• Is Murray Langston, the real Unknown Comic with a bag over his head, is he still alive?

  • Good question Kurt. But Washington, DC doesn’t test like New Jersey so it won’t matter. Remember, Cheaterson had that stuff in his system when fought Khan in DC. Nothing came up. It only came up when he did VADA testing.

  • When L. Peterson fought Khan, it was the most fixed fixed fight in many years.. Working for Peterson were 2 of the Judges ,the referee , the the local commission , and for good measure steroids in his body. Its was a travesty . Peterson left nothing to chance. He knew he had no chance of beating Khan without all that help .

  • Was Khan no warned to not push off earlier in the fight? If he was then the ref had every right to take a point away. Khan was pushing off all night as he always does in his fights. If he wasn’t then the ref was wrong. But if he was then the ref was correct in taking the point away. We should be more concerned with the judging as apposed to the ref in that fight.

  • Jason,

    I think Lamont is a fun guy to watch, but find myself wishing he would get his head knocked off every time he fights. The failed tests, on top of the rigged decision and referee against Khan, makes me root against him. However, you are 100% correct, he comes to fight.

  • Little issue here. Why do you say he is a paper titlest? Because he lost to Matthysse? Back in the day non title fights where the norm. Peterson participated in a non title fight and since he lost he is now just a paper titlest. Come on now. He has the title because he fought Matthysse in a non title fight. He lost but it was a non title fight. No he is not the champ as he pointed out and said Garcia is the champ which he is. There should be no issues with him having the IBF title.

  • Did L. Peterson take a drug test after his fight with Dierry Jean last Saturday?

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