San Francisco, CA– We here at RingTalk.com, and this is a “we” thing here as myself and a short roster of star writers, Las Vegan Kevin Perry, Zak “Attack” Young, who became a father this year, we call him Sig, John Signorella, newlywed Jarrad Woods, Jason Nava on occasion, this is the RingTalk.com core. That being said, Happy Holidays, as we tried to find a neutral day in order to cover all the different individually recognized dates of all of our readers worldwide. Thus, Pedro Fernandez and the crew wish everybody in existence one thing. Peace and happiness to you and yours.


  • It’s never one with you Alberto, more like a case!

  • Merry Christmas to the whole Ringtalk Crew … Zak looks like you’ve been fitting right in… Pedro when are you going to buy me a beer?

  • 1200 thank you! I’m going to keep her close and make sure I raise her right

  • Merry Christmas to all the writers and posters (the whole RT family). May this year be the the best for all of us.

  • Thanks, Alex!

  • Pedro, 

    Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2014 brother! 

    This is crazy but I feel like your family bro because since I was in my late teens I’ve been reading your articles from way back in the late 80’s When Lupe Aquino was knocking someone out every week it seems and guys like Dinamita Estrada Daniel Zaragoza and Robert Quiroga were coming from behind to grind someone down. I used to call in sometimes and we’d talk boxing this is when I was living in East LA back in the good old days when I would get Flash delivered to my doorstep and I remember always looking forward to your articles! Man bro where did all the years go?! One of these days hopefully I’ll catch you at a big fight in Vegas and I’ll buy you am ice cold beer brother! I ain’t kidding man I really have good memories of the good old days when boxing just seemed much more exciting and a better era with CBS NBC and ABC still televising boxing on weekends. Just a memorable era. 

    Have a good one bro!

  • * so don’t forget… now its time to keep the fam even closer!

  • much love to you and yours pedro!! Thanks for all the entertainment after all these years!! great website and great radio show! congrats on being a father zak..it takes a village to raise kids, so don’t now its time to keep the fam even closer! congrats Jarred!!! that’s wonderful man!!

    even though we all throw verbal jabs here…its all out of love for the sweet science!!! merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there on this planet…. #bestwebsite that covers #boxing….

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