Cleveland Plain Dealer's Joey Maxse

San Francisco, CA– Having had in my possession for a while now, a videotape of former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik falling off a Stand Up Comedy club stage in his native Youngstown, OH, not once, but twice, I had withheld it from you due to a number of reasons. The first being, everybody has skeletons in their closet. Be it drinking, drugs, hard and soft, a sexual scandal, nobody is perfect.

Paklik's Manager Cameron Dunkin



So, when I wrote here at that not only was Pavlik an alcoholic, but that he had be seeking alcohol rehabilitation, Pavlik’s manager and the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s (the city’s #1 newspaper) writer Joey Maxse, they came after me and called me,
“A liar, a scumbag,” just to highlight two of the remarks made in Maxse’s lengthy column slamming me.


Just as was the case when I accused Shane Mosley of using Steroids before the Oscar De La Hoya rematch, his lawyer Judd Burstein, they sent me threatening letters, emails, hell, even Shane’s father Jack Mosley slandered me in an article saying, “I couldn’t be taken seriously.” Years later, Mosley admitted under oath, this after having me ousted from press row for telling the truth, that he did indeed “Use Steroids and EPO before the second De La Hoya fight.”


After belittling me globally, one would think that Maxse, who must be in his 60's by now, would have realized he had slandered and defamed me and wrote a retraction and a letter of apology. But like Pavlik was in denial, I guess Joey Maxse was/is as well. Right now, I am consulting with attorneys regarding both potential cases. Like when I sued Bob Arum and successfully garnered $10,000 in an out of court settlement, nobody thought I had the Top Rank CEO legally cornered after he slandered me in a Las Vegas Review Journal article, which I believe was penned by suspected shill Kevin Iole.

Jin Mosley

CALL ME WHAT YOU WANT, BUT YOU CAN'T CALL ME WRONG HERE! In the near future, we intend to put the video of Pavlik, drunk as a skunk falling down off a stage twice and making a complete fool out of himself. That's my intention, but I'll have to see what the lawyers have to say. But we have the video, the goods, just like we had the goods on Shane Mosley, whose ex-wife Jin Mosley even penned a piece at that shredded me, Shane's lawyer Judd Burstein, Jack Mosley, we have the goods on Cameron Dunkin and Joey Maxse.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Kevin Iole and the “breadman” have to be the most biased so called boxing writers on the net…just my opinion…humble opinion….lol..take no shit Pedro…when your right ..your right..

  • They say that typically, when two people are fighting or arguing you separate them and listen to both sides… And somewhere, between the middle of the two, you will find the TRUTH.

    Pavlik’s reasons are out there and I for one absolutely believe a lot of it because it is par for the course and Top Rank is right up there at the pinnacle when it comes to shady business practices … There are things out there re Pavlik that don’t make that guy any sort of angel either and most important here is his professional career since the second Jermain Taylor fight on 08’…. Both sides have a beef.

    I do believe that Pavlik was probably jerked by Top Rank in the way he notes. I also believe that Top Rank is treating him this way because of 2008 forward and how much of a fallen commodity Pavlik has become since then and for various reasons, many noted by Pedro and others.

    Pavlik may not like this but he is performing without a net. He IS NOT what he was in 2008 and everybody in the business knows it… He is NOT going to get the same treatment today he commanded after the Taylor fights, every little thing he does IS going to be magnified because of his screw ups and disintegration since then… And… I agree with him, I think Top Rank has seen enough and IS looking to “Cash Him Out”… There is your TRUTH.

    Top Rank isn’t going to give him the same treatment they would have back in the day… And after this one explodes and becomes yet another mark on Kelly, I don’t expect there will be a long line of suitors looking to treat the guy like Manny Pacquiao… It is what it is and if Kelly wanted to be treated differently today, he should have been a different person/professional commodity over the past few years.

    … Welcome to Boxing.

  • No it was from around the time they were denying reports that Kelly had an alcohol problem.

  • Keep up the good work Pedro! Repeatedly you go out and say what others won’t. Boxing needs more straight shooters.



  • When is this video from? Is it during ” training” for the fight he backed out of?

  • The difference is that we are telling the truth. They are pure liars who are making statements when they know then to be false. If you knew what slander was then you’d understand. slander refers to a malicious, false,and defamatory spoken statement or reports, and it’s the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. Insults is different than slander. Calling someone a lier and a scumbag, in regards to Pedro reporting the truth(in this case that Pavlik was an alcoholic) is slander, pure and simple. In this case I believe at the time the manger knew he had an alcohol problem and stated this to a reporter who printed it. Thus slander.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I like the site but how are the accusations/insults that PF dishes out different from what these guys are dishing to him?

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