of seeing Pacquiao vs Mayweather.

  • oh c’mon. we all know that , as far as this website is concerned , it is manny paquiao who will always be in a “no-win” situation

  • Hey Crazy Joe Minnifield, are you enjoying being a Floyd fan these days? Must be real entertaining. One year since he fought and no fights in sight. How do you contain yourself with all that excitement going on? After his fight in a couple days, Cris Arreola will have had as many fights in the last 11 days as FMJ had in the last 20 months!

  • good point.. very well said..

  • what a freakin JOKE!!!! Pac wasnt born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he sure has one now. JMM give me a break!!! As a boxing scribe with the influence you may or may not have – you must boycott this fight – good ol Bob passing money from his left hand to his right, and the casual gullible fan suckered in. I don’t blame Pac Man since hes got so much going on he just shows up ready!!! but JMM??? Tim Bradley, Devon Alexander, Zab Judah would at least try then get KO’D, Sergio Martinez, Cotto rematch He tried. Pac gets all that money but with his broken english has never looked in the camera and called out my ex favorite FMM. Very upset I could punch Bob Arum right now :)

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Big Al, repost but not in CAPS. Thanks, Pedro

  • hahaha, “JOE” is Joe Minnifield, the famous Floyd groupie. His “Miss” Pac Man comment gave him away. If you have time, do a search on this beaut – the guy is a real piece of work in the real world and gives you an idea of the type of folks that Miss Floyd attracts…

  • i hate to break it down to you that marquez has a chance because manny is fighting has bens after fight with marquez. if you know boxing u know what im talking about. in the otherhand marquez is a counterpuncher which will give manny problems. one more thing marquez has balls

  • nothing wrong with what jonjon said – it was his personal thoughts and opinion but anything impartial said about these people’s hero and the animal pac nuts swarm. they would rather read 200 comments from pac shills kissing his ass over and over. what else is new? same old story.

  • Marquez rolls to a lopsided victory here….

  • Funny how people say Pac has improved so much after the second Marquez fight since he has beaten bigger men. He had 4 yrs to improve after their first fight and both Roach and Arum stated how Pac was going to destroy Marquez since he was a two handed fighter now and Marquez didn’t look the same and POW Manny wins a disputable decision (look at his face when they are reading the decision, he looked surprised that he won.) Now 4 yrs later Pactards are going to say you see he is truly better than the second fight when in actuality it’s the fact that Pac has waited for Marquez to be ancient to fight him again. Isn’t it funny how Pac claims Mayweather is waiting for him to get older when in actuality Pac has done that to Marquez.

  • Pac should drop down to 140 for this fight..out of his own mouth he said he can make it easily..dont u fans wanna see a competative fight? why all these advantages?

  • miss pacman fooled the world on roids, beating old men, an dudes floyd beat already

  • Best fight out there for Manny right now . No doubt Mayweather is of course the most wanted fight. But it will be a good fight for them closing the chapter and Manny leaving no doubt to boxing fans. truthfully i think he should have fought Juan Manuel Marquez right away. And to be honest i can see why Juan Manuel wants the fight he did win more rounds against Manny Pacman the truth is the knockdowns that occurred gave Manny the fight. the 10-8 rounds add up but the heavier weight will be a problem for Juan Manuel. but come on who wouldn’t watch this fight at least he wont run like Sugar Shane Mosley and he wont be weight drained like Antonio Margarito and weight drained like Oscar. so again i think Pacman by decision but it would be a great fight to watch. hopefully after this Juan Manuel goes back to 135 his true weight. good look to both fighters when it does happen.And trust me Juan Manuel will not be Manny’s punching bag. it is going to be a great fight. but the younger bull Pacman will win by 12 round decision.

  • JMM never learned a lesson….effect of urine-juice

  • Juan Manuel Marquez will be soon joining the BRC, the Battered and Retired Club. Whose members include Ricky Hatton, Erik Morales, Antonio Margarito, Ledwaba, Barrera, Dela Hoya, ethc.

  • Jonjon move out of your parents house and get a job. Better go back to school and improve your mind.

  • OGAG…I heard that Manny had blisters on the palms of his hands from not using lotion while rubbin one out too. Manny would have finishe JMM if he would have been able to resist the urge to jack off the night before.

  • Jarrad, well thought out and written article. Agreed with most of your points. I am just hoping for a good fight given the history between the two men. I have always believed that JMM is one of the best in-fight adjusters I’ve seen in the last decade. Most people scoffed at the rematch because of how Marquez looked against Chris John & Barrera, but I believe he has Manny all figured out. Once he figures out Manny’s speed and doesn’t get too overly aggressive its a counter punching festival for the Mexican warrior. Whether or not he has the physical skills to pull it off on fight night is another story.

  • Just like other PACMAN bout..this will be over-hyped but will turn out to be just another repeat of Mosley fight… JMM will cycle around for the $5M. Not even Mayweather can provide a good fight! Fans indeed are excited with every fight of PACMAN but the fact is no fighter out there can match PACMAN now.

  • This is suicide for Marquez…. Manny is too kind to his kind opponent but cruel to a loudmouth fighter… its payback time!!! canvass kisser!!!!!!!!!

  • boholano flash

    like i said it will bea Pacquaio vs. Morales III. marked my word man….

  • another retirement fund for marquez,,he will be brutalized by manny.but i hope the fight is better than mosley.

  • I agree with Benny, If JMM would really want to beat MP, he would not say fighting him in any weight which he knows that he doesn’t have any chance at 147 or even at CW 144, It’s just for the biggest paycheck of his life before retiring.

  • Good write-up & analysis! Keep it up!

  • It will be a great fight the first 2 rounds. PACMAN will win by KO in the 3rd.

  • good analysis! since on other opponents can be found to match pacquiao other than scary cart floyd jr… marquez is the other option. perhaps, marquez can display more fighting spirit more than mosley and clottey. watching manny in action is a boxing talk never to be missed. agree?



  • Marquez will circle to his left and counterpunch. Just what Mosley did to survive.

  • im sorry to tell you all, that i am one of the few pacfans who really believes that jmm beats pacman twice. yes, pacman drop jmm 3x last 2004 in their first fight and the score should be 10-6 in pac’s favor but jmm clearly won in round 2 to 12 which scored 10-9 in favor of jmm. so, i’m sorry to tell you that it’s JMM’s victory 116-109.

    for their 2nd fight 10-8 for pac in a 3rd round, 4,9 and 10 the score was 10-9 in favor of pac and i will say the over-all total is in favored of JMM 114-113. i had jmm won again.

    pac vs jmm III
    130 lbs – JMM will still win
    135 lbs – both pac and jmm has the weapons to win
    140 lbs to 147 – pac will easily kill jmm.. jmm has no chance at all

  • im sorry to tell you all, that i am one of the few pacfans who really believes that jmm beats pacman twice. yes, pacman drop jmm 3x last 2004 in their first fight and the score should be 10-6 in pac’s favor but jmm clearly won in round 2 to 12 which scored 10-9 in favor of jmm. so, i’m sorry to tell you that it’s JMM’s victory 116-109.

    for their 2nd fight 10-8 for pac in a 3rd round, 4,9 and 10 the score was 10-9 in favor of pac and i will say the over-all total is in favored of JMM 114-113. i had jmm won again.

    pac vs jmm III
    130 lbs – JMM will still win
    135 lbs – both pac and jmm has the weapons to win
    140 lbs to 147 – pac will easily kill jmm.. jmm has no chance at all

  • @jonjon…tsk.tsk.tsk..I guess you were not able to take loose change from PacMan that’s why you were only sourgraping. PacMan is such a nice and really help people in need…try to approach him once again and he will share with you some of his few dollars..

  • Pedro Fernandez


    I almost gagged on your excuses!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Prof, You’re an ignorant asshole. I didn’t even write this pieve, the great Jarrad Woods did. Just go away and leave us alone!

  • Marquez wants to share the M.P.R.A. (Manny Pacquiao Retirement Account). After he will retire like Margarito, Dela Hoya, Hatton, Mosley, Barrera, Morales. All the Pacman’s opponents are gone in boxing.

  • Pacman will beat JMM to a pulp. Even if JMM figures out Pacquiao, I don’t see how he can hurt Pac w/ his punches at welterweight.

  • comments from corrales, new mexico.

    marquez is too tired of drinking his own piss he just wants to retire with a big bag of money.

  • @jonjon have you been in the house of Manny Pacquiao in General Santos where people lined up to get rice and groceries? Have you seen the thousands of people filing up in the street to get help from Manny? Have you read in the news that Manny is building a hospital in Sarangani Province? Have you seen the many boxers now handled by MP Promotion making center stage in the US for a big fight? You don’t know all about these humanitarian works of Pacquiao, so stop saying things that you only heard as rumors. Manny for all you know wants to help in all possible way to the Filipino people. What does Manny did to you to make you hate him? Are you not proud that a Filipino is bringing glory to your country and to you as a Filipino. Manny is very patriotic. He even dedicate his every fight to you because you are a Filipino. I pity you jonjon, your eyes are blind. Blinded by the rumors you heard.

  • The heavy consequence of this trilogy with Marquez lies on his legacy…yet with $5M in his pocket but will forever be remembered by the Boxing World as Pacquiao’s Mexican Punching Bag

  • jerwin of south cotabato

    no doubt pacman will win.

  • I hope JMM will drink water instead of urine this time.

  • During JMM’s fight with FMJ at 144 Lbs. JMM claimed that he felt slow. Once again he will be fighting at 144Lbs, if he felt that he could perform a lot better at 135 Lbs., will he be allowed to climb up the ring at 135 Lbs to face the PACMAN? After all the PACMAN faced Margarito weighing a lot less than the agreed weight. Does this analogy make sense, pls somebody tell JMM that he can stay at 135 to face the PACMAN. After all, it seems that the only thing not allowed is if a boxer go beyond the agreed weight limit.

  • Good article, but there is no way in my opinion that Pac is better now than he was a couple of years ago. Pac hit his peak (in my opinion)between Hatton and Cotto. Think I’m wrong? He hasn’t knocked out ANYONE since. He’s gone from sharp, accurate movable weapons platform to the plodding, I’m gonna follow you instead of finishing you kinda fighter. Isdro is right though, The diaz fight is no done deal. Even though some old fighters can produce a good win once in a while, more often then not they can also fade out of nowhere. Jmm will beat Diaz tko8 and Pac will beat JMM in a tough fight (also tko8), but why should we settle for this scenerio? Pack should be boycteed till he fights Maywether. The same for Floyd. Dave

  • The reason why Pacman didn’t put away marquez on the 1st fight is because on round 3 onwards he is suffering from blisters from his foot ( don’t know if right or left ). He bought a pair of socks b4 the fight that was thin so got that blisters. After the fight, he was offered a commercial from a sock company in the Phils. I think the brand was “darlington socks”. Moreover, his left hand was badly swollen on the same round ( 3dr ). So everytime he hits Marquez it doubles the pain in his hand & everytime he is chasing Marquez the blisters in his foot worsen.
    And on top of that marquez was offered 750 thousand dollors for the rematch but chose to fight in Indonesia for 30 thousand dollors…if he isn’t scared for Pacman why choose lesser money with unknown opponent and outside the USA or Mexico. Marquez was the IBF & WBA Featherweight Champion then. He should be the one dictating terms on a lesser known opponent. He should have just heal himself or take a tune-up fight before having the rematch. He’s a great warrior but he is facing a more polish, better & improve Pacman. I’m guessing this will be Marquez’ last fight. He will retire after this, he should because he will make a lot of money after this fight. He should enjoy the fruits of his labor.

  • Yes, this fight is like any other fight of Pacquiao “No Brainer”! But who would give this guy a good fight at this weight? Ortiz? Bradley? or maybe a 147 lbs Lion? This guy is going to eat them alive. At least a lion would have fought his heart out unlike Shane does. Marquez is the only (atleast by history) legit fighter. Oh yeah maybe a 147 lbs Chicken but he’d rather watch Lady Gaga.

  • Well i think it would be better if this fight happens… if this will be the only way to seal greatness between the pugilists then so be it…

  • This time around Marquez will finally wake up and realize the Truth…and the truth is that he did not win in all his previous two fights with Manny. Manny should do his best to KNOCK this guy out period. There’s no way he can defeat the PACMAN considering the tremendous improvement Manny has shown in his fights after his last encounter with Marquez. I am willing to bet US$1,000.00 for Manny to win this fight. Any takers out there?

  • RockyRoadriguez

    Of all the blogs I have read about JMM facing PAC, this one makes the most sense. JMM is saying he won over PAC twice, I say he kissed the canvas four times! (That is a fact not an opinion) I really love this match to happen, because I know JMM will go out there and fight the fight of a lifetime. But he will fail. PAC has evolved into a monster from that beast that JMM “claims” he won over. I still see a KO, and a pee drinking fighter not being able to stand from a powerful left hand of a monster with the name Manny Pacquiao.

  • marquez tko 2nd round!

  • why not let them fight first and then we judge.

  • @jonjon can u pls. defined boastful as what you described to the pacman, is it boastful to enjoy your hard earned work, pathetic filipino…do some research before condeming others.

  • Marquez has always have the chance to beat Pacquiao. In fact, according to he has beaten Pacman twice already. Actually, I’d like to correct him. He has beaten Manny four times already. Yes, four times! He has beaten Manny to the canvass four times already. He’s been kissing the canvass already, Manny has yet to lie down. Marques did it already.

  • woww, another MP-JMM fight, it couldn’t even last for 8 rounds. MP will still standing raising his hands and make a sign of the cross while looking at the sky/roof. JMM will be transferred to the hospital for further medical examination, just like what happened to Hatton.

  • @REFLEX, Marquiz is the one requested the 144 catch weight I think. They will be fighting for Manny’s WBO welterweight title so if anything, it Marquez advantage. know before you comment fool.

  • pacquiao fought big guys with higher weight than him during fight. Now the catch weight is advantage of Pacquiao over Marquez, marquez needs to shut up his mouth after pacquiao demolished him. No more excuses, no more issues…marquez needs to prove he is better than pacquiao.

  • PACMAN will wipe out all veterans, send them to retirement. Next before PACMAN retires, he will face all rookies and send them to early retirement. LOL

  • Nice article. I think this match is long overdue, but atleast it will happen. Hope Diaz would not upset JMM. I think Pac will KO JMM this time.

  • When this fight happen, how I wish I will not read or hear any excuse from JMM once he kiss the cavas for good. That`s all!!!!!! just like de la hoya, just like Cotto, Just like Hatton, Just like clotty and the latest one, Shame Mosley too much talking before the fight,he even said that he will shock the world, yes Shame Mosley shocked the world by running and running and running, what a shame!!!! yak yak yak yak yak

  • I dont know if this is going to be a mismatch (in pac’s favor), but
    marquez seems to be at his best against pacman.

  • or maybe this fight on NOV. 12 is to beat manny or to get money for marquez.

  • I’m afraid that JMM will drop dead this time. I just could not imagine he’s able to survive Pac’s punches that dropped the much bigger opponents (Mosley and Cotto).

  • i think this fight on nov. 12 is to beat manny or to bet money for marquez.just like mosley only miracle or lucky punch can beat pacman.

  • In my opinion, the earliest year Floyd can fight Manny is 2046. With so many criminal charges and maybe years in prison, no way to have the fight early.
    I just hope the fight fans are still excited about that dream fight when the time comes.

  • Great piece of sport journalism. You are like 50 times better than the guy ATLAS who works for ESPN. You should take his job. PACMAN and JMM fight will be a great fight for all boxing fans. I can’t wait to order the PPV.

  • Marquez got to KO David Diaz in order to show justification for his much sought third match against Pacquiao.He is not a ppv main attraction and a bad win against Diaz might affect it.

  • I can’t imagine if Marquez hits by Pacquiao thunderbolt punch. JMM taste Pac fist at 126 lbs. and 135 lbs. with a total of 4 knockdowns in their last bouts couple years ago. I like Marquez ‘coz he likes to fight eventhough he was knockdown but suddenly he will recover and fight back. He is the tactician warrior, a true warrior, besides, he is a true mexican warrior willing to fight for his life and his nation KIA (Killed In Action) OR WIA (Wounded In Action). There was a True Bad Blood between of them ‘coz Pacquiao was name as “MEXICUTIONER” means PAC slaughter all mexican legends, now Pacquiao’s name is the “PACMAN” means killer bigger and heavier legends that’s why he is the “ALL TIME GREAT WARRIOR”.

  • hit and run! that’s how mayweather beat marquez. although manny is an aggressive fighter, manny should do what mayweather did to him. manny should utilize his speed in punching and quickly darts away to avoid marquez counter punch.

  • Well, it’s too bad for Marquez ain’t it? Not to worry though since you’ve already come up with every darn excuse you can muster, not that it will soften the beatings JMM will receive from da Pacman come fight night. 😀

    I’m not sure many boxing fans missed the fact that during the Mosley fight, Manny Pacquiao’s punches were incredibly more powerful than they’ve ever been! And the speed was there as it should be and looked even faster too.

    I know JMM realize that just like Shame Mostlie, he doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance against Pac but money/greed prevailed given the fact that GBP doesn’t pay their boxers worth a crap.

    JMM sleeps like a baby in round # 2.

  • If in the previous fights of JMM & MP, while the Pacman was still a raw one hand fugilist was able to knock down Marquez several times, I would agree with JW that JMM will have a big problem facing his nemesis in the square jungle. For one, MP doesn’t have that kind of follow-up after a knockdown in the first 2 meetings, while now PM carries that kind of wallop punch that would likely bring JM down again and with his acquired technique of following up with rapid punches JMM will be in for a big surprise. But nonetheless this fight will really generate PPV subscribers surpassing the Shame Mosley-Pacman’s PPV viewers.

  • That’s his death wish. I will bet for a KO win for Manny.

  • For quite some time I’ve heard many request a third match with JMM. JMM knows how to fight MP as they’ve had two close fights. JMM, based on his fights w/MP and subsequent body of work (with the exception of FMJ) deserves to get this rematch that he’s wanted for some time now.

    Another way to phrase it is “who else is there for MP to fight if the FMJ fight isn’t made?” Ortiz, SMartinez, MJones … they’re all too big. What started out as a moneymaker against DLH has turned into a campaign at welter when he should be at 135/140.

    If there’s two more MP fights I’d say the winner of MP/JMM vs the winner of Bradley/Khan and that’s it

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  • I love Pacquiao here but JMM figure out Pac long time ago!!!

  • Your’re right in this article. I totally agree on your assessment in this fight. How could he beaten a man beating bigger men with ease? I wonder if it’s about money or he just feel really he can beat the PaCman? Though odds be against JMM, I know this will be a war! Better than joshua clottey and mosley fight.

  • for marquez to keep claiming that he won the two fights against pacman is an insult
    to all the judges who covered those fights, as well as disrespecting pacquiao.
    he will get his 5m but at a cost, in the way of de la hoya, hatton and margarito
    defeats. bring it on.

  • Hindsight 20/10

    Mr. Woods, at least Marquez et. al. will know Pac will come on weight come weigh-ins (unlike Fraud); Marquez et. al. will know Pac’s weight come fight night (approx. 148lbs) – unlike Fraud, who decline a fight night weigh-in; but boxing scribes have approx. 156-160lbs. Out weighing Marquez over 15lbs. How can Marquez hurt/KO an opponent who out weighs him approx. 18lbs.(i.e. MP vs. AM). Pac didn’t want to fight Marquez a third time, it was Marquez who was insistent. But I do agree with you. Marquez has no chance. He may have figured out the Pacquiaos “rubiks cube;” but hasn’t figured out how to handle Pacs power. Mosley was running scared from it, Marquez will also feel it. But at least Marquez won’t run. So much for “…slick African-American fighters.”(B.Hop.)

  • this time pacman will fight with no mercy against marquez.why marquez didn’t make a good show when he fought chris john?marquez will fight pacman’s leftover this july,david diaz.if david diaz will beat marquez on july fight, that means marquez doesn’t deserve to fight pacman.he deserve to rematch chris john.marquez will fight different manny pacquiao this nov 12 in case the fight will happen,the manny pacquiao marquez fought before has only one handed power and this time two handed power, that’s the new manny pacquiao, marquez will face on better be readyyyyyy your pillows.

  • It will still be a battle in 12 rounds with no clear winner. Marquez will dominate pacquiao in rounds won but pacquiao will compensate it with knockdowns. Let the count down begins!

  • man, how can marquez say he beat manny twice? when he was downed by manny 4 time in their 2 encounters. it was me who beat really manny once, that’s why i was able to scuffle with the pacman in a trilogy. i dont think he even deserves to make it out for a trilogy with the pacman,because the best he got with Manny was a draw. Cant even think that the second bout when he lost a split decision with the pacman is factor to favor a trilogy since a split decision for Manny is still a lost game to Marquez. Marquez is dreaming again and does not deserve a trilogy with the pacman, since he has spent his fighting career as a lightweight and never really tussle with big guys in heavier division just what the pacman did.

    Good luck Marquez and long live mexico but dont be a mexican jumping bean when the pacman hits you at will.


  • Freddie Roach must see the angle of the attack as well as the counter, if he can see it, it will be an easy fight for Manny Pacquiao against Juan Manuel Marquez.

  • i agree, i don’t see jmm winning on points (split, unanimous or misjudging) or by tko, stoppage or k.o. i don’t see him knocking down pacman neither. so, how does he win?
    if their boxing skills stayed the same as in the their first two bouts, then jmm needs to knock pacman out – not gonna happen at the 140-144 limit because their skills did not stay the same, they both improved but pacman improved more.

    they are each going to find their marks again but this time at this higher weight limit,pacman will walk through jmm’s and knock him out.
    it will be lights out for jmm between round 4 and 8.

  • Sir Jarrad that’s a good logical argument;a nice read amid tons of garbage on the sports of boxing. I always enjoy reading your articles–THANK YOU. Me thinks it will be a missmatch this time. Pacquiao has impressive performance since their rematch in 2008; garnering several accolades and history making accomplishements in the process. Marquez?? No need to explain. His forray into higher weight resulted to a disaster. The only motivation for Marquez for a third fight at this stage is absolutely $$$$$$ in his eyes. The best justification for a third meeting is to prove first that he will be competitive at higher weight. Make an impressive victory of any of the elite fighter at 140 lb. first. Amir Khan, Timothy Bradley or victor Ortiz, yes any one of them.

  • what a lot of people don’t see about pacmans every fight is that his weight at fight night are very close to a lightweight fighters, i really don’t believe that catchweight would be an issue, it’s just a matter of doing the right preparations for the fight.

  • I really hope Marquez wins and give Manny fits because Manny is becoming boastful here in the Philippines. He says he is pro-poor but he is taunting his extravagant lifestyle instead of extending those expenses to help his needy countrymen. He says he is a model for young Filipinos but instead he is an example of a man with lots of vices like gambling, womanizing, etc.

  • Just like Shane Mosley, JMM will be fighting manny Pacquiao for financial security before hanging his gloves. You’va said it. He has no chance of winning against a bigger and very much improve Pacquiao at 144 lbs.

  • Your correct Jarrad! Nice article

  • In their first fight, the bout should have been given to Pacquiao because one of the judges admitted his error in favor of Marquez. So, it was Marquez who was defeated twice by the Pacman. In the third fight, Marquez will be in dreamland after a left hook.

  • Pac will beat JMM like a drum. This fight will happen despite JMM’s problems with gaining weight properly, because JMM is consumed by a single irrational burning ambition: to catch up to and to surpass Pac. Otherwise, JMM would have stayed in weight classes that make sense for him. It’s too bad that JMM has been unable to motivate himself with the more sensible ambition of being the dominant featherweight or lightweight for a long period of time.

  • pacquio has developed boxing skills tremendously, he will destroy marquez in round 3…. and probably this will be the last fight of marquez.

  • it will be jmm last wish as a boxer….to lose in the hands of the greatest boxer of the decade….with a lot of money in his pocket his future is already secured but with a heavy price to pay….it’s either a career ending loss due to injury or his shattered dreams of being great….

  • Marquez took this fight for the money only. He knows he has no chance against Pacquiao. better retire with much moolah.

  • Another catch weight advantage for Pac

  • In my opinion one of your best pieces. Great work man!

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