Bakersfield, CA-It’s pretty clear that Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio is the fight everyone wants to see! steps up the ante! We are looking for fans to donate towards the cause and get a billboard put up in on the Las Vegas Strip resembling the picture below! We’d love if if one person with a lot of doe just felt like fotting the bill on this. In the person(s) wanted to remain annonomys, that’s cool. But I think radio and exposure will only show the public that we’re tired of Mayweather’s antics.




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  • Jack Dunne: I agree…i felt he was going to wait till pac finally slowed down before he fought him…i guess it ain’t that time yet!

  • @1200 Techs “why do you think MAY doesn’t just do it?”

    Because I think he is way to protective of his ZERO… Mayweather is BY FAR the most overly cautious and tepid “great fighter” I have ever seen in my life…

  • they shoe it for free the very next week any way

  • it’s about time some one is making a stand against this ass wipe

  • i’ve been saying FOK Floyd since no rematch against Delahoya

  • cowardice rules……run floydie run…packy’s on his way…
    expect the worst beating in your life, forever it will be your worst nightmare etched in your memory.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  • To all Floyd fans you are all chicken like your idol. Manny got KOed becasue bes not afraid to face hard foe unlike your idol that always steer clear of danger and convinced you with his cheap alibis and excuses. Floyd is CHICKEN and and his balls shrink like raisins everytime he hears the name PACQUIAO

  • Floyd is a lousy figther he is hyped because he is an american coward,,, the truth hurts but real man never ducks,, his a lousy fighter the his mouth shots,, the more he losses his dignity as a fighter,, the true warrior never quacks but attack physically

  • all floydiot fight never rouse my nein.. very lousy fight,, HIT and RUN and run and RUN and RUNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hahhahaha

  • Excellent Idea!..But Floyd once said he doesn’t care what the fans wanted!…He only cares how much he would get from a no risk fight!…If his next fight wont reach 1M CBS/Showtime should rescind the contract.

  • It’s about time for all boxing fans to unite and boycott all Floyd’s fight until he fights Pacman. BOYCOTT THIS FLOYD MAYWEATHER! PLEASE PASS!



  • Well, does Floyd think that Khan is better than pacquiao? Does he think that Khan is in his level? He does not want to fight pacquiao because pacquiao is not in his level considering his losses (and he is “0”). When he fought ortiz, did he consider ortiz better than pacquio? Well, WBC is a nut when it ranked pacquiao #2. Why is it that an organization like WBC has no power anymore to make legitimate fights? Is boxing no longer a sport but a pure business?

  • 100% floydcott 100% floydcott 100% floydcott

  • floydcott is good. get the damn coward fight for real before earning his millions!Pacquiao first before
    anyone else.

  • And obviously, you’re not Superman or super smart! Thanks!

  • ” In the person(s) wanted to remain annonomys ” are you retarded ? Your actually a writer ?

  • I will not pay to see a Mayweather fight until he fights Pacquiao. It’s time the Fans were in charge.

  • If Khan is lured out of retirement (following several defeats) to face Mayweather then my excitement level will be such that i’ll automatically be boycotting the fight by virtue of not giving a shit.

  • It’s about time for all boxing fans to unite and boycott all Floyd’s fight until he fights Pacman.

  • Floyd may win against pacman but i dont know why this guy is afraid of him …

  • Jack, your initiative make sense to me. Damn those who said they are not interested in seeing floyd-pac getting it on. I bet they ll be watching too when time comes and if it comes at all. Ya Floyd’s been picking and it is time to say no more to Floyd picking on Fan;s hard earn money. Boycott Floyd!!! I have not a paid a dime since Floyd sucker punch on Vic Ortiz. I felt I got sucker punch too of what could have been a good fight.

  • KP, yes he did (and suddenly he can’t hurt a shopworn Rios), now go tell him to do the same with Floyd. Pac seems to have some “elasticity” when it come to opponents (as does Floyd). His personal history with drug testing so far has been against what you wrote. That was the premise of my post.

  • i absolutely agree to this idea, i believe this is the only way to force FMJ to fight PAC or another banner calling Mayweather to resign

  • Floyd was called a “coward” by his nemesis and he tucked his tail between his legs.
    Typical for his culture. Other cultures would be on the neck of their own if their hero was called a coward in a challenge and he lay down and piss all over himself. Seems like talking big, verbally insulting and yapping their LIPS is big in The Coward’s culture. Rather than defend his honor, The Coward came up with another list of excuses why The Coward is not going to fight Pacquiao. The Coward is thier hero. LMAO! Alpha male? lol More like the Omega, look that up, coward?

  • go go go for floyd boycott, a coward is coward no execuses he is absolutely a coward period.

  • 100% Floydcott……….

  • I hope it will work,because the only way I can think of, is for the boxing world to assembled an special force that will snatch Floyd and bring him to the arena where he will face Manny Pacquiao, wether he like it or not, let’s do it.

  • Great, Boxing fans must unite to force Mayweather to fight Pacquiao. THAT’S ALL WE WANT, NOT ALIBIS AND COWARDICE. Suggest to all to save the image above and email it or post it to all boxing sites. Send it to Ben Thompson of FightHype and other FLoydiots.

    For boxing fans who have not seen the videos on the Real reasons why Mayweather don’r want to fight Pacquiao here it is again:

    1. Floyd Mayweather on Why He Ducked Pacquiao:

    2. 110% Proof Floyd is a LIAR and Ducking Pacquiao and Saying he Never said Pacquiao was Next:


  • That’s great, boxing fans must unite

  • I am all in. Boycott all Floyd’s fight. I will post a banner in our area boycotting Floyd.

  • Mayweather is all scared of pacquiao, That the fact he belittle manny’s accomplishments and fighting ability and despite willingness of Manny to surrender to all conditions mayweather wants to, floyd still refuses to fight. That’s a shame for an american to be called COWARD . Let’s boycott Floyd’s fight until he fights manny

  • Tell Floyd first if he has a balls. Then if he say yes. So your not a coward? if he say yes again. Follow-up a question so fight PACMAN. if he hesitate.then sure no fight again. He’s bleeping coward. He deserve Hall of Shame rather Hall of Fame.

  • @Jack Dunne: see that’s what I can’t understand. If may feels he can completely dominate Pac, how come he doesn’t as May likes to say, make “easy” money.
    1) pac will bring him the MOST money.
    2)Pac is beatable
    3)Fighting Pac would erase ALL doubt amongst fans on who was the better fighter
    4) the ball is in Mayweathers court.

    why do you think MAY doesn’t just do it?

  • Todaline, You are the most blind Floyd nuthugger there is. You need to see it on the contract now? What a load of garbage. Your hero blinds you to no end. Manny took the Vada tests in his last fight. You have no case sir. Cut the crap.

  • we dont want to to pay $70 to see Floyd beat miss pacman easy, matter of fact pac style is made for Floyd,to get his first ko since, an i wonder want you Floyd haters gonna say this time, bout why it was so easy for floyd to beat pac,

  • … If Bradley wants to fight Pac he HAS to sign …

  • Arum at it again. If Bradley wants to fught Pac he HAS to sigh a multi fight extension and there will be no fight without such a deal. Will we read here that Tim is ducking Pac?

  • Todaline… I was going to make a point you noted… Except for Pacquiao fans who are completely delusional and Mayweather fans who are knowingly and willing to plunk down $70 for a terrible fight… One where Manny gets completely eviscerated… Who wants to see this fight???

  • Appreciate the feedback. I admit that I may well be wrong but I just don’t see the buzz beyond the fringe element of serious boxing fanatics.

  • KP, you’re right, it was a decision loss, albeit one that was probably worse than a KO loss. Accumulation of punches vs one punch. As for Pac’s willingness to take the tests “now”, I want to see it on paper (it’s not like he didn’t tell us before that he accepted all tests before we found out it was not true). So let’s see it on the contract before saying we’re sure he’ll do it.

  • @ santa cruz: “no matter what happens Floyd will continue to be a legend in his own mind”.

    Considering the huge contract offered to him by Showtime, the numbers, PPV, gate, theater, etc, coupled with generally glowing compliments from his peers, those who have fought, unlike those who know next to nothing about boxing, do you really think you have a case? Do you believe that you know better than the accountants hired by CBS to crutch numbers and make him an offer? Or you think you know better than HBO, which would do anything to get him back? Opinion vs fact…

  • Todaline, I haven’t paid for either guys PPV fights in quite sometime. I hold them to a similar standard. Alvarez was a good opponent, but sorry Amir Khan doesn’t cut it. Manny already is willing to take the tests now, so sorry got to sling the blame at Floyd. So I answered your question….are for Manny, he’s fighting Bradley. Thats a credible fight. By the way get your facts straight. Rios was not coming off a KO loss. It was a 12 round decision. He stopped Alvarado is the first bout.

  • I am boycotting Amir Kahn already …

  • Jack, have to actually disagree with you on this one. I’m always delighted to read your posts (even when we disagree as those are honest differences in opinions) but I believe that because fans from both sides are still clinging to the belief that their man is better, they WILL (maybe would buy is better suited) buy.

  • KP, Rios was also coming off a KO loss, so I understand your point of view. But what about Margarito? If you really want to do this the right way, let’s take Pac’s vs Money’s opponents win/loss ratio, KO power and see who fought a higher caliber. That should open your eyes.

  • no matter what happens Floyd will continue to be a legend in his own mind.

  • Jack, your posts are always informative and almost always right on. Have to respectfully disagree with you, this fight would smash records. Filipinos, USA, Mexicans, I think the intrigue of actually watching Mayweather take a chance with a credible opponent for the first time in ions would get the boxing world buzzing….

  • I love the idea, but it’s pointless. TWO different radio guys blasted Floyd on air with him, basically calling him a coward for not fighting Manny in a match they both thought May would win easily, and he refused to fight. Then there was the crowd at the mall harassing him, calling him names, until Floyd’s boys had to get him out of there. Almost every writer has called him out. Face it, he isn’t fighting Manny, even in his deteriorated state. Sad but true.

  • Todaline, Pac was coming off a KO loss. By the way didn’t buy that either.

  • Jack, Every person I talk to still wants to see this fight. Not as much as when both were at their peak though. You must not get out much. Just because you don’t care and your opinion has no reflection whatsover on the rest of the public. You must be living on an island…No disrespect but I am not sure how you came to that conclusion.

  • I actually did vote, just to be able to see the result: about 95 to 5, and was amazed that it was not 99-1.

  • KP, where was your Pacott before Pac-Rios fight?

  • 1200, I don’t vote in polls designed to attract page clicks.

  • Jack, I usually agree with you on most things, but not on this one. I think that people would buy this fight. I don’t think that it would be all that competitive but people would buy the PPV.

  • I may be guilty of being ignorant of public conscious here but… I don’t see ANY public demand for a Floyd Fight with Pacquiao anymore… And I would bet a Pepsi on the fact that if you threw up another poll that read 1) WE NEED TO SEE IT or 2) THEY CAN BOTH EAT S**T… … I think that poll would go around 75-25, 80-20 in the wrong direction…

    I know this, if that fight took place tomorrow, FOR FREE, I wouldn’t watch it… And I’m a guy who used to write for YOU! I can’t even begin to fathom just how little a general sports fan cares about this anymore…

  • If one hundred votes were counted at that time… You might want to check Todaline to see if he voted TWICE! ahahaha

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