Foxwoods Casino, Manshantucket, CT(HBO) Sergio Martinez (46-2-2, 25 KOs) vs. Sergy Dzinziruk (37-0, 23 KOs) (World 160 lb. title) Odds/Prediction: Martinez 3.75 to 1. Champ has the goods. Ukranian will try, but he won’t win. Dropping $375 to win $100 on champ.
Andy Lee (24-1, 18 KOs) vs. Craig McEwan (19-0, 10 KOs) Odds/Prediction: Lee 8-5. Would be more but TKO 7 loss to Brian Vera still fresh in my mind.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
(PPV) Miguel Cotto (35-2, 28 KOs) vs. Ricardo Mayorga (29-7-1, 23 KOs) (WBA 154 lb. title) Odds/Prediction: Cotto 2 1/2 to 1. Close fith might be won in corner as Emanuel Steward in with Cotto. Betting on Manny first, Cotto, second………….$500 to win $200.

Miguel Vazquez (27-3, 12 KOs) vs. Leonardo Zappavigna (25-0, 17 KOs) (IBF 135 lb. title) Odds/Prediction: 6-5 pick em.

Yuri Foreman (28-1, 8 KOs) vs. Pawel Wolak (28-1, 18 KOs) Odds/Prediction: Foreman 7-5. Non puncher Yuri bores me.
Matt Korobov (13-0, 8 KOs) vs. Michael Walker (19-6-2, 12 KOs) Odds/Prediction: Southpaw Matthew 5-1. Human wrecking ball should wreck Walker.

Braehead Arena, Glasgow, ScotlandRicky Burns (30-2, 9 KOs) vs. Joseph Laryea (14-4, 11 KOs) (WBO 135 lb. title) Odds/Prediction: Burns 6-1. Willing to drop$1,800 to win $300 here.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I set the odds on how I see things. The 10-1, if true was was off. But they got action on Cotto and not Mayorga, who’s name been the guy NEVER to bet EXCEPT in the second fight with the the late Vernon Forrest.

  • As for the Arum-king card, I don;t have much faith in how much Mayorga has left, so I suspect Cotto will box effectively and break him down at some point.

    This could have been a great matchup if Mayorga was fresher and a more professional in his work ethic and body care. He can hurt Cotto and be very physical with him, and i always give such fighters a much better chance of beaing Cotto than a boxer.

    But at this stage I suspect e won;t have the staying power. Although, I tought Mayorga was totally done at the time of the Mosley fight, but he took punishement better than excpect, and after seeming ready to go in the middle rounds, it was acually Mayorga who got the second wind and Mosley who had the dead spot from 9 to 11. If Mayorga can duplicate that performance, he’s got a shot.

  • Unfortunately my attempt to do himework on Sergei Dzindziruck backfired with som computer security issues so I’ve been unable to watch much footage and will be unable to stream the fight. I don;t know anyone who’s buying it so I’m stuck watching Cotto-Mayorga tonight with a buddy.

    Can’t really asses Dzindziruk properly so I’m obviously going with the red-hot fighter, Martinez who’s taken care of better opposition and has alot more athletic upside.

    I don’t see Dzindziruk being able to impose his style the way he did on Julio, Dawson & Santos. Julio was too small, and neither he nor those other guys have the speed & power of Martinez, not to mention Martinez being in superb shape and having a winner’s mentality while Santos & Julio are pretty much a write off in those departments.

    However he does what he does really well, simillar to Sturm or Kotelnik, I excpect that he will force Martinez to ake all the chances and create his own opportunities – something Sergio seem uncomfortable wih during the first 4 rounds vs. Cintron – and Sergei has much deeper Ring IQ and boxer’s mentality than Cintron did. Sergei will also have the best jab martinez has ever faced.

    It will be an interesting stylistic challenge to overcome. Martinez could cut it short by landing an early bomb. But if it goes past 5 ronds I it will likely be reasonably competitive wih Martinez outhustling Dzindziruk by just enough to win.

    BTW dont let all the consonants intimidate you. If you can say Ginger and you can say Rock, then you can say Dzindziruk, it’s almos the same thing.

  • Where do you get your odds? Cotto is -1000 not -250?

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