Chavez (left) cracking another bum

New York, NY– After the horrid “show” that transpired last Saturday (in both decision and “combat”) boxing moves on and gets ready to begin a heated summer lineup of intriguing match ups. Lucky for us, this weekend’s main event has potential to be hot enough to burn down the barn. Let’s take a look.


In what is expected to be a sold out crowd, the undefeated “son of a legend” Julio Cesar Chavez (45-0-1, 31 KOs) will attempt to defend his WBC middleweight (160) trophy against rugged brawler Andy Lee (28-1, 20 KOs) in a scheduled 12 rounds of pound at the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, Saturday at 10 PM ET on HBO.


At the tender age of just 27 years old, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has already competed in 46 fights without knowing defeat. However, his level of opposition has left much to be desired. Since his professional debut in 2003, Chavez opponents have commonly been comprised of “C” class battlers with losing records. During that span Chavez went “life and death” with two (at best) “B” class fighters and barely crossed the finish line in each. To his credit, Chavez has displayed proven boxing ability; especially in the educated way he varies his punch selection. In addition, by recently hiring Hall of Fame bound boxer/trainer Freddie Roach, Chavez has shown a willingness to continue to learn his craft. At the end of the day, the acquisition of a legendary trainer can only help. Plus: Julio can bang some.

Lee (right) bringing the pain!


A non-household name to the laymen, make no mistake folks: Andy Lee is a solid scrapper who is equipped with “lights out” type power and possesses a quality I consider to be the most important facet to have in the “hurt business”: “The Hell Code”. To those not familiar with my coined phrase “Hell Code”, let me enlighten you with the definition. The Hell code is when a fighter tries to take you to the pits of  Hell and (if need be) he’s willing to go there with you, fully aware that only one of you will make it out alive. The “Hell code” is a rare trait not possessed by many in the difficult sport of boxing. The legends who have fought successfully with this code of conduct are a special breed of animal (see: Arturo Gatti, Mikey Ward, Juan Manuel Marquez, Orlando Salido, Isreal Vazquez, Diego Corrales, Johnny Tapia, and Jake LaMotta for a taste of that sort of madness). While Lee is not nearly close to being in that elite class of celebrated warriors as of yet, on the contrary; his willingness to fight in the same “kill or be killed” spirit as those aforementioned warriors could tell the tale to see if Chavez is really the goods.


Now in it’s 4th installment, the new fight series brought to you by the “suits” at NBC offers a pair of heavyweight showdowns headlined by former heavyweight title challenger and former WBO and IBF light heavyweight (175) belt holder Tomasz Ademek (45-2, 28 KOs) pitted against one time title challenger Eddie Chambers (36-2, 18 KOs) in a slated 12 frames or less contest. Opening up the show of “big men”, unbested but untested pug Bryant Jennings (13-0, 6 KOs) throws hands with unheralded thug Steve Collins (25-1-1, 18 KOs) in a proposed 10 round tilt. Live coverage from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey begins Saturday at 9 PM ET on NBC Sports Network.

John Signorella


  • Mario, Omar Chavez lost fairly recently. He is not as talented as Jr, and is being brought along even softer.

  • he will never be half as good as his dad, isn’t their another chavez son fighting, how come he don’t get any attention?????????

  • I like your story but I wouldn’t necessarily describe Lee as a ‘rugged brawler.’ Steward snatched him out of the amateurs because he was the only guy beating all the Russians and Cubans; did well in the 2004 Olympics before losing on a countback.

    To me he is a tricky, highly technical southpaw with power in both hands and the mentality you describe, but with not a great defense.

    I’m sure Chavez thinks they can “Vera” him. We’ll see. If Lee keeps it a boxing match, I think he is more than capable of winning.

    I have the fight about dead even.

  • Yet another solid weekend. I’m equally interested in the NBCSports lineup. Maybe even a tad bit more interested in that one because of the expectation/fear that Chavez Jr. will not be allowed to lose in TX. Also NBCSports is all about the heavies, which is a division with a lot more going for it now than has been the case for a while.
    Good stuff.

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