• Filipino Manny fans are annoying as hell.

  • Floyd is running scared. Here’s why I believe so: 1) Mayweather is better technically than Pacquaio 2) He’s naturally bigger than Pacquaio 3) He’ll make $20-40 MM for the fight (largest purse ever). Dispite all of the details Floyd absolutely will not sign to fight Pacman up to this point. Even if Pacman is doing drugs it won’t matter if Floyd is so much as better as claimed by most. In my opinion.

    Running Scared; FEAR

  • shit is funny dem pac fans are funny but it would of been funnier if there was some kind of altercation and dem guys got roughed up lol

  • KP, I agree, activity definitely makes a difference, but I don’t know, when Cotto fought Pacroid, even slow a$$ Cotto was doing damage when he was moving. He started getting crished when he was just standing there trading. Given that, I think that even a relatively slower Mayweather (ring rust etc.) is just too good technically. Still though, no drug test, no fight IMO. I really, really, really hate steroids.

  • I would have been calling chicken boy than if one of his steroid goons touched me I would had sued his chicken ass.

  • Pedro, just curious….why the winner of Bradley vs. Alexander at 140 and not 147? I would like Pacman to face the winner as well or Berto.

  • 1200 Techs, yeah I think that the PPV numbers are for America (not 100% sure though), but I know that Money May is extremely popular in the UK and I’d wager in the rest of Europe as well. I’m even willing to say that he’s popular in Australia too. As far as Asia, I’d take a bet that Money May’s popular in Korea (which used to be absolutely boxing crazy, but apparently not as much anymore). No idea about the rest of Asia though. Boxing’s still popular in Africa, especially in countries like Ghana and South Africa and even though the fights there are usually part of a satellite sports programming package type deal, I’m pretty sure that Mayweather’s fights draw more attention. Until somebody can provide reliable PPV numbers for regions other than America, Floyd Mayweather is the undisputed PPV king.

  • Well, at 16 years old, Pacquiao was already a Pro boxer fighting grown men whereas 16 year old maywetaher was still in the Amateurs where maywetaher lost 6 fights.
    Bronze medalist y’know, floid never did win Gold nor Silver after all.
    At 16, they both fought in the same weight class, 106 lbs, except one guy was a protected Amateur and the other was an unprotected Pro.

  • Smelly foot, if Floyd lost to Castillo then Manny lost to Marquez 2 times and PBF schooled Marquez?? Give I a rest I think I can whip king kongs azz but I’ll never know. U can speculate all u want. And what’s up with u Asians are u guys in need of a hero that much??? I know it’s been a while since Bruce Lee but damn give it a rest

  • ..i meant hear!

  • Cheesey: another thing..out of all those fans whom bought the ppv’s, which fans would you say walked away feeling more satisfied after seeing their fights, mayweather, or pac? I would say handsfrom what I here people say in regards to entertainment value, its the pacmonster hands down!
    Mayweathers best wins considering the danger at the time would be against Castillo and Corrales…Pacs were against barrera and Marquez..

  • Judah , Baldomir, Mosley vs Cotto, Clottey, Margarito..idk cheesey, i’d go with pacs run considering the time he fought them..thats fine to disagree though..

    regarding ppv numbers..is that only tracked in America?

  • So no Berto at 147 huh? You think Martinez could be competative at a catchweight of 152?..I would like to see that above all! I’m not so sure he could drain down though..

  • Floyd is the man, fought better fighters than pacroid, while they were still credible opponents and pacroids ppv numbers pale in comparison (again I keep using that because that’s the only objective measuring stick, all else is opinion). Money May is the man!

  • At 140, winner of Bradley-Alexander. At 147, nobody. At 152, Sergio Martinez!

  • Thats right Pedro! this is getting tiring with these two guys. who do u think pac should fight after mosley from a fans perspective that would be most competative and at what weight?

  • Mayweather is probably the best boxer of this era….but Pacman has proven to be the greatest of this era. As much as I admire Floyd as a fighter he is taking the Tyson path in life and self destructing, it will hurt his career. I’m only saying this based on Floyd’s actions.

  • Yawns inspired by both sides!

  • Knuckle Up: Most fans feel the same way u do…TIme for mayweather to sack up. If he doesn’t have the desire anymore, just go away already and let the others mix it up.

  • Roberto: Mayweather is as good as you say he is. That’s whyI want him to prove it in the ring. I enjoy his style just like I enjoy watching B Hop, Vitali, etc. systematically destroy there opponants. Fact is, what they do is effective, but most casual fans just get bored with it. Just like pac is supposed to be able to wipe out everyone at 140 if he dropped down in that weight ,I want to see it to believe it. If pac’s latter run in his career leaves much to be desired..Mayweather’s recent run is far worse imo. Pac is at least taking on guys that are bigger than him and doing it in an exciting fashion. Mayweather hands down is the number one defensive boxer of his era.But pac imo is the number one offensive fighter of his era and has the better resume of the 2.

  • For the people who are saying Mayweather is the best, let’s remember, he was arguably beaten by Castillo and Pac is WAY faster and more relentless than Castillo. My guess is Mayweather is going to wait until Pac is past his prime before he challenges, if he challenges at all. The possibility of Mayweather getting KO’d unconscious is too much for his fragile ego to take.

  • I was just BSing about the goat thing. But best of his era is up for debate.when u think boxing in it’s truest form. Nobody come to mind in this era more than PBF.he is a craftsman. Like it or not he IS the best boxer of his era.

  • Floyd didn’t get punked by a bunch of PAC fans. Floyd punked himself by ducking PAC. Floyd needs to worry about finding his urge so he can finally man up and face PAC.

  • Floyd should get used to this. It’s gonna be his life from now on unless he makes the fight happen quick.

  • ROberto: PBF goat?…thats boxing blasphemy right there brother!…i don’t even think we can call him the best of his era, which is light years behind boxing of the past!

  • RE: “Mayweather no dummy…”
    Across ALL sports, I really think maywetaher is about the dumbest athlete we have going right now…
    I think many people would agree.

  • Please Floyd wasn’t running nowhere. He was chill in like a villain. Fly chick next to him and everybody sweating him. People need to stop the hate. All u pactards show ur insecurity by always trying to pull PBF down. If ur man is number 1 u don’t need to justify it!!!! Little man complex is a bitch

  • PBF is the GOAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Mayweather no dummy, it’s going to take $100 million for each fighter too make this fight. The offer of $100 million was on the table for L. Lewis too return from retirement too do a rematch. The world is going to watch and the world have the money.

  • I hope if Floyd ever does decide to take the fight(drug tests or not, regardless of the terms) that he hasn”t been out of the ring for over a year. The longer he’s out of the ring diminishes his chances. You don’t want ring rust when you fight Paquaio or diminished reflexes, something Floyd heavily relies on. Luckily Floyd has to be one of the smartest fighters I’ve ever seen in the ring. However, just like Bernard Hopkns at this stage, you can’t rely on just smarts to win fights. At this stage I feel Floyd lacks real desire to be a prizefighter anymore and is just fighting for money now, which is fine when you are fighting guys who are 38 like Mosely but might be not the best mentality when fighting a busy fighter like Paquaio who might be able to outwork Floyd. Before Cheesy jumps all over me…I favor Floyd, but as time goes by I will soon have to favor the full time fighter in Paquaio.

  • I’m not so sure Mayweather is confident in beating pacquiao and seems reluuctant to take on him at this point. I was a fan of Mayweather and was the few on here that believed he “unretired” for a third time to seal his legacy and had his sight set on pacquaio. Boy was I wrong! I didn’t take into account his outside ring behavior would get in the way and he truly seems like a man that’s unravelling and bothered.His father has gone on record stating he does not like his son fighting south paws. Recently, floyd sr. started spewing out more bs that it’s going to take a heavyweight to beat pacquiao due to “stuff” pac is on as well as roach’s fighters. He went on to say that if it were up to him, his son should just retire and his son should be comfortable being second best in the public opinion, that his son’s life was not worth it by taking on pacquiao! Senior went on to say he would want a rep. from his camp watching “THE WHOLE TIME” pac was training if his son was to fight pac, but went on to reitirate that his son shouldn’t fight pac. Why is that? ARen’t the mayweathers one of the most tight knit groups when it comes to allowing outsiders from watching how they train? The bs that comes from his dad’s mouth is endless..He basically sh**ts on anything not mayweather, claiming the likes of roach,steward, etc. are not on his level when it comes to training fighters. IMO, Mayweather Jr. should humble himself and throw all caution to the wind if he chooses to continue to box. ANyone who’s his fan because he’s undefeated ain’t a real fan anyway. Separate himself from those that hold him down, the one’s his dad refers too as leaches. You don’t have to be a thug to be accepted. If he challenges himself, that in itself will speak louder than anything else, if he continues to choose boxing..Otherwise, retire and make better choices and remember, you reap what you sow..

  • Floyd’s got Filipino friends. Dude did make some racist statements but let’s get real. Everybody makes racist comments.

    One day a white guy will call a dude a nigger. The next day he’ll talk about all the black friends he’s had since elementary school.

    The very next day Bernard Hopkins will make some racist statements to Calzaghe, and then the day after that, he’ll be chillin’ with Richard Schaefer and his white friends.

    Everybody just needs to calm down a bit and be more graceful… Floyd, Bernard and these Filipino kids included.

  • LOL @ Mayweather fan, “floyd will take this fight on his timetable”. While Pacquiao fights big names left and right it increases his chances of losing a fight. Handpicked opponents and fighting once a year will contribute to any fighter staying undefeated.
    Its odd that Floyd didn’t run when he came out of the store because he sure as hell ran away several times from a Pacquiao fight. Incase you dont keep up with the sport/your fighter. Mayweather’s advisors Ellerby and Al Haymon claimed that they were never contacted for negotiations. The president of HBO Sports went on to say that he played as the mediator for negotiations and that they DID happen but Floyd’s team never responded. Another attempt was made from Bob arum after the Margarito fight but no answer from Mayweather. But he sure is brave enough to hit women and make stupid racial comments. Also, its not Floyd’s timetable, its the Las Vegas Police department’s timetable

  • Floyd will NEVER step in the ring with Manny. It’s just that plain and
    simple, it’s not gonna happen. Floyd’s tiny 41-0 don’t mean crap, many more
    fighters have gone a lot farther than 41-0. Floyd is trying to hold on to
    a winning record, but he is losing so so so much more in the process. He’s got
    a few excuses for not fighting right now, but after his cases go to court, he
    will have to find more excuses not to fight Manny.

  • How they gonna label this video as Floyd “getting chased” and as Floyd “getting punked” when Floyd came out of the store, never ran, and one of the dude’s that was following Floyd around admitted that he was afraid of getting punched by Floyd? Floyd ain’t no punk – and the fight with Manny will happen on Floyd’s timetable. Floyd’s not going to take the fight just for the money – he’s going to take it to WIN.

  • Floyd Jr. is still the man? What nonsense! Since when did a coward become ” the man”?

  • Just for the record I’m not disrespecting the Phillipines. I respect poor people around the world and those that can overcome poverty. When I was a child I respected people like Benigno Aquino Jr. and his wonderful and corageous wife Corazon Aquino. I just wanted to say that before those negative pactards start spewing their nonsense. Floyd’s still the man though.
    Separately, this series “Lights Out” on FX seems pretty interesting so far.

  • I think Floyd’s bodyguards need to be checked for roids!!!

  • Haha awesome! Avoiding Pac is fine, but avoiding Pac and still claiming he’s the best doesn’t fly. The public can only take so much BS. Mayweather is being a weak ass and he should get dogged for it.

  • Cheddar give those fools a break. Seeing Floyd live is the highlite of their lives lol!!!!!!

  • Shows you how stupid filipinos can be. Like my guy said they only want someone in Floyd’s camp to punch them so they can sue. How stupid are they. Now I see why they are called Pacroid’s Pactards. Is Pacroids sister still on the run for running the illegal gambling racket. When that steroid freak agree to the test his ass will be grass. believe dat!

  • This video proves thaat Pac Nuts are even more annoying in person than they are on here. At least on here you can choose not to read their crap.

  • A few good points. The fact that people recognize Floyd in a mall, and a few know who he is ducking, might be as good a sign that boxing is still relevant in the public eye. Also, Money should be staying out of the public eye, spending his time concentrating on the upcoming charges he faces.

  • Pathetic. Everybody can talk $hit when they’ve got their girls, uhm I mean boys with them. They’re probably hoping that he touches them so that they can sue. Truly pathetic.

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