San Francisco, CA– We ran a poll and the overwhelming amount of respondents, 57% of those polled feel boxing is either fixed and are unsure the sport os fixed. Is it any wonder why promoters like Bob Arum, Don King, Oscar De La Hoya, Main Events, Gary Shaw, is it any wonder with these numbers why these businessmen can’t get boxing on national or a major network, especially in the light of Dana White and the Ultimate Fighting Championships inking a $100 million (seven year) deal.



YES: 500 VOTES-41.7%
NO: 501 VOTES-42.5%

“Ring Talk News Service”


  • Most fights are not fixed. There are matchmakers who try to guide the fighter to the belt with fight selection.
    It does not always work. I always felt Hopkins and DLH was a fixed fight. Jones Trinidad was might have been fixed.

  • Dwayne, Mayweather only fights Golden Boy fighters…I can’t stand when people can’t see both sides of the coin. Both guys are cherry pickers. Regardless i think Manny’s fought the better opposition. Floyd’s fought no hopers since Castillo. Baldomir, Judah after he lost to Baldomir, Mitchell….He did fight Mosley, however Mosley hadn’t fought in about 15 months and was around 38, De La Hoya was old but he barely beat him. I though he was going to beat Ortiz impressively, however he tarnished his victory by KOing a guy with his hands down. it was legal sure, but people pay to see a fight, not a bout won on a technicality. He robbed himself from being impressive, because 4 rounds wasn’t enough to show his dominance. Manny’s fought full-fledged welterweights…Clottey, Cotto and Margarito. Floyd’s comeback fight against Marquez was a joke. I can go on and on, but it seems like since Corrales he’s been pretty reluctant to fight elite level opponents. Just my opinion but I think the track record speaks for itself.

  • Jake Hall,

    Not so… That element is still around. CHRIST; I even know some of the characters. One is a guy I got along with very well man to man. I drew a line, we understood each other and he and I were cool… We did favors for one another but it was always on the up and up… But the word was out on him and everyone in the business knew it.

    I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but when Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota, one of the first things he did was abolish the State Athletic Commission… Well, guess what stepped into Minnesota’s Boxing scene when that oversight was removed? — I could go on and on and tell you what I know and name names all day long but I’m not that type. When I give my word, I keep my word… But I’ll tell you this, ESPN’s boxing wing stopped doing business in Minnesota because of the situation I am talking about.

  • They don’t try to hurt bob arums golden goose

  • Manny Pacman fights are fixed ( opponents only top rank fighters and they do try to hurt bob Arum’s golden goose )

  • Boxing is not fixed like in the old days when fighters were owned by the mob, but they are fixed now by how the matchmakers match the figters. On any given week, you can pick the winners by looking at the fighter’s records on BoxRec.

  • The biggest fix that I see is in the matchmaking. This isn’t really cheating, but it makes for some real one sided fights, that aren’t interesting to watch. Every fight can’t be a war, but promoters are interested in having that zero on the fighters record.

    I also believe that a few ring officials are interested in their next assignment and don’t want to piss off the promoter. They will lean very much toward the promoter’s fighter. If you go against the house fighter, then you might not get that next gig. Most know who there officials are, but they keep on working big fights.

  • I’m surprised that the numbers are as good as you report… I would have said that the number would have been closer to 67% (two out of thee).

    Don’t get me wrong, 57% if frightening and would be more than enough to get the FEDS involved if it were any other sport… But boxing’s dealings with gangsters, criminals and other corrupt people goes back well over 100 years. It absolutely is corrupt and this has been proven time and time and time again, throughout history… Pedro exposing the worst KNOWN EVENTS over the past 25 years alone. In my mind, I thought the number would have been 3 out of 4, 2 out of 3 at the very least.

    I’m surprised by the results.

  • It’s fixed when Marty Denkin is involved!

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