Uniion City, NJ– You know how, in romantic comedies, sometimes the title female character searches far and wide for her knight in shining armor, only to disregard the fact that the boy she is looking for this entire time is right before her eyes? Well, America, it’s time we end this meaningless search for the nation’s new boxing superstar and just give the well-deserved title to Paul Malignaggi (27-3, 5 KOs).


Sure, Paulie is not exactly the spitting image of Middle America, but let’s evaluate the signs of the times, or, more aptly, of Time Magazine, which has named among nominee’s for it’s 100 most influential people Andrew Breitbart, Manny Pacquiao (51-3-2, 38 KOs), and Snooki. In other words, the nation is searching for a loud, outlandish, opinionated, strangely-coiffed Italian American superstar. Meanwhile, boxing is still searching aimlessly for an ambassador to the mainstream to make our sport popular again. It’s about time someone put two and two together.


The problem seems to be that Malignaggi’s publicity team—who are single-handedly responsible for making this happen—haven’t done so yet. While Malignaggi himself is a PR master (just take a look at his Twitter account), his team has been focused on selling t-shirts and preaching to the choir. They have done nothing to sell his image outside of the boxing world– where he is likely to find further fame and fortune. Apparently they haven’t noticed that the nation is currently nursing a major crush on brash New Yorkers with radioactive tans and spiky hair. After the New York Times mentioned Malignaggi in an article on the tv show Jersey Shore, it’s shocking his PR team didn’t try to set up a meeting.


While it is possible and entirely justified that Malignaggi is offended by the image of his generation of Italian Americans as likeable but ultimately problematic drunks, this could have also been a launching point with which to insert him into the national dialogue. Appearances on the show, public statements, and guest spots on late night would have all done wonders for his mainstream appeal, not to mention for the general appeal of boxing itself.


The major reason for the decline of popularity of our sport in America is simply that there are no charismatic American champions being promoted into the mainstream public eye. It is a spot usually reserved for heavyweights, of which there are currently no giant characters, so why not give it to a light welterweight with some heavy heart? Ultimaltely, though, as much as fans would want him to assume that position, it’s up to his publicity team, which has mysteriously shown little interest in promoting him. We can only hope this changes in time for Paulie to make a blockbuster appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s new TBS show.

Frances Martel


  • Paulies bark is bigger than his bite. An article dedicated to Paulie!?!?

  • Is this a trick question?

  • Some people think that women are drawn by maternal instinct to the sound of wheezing and crying babies, to comfort them and put a pacifier (or sometheing) in their mouth. I suppose this might explain why some women gravitate to Malignaggi and Cintron.

  • Everyday is April fool’s day for Frances.

  • no wonder why people think ms. martel is a novice writer, though she’s been w/ pedro since her freshmen in harvard.

    her 4 years in ring talk proved nothing but her age, she could hardly write a decent article.

  • “Paulie can fight in Arizona from now on. He could be their “great white hope””
    – You are correct. He is a legal citizen, not an illegal alien.

    Hasta Luego.

  • Paulie can fight in Arizona from now on. He could be their “great white hope”

  • i would love a fight of trashtalking between Malignaggi and Mayweather jr.I think Paulie would come at the top in the end,with a slight margin.

  • Fight Chick’s Kermit love is like the old Elvis song:

    I would climb the highest mountain
    Or swim the deepest sea
    Darling, any way you want me
    Well that’s how I will be

  • you smokin’ pot again, Frances?

  • Frances, are you trying desperately to seek attention from readers? I can volunteer.

  • I am pulling for Paulie to win against Kahn, but c’mon frances? the answer is common sense! He lost his two biggest fights, against Cotto and (to paulies embarrasment) to Hatton, that is why he is not a star, perhaps it can change if he beats Kahn. Paulie is quite a character, but if he doesnt win his big fights he wont become a break out star. Pacquiao is a star because the guy wins his fights and in blow out fashion. Paulie is likable, but he has to win in the ring against the big names before we mention the possibility of Time magazine…

  • Wow… amazed to see so many so called boxing fans talk about Paulie like they have a clue! A great boxer does not require that they only can KO! Paulie is an intelligent boxer who knows how to read his opponents, is a great defensive boxer, can work the ring, and can stay the distance. He is probably one of the only boxers out there who trains the good old fashioned way… without steroids!!! Is he a hard personality to embrace, yes without a doubt, but have any of you considered he is great at either getting you to love or hate him and therefore watch his fights??? Really the over all IQ of boxing fans is right down there at grunt level, you really have a hard time looking at the whole picture!

  • Pauly does a lot of self promoting on social media but his lack of elite skillset and power make him easy to ignore. He also is a symbol of the new anoying little boy that you see on most reality shows-the douchebag, narcissistic childish and way to primped to ever be taken seriously by men-or real women. He’s up shit creek, bear huntin with a toothpick, what he feels he is entitled to (attention, fame $) is way beyond what he recieves and deserves. He could have made a statement against Hatton, but his fake braids got in the way-i mean seriously who does that?. He was lauded for taking a beating from Cotto, But he couldnt translate it into big paydays. The Jersey Shore im sure is a good place for him but knowing his ego i’m sure he thinks he’s above it.

  • I find Paulie to be absolutely a totally boring fighter who runs and cannot break a egg. He is kind of difficult defensive fighter to hit but his run and grab makes him a pale shadow of pernell whittaker

  • My Kermit love was not an episode!!!!!!!

  • what a dumb article.

  • the article is a joke, only thing wrong is the date, should have been submitted on April 1 not April 27.

    Don’t you `all recognize that it is a put on. Martel probably has nothing better to do, or maybe it took her 26 days to write it!

  • I have the feeling Fight Chick is serious. She’s been displaying signs of Paulie love for the pst while.

    Almost as bad as her Kermit love episode.


  • I’m not sure if Fab Frances (a little shout out to goldman’s email wordsmith)was being a tiny bit facetious or not, but I think that if Malignaggi beats Khan on the 15th, then his team should definitely try to get him some of the limelight because I agree with you that he’s got characteristics that should help him cross over. I’m not trying to add race to the equation, but the chances of crossing over are probably increased because of the whole “great white hope” thing which still exists in America.

  • Paula may become a star not in boxing maybe in dancing with the stars. he does a lot of thrash talk, with 5 KO’s, c’mon are you kidding

  • The fight chick got the hots on paulie mailgaynaggi,just ask him out fight chick.

  • The Fight-Chick is BACK on the scene…and the Fight-Chick is the Mastah !

  • Are you serious Martel? You’re analysis is completly skewed and disturbing, to say the least. I’m not sure if I should take offense to your comment or laugh (louder).

    Bad mouthing your sport doesnt exactly earn you fans. This dude is a punk, should find another line of work, he’s an ingrate. Paulie should just as well attempt to sell igloos to eskimos, see if they want to hear the garbage that comes out of his mouth.

  • Frances must be awfully bored to write another put-on column. Well, it’s better than her Sarah Palin defense! If the South-Park guys ever have to go into hiding, she can take over writing their scripts for a while

  • Frances, you’re biased (against Pac, though I don’t know why) but I gotta admit you’re a helluva writer. Paulie is to Jersey Shore like fish is to water, or like Pac is to Time Magazine!

  • It’s just a great article.

  • Hey Frances…

    How does it feel to accidentally walk into the Proctology Wing of boxing fans? Probably surprises you a bit. You write a legit article, take one turn into a room and the next thing you know, everywhere you look… A$$holes as far as the eye can see… lol

    This business is crazy and insulting enough at times. How someone can deal with it while being a female has always amazed me a bit but I’ve known a few during my day. Damn good writers too but always got dragged into that … YEAH…Well you’re a GIRL … You must have had sex with him! You are DUMB! — Thing.

    Unlike these pin-heads… I’ve actually interviewed the guy (Paulie). I know his story well and if you want a good laugh… Drop me an E-Mail (Pedro has my information)… And I’ll tell you what Paulie REALLY thinks of all this. Maybe give you some information that you might want to use on something else re Paulie later on down the line.

    Paulie is a great story.

    Between now and then… You seem to have a good enough head on your shoulders… Keep up the good work.

  • Paul Can be a superstar if you put him in a talk show as a host “He Talks A lot”.
    Also he is not Elite fighter in boxing and got no punching power.

  • I agree with Dante.

    Good sarcasm, Frances. A lot of people missed that with this article.

    Ten Count: I think that Susan Boyle is smokin’ hot :)

  • This is so ridiculous. Pedro and the rest of the staff writers should be ashamed to have this post on the site.

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    I was going to mention the Jersey-Shore-angle (with the mega-hold gel and all), but you got it. He has plenty of marketing potential.

  • Because he is incapable of hurting his opponents!!!!

  • It’s hard to tell if you are being sarcastic or not. Paulie’s lack of popularity, is more likely related to his lack of punching power. 30 fights, and only 5 KOs. The kid’s got plenty of heart, I’ll give him that. Not a Superstar.

  • This writer is very stupid!! your article ….non sense! so now you’ve noticed that by using pacmans fame and his greatness to just to gain some attention for your so called writing career wont help you. its time to wake up, shake your head and seek help. wannabe!

  • did malignaggi did something wonderful to you!

  • Why isn’t he a star? same reason John Ruiz was never one.

  • Great story but sadly he will never be a mega star here in the states. We may need someone like him but instead his boasts and taunts end up making him look more like Money Floyd than Rocky Marciano.

    What makes matters worse for him is he doesnt back up that talk with a thrilling knockout. Even Floyd has a 60% KO rate. Paulie suffers at only about 17%. It’s the biggest reason he will always be known as a slick fighter. But America loves a brawler. The last slick fighter to be popular here was Willie Pep and he was also a war hero and had to overcome incredible odds! Sorry, Paulie doesnt have that resume.

  • if what he (paulie) does is use his fist more instead of his mouth, he would have the respect of many fans. oh i forgot he couldn’t coz it’s always broken. seriously, mr. big head coz we already knew who’s the big mouth has skills but still needs to deliver more entertaining fights. just stop comparing himself right now to elite level fighter coz he’s starting to look like a joke.

  • Why isn’t Paulie Malgnaggi a mega-star? That’s like asking “why isn’t Susan Boyle a Victoria’s Secret model.”

    Um, could it be that boxing can do better than proposing a guy who GOT BEAT BY RICKY HATTON’S JAB as the sport’s standard bearer?

    Hair braiding is an admirable skill, but I don’t see the urgency of promoting it in boxing at this time.

  • Why isn’t Paulie not a megastar? BECAUSE HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE ONE. He’s a “B-Level fighter” with average boxing skills and no punching power, with the brash and bravado of a Mayweather, minus the boxing talent. If Paulie was not such a thrash-talker, saying nasty thing against Pacquiao purposely to get a reaction from his legion of fans, and thus be “in the radar” of the boxing public’s consciousness, nobody would mind him. What Paulie doesn’t realize is that it is not his talking, but his feats inside the ring which would make him a megastar and a boxing icon.

  • Paulie copied Floyd’s verbal assault to their opponents …. the only thing missing or Paulie should copy from Floyd is his skills but that’s life… sometimes you’ve got talents and sometimes so so skills only…

    Paulie should trash talk everybody but then again…. he needs skills to back it up… I’m really sorry for Paulie… he’s just a “kill time” while we wait for the Real Big Fights.

  • Why isnt Paulie Malignaggi a megastar? Because he hasnt won any megafights. In addition, he has no star power because he has only 5 KO’s and was run right out of the ring by Ricky Hatton.

  • oops! my bad! this is the article and website of the so-called “fight chick”. i no longer expect my comment to pass moderation. i guess a lot had tried and failed to post a comment here. this is not a website for hopscotch, jackstones or other girly games. you publish mayweather’s trash talk but are afraid when it comes from fans. get some balls, people!

  • I love the irony. You’re funny, Ms. Martel.

  • this is full of B***S***

  • Yet another example of how little you know about boxing. Paulie Malignaggi isn’t a superstar because 1) He’s obnoxious 2) No one sounds more ridiculous when they go on a rant (including Floyd Mayweather Sr.) 3) THE MAN HAS NO POWER MAKING HIM A COMPLETELY HARMLESS FIGHTER. You can’t have a top boxer absolutely no one is afraid of, or respects.

  • Poly is not a good dancer, nor is he a boxer. Jokers like him don’t have a place in our sports = BOXING. Problem with people like Poly, they try to imitate Ali as best as they can. But most of them, including Poly, “float like a butterfly” and that’s about it. Analyze all the boxers that made this sport great and spectacular. You’ll find that you title and subject above is idiotic. Peace.

  • Are you kidding me this guy a mega star,please give me a break, this guy has lost every big fight he was ever in, Hatton and Cotto totaly outclassed him, how he’s even getting another shot at at title is beyond me, I hope Khan flattening his ass so we never have to hear from this guy ever again.

  • 5 kos is nothing to crow about nor his lack of defining moment(s) in the ring. methinks paulie is no poster boy for boxing in america. he is not charismatic nor influential. all he does is trash talk, badmouth his opponents and toot his own horn. 5 kos? really?

  • another KJ article :-(

  • the real boxing fan

    The reason is…his trash talking is much better than his boxing skills..ha ha ha

  • Haha. Good one, but April fools has past, Paulie can’t even crack wind and a superstar he will never be

  • paulie does a lot of talking and less fighting thats why he is not a star. he mastered talking but not boxing coz he thinks talking is going to win him fights. he emulates mayweather but he is no mayweather and does not realize it.

  • The writer must be high on drugs when he wrote this article. Did you have pot session together with your MEGA-MALIGNaggi??.. lol

  • nice humor martel. while I won’t be surprised with negatives reaction from this piece your humor couldn’t be more subtle than this. I would really take offense if malinaggi’s team would take this piece as a compliment from you….ha ha ha

  • Frances, you can’t make a superstar out of thin air. Ask Malignaggi to win his big fights and, better still, improve his KO ratio. It ain’t enough to be a flamboyant character with a big mouth.

  • Three words… HE CAN’T PUNCH

    I dig Paulie! I respect him as a fighter and I respect the living hell out of him as a human being. Paulie is a Mega-Star when it comes down to character, accountability and all the things that really matter when you talk about a person…

    He has Hollywood good looks and by that I mean it literally! He’s been on the silver screen and he’s done layouts for among other publications… GQ!

    That being said… He is what he is and he is great at it… But he isn’t a KO artist…. This is the only reason he isn’t a Mega-Star.

    If Paulie had Arturo Gatti’s heavy hands… He’d be the Mega Star you are talking about.

  • Are you kidding me? Malignaggi is not even an elite fighter.

  • You should become his manager/girlfriend(it seems you are already a groupie of the pillow fisted italiano)Pedro why are you allowing articles like this when there is a great match up this week!Instead of this developing love story I would rather read about Pacquaio juicing up before his election!

  • Cause hes a bum and so is this writer..

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