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-In another dominant performance WBA middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (33-0, 30 KOs) increases his status as one of the top fighters in the world.

Gennday "GGG" Golovkin

Gennday “GGG” Golovkin

In front of a raucous crowd Saturday night at the Forum in Los Angeles, it became clear that in stopping middleweight contender Willie Monroe (19-2, 6 KOs), that he not only solidified himself as a great fighter but also a bonafide attraction. The top fighters in or near the division will soon run out of excuses to avoid the fighter originally from Kazakhstan.


Round one was the usual feel out round with Golovkin stalking, but mostly analyzing his opponent. After measuring his foe in the first, Gennady knocked Monroe down twice in round two. He rose both times unsteady but showed tremendous heart in surviving the round.


According to Golovkin’s comments in the post fight interview, he carried Monroe in the middle rounds. Monroe landed a significant number of punches, in rounds four and five. Golovkin at times goaded his opponent to keep firing. In the fourth Monroe outlanded the Kazakh 33 to 30. However Monroe had a mere six KO’s and was never a threat to hurt Golovkin. Wanting to give his paying customers more than a three round blowout, he slightly took his foot off the gas.


Advised by trainer Abel Sanchez to get back to business in round six, he hurt Monroe and then dropped him with a volley of punches. Monroe rose at the count of nine but was wise to tell referee Jack Reiss that he was “Done”. It will be interesting to see if he can somehow get WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KOs) to face him.

It’s obvious he wants no part of Golovkin as he elected to face former GGG victim Daniel Geale (31-3,16 KOs) next month. Mexican star Canelo Alvarez (45-1-1, 32 KOs) expressed interest in fighting Gennady after his impressive win last week. His promoter Golden Boy Promotions are still trying to negotiate a lucrative September bout with Cotto if he can get passed Geale. This leaves the middleweight KO king with very few short term options.


WBC Flyweight champion Roman “Chocalatito” Gonzalez annihilated former champion Edgar Sosa in two rounds on the televised undercard. Gonzalez showed his complete arsenal battering the past prime Sosa around the ring during the one-sided rout. After taking a sustained beating in round two the referee waived the fight off. Gonzales improves to 43-0 with 37 KO’s. Sosa staggers to 51-9, with 30 KOs. It’s clear that if HBO is going to put flyweights on their airwaves they need to make more competitive matchups moving forward. A rematch and unification bout with much improved WBA and WBO flyweight champion Juan Francisco Estrada(32-2, 23 KOs) should be next. A fight with the Mexican would do great numbers at the Forum as a co-feature with another Mexican star by the name of Canelo.


Kevin Perry


  • My problem is when fighters that never paid their dues start ducking and dodging and show no intentions of fighting the best…you have one guy who paid his dues in Cotto who happens to be the lineal champ… I know he paid his dues, but if your the lineal champ, you should defend against the best… Quillin, Ndam, Lee and Jacobs haven’t paid their dues yet..they should be gunning for the top dogs…Canelo comes in around the same size as Tripple g…but he wants to stay as a jr. Middleweight..Canelo is on the right path gunning for the best…I think GGG wants to clear out 160 before moving up… Once you become a superstar and comand the big pay days, that usually only happens to those that already put in work against the best…These promoters need to take chances and let the fighters clear the air..that’s the ONLY way superstars are made…on a side note..Broner fighting Porter…good matchup!

    Not fighting the best in boxing before you make your bones is equivalent to choosing to play the Lakers instead of the Golden State Warriors because there’s a bigger payday…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    They have given every other middleweight an almost blank check and they refuse. Cotto won’t, Quillin won’t, Lee is not there regardless of the draw with Quillin. The Dirrell brothers, both second tier, who do you want him to fight? Is there some black superstar willing to even step up and meet him? Or will he have to move up in weight. 54 to 68 and it looks like Andre Ward is headed to 175, seeing this fight is at 172 I’ve been told.

  • Golovkin,

    Pedro, is it a race thing with Teddy Atlas, too? He is also unimpressed with Golovkin’s competition to date!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    This is now a Race thing 1200. Black guys are saying, “Who has he fought.” One guy at BoxingKnowledge said he was running from Quillin. Run? Didn’t Quillin run from Matt Korobov, dropped his title instead of fighting him. Some of us people of color cannot handle white supremacy of any kind. Right now at 160, the white guy is superior!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    This is now a Race thing 1200. Black guys are saying, “Who has he fought.” One guy at BoxingKnowledge said he was running from Quillin. Run? Didn’t Quillin run from Matt Korobov, dropped his title instead of fighting him. Some of us people of color cannot handle white supremacy of any kind. Right now at 160, the white guiy is superior!

  • Cotto Lee or Quillin NEED to step up to who many regard as the BEST at middleweight in Tripple G…when did it become about the PRIZE and no fighting?? Shoot, throw in Jacobs and Ndam in the mix….Fight the BEST! When FIGHTERS stop doing that…f$*# boxing if the FIGHTERS stop seeking out the BEST…

  • Another thing Pedro, GGG is 33 yrs old, so @ that age, it seems to me as if he’s scared to move up. He’s making $$$ now and will make $$$ in the future. Everybody will not make the type money that the greatest running boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather has made. He wants to fight a legitimate hall of famer who’s past his prime and who’s gotten cheated in his career in Cotto, and a little guy in Canelo who does not want to fight him, so its time to move up

  • That’s funny Pedro. You’re a little older than me, but did the whole world make excuses for Hagler not having anyone to fight like they do for GGG, or did he stay there because he was waiting on Leonard, Duran, and Hearns? I could understand if GGG had these kind of options, but he doesn’t? Sad thing is, boxing isn’t about fighting and proving to yourself that you’re actually the best at fisticuffs, it’s about what’s the best business decision. That in itself is the most disrespectful thing that you can do to the oldest and the most machismo sport

  • Golovkin is an exciting fighter, but I’m not sure he deliberately let Monroe back into the fight for the sake of a good drama show. (The unidiomatic English is amusing and quotable.) He may have had trouble catching his breath after the big early push, and needed his second wind to come along. It would be great to have a few more years of him, but he’s 33 and it’s still a minority of fighters who can stretch out their primes much further than that.

  • Re Golovkin:

    Migs, there is no need for you to insult me. Please keep it polite. As for Golovkin, whether people want to fight him or not does not change my point, which is: Yes, he has looked dominant, but against mediocre competition. He has not faced a top fighter yet who can exploit his weaknesses like average speed, average defence, and an aggressive style. And yes, an aggressive style, though exciting, is not all good when you finally fight someone who you cannot intimidate, who has a strong chin and who can hurt you. Tyson-Holyfield anyone? So let us not get carried away with anointing Golovkin the next great thing until one of the “scared” elite middleweights (not junior middleweights like Canelo or Cotto or small welterweights like Mayweather) gets in the ring with him and tests his chin and toughness.

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • The boys @ 168 will fight him, so what’s the problem. It’s not about how good Golovkin is, it’s the fact that the professional boxing talent sucks. All great champs move up. Damn, I miss the old school fighters. Now let’s here the excuse makers for him @ 160

  • @haachitaba, nobody wants to step up and fight him, you idiot

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • When is Golovkin going to fight a top fighter? How can I take him seriously for dominating a feather-fisted opponent? Furthermore I did not see him carry Monroe, I saw Monroe hitting him rather easily when the two infought. Why does Golovkin always call out smaller fighters? Why did he give an evasive answer to Max Kellerman’s query about fighting Andre Ward? As a person who believes in skill over brute force (and who picked Whitaker over Chavez, Hopkins over Trinidad and Mayweather over Pacquiao), I believe that Golovkin will be beaten when he upgrades his opposition to someone who not only has skill and speed, but also power!

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