• If GGG is the real deal he needs to fight a better level of competition, Stevens is not convincing especially when his not rated in the top 10 bu any organisation. Quillan, Martinez, Froch, Ward are just some of the fights he needs to make, forget Canelo, Cotto or Mayweather as that simply makes him look like a wimp calling out smaller guys when so mych is bring said about him

  • GGG whats good. What are you favorite exercises to do and why?
    If you do pushups, how many in a row can you do?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Why are so many fighters from the former Soviet bloc dominating boxing now? Why now, and now 15-20 years ago?

  • Has Floyd Mayweather ducked anybody?

    If he said yes, could you make 154 lbs. for him?

    As fast as he is, and his ability to adjust to anybody’s style, does that make him unbeatable forever?

    Have you ever been knocked down?

    What did you think of Ruslan destroying Mike Alvarado last night?

  • Listen in or catch it delayed 1200, thanks for taking part!

  • Questions for Gennady Golovkin…

    1)If he were to win his next fight, what do you think about a fight with Peter Quillin?

    2)Who’s your favorite 3 fighters of all time?

    3)If you can fix one thing about boxing, what would it be?

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