Mayweather vs. Arturo Gatti

San Francisco, CA- While Manny Pacquiao has dined on “fast food” type of fighters, meaning hamburgers for his last three encounters, Floyd Mayweather has had out of the ring issues with Pacquiao suing him, verbally assaulting a security guard where he lives, among other things, and all the while he hasn’t fought in 16 months. That being said, inactivity has affected some of the sport’s great fighters. Either the training after the layoff was insufficient to reawaken their world class skills, or as in the case of most fighters, especially ones in their 30’s, they simply lost it, got old overnight and come fight time were unable to deliver the goods.


While some might say that Floyd Mayweather is the “best fighter in the world,” he will be challenging Victor Ortiz for the WBC 147 lb. title he took from the vastly overrated Andre berto earlier this year. In a fight where both fighters hit the deck, Ortiz’ relentlessness was the key factor that carried him to victory. With a record of 29-2-2, 22 KOs, people point to the fact that Victor has two losses, the first was by disqualification when he hit an 11-9 journeyman in Corey Alarcon in 2005, after the referee had tried ti separate the two. The only real loss on his ledger was to the gritty Marcos Maidana in June 2006, a TKO 6 defeat in which both men were down in the fight.

Although he was cut and busted up, many people believe that Ortiz could have continued against Maidana, in a fight in which he was ahead on all three scorecards when he seemingly resigned. It should also be noted that this match was at 140 lbs., where Ortiz said he was “weight drained” and the move to 147 has, in his words, been a God send. In Maidana’s case, he went on to lose to Amir Khan for the WBA 140 lb. title.


Mayweather, 41-0, 25 KOs, and as previously mentioned has not fought since May of last year, then winning a UD 12 over Shane Mosley.
In the second round, Shane threw a right hand that buckled Mayweather a bit, but from that point forward was never in any danger of losing, cruising to losing one round on two cards, and two per the third judge.


I am posting 4-1 odds here favoring Mayweather. Although Victor is ten years younger, unless he can turn this into a physical “beat down type of fight, he has no chance to outbox the fluid-like Mayweather. Should Vicotr get desperate, and go at Floyd with recless abandon, this could result in two different outcomes. The first being he overwhelms Floyd and beats him up. The second is that he walks into something, much in the manner Ricky Hatton did, and succumb to clean shots being thrown from different angles from Floyd. The third scenario has Floyd winning a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.


Felling that Mayweather has “not gotten old” overnight, that his skills are good enough to still outbox the younger and possibly hungrier tiger, I don’t see Ortiz coming out the winner here. Thus, if I were betting on this fight, the only thing that would keep me from betting Floyd is the long odds, for I don’t like putting up more than $3 to win win $1.


That being said, fight fans in the SF Bay Area can see the fight on the big screen at Ricky’s Sports Theater on Hesperian Blvd., a block off East 14th St. in San Leandro, CA. Admission is far less than the cost of the PPV and you will get a real fight ambiance at the #2 ranked sports bar in America, according to Sports Illustrated magazine. First fight is at 6 PM PT. For more info go to www.Rickys.com

Pedro Fernandez


  • “Ortiz is going to beat the crap out of him tonight!” Nice ass whoopin’ Ortiz gave Floyd tonight! :)

  • I’m going with Mayweather by UD or possibly a stoppage sometime between the 8th & 11th.

    If Floyd feels especially comfortable and in control he migh even stretch things out a couple of extra rounds and them coreograph a sudden or dramatic ending. I sometimes suspect in the Hatton fight when Ricky was gassed & hurting, Floyd seemed to to take the 9th off and let Ricky back into it a little to set up a more dramatic KO later on … but maybe he took the round off just because.

    There is always a chance when two fighters meet that someone will have unexpected difficulty with the others style, stance, timming or rythm. But the chance of this breaking Ortiz’ way is minimal.

    Ortiz best shot is just through the massive and indiscriminate application of blunt force. Be a much bigger and dirtier version of Jesus Chavez (for example if Floyd sticks the elbow at him, just blatantly grab & twist it Tyson-Botha style, F*** the point deduction, no respect…)

    Ortiz has the strenght & energy for it but I’m not sure if he has the skills, chin or the know how to deal with Floyd’s inside defense & elbows. And even if he did, the appointment of Joe Cortez will severely limit the opportunities.

    More likely is something simillar to Cassamayor-Katsidis only with Ortiz never really being that close to stealing the fight.

  • Ortiz vs Berto was all about who was gonna cop out 1st. Ortiz punches harder so that was that slight edge that did it. Beating Berto shouldn`t be a redemption fight for Ortiz, if he thinks it was then he`s in deep shit. Normaly when fighters like him think they had something to prove and and win there “redemption fight” they have a hangover after it. he thinks going life and death with another fighter that looks hard but is soft as butter inside makes him 1st class. It don`t. He looks the part he talks his part right but that kid is gonna fold if his punching power doesn`t bail him out as he expects.
    He`ll be in it as long as that emotional buzz takes to were off…say round 3-4 then Mayweather is gonna walk this kid through 1 hell of an ass kicking. Floyd By corner stoppage in round 11.

  • Hey SanityCruzer, your claim that “Floyd takes this..by easy decision.” Might be correct. Actually there’s only 3 (or 2) kinds of decisions – split (or majority), and Unanimous. The easy decision you’re talking about is when judges close their eyes and award the decision regardless if their man actually loses – that’s what we call fixed fight – easy decision, which very well might be. Just ask Jose Luis Castillo.

  • Unfortunately, Gayweather will win, boxing thru an ultra-defensive stance, and spot-shooting all night long. I do think that FM has stealed from us boxing fans a hell of a fighter, given his natural talents, but he has decided to fight a way that sucks all the excitement from his fights, to ensure he keeps his undefeated record and his face untouched. I hope that Ortiz wins, but my money would be on Gayweather.

  • Mayweather will tko victor around the 10th rd…that straight right that victor is open for will be his poison. expect a confused bewildered Ortiz towards the second half. His best chance is to attack mayweathers body to slow him down and stay on top of him the whole fight.. I dont see it hapening..

  • My prediction? This is one more Pay Per Screw that I won’t be buying.

  • People dont know much about boxing I see. Floyd doesnt smoke or drink, never balloons up between fights and hasnt taken punishment in his fights which means his 34 is more like 25/26. I think Floyd’s strength trains between fights and has grown more into a true welter because of it. Only a fool is fooled by his time off. I think he preserves himself very well and is punching harder which is why he doesn’t move as much. Bottom line is Victor’s in for a vicious beat down tonite. Look for this to be a big statement from Floyd.

  • For the money i hope Ortiz will upset Mayweather (+475, 0n $2bills) but in reality it will be Mayweather in 12. But you never know Ortiz might KO Mayweather and it will be a Ortiz vs Mayweather 2????? Go! Ortiz, Knock out Mayweather!!!

  • I agree with you Sanity Cruzer..Floyd is fast..very fast! sometimes he felt that the ring is too small,..he’s in the wrong sport,i’m pretty sure he can out run Usain Bolt, he should be in the track and field.

    Ortiz is going to beat the crap out of him tonight!

  • This fight is a pretty successful PR and momentum coup for Mayweather in his indirect war with Pacquiao. Superficially, this contest against a bigger, younger belt-holder fresh off a career (re)defining (while Manny is left facing another old warhorse percieved to be in decline) should play very well win, lose or draw …though it will most likely be a win.

    While Floyd & Manny were watching Ortiz-Berto, they SHOULD have felt pretty stupid for not being the one to add the taking of Berto’s “O” to their resume. Even if it would have been as big financially & ratings wise as fighting those re-treads. Berto would have lasted about as long as Osama’s all-female bodyguard team in that comando raid. Such a win over a streaking fighter in his physical prime would have built their brand and added value to future matches & mismatches.

    Apparently only Team Mayweather got the message.

    Does Ortiz in reality have a significantly greater chance of winning than Marquez does against Pacquaio? Probably not. They are too far apart in class.

    But people are neverthless contemplating possible outcomes along the lines of Segura-Calderon, JM Lopez-Penalosa or Williams-Wright. Sometimes the much better fighter loses by pure physical force and energy and that is obviously getting some traction in makiong this a compelling matchup.

  • I placed a bet on Ortiz yesterday and I don’t bet. lol Floyd’s ring rust will show and the fact that he hasn’t fought a young talented fighter in Hmmmm how long? He will get tested, I see the fight ending in the 6th round if not sooner, with a rematch and then Floyd wins ala Leonard Duran Saga. Come 12a.m. est Sunday Morning I sould be $600 richer, thanks Money Mayweather for spreading the wealth. LMAO to the bank!!!!!

  • BTW, On HBO2 now – All episodes of 24/7 Mayweather-Ortiz…

  • “TheSanityCruzer”, that is a name I have not read since the rec.sports.boxing days of the 90′s. Same gentleman?”

    LOLOL!!! Good “Gary” retired..this is the new improved SanityCruzer… :)

  • Hey Jim, stop reminiscing. But yes, unfortunately, Floyd WILL win here. Victor can only be as vicious as he was against his recent opponents in first to three rounds. After that, Floyd is going to take each and every round like playing a sudoku.

  • Sad to say Phony Floyd will win. Boxing is in such a sorry state. In the Golden Age of boxing if you took time off you were in trouble. Look at the top 10 welterweights from the 30’s thru the 70’s. Any one of the top guys would be champion today. But boxing today is what is and I don’t have to buy the fight and put $$$ in Phony;s bank account.

  • i agree pedro. there’s only one fighter than can beat floyd and he’s gonna put marquez in the hospital.

  • “TheSanityCruzer”, that is a name I have not read since the rec.sports.boxing days of the 90’s. Same gentleman?

  • Based on overall talent, Mayweather by miles but the age of each fighter will be a factor I believe. Much like Roy Jones, fighters tend to grow old overnight,(B-Hop being one of the few exceptions). Mayweather is after all 34, how many prime fighter are that age in boxing? Despite his flaws, Ortiz is still a young, hungry powerpunching, agressive fighter who is not awed by the Mayweather mystique. Unfortunately for Ortiz, his agression will leave him open to counters and I see Floyd landing the right hand enough to make Ortiz hesitant about charging forward. By round 10, with a swollen left eye, the fight is called by the trainer.

  • Mayweather by an easy decision or Ortiz by KO. I would love to see someone pressure Floyd for three minutes each round and make him fight.

  • Cant wait until tomorrow.
    Lopez over Vargas/ I thought Mike Dallas was a better prospect and Lopez beat him.
    Morales over Cano/ hope he doesn’t take to much of a beating he is still young and a good prospect
    Canelo over Gomez/ I like Gomez personally but no way he beats Canelo
    Ortiz over Mayweather/ I wouldn’t put money on it but I hate both Mayweather and Pacquiao. They think they are bigger than the sport. F em both. I hope they both lose.

  • “Ortiz IS faster than Mayweather.”

    Only in your dreams. There is NO ONE in boxing faster right now than Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

  • I tend to disagree. Victor will be the victor.
    I don’t think Mayweather can dance the whole night, which is his key to victory, but somewhere in the fight where he is forced to “fight”, he will be caught. People will be surprised come fight night to discover that Ortiz IS faster than Mayweather.

  • Floyd takes this..by easy decision. You heard it first from ME!!! :)


    Been to Ricky’s a load of times…top of the line!!!!

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