• Hang in there Pedro. It will get better. It’s amazing how attached we can at times be with our pets. It’s a unique and strong bond between two.

  • Rosario Cervantes

    Julie was like your second mom. She adored you! One time she put me to shame when she did more sit ups on that Ab Lounge machine than me. I did visit her during her final days and it was hard to say goodbye. People come into your life for a reason.

  • I know it is so hard to deal with this. It is a blessing for you that you have writing skills and can use them to help deal with your feelings and to help readers process what may be unsaid in their lives.

  • Pedro I have always appreciated your boxing savvy and lately writing about your personal loss I appreciate you all the more. We are only human of course and the loss of that we so love and appreciate is something sooner or later all of us must deal with. Keep on keeping on. I’m sure you will get your second wind and come out swinging.


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