San Francisco, CA– Having been messed with and misled by promoters and the like for a long time, the article I put up here yesterday was wrong, this according to writer Gabriel Montoya. What Mr. Montoya stated in between near hysterical fits, was that Golden Boy Promotions served him with a “Cease and Desist” letter. The writer says that he lost a job because of promotional pressure put on one of his employers.


I was under the impression that the article in the by Mark “Scoop” Malinowski was written in conjunction with Montoya. That appears not to be the case. According to Montoya, a guy that I don’t know, I should have called him first. In hindsight, he was correct. Montoya says that Malinowski ripped off his story and took it in a direction that was erroneous. In between Montoya’s rants and threats, I found it hard to decipher what he was trying to say. What I did get out of him was that people in the boxing world, mainly Golden Boy Promotions, have wreaked havoc that has cost him money and his being demoted at from an editorial position to that of a once a week writer. If that is the case, and Montoya adamantly says it is, that’s a tough price to pay for his being forthright.


Again, if there was an error on my part, it was not contacting Montoya as there is a lot more to the story than just contacting Keith Kizer, whom Montoya said has never offered up any proof that there were or were not “inadvertent” test results. I didn’t think about anything outside of Kizer’s written statement to me that was pertinent and he stated neither Oscar De La Hoya or Floyd Mayweather had ever failed a test. But if you look closer into the letter from Golden Boy’s attorney, it is easy to see why I misconstrued the matter. In closing, I’m going to pull parts of the story because the last thing I want to do is to get into a pissing contest with anybody over the boxing business. I asked Montoya to provide me with some proof and he said he didn’t trust me and wouldn’t.


In closing, I’m just going to sit back and let Montoya battle it out with Golden Boy for Mr. Montoya was too upset for me to ascertain anything other that, according to him, he never said that Floyd tested positive thrice. If I misread, or misinterpreted Scoop’s non-scoop, it was done sans any malice or intention to hurt anybody. Montoya seems to have more on this than he is willing to let on. It will be interesting to see how Montoya, who was “losing it” on the phone, adding that his lawyer is close with President Obama, what that had to do with anything is baffling. Soon thereafter, I terminated the call after realizing that the man that hates to be called, “Gabe,” had made his point to the extent where I could almost feel him spitting through the phone.


According to the Golden Boy lawyer, “Each of these (Montoya’s) statements is false and defames and severely damages Golden Boy and others (most obviously Mr. Mayweather) and its and their reputations in the boxing and sports community.” As I said previously, there is more to this than I can ascertain and Mr. Montoya won’t put his cards on the table for me to see them. But the way he’s talking, he claims to have a better hand than the one Oscar De La Hoya and his company head Richard Schaefer are holding. That being said, again, I’ll just let Golden Boy and Montoya battle it out and eventually I think the entire truth will come to light.


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Pedro Fernandez


  • Ha! Bnoles, what’s up?

    After being Cheesey since day one, it’s actually pretty easy at this point.

  • Scoop Malinowski is a Mayweather-hating obsessive lunatic and he will run with anything that he thinks makes Mayweather look bad. Anyone who believes a word of what Mark Malinowski writes does so at his own peril.

  • It ain’t EASY bein’ “Cheesey”

  • I definitely understand that money can make people do illegal things, but his apparent retraction isn’t making him look good. As I said earlier, we’ll see sooner or later what the real deal is. All I care about is random testing becoming mandatory for professional bouts (amateur would be nice too).

  • And memo to Gabriel.

    My best advise to you is do one of two things AFTER you sit down and evaluate what your surroundings truly are.

    1) Shut Up unless you are ready to fight to the death. They are bigger than you, stronger than you and more wealthy than you… And nobody in Washington gives a $hit.

    2) If you somehow read #1 and conclude that you are ready to fight that fight, you better go to someone who does care and has won on some levels from time to time and does know the landscape… And talk to Pedro.

    I strongly suggest option #1

  • KP, I couldn’t have said it better myself… Even in my most cynical moments.

    It is the universal response and first step to understanding everything crooked and deceitful… Follow The Money!

  • In boxing, money is more important than credibility, I think thats become very apparent by the business practices by many of those in power. I wouldn’t put any type of behavior in question when money is involved.

  • why golden boy opted to suddenly change his mind by assigning USADA instead of previous choice in VADA for Khan vs Garcia????…all of this transpired after 2 big fights(GDP fighters) under Golden boy promotion were caught with illegal substance(PED) by VADA within one month…Golden boy should have stayed with VADA after a job well done by this agency in cleaning the sport and not replace it with USADA which until now has caught none.why???????

  • I just read what he’s claiming and that actually makes it less believable. It’s hard to believe that an org. such as the USADA would enter into an agreement like that. They’re risking their whole business model, credibility and existence by supposedly doing something like that.

  • Interesting stuff. Time always tells. Random testing has to become mandatory. Simple as that. No matter how many hiccups, how much bad P.R, it has to happen. Boxing will survive.

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