Erik Morales & Genaro Hernandez visit Cancer patient

Erik Morales & Genaro Hernandez visit Cancer patient

Ring Talk (RT) – I’m talking with my man Genaro Hernandez, what’s up my brother.

Genaro Hernandez (GH) – Not much, I want to say hello to all the people listening and watching in San Francisco and around the world.

RT– I guess San Francisco’s OK, you know what somebody asked me the other night? They asked me if I was Gay. You know what my response to that was?

GH– What was it?

RT– Do you mean like in happy! (Laughing) Genaro how are things right now, how are you feeling?

GH– I just got over a stomach virus, which prevented me from having chemo this week. But you know I just found out I have a blood clot in the lower part of my neck and there’s a tumor that’s bothering my right leg so I’m kind of limping a little bit. But we’re hanging in there, we’re fighting it.

RT– You’re fighting an incredible fight. Switching gears, does Shane Mosley have a chance against Manny Pacquiao in May?

GH– You know a lot of people say that Shane Mosley is done, he’s in for a hard fight, I agree he’s had hard fights. He’s a champ that doesn’t lose his focus on who he is fighting and did not forget what took him to where he’s at. When he fought Floyd Mayweather, when he hurt Floyd with that overhand right, I think he forgot who Shane Mosley really was as he forgot to box and use his jab. I think that’s what he’s gonna have to do is realize he’s in there with an exciting world champion in Manny Pacquiao. He’s gonna have to be smart and not go in there thinking he’s gonna knock him out.

RT– You know Manny Pacquiao has done some amazing things considering his size going from 107 pounds to 147 or 154 depending on who you’re talking to. What do you think, it’s not easy putting on that weight you know by going from 130 to 135, you know when I moved from 139 to 147 it was tough, I mean these guys were like giants. They got so big I couldn’t believe it, how does Manny go up so many weight classes?

GH– Well you know the body depending on the metabolism of a sports person or anybody it depends how fast they burn off fat. Now in Manny’s case he doesn’t have fat, he has muscle growing. He or his nutritionist or whoever he has behind him know what they’re doing. It all depends on if you put on the weight the right way, you don’t see Manny going to a fast food joint to eat junk food, you see him eating quality food that gives him the nutrition that he needs to build muscle and the body in the right form. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Now the people have the idea he’s on steroids of some type, I don’t believe in all that. There are some fighters that weigh 130 or 140 pounds today and the day of the fight weigh 150 pounds, I mean look at Gatti who used to put on 20 pounds

RT– Genaro Hernandez is our guest folks the former two time world champ. Our number toll free 1-800-878-PLAY that’s 1-800-878-7529 our broadcast going on as I speak live on Justin.tv/ringtalkworldwide. The fact that Manny gets stronger though, here’s a small guy getting stronger in the eighth and ninth round, it’s unheard before. So you think there’s no steroids or illegal supplements or something like that? So what you’re trying to tell me is that we have a superman cause not too many guys can do that. Especially against guys like Miguel Cotto and then Antonio Margarito he got stronger in the eighth and ninth and he’s the smaller guy.

GH– Pedro, styles make fights and styles make perfect opponents. If you got a guy like Pacquiao a very quick fighter who works out to the max, this is a dedicated world champion and that’s how he can accomplish so much. He’s in the gym all the time, focused on what he needs to do. You get guys who are fat and some without head or upper body movement taking a beating all day long, the wall’s gonna crack. That’s what happened with Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito you got fighters who aren’t like Manny Pacquiao who’s fast and elusive. Now you get him in there with a guy who’s fast, can bob and weave with decent hand speed and block punches like Manny, he’s gonna have a hard time.

RT– Genaro Hernandez our guest. Where you headed as far as far as Cancer treatment goes. I know you took off a week because of the flu, you headed back to chemotherapy?

GH– Yes I go Monday for another cycle of chemo, then I go to Houston to see if I can contain the cancer or not.

RT– You know what’s Kaplan’s first name?

GHBill Kaplan

RT– Is it he who’s helped, I hear he’s been pretty good to you.

GH– Well he’s not working with Top Rank here, but he’s always been a good friend to me. But ever since he moved from Top Rank to Golden Boy he really hasn’t had much to do with the situation I’m in now. The time he was working with me he was with Top Rank but since he left Top Rank I’m working with Andy Jenks now.

RT– Got a question for you, should we have socialized medical care in this country, should every one be able to see a doctor without problems. I know you went through all sorts a hardships with Kaiser Hospitals and medical plans, I mean honest to God, has this thing bankrupt you, do you have any money left?

GH– I don’t have any money left, I get help with Top Rank they help me out with flights and bills from doctors and stuff like that. My ex-promoter and people I can remember have helped out a lot. The guys I signed with in Japan help me monthly wise financially, they help me just enough to pay my bills and whatever my wife makes is what I’m living on right now.

RT– My heart and soul goes out to your entire family. You know I’m not one of those guys who ever suffers from a shortage of words but, I really don’t know what to say how I feel right now for you the classiest guy I’ve met in and out of ring. You’re number one the list Genaro so you being sick really hurts.

GH– I appreciate that and all of those who have supported me through all this. They pray and do what they can and I appreciate all they’ve done. I don’t know if you know Pedro but the cancer has spread, I have it on each shoulder on both femurs on each leg, tumors on my back on each side of my pelvis. You know it’s hard I honestly thought whatever they were doing was working but this cancer is a tough SOB that doesn’t want to give up and give me an opportunity to recover.

RT– You know god bless you and I love you to. Can I call you in a couple of weeks.

GH– Of course anytime.

Rt – Genaro Hernandez IS our guest folks, the former two time world champ. You’re tuned to Ring Talk Worldwide. That being said, this was probably the saddest segments I’ve had to do in 26 years of radio. God please bless Genaro

. This interview aired on Justin.TV/ringtalkworldwide where you can watch the entire one hour program.

Transcribed by Edwin “Ace” Ayala



  • Genaro, I am praying for you. You are a great man. I am very sorry. Just know that you are in my thoughts. I met you at one of the Hall of Fame dinners and you were such a nice person and gracious. Thank you. I have hope that you will recover and be back healthy as always. Take care champion. Mark

  • Genaro, it’s me Twardy, talk to you soon. I know you dont know but my Mom sufferd from cancer, she will ever be my hero during her fight. Now there’s two heros in my life. Love You. P.S. I know you could have taken Rudy in the ring.

  • Please keep us posted in a couple of weeks Pedro.



  • Just read this article, really touching. I don’t know what type of person it takes to beat cancer but I’m sure it involves self discipline, support from your family and a fighters spirit. And being a former world champion, you’re definitely that type. And if your doctor tells you no, then find a doctor that will tell you yes.

  • I will pray for you Genaro, My father just passed of Cancer and it really took a lot out of my family, so I know the pain that you and your family are going through.

    I pray to our lord as often as I can that the man/woman is born in this world that can find multiple cures for each and avery cancer.

    May god bless your soul and heal your family’s hearts.
    Lo siento mucho, you are a champion whom I am very glad I had the pleasure to watch in the ring.

  • I’m Sad to here of Chicanitos condition,He is a classy individual. it’s also sad to here he is broke and having a hard time paying his doctor bills. U would think their would be a little more support with some of his fellow fighters and ex-fighters with all the money that is made in that sport. If any sport shuld have that bond it shuld be this sport. preying for Chicanito…

  • No TT I’m sure chicanito would say just to learn to appreciate the simple things in life. The simple is health and longevity. Things we take for granted everyday. I feel like shit for feeling sorry for myself when I seevpeople like genaro going through what they go through. And I get down on myself. I’m sorry genaro I’m so weak!!!!!!! But thank u for showing me the strength of a smile and a warriors spirit!!!!!!!!!!! Ariba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sucks reading stories like this.

  • Great fighter and one of the nicest fighters to ever lace up the gloves. Painful to hear about his situation. I wish the best to him and his family.

  • Hang in there Genaro

  • Harold "Shadow"Knight

    A true Champion,will keep you in my prayers..and ask God is Bless you!!!

  • Nice to see a smile on chicanitos face. After everything he still smiles. That truly is the quality of a champion

  • God bless you and your family, may he give you the strength to win this battle.I will keep you in my prayers.

  • henry v bonner jr

    sounds like Genaro Hernandez is a champion and a class act in an out of the ring may God bless him and his family and help him in his battle with cancer

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