New York, NY – The hits keep on coming this weekend when HBO delivers it’s third and possible best match up of a four card month. In reprise of their 2009 artistic display of  battery, WBC and WBO middleweight (160 lbs) champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez (45-2-2, 24 KOs) will attempt to defend his crown against former welterweight (147) belt holder Paul “Punisher” Williams (39-1, 27 KOs) over 12 rounds or less at a “catch weight” of 158 pounds from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, live, Saturday on HBO at 10 PM ET.


In what has hell to pay for both participants, the fight of the year 2009 was a joy for fans. By featuring frequent assaults of feverish combinations with bad intent, splitting knockdowns in the first round, staggering each other on numerous occasions, and giving their all, their first epic showcased everything that is brilliant about of the sport of boxing. Albeit the result rendered controversy (W Williams UD 12), the first bout was an extremely competitive affair. Now, with titles on the line, and each man’s poise to separate himself  from the other; the rematch could prove to be even more explosive.


Fresh off his amazing display of intestinal fortitude in theIR first fight, a closely contested war with Paul Williams, Sergio Martinez went on to keep the fans buzzing about his blistering style when he beat on former belt holder Kelly Pavilk like a rock music drummer for 12 rounds. As showcased in past bouts, highly avoided Martinez is a southpaw with speed and power in both hands that can cause fits and create problems for even the most decorated boxer. Before his shoot out with Williams, Sergio’s previous loss was over nine years ago against Antonio Margarito (L TKO 7).


William’s difficulty of getting people into the ring has rendered him as “the fighter no one wants to face.” Despite his woes, Williams has managed to compile a stacked resume of wins against the “who’s who” in two weight classes and now campaigns at middleweight. Williams showcased his explosively versatile style by beating down the then invincible Antonio Maragrito over 12 rounds for a unanimous decision. In his next outing against Carlos Quintana, Williams was upset on points. Paul would quickly rebound from the setback and avenge his loss against Quintana with sensational first round knockout in the rematch. Paul also has wins over Winky Wright (UD 12),  Verno Phillips (TKO 8), and Sharmba Mitchell (KO 4).


Both men have no qualms in showing why they are among the most dangerous and avoided fighters in the world when they wage war in this affair of vigorous combat for middleweight supremacy and worldwide notoriety.

John Signorella


  • Looks like it was option 3 after all.

  • “The punisher” was punished by a clean left hook that Paul Williams never seen. He was out on his feet before he hit the canvas face first, round number two!

    This fighter named Sergio Martinez looks like the real deal, bring on Mayweather since he will not fight Pac Man!

  • Paul Williams deserved it for breaking boxing traditions by forcing a catch-weight and for getting announced last. The champion always enters the ring second and gets announced last. It shows disrespect for the current champion to use your leverage in that manner.

  • Setting aside the above mentioned speculation, lets hope and assume we see Williams at the same level of the first bout, or slightly better. And lets hope and assume we see the same or slightly better version of Martinez (with the 20+ lb weightloos since the 30-day weight check being something he’s used to)

    The first time both guys took in on short notice …Williams was preparing for a different opponent, Martinez wasn’t preparing at all …both guys would have had a tough time finding a decent sparring partner who approximates well the opponents style & physical culture … yet both came in good shape, succesfully worked key elemnts of their game but could not take away anything from the other man. Rematch SHOULD have happened in 4-6 months but we’ll take it now.

    It was a tough, hotly contested bout which I scored for Martinez but the judges scored for Williams. The more I thinkk about it, the more I the exact same thing will play out in the rematch.

    Based on other Martinez performances, I get the feeling he needs to be seriously convinced that his opponent is ready to go before going all-in for a KO attempt. It’s going to be hard to get that from Williams because Williams instinct has always been to respond to adversity with pressure, to fight back hardest when he’s rocked the most even before regaining full body control. I suspect he bluffed Martinez out of at least a couple more knockdowns if not a stoppage. It also might have sold judges that he was winning or at least holding his own in many exchanges where Martinez landed the cleaner and sharper punches.

    For months now I’ve been set to call a Martinez victory by decision or possibly late stoppage, but now, uless one fighter clearly ups his level, I believe the rematch will closely follow the model of the first fight with pretty much the same outcome.

  • 8 weeks ago I re-watched Williams-Cintron. With a pretty good cooling off period from the time of the bout, my initial impressions were intensified.

    To my eyes, Williams on that night didn’t look any better than Oscar DelaHoya in his last couple of appearences. His legs looked stiff & creeky and the hand movements looked like mime rather than the real thing. More surprisingly, he appeared to be affraid of the punches even with the fight still being very much in sparring mode – completely out of character (although when hit cleanely he still had the instinct to try responding immediately, bit that speaks to core character, not form).

    At the time I assumed it was his 152lb weight, that Williams could no longer be the “real” Williams at 147 or 154 (at least vs. good opposition).

    Apparently, Paul feels differently. Is this because of delusions, like a great Baseball Outfielder or Catcher who refuses to accept that moving to 1B or DH is the only way to slow the mounting injuries and declining performance at the plate?

    The other possibilities? Maybe the explanation of Williams form was just that he was completely partied out grossly under-prepared despite weighing under the limit? If so, then the Cintron bout can be overlooked. Only Willimas himself can answer that question for sure.

    Or maybe some of the Left hands he absorbed in Martinez 1 took a long term toll and Williams will never be the same? I find that unlikely, as Martinez hasn’t wrecked anyone else while Williams has shown good durability… but you never know.

    It had to be something, cause the guy in that ring with Cintron wasn’t good … that guy might not beat Mora or Berto, and wouldn’t even be competitive with Pacquiao or Mayweather at any weight.

  • With regards to catch-weights, I can barely give a pass to Pacquiao because he is fighting people who are 5 inches taller and outweight him by close to 20 pounds. However, Paul Williams is much taller than all his opponents, so for him to try to win the Middleweight championship at a catchweight is a chump-move!!!

  • Definitely looking forward to this one!

  • Paul Williams keeps complaining that people are afraid of him. However, he never even offered rematches to Margarito or Kermit Cintron, both of whom many people believe beat him. (Kermit was outright robbed). In this fight, he asked for a catch-weight even though Martinez looks incredibly small next to him. Middleweight is one of the original divisions. If you are fighting to be recognized as the best middleweight in the world, then you should be fighting at 160 pounds!!! No catch-weights are necessary !!!

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