Los Angeles, CA- In what was a one sided fight, Nonito Donaire (30-1, 19 KOs), one of boxing best pound for pound, put forth a display of controlled aggression in an easy victory over Japans Toshiaki Nishioka (39-5-3 24 KOs), a technical knockout in round nine in Carson, CA at the Home Depot Center. It appeared that the 36 year-old Nishioka had one foot out the door on his boxing career from the opening bell. He hadn’t lost a fight since 2004, yet seemed content to just play safe and go through the motions round after round putting forth little effort in trying to win the fight. On paper he was one of the top fighters in the division, however he hadn’t fought in 15 months, and as expected by this writer he didn’t put up the type of challenge pundits had believed he was capable of. His last bout, a decision win over way past prime Rafael Marquez (41-7, 37 KOs),a fighter who had three brutal wars with Israel Vasquez and was also stopped by Juan Manuel Lopez (31-2, 28 KOs) last year, was an indicator that he just wouldn’t have the ability to compete with a dynamic fighter like Donaire at this stage in his career. Inside the ring any sense of desire to win was apparent.


Doniare appeared annoyed by the post fight questions of HBO interviewer Max Kellerman in regards to him fighting WBA 122lb champion and 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux (11-0, 8 KOs).


For some unknown reason whenever his name is brought up it appears the Filipino has every excuse in the world why he isn’t a worthy opponent. Unfortunately the spin just isn’t working. Both guys have the same promoter (Top Rank) and fans in the blogosphere continually express interest in seeing this bout come to fruition. Whats the reluctance?  Donaire said himself in the interview that he’s not excited about the fight. His comments make no sense. What happened to pride and giving the fans what they want? He’s fought four handpicked opponents in a row, Jeffrey Mathebula, Omar Narvaez, Wilfredo Vasquez Jr, and the aforementioned Japenese fighter. Not one of those bouts was one that American fight fans were clamoring for. The one other bout that fans have expressed interest in seeing is versus WBC beltholder Abner Mares (24-0-1, 13 KOs) who unfortunately is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions who Top Rank refuses to do business with. As far as I am concerned in regards to big fights his options are extremely limited. Is Donaire ducking the Cuban? That’s the 64,000 dollar question.

-Kevin Perry



  • @KP

    Ramos who???

  • @Tiger1

    Was it hard to answer the question? Again, nobody has answered the question “who is the best fighter rigo has beaten?” If Vasquez had fought all the “bums” rigo has beaten, he may even look better than rigo.

  • Anyone can look GREAT when they’re fighting guys who aren’t even in the TOP 10 of his division. Let’s see Rigo beat the guys Donaire has made look FOOLISH and then maybe he can “talk.” Until then, he’s not worth the time. Not to mention NO ONE knows who he is.

  • No body has anwered the real question so far… if Rigo is such a bum, why hasn’t Nonito taken the fight for the belt???

    To those asking who has Rigo beaten, here is your answer: Who cares? Vasquez Jr. did not beat anyone, in fact, Vasquez Jr. was beaten by Arce and Nonito was happy to fight Vasquez Jr. so stop the lame excuses.

    Boxing 101: A bum fighter who holds a major belt is called out by everybody. Rigondeaux has a belt and no one is calling him out. Champs don’t want to unify with Rigo; and contenders don’t want to be champs. You really think nobody is calling Rigo out because he is a bum? Come on! Get real guys!

  • DON DON, Rigo stopped Ramos to win his belt. A top five fighter at the time. Just as overrated as Vasquez who Donaire went 12 rounds with. Nuff said!

  • Good analysis Chi-town guy!

  • Cause he ain’t screaming Rigo’s name!

  • Nobody has answered the question “so far, who is the best fighter Rigo has beaten?”

  • @KP

    Like what i previously said above, they will eventually fight each other cause they have the same promoter. Vasquez lost to 2 good fighters, that doesnt make him an overrated fighter. How did u know Vasquez doesnt want to fight Rigo???

  • One of the best fighters Rigo has faced was Cordoba…a fight in which Rigo was hit with a JAB that led to the very fight knockdown of his career….Nonito is WORLDS better than Cordoba, and Nonito will not only test that chin AGAIN, he’ll shatter that thing into pieces.

  • I used to like Nonito but the Rigondeaux issue made me lost respect for the flash. Over the last year I’ve heard more than 5 different excuses from Donaire.
    1- Rigo is boring – then Donaire fights Narvaez (BTW Narvaez fights at 115)
    2- Rigo doesn’t deserve it – Then Donaire fights Vasquez Jr. who just a few months before had gotten a beating from Arce.
    3- Rigo is unknown – then Donaire fights Mathebulo or whatever his name. Really?

    One thing is for sure; if Donaire thought this was an easy fight, he would have done it for the belt. Too bad Donaire fans protect him to death. I like Donaire but I ain’t putting up with his BS. Stop the lame excuses and fight Rigondeaux and Mares.

  • Don Don, None of those guys want to fight him. Get the picture? You think he doesn’t want to fight the marquee names? Him and Donaire have the same promoter and it’s the easiest fight for him to make. He could fight Vasquez but I am sure if he does that people will bring up that he was stopped by Arce. Stop with the BS. Vasquez was overrated. He lost his two biggest fights and won a vacant title to become a champion. Not sure what this ducking is all about. He’s ranked #2 by Ring. Not sure who you believe Nonito should fight next. If he fights Arce next fine. He’s earned that marquee fight, however he needs to fight Rigo next. It’s a logical and easy bout to make and all Rigo needs to do is be impressive in his next outing. Those who are saying glass jaw? Come on. He got stunned for a couple seconds, got back to business and dominated the whole fight. He didn’t even touch the canvas.

  • Rick, think you’re way off here on Rigo.

  • @SKERGE,

    How about, Vasquez,Darchinyan, Montiel & Sidorenko? If Rigo looks good againts these fighter, Donaire might be force to fight him. Just want to ask who is the best fighter Rigo has beaten?

  • Logically, Guillermo can’t beat Donaire. They’re not on same level. Plus a glass chin of Guillermo, surely he will be in surviving mode against an experienced pro-boxer. Guillermo is a bum.

  • OK, Who does Rigo have to beat for Boxing fans to put pressure on Donaire & Arum to make a meaningful fight? I mean, it’s not like Donaire fought in the Bantam Tournament, so who then? How about a list of 3 fighters, and if Rigo looks good, Donaire forces Arum to make the fight? That making money/Business man excuse is BS. That is supposed to come AFTER you beat the best, not before.


  • Rigo should fight Darchinyan and Agbeko. For ****s sake he does not have a marquee win on his resume. I would like for Donaire to fight the winner of Mares/Moreno and then Rigo after.

    Donaire will be on the shelf for a bit with his cut hand. Is Rigo going to sit on his butt waiting for Nonito to return or is he going to fight someone with a name for once?

    Darchinyan and Agbeko are out there….

  • blah blah blah, you sound like a member of his payroll. What load of nonsense. What fighters do you suggest him to fight? If Rigo is such an easy opponent why can’t Donaire step up to the plate. Donaire had no problem fighting all of these other no name fighters, or in your mind A-class fighters. yeah, those guys he fought were killers. What a load of BS Manuel.

  • Rigo needs to remember that this is the PROS, this is NOT the freakin’ amateurs…he needs to fight and beat some B level fighters before he thinks he can tangle with the A level/P4P fighters like Donaire.

  • Ten count is spot on!

  • Several times better based on what? Vasquez jr lost to Arce, then Donaire fight Vasquez coming off a loss for a vacant belt. Mathebula? Come on. Who did he beat to be so formidable? Narvaez was the 115lb champion and was unbeaten but handpicked. He was a much smaller fighter. These guys were picked by matchmakers. Fans have been screaming and hollering for this bout for about a year now. I have a fear that Donaire or Rigo may lose a bout a if they wait too long. Just like Lopez and Gamboa.I don’t think it’s a wise move for him to go to featherweight.I think he’s maxed himself out at 122.Those guys are too big and the extra weight I feel would hamper his speed and reflexes, the two things he depends on.I look at eh computer for proper reference here.Their rankings are unbiased. Rigo is number 3. Nuff said. Rames was unbeaten when they fought. Donaire ‘s WBO belt was a vacant title he won over a guy who who was stopped in last bout by former flyweight champion! Sorry, but you camparison of opponents doesn’t hold weight. While rigo’s foes were less accomplished, they were younger, and that counts for something in my book and obviously according the computer. To say Donaire’s opponents are several times better than Rigo’s without any facts to back i up is a weak argument. You didn’t even know any of those foes until Donaire fought them except for maybe Vasquez and Nishioka.

  • Donaire is now looking at the other side of boxing — money. He’s not only a thinking fighter, he’s also a thinking businessman. He wouldn’t want to risk his title for someone who’s got the tool to beat him without ENOUGH compensation. He’s just starting to get a piece of what boxing can give to someone like Pacquiao, Mayweather, etc. Having said this, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t fight Rigo. Maybe not too soon. Let the clamor ripe. If Rigo could only command million dollars now, Donaire would definitely fight him, no matter how few his fights are. But seriously, any fighter can be a one-hit wonder. So let Rigo risk his belt to some top caliber fighters first before engaging P4P fighter like Donaire to a talk.

    Abner Mares seems to be the best choice for Donaire. Unfortunately, Uncle Bob Arum wants to make money out of Arce first.

  • ten points for Ten Count

  • Gamboa deserves a fight.

    Rigo does not.

  • Yeah its to sad to be funny, when Noni says, ” that Guillermo an olympian legend, from a planetary capital of boxing, is not ready,” only turns around and $ fight $, a 36 year old guy, one that has not fought for 15 months and forgot his testicles, claiming he is the best. No Papo wrong ! el Guille is the bestia, and he is more than ready to fight you, your talk is not earning any respect points with us fans. We see right through you, simple to say that el Guille Rigo is your measure stick.

  • OK folks, it is extremely irresponsible journalism to say that Donaire has faced 5 “handpicked” opponents and then suggest Rigondeaux for comparison! This is really over the top.

    Vazquez Jr, Narvaez & Mathebula in are SEVERAL TIMES better fighters than Casey, Ramos, Kennedy or Marqouin and would each go undefeated agaunst that group with little difficulty, and probably so would Sidorenko & Nishioka.

    Reality is that Rigondeaux has been in the ring with one legitimate top-10 pro (Ricardo Cordoba) and got by with a split decision.

    Now for a guy who’s been stuck in the amateurs for 15 years to even compete with a still-servicable Cordoba type contender after only 6 pro bouts is an amazing achievement, but it’s his only one.

    I wouldn;t mind seeing Rigondeaux vs. Donaire but I’d just as soon see Joseph Agbeko get the payday as a reward for 5 straight bouts against consenus top-5 Banthamweights (2-3 & couple of the losses could have gone his his way).

    Rigondeaux would do better to duplicate Donaire’s wins over either Vazquez or Darchinyan (or even Montiel or Sidorenko, whats left of them) before anyone takes this ‘duking” talk too seriously.

  • Gustov, He is the wba champion. He didn’t win the belt in a vacant title bout, he beat the champion at the time Rico Ramos who was unbeaten. There are no big names at 122, and to suggest Rigo hasn’t beaten anyone is silly. Donaire has fought four handpicked opponents in a row. he is as credible or more credible that any of those opponents except for maybe Nishioka. He’s ranked #2 by Ringmagazine. For you to ask who’d he’s beaten means you don’t follow the sport…either way the majority of people couldn’t name more than 33 fighters in the weight division. He had no problem fighting an unknown South African fighter, but for some reason Rigo isn’t worthy? The BS just continues and it stinks. All he’s doing is hiding behind his promoter. I used to have a lot of respect for him but now he’s just become a puppet.

  • Its an interesting match-up given Rigo’s unquestionable talent. At one time (before Rigo’s last bout) I figured Donaire to be the underdog. After watching Robert Marroquin stagger Rigo twice last month I am now of the opinion this is an even better match-up than before. It is curious how Donaire dismisses Rigo, out of hand.

  • This isn’t the amateurs, this is the pros, Rigondeaux hasn’t done ANYTHING in the pros to deserve a shot at Donaire…Who has he beaten in the pros?? Give me one HIGH caliber fighter he’s beaten.

  • The guy is a hypocrite. He says he’ll fight anyone anyplace anytime, and then when posed with a specific question in regards to Rigo he says “Oh he needs to fight some other fighter….Oh I might not be up to. Nor motivated..yada yada yada. What else does the guy need to say to show you he has no interest in fighting this guy. Why doesn’t he want to fight him? Because Rigo isn’t all that easy to figure out. he’s good defensively, isn’t slow and has power. Donaire has been fighting limited fighters at this stage, and to be honest with I’d rather see him give Darchinyan a rematch than see him fight Arce. I nkow Arce will bring it, but he’s flawed. Donaire’s idea of begin “bored” is having to use his mind in the ring. he won’t be able to get by with just his athletic ability alone against better fighters. I think Noshioka is good, but lets face it, the got him at the right time. 15 months of inactivity and he was totally out of his element fighting inn the US at an outdoor venue. If you can’t stop a way past prime Marquez, you are not going to beat Donaire. Why do you think he was chosen by Top Rank? It wasn’t because he was the sol-called best in the division, it was because they knew they could beat wasn’t because he was the biggest challenge. I will be honest with, if Mares wasn’t with Golden boy he’d fight him tomorrow. Why, because Mares has holes in his game defensively. Moreno? Thats another fighter no one wants to fight. I give Mares credit for taking the fight. he’s one of the few fighters out there willing to take on all comers. I believe Donaire is just another robot who will only fight who his promoter wants. he needs to take control of his career.

  • KP,

    Agree that line about not being excited was WEAK.

    Peter Tyier,
    How can Nonito be the man at 118-122, when he didn’t fight in the bantam tournament? He says he’d fight Mares, but puts it on the promoters, and then ducks the Cuban, by saying “not excited”, but there is no obstacle in the way? WTF?!? Guillermo was even ranked above Donaire by the Ring, so now they should be 1 & 2, and he still won’t fight him? That is just plain FEAR! …and this from a Donaire Fan. You have to step it up to get respect, not fight smaller guys moving up. Heck, he should move down in weight then.

    On another note, Rios should be all in Arum’s ass about being on the under-card of Donaire. Rios should be asking for top billing and a raise now. Should fight Maidana or Mathysse now. Oh right, Arum wants all the money for himself.


  • I don’t see them fighting anytime soon. These two guys fighting at this point, is like Robert Guererro wishing for a shot with Mayweather. Not going to happen and Donaire will move up in weight and look for a bigger name/fight. I doubt he is scared.

  • Give us a break Pedro… Why don’t you just admit you hate everything “Pinoy” and everyone named Chavez Jr.

    And no, that is NOT enough for Rigo to get this fight. You know they are protecting Rigo from Donaire until he gets a bigger name.

    This is like asking Floyd to fight Berto who?

  • What? Winning TWO Gold medals and a competing 122 lb. title is not enough? Give me a break from that Pinoy BS!

  • His response to the question was no different to any other fighter who has said: he needs to do more before he can call me out.

    I agree, Nonito should just f**k it and face him, but I wouldn’t accuse him of ducking him.

  • I thought that post fight interview was lame, too. You’re not excited about the fight Donaire? Really? I guess I wouldn’t be excited about it either if I had to eat body shots from Rigo. What more does Guillermo have to do? Yes, he’s only had 11 pro fights, but he’s already a belt holder. He also has a bigger fanbase than the last few guys Donaire has fought combined. No casual fan has heard of Mathebula, Narvaez or Nishioka. Vazquez Jr. is kind of a name, but not that big of one. Everyone wants to see him fight Rigo but he refuses. It’s getting sad at this point. He’ll move up in weight and act like he outgrew the division I’m sure.

  • I believe he is not afraid. Boxing is business. Perhaps Donaire thinks it would be too early (and, perhaps, too favorable) for Rigondeaux to be fighting him at the time the Filipino fighter is just beginning to harvest the fruits of his talent. Also, Donaire is the man in 118-122 lbs. To fight him, one must earn it by fighting other warriors and champions. Donaire has fought his way to the top by eliminating oppositions one at a time. It’s only fair for Rigondeaux to do the same. The fact that Rigondeaux is only popular among boxing experts/enthusiasts but is relatively unknown among ordinary pay-per-view audience should say it all. Fight some more and earn it first, then let’s talk about Donaire fight.

  • Except this guy!

  • donaire is showing his true arrogant nature. Max k. sets him up with questions about possible opponents , He replies with ” all of the above ” , all of a sudden changes his tune when Rigondeux was mentioned. Donaire also went on a rant in the third person about being tne demolition man yada, yada, yada. This guy has fought either midgets, old guys with the exception of Mathebula.What a fraud!

  • Nonito needs to go all out and take on all comers at this point…Legacies are built in the ring…Him and Rigo have same promoter, what gives?? from where I was sittin, sounded like a huge rios crowd to me…If Nonito wants to build a bigger fan base, he needs to get the love of the latinos…imagine bambam matheyse…good night of boxing…cali weather outdoor stadium…love socal…

  • Donaire ducks no one.

  • Dondon, I’d favor Guererro. Better boxer who won’t get in a toe to toe slugfest. If Abril could school Rios and show his limitations I think Guererro beats him.

  • ducking rigo??? who,s not afraid of him, i think even mares is. if both nonito and rigo are promoted by top rank, theres a great chance that they will eventually fight each other. Mares wiould also be a great opponent for both of them. I would also love to see rios vs the winner of pac/jmm iv or rios vs robert guerrero. By the way kp, who would u favor between rios or guerrero?

  • It’s all about the money. May be it will happen if Rigondeaux will agree to receive less than the 64,000 dollar (question)?

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