New York, NY– In a recent interview, trainer Freddie Roach essentially admitted that there was shady activity going on in the Manny Pacquiao camp which could possibly be linked to Performance Enhancing Drugs aka PED’s. In an effort to throw Pacquiao’s former and now notorious strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza under the bus, Roach claims he was suspicious about a drink Ariza gave to Pacquiao during training sessions in the past. Roach claims that Ariza would supply the drink and would refuse to give him any insight regarding what it contained. Roach claims that he was concerned due to the possibility of banned substances falling back on him.


With tension growing between Roach and Ariza which recently lead to a blow up and physical altercation between the two, Roach clearly has nothing but disdain for Ariza and would like to see him put under a microscope. It should be noted that Ariza was recently involved in the Brandon Rios camp, where Rios tested positive for a banned substance in his fight against Pacquiao and was also in the corner of Marcos Maidana, who according to a former United States Boxing Commission head, appeared to be given a substance (suspected Smelling Salts) in a napkin after he had been hurt against Adrien Broner. Thanks to Radio Raheem for this great interview.

Jarrad Woods


  • Richard (or Dick?) I thought you said you were going away? Couldn’t stand to be away from us huh?

  • Dear Rich, having thoroughly observed you here, I can say with absolute certainty that what you just described is an acute form of cluster headache. Your trigeminal nerve, as I hinted earlier, was sectioned off during lobotomy. Sorry, there is no remedy to this pathology, but by the end of this season it might subside. Make sure you stay clear alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs, excluding maria juana, ac cannabis has a positive effect on it. Take good care of yourself along with your alter ego.

    Your caring friend,


  • Just wanted to let you know, I crushed them aspirin up, made myself a myoplex shake, and the damn headache didn’t go away….Did I not drink the oral aspirin properly, stupid??? Perhaps I need to mix them up in a fruit drink, going off to try that. We will see if that works.

  • lol, yeah I suppose you’re right

  • Metho, stop the torture man. The poor kid was lobotomized as a kid and my hunch is that the scalpel must’ve moved freely in that cavity, sectioning off a few things in there.

  • Ok Richard, have a nice life and I’m glad that you can try to turn your wiki searches around on me lol! You’re leaving? We’re all very sad to hear that. Good luck with your online searches and it was nice to own you :-)

  • Meth,

    That is your stupid point all along. Drinking oral steroids. Clen comes in liquid form taken in a sublinguil form. No, I didn’t know that, SMH. I didn’t know people mashed up oral pills and drank them either, lol. You obviously read a great deal on Steroids, although I doubt you could tell what one is in person unless it was a preloaded syringe or an ampule. Go back to your Wiki site, doesn’t suprise me you don’t have the Steroid Bible nor heard of Guru Dr. Dan Duchaine. I am leaving this thread because your initial point is worthless. Excuse me why I go crush up two aspirin and mix them in a shake because they won’t work if I don’t drink them…..

  • I won’t argue these points by Metho (tx for the lesson, good points) and Pedro, you guys made very good points.

  • Let me try and put this shit to bed. Marquez was frail-looking at 126. Now circa 145 he is bigger and probably not cutting more than a couple of pounds. I think he bulked up BUT I WILL END THIS with the following.

    Freddie Roach hinted during a Pacman-JMM press conference for their last fight that Marquez was “taking something.” JMM fired back, “We can do random testing.” Roach shut the puck up and just smiled. This was on for a while. So THERE, Pac could have had Random VADA testing for the last Marquez encounter and Roach just blew it off.

  • Todaline, age has little to do with it. The muscles that Marquez now has don’t have anything to do with it. Yes, anyone can cut fat and become more muscular no matter the age. However, just because you are 57 and have muscle, means nothing when it comes to this subject. The idea is not to get muscles to show up, it’s combining substances that help to power a punch and being able to do more before failure, as well as healing faster is what causes the added power. Marquez certainly hasn’t been getting KO’s at 147 aside from Manny. Remember that you can argue that Manny wasn’t getting KO’s except for Ricky, but he was hurting guys like Mosley and margacheato who are known for their very good chins. Oddly enough Mosley was on his bike pretty much the entire fight, and even if he was older, even Alvarez who is a big 154 lb fighter couldn’t hurt him and make him run the same way.. yet a guy who came from 116 can? Come on man. Manny couldn’t even manage to have Rio’s hurt during his fight, yet Alvarado could? You think he’s a bigger puncher than Manny? Roach threw Ariza under the bus and due to Roach’s condition and the fact that Ariza kicked him (while I don’t agree with that, Roach approached him in a threatening manner and needs to remember he’s not young, or a fighter anymore)only makes people more apt to believe Roach and just figure Ariza is the only cheat.

    It’s funny that I didn’t hear Roach doing much complaining when Manny was on his run vs. DLH, Hatton, Cotto, Clottey, etc… he only started complaining when people were crediting Alex as much or more than him. Roach is a whiner and so is Ariza.

  • Richard… you clearly have an inferiority complex and that’s ok with all of us. Have you ever heard of Anavar drops? Clen also comes in liquid form too if you didn’t wiki that :-) You put them under the tongue… do you not think that couldn’t have been used? Oral anabolics aren’t all in pill form. You can crush up any pill and take it with the same effect. I don’t quite understand why you are so dense? Either way, you’re ignorance is quite clear and has shown by your inability to argue any point without calling people a woman or whatever name you choose to use that someone used on you when you were a geek in high school getting wedgies by all of the roided football players. Just accept the fact that I’m right, you’re wrong… and that’s ok. Just relax and drink an ariza shake :-)

  • Methingestion,

    Just pointing out that Lamont DIDN’T drink the pellets. Had he done what you wanted he wouldn’t have got caught. Because you claimed Manny was DRINKING ORAL PILLS!!! And what difference does it make that Morales got nailed for Clen/bad meat??? Explain to everyone if that drug is used for cutting, please, therefore rendering your idiotic thought useless.

    I think I get your two issues. You love WIKI, don’t know anyone who spends any time there but oh well. Knock yourself out there methhead. Secondly, you think Manny used PEDs. I get it now. IF Manny did drugs, and now is clean(your assumption based on his last few years), why is Floyd still scared of him??? WIKI that genius. Try disputing facts before changing the arguments around. Why would he embrace FULL RANDOM testing if he wanted to cheat??? How fast does Floyd run when Manny gets close by???

  • dondon, you said: “How do you explain marquez suddenly gaining so much power at an advance age?”. but the power has always been there. Marquez didn’t start scoring dramatic KOs all of a sudden. Go back to boxrec and you’ll see that his knockouts depend on who’s in front of him, and by the way he has a higher KO % than Pac. Now compare that to Pac. After intensive scrutiny, he all of a sudden stopped knocking out people. After a devastating run, admittedly against “come at me” dehydrated, over the hill, looking for a pay day old champions the KO well suddenly dried. How can that be explained? 2009, everybody is talking about him possibly being on something, 2010 to present, not a single KO. By the way, I’m 57 and whenever I exercise (which I don’t really do) you can see muscles on me, just imagine a “young cat” like Marquez, doing intensive training, focusing on building strength (which he never did before), why is it so difficult to believe? Oh I know, Freddie Roach said so.

  • Don, I have little doubt that Marquez was also on something. The only thing in fairness I can give him is that KO shot was timed, and there are videos of him working on it in sparring. The combination of the 2 is what gave him that edge. Ariza is quoted as saying “he beat us with what we were beating everybody else with”… take that however you want, but it doesn’t sound like he was just talking about training.

  • @metho4u

    ” it’s so funny how he(manny) just lost his power though isn’t it? ”

    How do you explain marquez suddenly gaining so much power at an advance age?
    Just to clarify, i dont want to debate you, cause obviously you are one of the experts regarding this(PEDs) matter, just want to know your honest assessment.


  • LOL!!!! This just continues to get better LMAO! Clen is great for cutting, Morales got caught with it remember? Oh I’m sorry… you’ll need to google that so i’ll wait. Manny was never caught because they NEVER did random testing… remember that whole Manny vs. Floyd fight not happening? Yeah, that was 5 years ago because they refused to be tested close to the fight date. Perhaps you knew that Var is out of the system in a much shorter time and Ariza knew it too which is why they would not agree to a 14 day cut off. Oh and Peterson… you’re really going to bring that up? LMAO @ you again for being so ignorant. Peterson DID do random testing and used test pellets remember? What does that have to do with oral anabolics exactly? Wiki that one too so you can get your facts straight. Berto? Yep, random testing so he got caught.

    Notice how Manny suddenly wasn’t a destructive force with Rios? Did you also notice that they were doing VADA testing too? Yeah, you might have missed that on your google searches… it’s so funny how he just lost his power though isn’t it? That random testing must really take a lot out of a guy lol.

    Keep up your stuff though. I am thoroughly enjoying this.

  • Meth,

    I don’t use Wiki. WAR is a book you obviously have never heard of or read. If you had you wouldn’t look so stupid. You lost all credibility when you said ‘so many bodybuilders use Primo and Anavar’. Sadly, I know NONE. Never once has any competing bodybuilder worth their weight asked about a woman/over 40 drug. In cutting phases they HAVE asked about Clen, Cytomel, Fina, Winny, and even Lasix(Chavez needed it) to combine with the regular stackers.

    Going back to your original post, listing a bunch of oral steroids, what was your point of callng me a moron??? Are we to assume you are too stupid to know the difference between an oral steroid and a drink??? And doesn’t Nevada, USADA and VADA test for steroids?? So what exactly was your point of listing orals?? To look even dumber?? Ok, we get it. You thought Roach was concerned about Ariza making Manny DRINK an oral pill…..And by listing your oral steroids you figured he was taking them, but never has tested positive. Oh Lamont Peterson must have not been DRINKING his Testosterone pellets, hence he got caught. You figured out genius!!!! Drink the steroids and never get caught!!!!

    Stick to training women, Methhead. My guess is you have never heard of the Guru Dan Duchaine….

  • LOL@ “I have plenty of guys in the business who can get me information”. That comment right there shows that you have no clue about what you are talking about and have to ask and search for the answers. Talk about owning. You owned yourself and didn’t even realize it. Thank you for admitting your own lack of knowledge and btw, if this is what your “guys in the business” are telling you… they need to wiki more info too :-)

    P.S. You’re welcome.

  • By the way Richard/benny, can’t you be a bit more original and stop calling people you disagree with names, calling them women or throwing insults? As a father of 4 daughters, a son, a husband, a boron her to a sister, a cousin to many female cousins, a friend to tons of ladies, I find it insulting that ignorants of your ilk use women and their body parts to “insult” men. As for me not knowing much about drugs, I was the one who came forward and admitted so, and you take it and try to insult me. I could have done what you did, and google info about it, wiki it, etc and then come here and pretend I am an expert. That’s not who I am.

    I am a CONTRARIAN, a man who’ll go against the grain until proven wrong and I’ll admit it, unlike you/benny who need to be publicly shamed. I have my opinions and will admit I’m wrong if I am, but just because there are a few people saying the same thing on one topic does not mean that I’ll jump on the wagon and say the same. A CONTRARIAN I was born, a contrarian I’ll die, but a dignified one.

  • Richard, again, your ability to assess anything is greatly diminished by your arrogance coupled with your ignorance. But I’ll let others judge who owned whom. As for “throwing opinions you know nothing about AND get owned” you just got bitch slapped by Metho4u, just as I slapped you/benny but I guess your level of testosterone (doping?) and stupidity won’t allow you to acknowledge. Man, how obtuse are you!!!

  • Todaline,

    Keep your personal animosities to yourself. Whoever Benny was, he owned you. Let it go, as it has nothing to do with me. You like to throw out opinions on topics you know nothing about, such as Anabolic steroids, and criticize someone else about their knowledge. I have plenty of guys in the business who can get me answers on anything regarding this topic. Your pesonal vendetta with me makes you look petty. Please, either take your problems with me to email, so nobody else has to read your soap opera, or post your crying. I have excellent discussions with many here, including the writers. So I will no longer acknowledge anything you post or claim because I don’t want to get caught up in a debate better suited for women who like to bitch and whine. Good day.

  • Richard… I guess it took you a while to wiki all of your info. You’re points are stupid, you are not addressing what I actually said, but what you wanted my posts to say. I’m not going around with you about it. I never said anything about oral steroids not being able to be detected. I said that Deca as a for instance was a poor choice for a boxer to use. You are not bright enough to have seen that I said that adding test to that only upped one’s chances of being caught. Perhaps you missed where I said that “Deca takes MUCH longer to clear out of your system”… are you illiterate or just have ADD? Either way, it’s funny to watch you come back with stuff that you search for to try to be right. I’m getting a good laugh at your expense at least.

  • The PED debate is pointless at this point. Facts are Roach who people tend to sympathise with due to his ailments and medical condition, from after effects of boxing is not innocent from this saga at all. He stood by as long as Manny was not caught. Which brings more questions than answers does that mean Pacquaio, Linares, Khan and Chavez all juiced up sometime in their careers. Why was the Mayweather klan and GBP sued by Manny to begin with? Perhaps he needed the money, who knows.

  • Richard, I’ll answer this once as I don’t want us to hijack this thread and turn it into a back and forth between you and I.

    I don’t think you’re any good at opinions and have shown it here, having been corrected by virtually everyone, so when you declare victory on behalf of Benny, you either show your bias or your ignorance. Let’s recapitulate: somebody used my handle to compliment Broner’s manhood, I signaled that to Ring Talk and the posts were taken down, and Pedro publicly said so. Benny kept accusing of having written those comments and I nicely kept telling him it was not me, and, again Pedro told him that, indeed there were fake todalines. I kept asking benny to produce a proof for his accusations and was met with insults, every single time. Is that what you call a beating? In a court of law, there’d be a mistrial and then a counter suit. To put it in words that you might understand, benny kept telling me that the sky is green and I kept correcting him, which prompted him to call me names.

    The real beating is what you just got from Metho4u. Feeling bruised? As bruised as your buddy benny? Who by the way is hiding somewhere after I gave him a little lesson on how the FBI can knock on his door for slandering a man. And if you see him, please tell him that he’s welcome to show us the proof to support his accusations.

  • Pedro,

    I have gave these new guys credit. They are doing things so far advanced we can’t fathom. You have coneections with Steroid Cheat Conte. Surely he could give you a lowdown of their new thinking. I wonder if the new design steroids are as toxic as the old ones. Lyle Alzado was a huge MethylTestosterone user, who died accordingly from abuse of the liver. As a researcher of anabolics, I would love to read anything pertaining to Conte, Heredia, and their new line of PEDs. Hopefully you can get an article discussing Mosley and his drugs of choice. Thanks for the read.

  • Richard, I guess you did not see 60 Minutes and the guy that was giving Alex Rodriguez Testosterone candies to consume during the game. I got to say you are WRONG here.

  • Sorry to get sidetracked with Meth-ingesting, but the fact remains NOBODY would drink an ORAL PED. If it’s in pill form why drink it??? My guess is it was some supplement which may or may not be a drink Rios received. And since Todaline says Ariza is smart, we know he wouldn’t administer him a PED which could be a red flag on testing. So perhaps we should refer this as a PES, but most supplements don’t provide much bang. However, as little as it may be, might be performance-enhancing…..

  • Todaline,

    Pedro can confirm I have no relation to your daddy, Benny, who was slapping you silly on another thread. IMHO you should stay away from him though. That was a horrid, one-sided BEATING. On your points about Ariza, you could be 100% correct on his intelligence. Or 100% wrong. But thankfully we both agree is a scumbag along with Conte and Heredia.

  • Meth,

    You truly are ignorant. Deca HAS to be stacked, period. Had to look back, and sure enough, never suggested taking it alone. Can you read?? Are you claiming Dbol, Test, Test blends(Sos, PrimoTest), Abombs, etc DON’T show up on testing??? You can’t possibly be that stupid….Deca stays in your system up to 18 months, but if you are being tested, all this shit is in your system, so what is your point??? Nobody in weight training, competition, or any sports would take Deca alone. However, guys who needed to stay in a certain weight class would combine Deca with Winny and/or Fina. But you are getting this way off topic. You want to discuss steroids, show me a forum you are subscribed to and I can shut you down there.

  • and yet again here we go. Based on your points (which are not good ones) you are quite obviously making things up. Deca will put weight on a person and Deca takes MUCH longer to clear out of the system. Winny isn’t a good choice because it dries out collagen and you are more likely to wind up with joint damage. Deca on it’s own DRAMATICALLY reduces test levels and so it MUST have a test base (as with most steroids)… this again makes it easier to be caught. Not to mention the fact that Deca on it’s own without lifting has shown to add muscle, let alone adding test to the mix and then weight training on top of that? So that won’t add size or water retention? lmao! If you are truly that ignorant about Var then you sir are the one who needs to get a clue and whatever you’re reading… you need to find another source because it’s only making you look more ignorant with each post.

  • Richard/benny or whatever alias you want to use, I’ll work on “being my anal retentive self” as soon as all the fun I’m having is over. Promised. But don’t be so anal retentive yourself, not good for your blood pressure. And fon once I agree with you, Ariza “comes across to YOU as not being very bright”. Once a guy said that Einstein’s intellect was nothing to write about. Opinions are just that, facts are a different story, and facts point to a smart man in Ariza. A smart evil, smart bad, smart sloppy, smart liar, smart cheat, but smart, otherwise he’d be in jail. I think too many times people put labels on others based on THEIR perceptions, without taking time to comprehend that there’s a difference between eloquence and intelligence. There are very intelligent people who can’t speak, and dumb yet eloquent people.

  • Meth4u,

    Halotestin is a perfect steroid for boxing, as is Deca, Winny, Fina, etc. any steroid that doesn’t induce water retention/weight gain. I have worked with plenty of people who have used/needed Anabolic Steroids. I suggest you read WAR. Or get a clue. Only people I knew who requested Anavar and Primo pills were women and guys over 40. Here is some proof, ask Mosley what he was taking…..Pretty sure your cute little women roids won’t appear. However, for older guys and regular women, these drugs do decent returns….By the way, I have read every steroid book printed, and am friends with people wwho made underground stuff, albeit NOTHING like Convicted cheaters Conte and Heredia cam up with, pure genius.

  • Todaline,

    Why don’t you work on being your anal retentive self and spellcheck and correct the articles??? Everyone loves a 8 year old who points out mistakes to people who DON’T get paid to write. And yes, you are not well versed in PEDs. However, your last statement is correct, PEDs provide advantages.

    We have to agree to disagree on Ariza. He comes across to me as not being very bright. You see something different in him, no qualms either way.

  • Richard, when you take time to add an apostrophe it no longer is a typo. A typo is when you type a key close to another or omit a letter, etc.

    I am not well versed in PEDs as I never took any interest in them (however I know enough to have a debate), but as I said you need a “house” or “environment” for the molecule(s), and it can be any solid or liquid. When you ingest it, be it orally or IV or absorbed through your epidermis, what matters is that you are getting the benefits of said molecule. We could argue about the efficiency of one method vs another, but the end result is the same, PEDs provide some advantage to athletes using them.

    As for Ariza, not being smart, that is a big mistake to believe so. If he was dumb we’d be talking about what happened to him in jail, not that Roach is trying to distance himself from his actions. Ariza may want people to believe that, but I don’t believe for a second that he deserves that label.

  • Hmmm, “wonderful for strength and cutting purposes, but not for bulking”. That sounds like it would be the PERFECT oral for someone in boxing or any other combat sport where making weight properly is key… wouldn’t you?

  • Richard LOL!!! are you serious? Try doing more research rather than just using wiki as your source. Oral steroids do not raise test levels, actually.. they LOWER them and almost anyone who uses a high dose needs a test as a base in order to keep the test levels where they need to be. If Anavar and Primo don’t make it through the liver, then why exactly do so many bodybuilders use them when it comes to cutting season?

    “Anavar is wonderful for strength and cutting purposes, but not for bulking or possibly a whole lot of fat acquire. In other words, what Im saying is everything you get is going to be solid. Personally I am leaning towards a theory which fundamentally purports which the much more solid your gains are, the more youll hold (percentage-wise). It helps make perception, after you feel about it; men and women generate a good deal of excess weight gains to the highly water-retentive steroids (Dbol, A50, long estered testosteones, and many others. ), but get rid of the greatest percentage of their gains afterwards. The exact same appears to be for being opposite for the PEDs which induce significantly less (or no) drinking water retention (Anavar, Primo, Winstrol, etc& ). At v6x3 on line.”

    Get a clue Richard and read real sources instead of the whole “only women use anavar or Primo”.

  • No matter who you want to blame, the facts are that Roach himself said what he did about these “drinks” that Manny was given. I heard no complaining while everyone was hailing Manny and wanted him to star as himself in the next Superman movie, with the power he had brought up through ALL of the weight classes (and non weight classes). Now that Marquez (whether people’s suspicions about him are correct or not) levels Manny, Ariza is gone and Manny looked ordinary. He didn’t look powerful. He looked like a smaller guy with a lot more speed than the bigger guy, thus he was able to actually box and move vs. Rios. Good luck with trying to box Floyd.

  • This has more to do with banned substances found at GNC per the NFL and other sports then any REAL PEDs. See StarCaps(MN Vikings) for a ridiculous banned substance.


    I agree, Ariza is a scumbag, and capable of anything. I pray and hope though that the USADA and VADA are smarter than he is; however, if that is not the case, we can safely say that boxing is in trouble.

  • Todaline,

    I assumed you knew that all oral PEDs(thanks for catching the typo, I won’t bother proofreading yours) that actually worked, would elevate the Testosterone levels to a point testing would catch them. The problem with most if not all orally ingested PEDs is they never survive the liver on the first pass, so they either need to be completely toxic or applied differently. If they are so strong to wreck your liver, then yes, they will work, but at the same time elevating your levels to the point of drawing suspicion. That is why cheats like Heredia and Conte started experimenting with creams. In the early days they used DSMO to apply PEDs to bypass the liver, however, the cheats at Balco took it to a new extreme. In closing, I am not sure if their steroids were undetectable due to MLB and various other sports(see Mosley) lax testing or the Cheats ability to mask the so called agents.

  • Metho4u,

    Yes, I have heard of all of them. Winstrol and Primobolan pills are basically useless, never make it past the first pass. Anavar, really??? Are you discussing women PEDs? Can’t help ya there buddy. As far as Anadrol and D-Bol, time to correct your stupid thinking. What do these drugs do moron??? They ELEVATE Testosterone levels. Which can and WILL be detected. Go away and let the adults talk here.

  • Interesting perspective Todaline.

  • Richard… you’re a moron, have you ever heard of oral steroids? Anavar? D-bol? Primobolan? Winstrol? Anadrol-50?

    Get your facts straight before you try to cover up for ariza, roach or manny. Roach admitted he knew ariza and pretty much let everyone know that something illegal was being used… he’s actually not very smart… and apparently neither are you.

  • @Richard I think Todaline is trying to point out that there are SOME banned substances that can be consumed orally. And if Ariza was providing something like this, what is stopping him from providing other examples like the one you gave as well?

  • Some guy on another site made an interesting observation on this Roach interview. Roach was very aware of Ariza’s concoctions and approved of them, plainly agreeing with Ariza, but now claims to have never known what was going on. Is something coming up and this is his defense?

  • PED= performance ehanced drugs. Drugs are are made of specific molecules to target specific diseases or in the case discussed here, athletic performance. These molecules need an “environment” to be “ingestable”, which can be solid or LIQUID. And no one is talking about drinking liquid INJECTABLES, we’re talking about PEDs (yes, PEDs and not PED’s) DESIGNED to be SWALLOWED and not injected. Again, molecules can have any kind of support as a vehicle, cream, gel, liquid, solid, and just about anything else.

  • Who said anything about cream???? That is a PED, see Androderm. If you want to know why ingesting injectable steroids doesn’t work, research the animal steroid Finaplix. Also, ask any PED person with knowledge what happens when you drink a liquid injectable, such as Deca, Sostenon, or any Testoterone. Or pick up a bootleg copy of the book ‘WAR’. Then come back and make your claim about drinking PED’s…..

  • TRANSFER, he’s moving down the hall to the AG’s office, where he came frm.

  • Talking about doping, what’s up with Keith Kizer very sudden resignation? Quite strange.

  • Well put Todaline!

  • There are many, many different ways to INGEST drugs, from injections, to creams, to pills, to nasal sprays, to suppositories, to inhalations, and yes to DRINKS. If one can take a doping pill, one can also DISSOLVE said pill into a drink, or concoct a drink WITH the desired ingredients.

  • I think this drink saga, not only with Rios but sports in general, is simply overcomplicating the subject and taking away from the real battle. If drinking ‘anything’ would make you bigger, faster, and have more endurance, you would have seen it. See the ARoid 60 minutes. Never once did the doctor claim Alex was ‘drinking’ anything…..95% of ALL PEDS are injectables!!! The rest are in pill form, which are either toxic to your body or dissolved before they get where they need to go. Let me add, though, that Ariza is too dumb to figure any of this out……He would have got caught by now if he was providing PEDS.

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