• @33yrs old Roberto Duran a former LW champion was a 3 divison champion and fighting MW HOF Hagler, @31yrs old GGG is a MW Champion with no elite/world Class fighter in his resume and is calling out a W, am I missing something here. If Pedro considers him ” special ” why is he not calling out Froch, SOG, Adonis, now that would be special.

  • I think Golovkin is a terrific fighter but not nearly as proven as Floyd. GGG says Canelo was the trickiest fighter he’s sparred. From what I’ve heard their sessions were very competitive. Floyd dominated Canelo easily. I gotta say Golovkin is one of my favorite fighters right now, but I think Floyd takes a decision over him. Of course he has more than a puncher’s chance given his extensive amateur background, but he has not fought anyone even lightears near the skill level and speed of Money.

  • This Mayweather is faster and more elusive than the one we saw againts Cotto. GGG has been cutting the ring against whom? You’re the same delusional people that think GGG have a puncher’s chance againts Ward. GGG has fought C-level fighters even the guy he will fight on Saturday is no world beater. Its no knock on Gennady but lets not lose sight here. I’ve even heard people say GGG would KO Froch at 168lbs. Now we have seen GGG in a competitive match why on earth would he suddenly beat Carl, I don’t know that’s boxing madness for you.

  • 160 GGG maybe a bridge too far for Floyd,and after getting Canelo to 152 lbs,unlikely to happen. GGG may find the reality of 154 lbs,too hard,even if it’s on the agenda. If you want red light area fantasy(Pedro’s apt description),try my country Australia,with the Mundine v Mosley farce(how were both these guys getting $1 million or so each,out of this?),preceded by James Toney,RJJ’s ghost,and the Green v Briggs disaster. Boxing has little credibility here,unfortunately.

  • Personally, I think anything other than a shot at middleweight glory is just pure masturbation on PBF’s part. I’d like to see Floyd take a shot at history. Question. At this moment, who is the bigger draw when they perform – GGG or Martinez?

  • The reason why I’d give Golovkin a great chance at winning has a bit more to do with just size and power. This guys won a silver at the Olympic level. As good of a puncher he is, you have to have some boxing ability to win medals and be a great amateur. I am not sure he cane be strong at 154, but if he says he can make the weight, more power to him. I just don’t want to hear excuses if Floyd dances circles around him for 12 rounds. Floyd will have to be on his bike, because this guy can cut off the ring, can punch to the body, and Floyd won’t be able to hurt him.

  • Mayweather won’t get anywhere near GGG. He is in the safe fight mode and will remain there the rest of his career……

  • Gennady will crush Mayweather if and when they fight. I doubt this will happen because Mayweather is smart, not brave. He knowss GGG is the best at 160. He can face Martinez who is badly faded.

  • Until I see GGG fight at 154 I still have my doubts he can make 154. He has never made it his whole career and the fight with Rosado was originally at 157, why not at 154. That until Rosado said he would rather fight him at 160. He should fight someone at 154 to show he can make 154, not 154 pounders moving to 160.

  • Pffffft. No way Floyd would take that fight.

  • Mayweather is that good that MW fighters want to fight a welter to try and make a name for themselves. Really now? I’ve got no problem in GGG fighting Floyd coz Mayweather is levels ahead skillwise to GGG. But Floyd doesn’t have to fight him. Get it clear Floyd is not ducking a man who has always fought at 160lbs his professional boxing career.

  • Great fight at 154 if it is made. At this point GGG is pretty much the only chalenge that MM has.

  • PBF vs GGG, could be PBF’s toughest fight, but i still think PBF will win.

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