Amir Khan or A Mere Con?


Los Angeles, CA– Saturday night Britain’s newest sensation, (or thats what the boxing establishment wants us to believe), WBA junior welterweight (140 lb) champ Amir Khan (25-1, 17 KOs) faces the often-recycled IBF junior welterweight titleholder Zab Judah(41-6, 27KOs). Judah a former undisputed welterweight (147 lb) champion, has failed to live up to the “unlimited potential” tag bestowed upon him coming out of the amateurs in 1996.


The fight which will be broadcast live on HBO unifies two of the four major sanctioning body belts in the division. Khan’s most notable victory was a close unanimous decision victory over crude but relentless Marcos Maidana (30-2, 27 KOs). The Brit, whose career has been more hype than substance, was starched in one round by Bredis Prescott (19-0 at the time) in 2008, but has refused to give the Colombian a rematch, and thus fights another past prime opponent who’s failed to deliver in most of his high profile bouts.


Judah however enjoys a possible renewal in focus due to the fact that he hooked up with former world champion Pernell Whitaker as his chief second. Judah, trained by his father most of his career, in my mind, was at a disadvantage with his father in his corner. Yoel Judah, failed to give his son consistent and clear instructions thus confusing Zab and aiding his sometimes lackluster efforts. A rejuvenated version of the athletically gifted Brooklynite should give an overrated Khan fits, especially out the southpaw stance. Word has it that he is also working with sports nutrition guru Victor Conte formerly of the BALCO Labs, and now with S.N.A.C.


Last week I wrote a letter to New Jersey Athletic Control Board head Aaron Davis in regards to the horrendous scoring by the judges for the Erislandy Lara (15-1-1, 10 KOs) vs. Paul Williams (40-2, 27 KOs) bout that took place Saturday July 9th in Atlantic City and broadcast live by HBO. Williams was awarded the victory, a bout where almost all ringside observers had it for Lara. Later that day in an unprecedented move, Davis suspended all three judges. I am not sure why Davis is being applauded though. The inexperienced judges were appointed over far more experienced judges by Davis himself!


This is the reason why we need a National Commission. The judges who by no fault of their own were APPOINTED! With no body overseeing the decisions of the commission, I feel the judges were scapegoated when in reality they had no business being judges in upper echelon boxing matches the first place. None of them were even licensed by the Association of Boxing Commissions. I think more heat needs to be placed on those in charge and what’s interesting is that Lara now has a loss on his record, yet Davis is looking like some sort of “hero” when he should be held just as accountable as the judges he himself said he appointed. An apology isn’t enough here, and he was given an opportunity to give his side of the story on Ring Talk Worldwide”” radio, but has yet to man up and speak to the public except for in a press release. Maybe he hopes this will just go away.


Last night I spoke with fellow boxing writer John Signorella about a number of issues in relation to boxing. One that came to mind was the timing or lack there of, of boxing press conferences. Most that I am invited to are in the middle of the day. The majority of Internet boxing writers/journalist have full-time jobs outside of the boxing industry including myself. How in the hell can these writers cover a press conference at 1 in the afternoon? I think boxing, which in the opinion of many has a dwindling fan base in the US (not because of MMA as many think) needs all of the exposure it can get.


When you have press conferences at times where many sites correspondents can’t attend because they have to earn a living on an 8-5 like everybody else how do you expect to build a fan base? Many of the writers want to attend, and many aren’t getting paid to do so, so show a little compassion and common sense to the people who are really the lifeblood of the sport and business . As I said to Signorella,” This is a Labor of Love,” however getting “paid” is more important than attending a press event on a weekday afternoon.


Earlier, I mentioned the “First Round of House Cleaning” at HBO. The Time Warner subsidiary has taken a lot of heat this year, and thankfully we’re rid of the recently resigned/fired, didn’t renew his contract, (who cares, he’s gone!) HBO Sports CEO Ross Greenburg. I really don’t care excuse of reason is given, we should all rejoice in his departure. Hopefully next on the chopping block is HBO Sports Vice President Kerry Davis. Because of these buffoons, HBO has temporarily and possibly permanently have lost Manny Pacquiao(53-3-2, 38 KOS) to rival network Showtime.


In May, the Filipino had a successful Pay Per View, selling there were 1.3 million buys at around $60 dollars a pop, with Manny earning over $20 million dollars in a whitewash 12 round unanimous decision victory over a listless version of Shane Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KOs) in what was his first appearance fighting under the Showtime/CBS television banner.


In September HBO looks to make up for the loss in revenue with Floyd Mayweather’s(41-0, 25 KOs) return against WBC welterweight titleholder Victor Ortiz (29-2-2, 22KOs). It’s a very intriguing bout, at least on paper. However this fight needs to be entertaining, and not just in the build up. A lot of that pressure will be on Ortiz to bring the fight to Mayweather who normally does well against pressure fighters and looks more spectacular.

Kevin Perry


  • I wouldn’t have Wlad as my #1 p4p for the sole reason that he has every advantage in the book against his opponent and he still fights like a cautious schoolgirl who just started her first period. Manny Steward literally had to force Wlad into KOing the smaller, weaker Chambers. Wlad is a great boxer, but he’s too cautious and he hasn’t gained any confidence… its fairly easy to see where Wlad’s comfort zone begins and ends. Take him out of his comfort zone and he struggles…

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  • “djd700,” boxing promoters can create all the buzz they want with as many media outlets as they can find but after the promotion is over, they better be producing high quality cards or boxing will continue to decline in popularity. boxing promoters #1 priority right now should be quality.

  • KP,

    Great article KP. I think the Boxing media should press Khan on why he never gave Prescott a rematch. It’s obvious the Roach road to success, fight all the past prime and small guys. Agree with you on Promoters and Media types too. We both know the truth is they really don’t want you around to question all their BS. Keep up the good work.


  • Hey KP, your Martinez-Willimas 1 score certainly wasn;t the worst scorecard in the world by any means. After the fight I posted how I thought Martinez won, but also that I understood the scoring principle that might have favored Williams by a point or two.

    This happens alot in Williams fights, hard to measure the effect of punches on him because he always comes right back the same way, and with that endless jumble of octopus tentacles falling all over the opponent it’s tough to pick out what’s actually landing, often the attacks are so engulfing the other guy simply has to bail out or stumble away as if hurt by something. Sometimes this is more effective and damaging than the ocassional acurate punch, you can’t always tell until well after the round is scored.

    But I wonder if Lara-Williams happened exactly the same way 2 years ago, if people would have been psychologically prepared to see Williams as beatable (despite the first Quintana fight – I know a couple of long time boxing freaks who scored that for Williams too…) Quite possible more people would have been inclined to give Williams the benefit of the doubt in rounds like 3,6, 11 & 12 – in which case a Draw or a 1-point Williams win wouldn’t seem far fatched.

  • Ten Count, You make some good points. Ever thought of being a writer?I do think that Willaims beat martinez the first time, but it was close and could have gone either way. williams is a very good fighter at what he does, he’s not a defensive genuis and he just doesn’t match well with southpaw. He’s a handful for anyone, however it was clear that Lara got the best of him. as good as Martinez is, he has defensive liabilities as well and Lara is a more polished and more conventional than Martinez and throws straighter punches. But of all of the posters I’ve seen on Ringtalk, you appear to have done your homework.

  • The media can be just as destructive as the networks. It was boxing writwers who bear the majority of the responsibility for building up the demand for David Haye! Based on what? A fairly miserable performance with Valuev, where he was only 10% more positive than he was with Klitschko … not really improving one bit on the performance of 45 year old Holyfield against the same fighter (other than better luck on the scorecards), so if that’s all he had against Valuev, why on earth would he be a compelling oppoenent for a Klitscko?

    Just like they helped to brand Sam peter as a “saviour” after his KO of Jeremy Williams? Wait a minute, wasn’t that the same Williams which Henry Akinwande flushed down the toilet with one punch 10 years ago?? Whoopie doo! So Peter became the saviour going 3-0 against fat old lightheavyweights and a near miss with Jameel McClline.

    Now they crap all over those guys for falling short of expectations which were never logical or resonable to begin with.

    Just like they over-react to the bad decision in the Williams-Lara fight – a bad decision but in my opinion not any worse than the one Williams got in Martinez 1 – not any worse than the decisions Alexander got over Mathysse & Kotelnik – it seems to me like this landmark outrage level is fueled by an embarassment and subconcious wish to repent for foolishly buying into the Williams P4P myth and initially overlooking the limitations exposed in previous fights.

  • I want to see these two fights. khan vs judah and mayweather vs ortiz. if both khan ang mayweather win they will probably face each other in the squared ring next year.

  • Kp you are right about promoters and publicity. Rude the dude is just an idiot. Guys like him couldn’t understand business if it slapped him in the nuts. Small time promoters would kill to have any coverage they could get. Now promoters who are basically tv packagers perhaps do not care if local media show up since the check is in the mail. The persepctive is and should be for the good of the sport but small minds like rude the due could never understand practical concepts. All in all buzz is buzz. Take indie film festivals, they perhaps of all businesses understand buzz, publicity and being available to all comers. But you know what they say kp, there is only one thing worse than being talked about don’t you

  • Khan by KO inside 6.

  • UFC wants to use their announcing team..so from my understanding it won’t happen. I don’t see HBO being any benefit to the UFC. MMA fans are happy to waste their money on a bunch of cards that don’t belong on PPV, and from a business standpoint in makes sense for the UFC to milk the fans until they get the picture. Not sure if HBO has the money to do both, and I don’t think boxing fans would appreciate UFC hindering the quality of boxing programming based on HBO’s budget. I think MMa is doing just fine with the outlets it currently has. Before taking on UFC or any other combat sports venture they need to straighten out their boxing platform first anyways.

  • KP, I agree with everything you said. HBO boxing has gotten stale. With your connections, is Zuffa still trying to get their shows on HBO? That would be great Strikeforce on Showtime and the UFC on HBO. Trouble is Lampley, he is so anti-MMA. Anything you can tell us about this situation? TIA!

  • Floyd Mayweather’s(41-1, 25 KOs) – September forecast???

  • Mean 1. boxing press conferences are almost never on TV so what you are saying makes no sense. Jon, you are right they don’t care. Thats the problem. The comment about writing about it anyway is completely false. it’s entirely different writing and developing a story from a press conference than doing it without one. as for Amir Khan….well he’s overrated. He’s a good boxer, and I was impressed with his win over Malignaggi, but lets be real. Malignaggi posed no threat. he has no power, and Khan has better boxing skills. Khan was knocked out by Prescott in one round and refuses to settle the score. Many referees would have stopped that bout with Maidana in that 10 round after he was hit with around 20 unanswered blows. The criticism is warranted when you consider they are making him out to be some superstar when his best win is over one guy that can’t punch and another guy thats a crude brawler who gets hit with everything but the kitchen sink that gets thrown at him. His handlers would just for people to forget that he got stopped in one round, but the fact remains that he has a suspect chin and has been knocked down by much lesser foes than Prescott.

  • I think some of you are being a bit harsh. Yeah everyone has a www site but the writers we like are the writers we read. I think that’s good as opposed to being force-fed whoever the 800 lb gorilla’s throw at us (e.g. Rafael, & pardon the forcefed pun). Personally I enjoy the styles of Hauser and Perry, some may not and have a plethora of other writers to choose from. I think a fighter who has a day job and dedicates off time to train is arguably more commendable than a sponsored fighter. We often criticize the staff here (myself included) but they’re the ones in the trenches so …

    On to Khan-Judah. IMHO it’s a good fight while it lasts. There will come a point where Judah will realize he’s out-heighted, out-youth’ed, and possibly even out-sped. I don’t think Khan’s that bad, Prescott would KO a lot of guys out there. Will I watch, yes. Will I be pulling for Judah, yes. Do I expect an upset? no.

    Davis is a tough call. Do you give a new guy (or guys in this case) an opportunity or do you keep recycling the same experienced judges? Davis gambled and it didn’t work out. Now with that said, I don’t think it takes that experienced of a judge to have gotten that fight right (though I’ve seen worse judging).

    Mayweather-Ortiz, a compelling matchup. Ortiz has size, youth, and endurance. FMJ may find himself in a Castillo situation, you never know which is why we’ll all be lining their pockets to find out

  • Can’t wait for the fight.
    In regards to the press events, what can you say. It is what it is. I don’t see mainstream media picking up an event like this anyway. Khan has seemed to improve, although when I watched the Khan v Maidana fight, I got the feeling that if it had gone another two or three rounds that somehow Maidana would have won. He’s a tough son of b7tch. I don’t usually root for fighters, but I’m hoping we see the best Zab available. Hope the fight is good. Watching espn2 tonite also.

  • Good article. The judges were not certified by the Association of Boxing Commissions which requires attending a workshop and then passing a test. The ABC does not license judges. You may want to ask New Jersey why they only have one official (Eddie Cotton) certified by the Association of Boxing Commissions. Most states would not put officials in a title fight without being certified.

  • Past his prime ..? He only has one loss at 140 and has looked his old self again. With a full training camp with Sweet Pea this may actually turn his career to the heights we all thought he had the potential to reach. The top 3 P4P fighters are all older than Zab .

  • The promoters know you will write about it anyway. Thus they don’t care.

    Your assessment of Khan is goofy. You sweep the Maidina victory under the drawer–this is the same Maidina who beat the stuffing out of Victor Ortiz, right? Not bad in my opinion. Khan also has a good victory over Paulie Malignaggi and decent wins over Salita and Kotelnik.

    “Hype.” What, anyone not starching Paquiao in one round is “hype?”

  • Agree with rude dude.
    Everyone that has a small web site
    Drives you crazy.
    We know who’s ligit.
    To answer your question to why 1:00 or 2:00
    clock. Is to get the network television that reaches
    a lot more fans. They generally do not come in till. 12 or 1pm
    And we want to get on news tonight not tommorow.

  • Hey, Rude Dude….the majority of internet writers do not do this full-time or make a sustainable living as a boxing writer. Hell, newspaper writers in general make peanuts. My complaint is if these guys want more coverage they need to understand that they should have it at times that all media can cover these events. Personally, i don’t care to always go but even if i did want to attend I really don’t see the point taking time out of my busy schedule to go to a press conference. I remember when promoters didn’t take internet journalism seriously and nowadays it’s pretty much all they’ve got because the print journalism has pretty much dried up and rarely covers boxing anymore. So this has nothing to do with some internet wannabe writer having sour grapes, it’s about the promoters not realizing that to maximize their coverage maybe they should think about having these press conferences at a more reasonable time. times have changed and they need to get with it. this idea that an internet writer isn’t a real writer is total BS. Years ago I was paid to write for print as a freelancer, before I even covered boxing I write in entertainment mostly music. The Jobs just aren’t there in journalism and thats a fact, and they are diminishing.

  • I don’t understand when internet writers complain. They’re basically glorified fans so they should be lucky they get invited to and go to press conferences at all. They get credentials to fights and sit on press row for free as well. I don’t sympathize with them at all. If a full time journalist who does this to support his family has any complaints about anything promoters do, I would say that’s justified. But a guy who writes as a hobby, not buying it, sorry. It’s pretty funny the entitlement of some of these internet “journalists” that they think promoters will schedule press conferences around them. A few years ago they would have to pay to get into fight cards like the rest of us common fans do. Boo hoo. I don’t buy that boxing isn’t getting exposure it needs because of this either. If fans want coverage of a press conference, they know where to look even if they can’t find coverage on a smaller site. Casual fans who can’t decide whether to support MMA or boxing have no idea about the smaller boxing sites anyways and won’t look there for coverage. They’ll go to the big boys like ESPN or Yahoo Sports who will have coverage.

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