New UFC Champ Holly Holm

New UFC Champ Holly Holm

San Francisco, CA– A few months ago, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson compared Ronda Rousey to himself when he said, “she’s a natural born killer.” When it came down to the meltdown of the then undefeated Mike Tyson, there was Buster Douglas. In this case, Holly Holm will forever be Ronda’s Buster Douglas after “HH” secured a TKO :59 seconds into round two.


As has been the case of late in the world of MMA, those with a balanced arsenal of mixed martial arts, this means a ground game and stand up abilities, those able to excel vertically (boxing) are excelling. Case in point Chris Weidman knocking out legendary Anderson Silva. Another example, bantamweight king TJ Dillashaw dismantling long time champion Renan Barao.


Although she has been training intensely in the boxing ring, Ronda, like the aforementioned Tyson was completely frustrated as “Double H” beat “Double R” to the punch from the very start of round one. In a nutshell, it was boxing domination per se and yet it was only Boxing 101. The taller Holm, used her height and reach advantage, fighting out of the southpaw stance, flat out kicked the snot out of the “rushing in” Rousey.


In all, the Holm-Rousey fight lasted just 5:59 seconds, not the norm when it comes to one of Rhonda’s fights as only two opponents get out of the first round. The end came as Rousey was battered and bleeding when Holly landed a flush left kick, dropping Ronda in a heap. “HH” jumped on the prone now ex-champion and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight.


A rematch will happen in 2016 probably in Las Vegas, although Albuquerque, NM would be ideal seeing it’s Holm’s hometown. As for the rematch, what could Rhonda do differently? Like the Tyson-Evander Holyfield fights clearly illustrate, when “somebody” has your number, it’s hard to prevail. Holly Holm dominated Rousey from beginning to end. And although this is MMA, Rhonda got turned out!



  • Pua, Jump on me! If she got a hold of you or me, Floyd as well, her submission skills I think would prevail. She wasn’t a fraud, she was beaten by a well skilled all around better fighter who utilized “Boxing 101” out of the southpaw stance.

  • +Todaline, She said she would beat mayweather easily. She turned out to be a fraud I knew all along this chick was over rated. She should have left mayweathers name out of the picture though because all she did was blow herself up and make herself a more laughingstock when she failed which was inevitable. I’ll give that other petrified fraud mayweather credit though, he had some decency and class by not bashing her, something she would have been more than glad to have done if mayweather had lost to Berto.

  • Could Rousey still beat Mayweather? I don’t know, seems she doesn’t handle great movement any better than Pacquiao did, and her gas tank is a lot shallower than the 36-year old Congressman’s – after about the 3rd minute of chasing Holm around and taking a handfull of clean shots Rousey was already breathing very hard and occasionally unsteady.

    Could she win a rematch? I wouldn’t rule out. As with 1-Punch power, a great submission artist needs only one successful attempt to win a fight in which they’d been totally dominated up to that point.

    She needs lots of work on cutting off the ring, defending southpaw strikes, building boxing-related cardio, as well as a more patient, passive game plan where she basically forgets about winning rounds and just looks for that one golden submission moment.

    But even with such improvements, the most likely outcome is Holm winning. Rousey might avoid the big head kick, only to be “Postolized” over 4 or 5 rounds.

  • I don’t really agree with the Buster Douglas comparison. Douglas was career long underachieving slack-off who was expected to come in both under-prepared and unwilling to walk through fire – a presumption justified by past experiences.

    Holm is the exact opposite, a very good all-round athlete who’s been a winner all her life owing mainly to hard work & determination, she loves the gym and loves to learn to the point where it motivated her to conquer a new sport in her mid 30’s.

    Having not kept up with Holm’s MMA progress I had no idea if she was able to defeat takedown & submission attempts at the highest level. Obviously she took this very seriously and handled it with relative ease.

    But the key was the boxing-derived stick & move executed at a much higher level than Rousey usually has dealt with, as well as being the first Rousey opponent to have some physical advantages (for a change).

    Seeing how deadly Holm is with those long, explosive legs compared to her moderate punching power one wonders why she ever abandoned Kickboxing to fight hands-only in the first place?

  • if you have 2 equally good fighters, usually the bigger one wins, in this case holm…which is why i am picking alvarez this weekend!

  • Ronda gets smashed in the rematch as well.

  • Pretty spectacular beat down. I think everyone knew Ronda was going to get tagged going in for clinches, but then Holly was stronger and was able to nullify everything Rousey did when she got there. It was embarrasing…hopefully Ronda comes back and doesn’t pull a Naseem; she seems to be taking the loss pretty hard. I’m a fan of hers, though I disliked a lot of her behavior.

    I think Holly’s coaches prepared her above and beyond, while Ronda’s coach left a lot to be desired as far as basic boxing fundamentals.

  • Finally!!! Maybe she can go ahead and fight a dude now and kick their butts.

  • Haachitaba Mweene

    Pedro, do you still believe Rhonda Rousey can beat Floyd Mayweather?


  • It’s like Iran Barkley having Thomas Hearns number, Holly Holm has Ronda Rousey number, and no way Ronda Rousey will beat Holly Holm, rematch will go the distance and Holly Holm winning on points!

  • I believe I read somewhere that she was gonna beat the best pure MALE boxer in the world very easily, but I can’t quite put my finger on where I read that.

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