Floyd "B.S" Mayweather

San Francisco, CA– Most of you know that when it came down to the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight not happening, I placed the blame solely on the shoulders of the Philippine Congressman. Sans digging that dead dog up again, had Manny agreed to the drug tests Mayweather would’ve boxed circles around Pacman. Fast-forward to 2013 and it is now Floyd who deserves the bulk of the blame seeing he is the biggest star in boxing and yet wants to fight Devon Alexander, the (23-1, 13 KOs) IBF guy at welterweight (147 lbs.) While calling him a “stiff” might be a bit extreme, can you think of a better adage for Devon facing Floyd?


The thought to be all but done match with Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KOs) is now semi-comatose if you listen to Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26 KOs) on Twitter. Floyd says it looks like he will be fighting Alexander in May. And while I believe Mayweather-Guerrero will be competitive if it were to take place, some feel Guerrero is not a big enough name. Excuse me? A three-division champ ion, Robert bumped off undefeated Selcuk Aydin, exposing the unbeaten #1-ranked WBC contender as a crude brawler. Next up and with the odds against him, Guerrero went into the deep end of the welterweight pool and defeated Andre Berto (28-2, 22 KOs) in a definitive manner.


Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero

Guerrero says it isn’t about money, that he’ll take like minimum wage to get the fight with Mayweather. In case you haven’t caught on yet Robert thinks, Team Guerrero as well, that the time is right and Mayweather is ripe for the picking. Being a southpaw with a height advantage, in addition to what appears to be an upper body strength advantage, I can see why Floyd doesn’t want any part of “The Ghost.”


Look, it boils down to this. Guerrero is younger, stronger, and without question has more desire and hunger than Mayweather. As for Alexander, the IBF titleholder at 147, he has a fight with Britain’s Kell Brook (29-0, 20 KOs) that has been postponed most recently because of injuries allegedly sustained by the St. Louis native Alexander. Hey, why would anyone outside of Alexander’s immediate family want to see this fight? I mean if he couldn’t beat Tim Bradley. Truth be told, Alexander couldn’t hold Mayweather’s jockstrap let alone be competitive.


Look, the Guerrero fight would have been good. Lots of anticipation, whispers of Floyd being over the hill, Robert bringing his A game and pushing Mayweather harder than he has ever been in 43 professional fights. There are other matches that fans would like to see Mayweather engage in. At the top of the list you would probably the name of middleweight (160) champion Sergio Martinez (60-2-2, 28 KOs). Unbeaten now (except Paul Williams heist) for 13 years, Martinez is approaching 37 years of age to Floyd’s 36.


Saul Alvarez

Another match that fans would like to see is Mayweather versus Saul Alvarez(41-0-1, 30 KOs). This is the biggest “money” fight out there for Mayweather. Undefeated and the WBC 154 lb. champion, Alvarez is green like an avocado but he has great upside. Strong, a combination throwing body puncher, Alvarez might just be too strong for Floyd. Another encounter that would give Floyd fits is one with (26-0, 14 KOs)Austin Trout, the WBA champion at 154. It is silly to even bring Austin into this mix as I think Floyd would rather retire than face the probability of losing.


Which brings us back to Guerrero. If Floyd doesn’t fight him, simply put, Floyd then is the wussy that the Filipino boxing fan base has incorrectly labeled him for the Pacquiao fight not happening. In other words, and I’m sure I speak for most followers of the “Sweet Science” when I say that I don’t give a **** about seeing Floyd in with a “no-hoper” like Devon Alexander. Unless Floyd is in a match I see as competitive, I’ll be out and about on the evening of May 4, 2013. Unless you’re a sucker, you too will be preoccupied.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I believe Floyd is owed an apology, he has never been scared of anyone,its all about business with him, he was never fighting Devon. he overed Pac $40 million for a fight and called him personally Pac turned it down now Pac will never make that money back

  • floyd should fight the winner of alvarez vs trout .

  • What do you think Pedro and everybody?? Great move from Mayweather to Showtime?? Is he going out to securing his legacy in boxing historical standpoint?? What fights would you like to see him in if he gets past guerrero??

  • In light of the 6-fight deal w/ Showtime, I guess it’s understandable why the fight was “semi-comatose”, huh? People are quick to sound off on cats

  • “Money” doesn’t want any part of Alvarez.

  • Floyd is nauseatingly transparent. Does anyone, other than himself and his paid entourage really believe all that garbage he says about himself? He has been playing the fans for patsies all his career. He won’t take the slightest risk. He wouldn’t even fight a rematch wiht dlh, no matter the huge payday because their last fight was a split decision. He doesn’t just pick fighers he can beat, he picks fighters he can dominate. So then he can go on to say “49 have tried and 49 have oome up short”. Actually that is 48 since castillo was a rematch. waht a fraud. but a rich fraud so I guess he looks at it as a business and cares zero about his legacy or place in boxing. he doesn’t even deserve to be in the hall of fame.

  • bag room, you’re an idiot. I’m all over Alvarez ***** bag!

  • It’s Mayweather… Who Cares? — I KNOW who May is…

    Mayweather likes to crow that when he goes, so does boxing… Say what you will, he is RIGHT.

    People keep looking for this guy to do something, to fight the right opponent… Where have you been? He hasn’t fought the “right guy” since BILL CLINTON was still officially in office. Since then, everyone else in the sport who mattered has retired, moved on, whatever…The UFC came along. And nobody else has replaced the sport with fresh blood… Mayweather presided over the decline of Boxing and cashed in on the decline.

    Say what you will about the man; he isn’t stupid. He saw the horizon for what it was and he cashed in on it. NEVER, being any kind of ambassador of the Sport… He was the freakin GRIM REAPER! — And He Told Us As Much!

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    Any good fighter can look great and unbeatable if they only select fighters that they know they have a vast advantage over. If after beating Oscar, if Shane Mosely never fought Vernon Forrest or Winky Wright and just fought blown up light weights and older fighters he would be looked on as being more accomplished than PBF. People always say that PBF would have beat the fighters like Tzyu, Sergio, Margarito, Clottey, Cotto (younger) and P. Williams anyway, but think about it Floyd didn’t think so why shoul danyone else give him that pass. He is good, but even PBF knows he is not great.

  • Any good fighter can look great and unbeatableif they only select fighter that they know they havea vat advantage over. If after beating Oscar, if Shane Moely never fought Vernon Forrest or Winky Wright and just fough blown up light weights and older fighters he would be looked on as being more accomplished than PBF. People always say that PBF would have beat the fighters like Tzyu, Sergio, Margarito, Clottey, Cotto (younger) and williams anyway, but think about it Floyd didn’t think so why shou;danyone else give him that pass.

  • Pedro you don’t have a clue what the hell you’re talked about. Why don’t you say anything about the dead beats Canelo fights? If Floyd was a different complexion you would be singing his praises. I am so tired of you and all you jealous biggots. Find something else to write about!

  • yes i agree!

  • I have been saying this for years Pedro. Floyd only fights named fighters who are past their prime, smaller, and who have very little chance of winning. If he had real balls he could close out his career by fighting Canelo, Sergio Martinez, And Trout. That’s why I didn’t care too much for Roy Jones because he fought a bunch of stiffs and then when he got old and needed the money he decided to fight Calzhage and others. he ducked Darius Mickalezweski (however you spell his name) when they both were in their prime even though he would have beaten him. Just like Floyd, he has more misses than hits on his résumé. How many guys did he duck when they were in their prime; P will, Margarito, Sergio, Mosley, Manny. Hell, he didn’t even fight the likes of a Clottey at 147. Hutton was a blown up 140 pounder with no chin, ODLH was past his prime, JMM had to go up 2 weight classes. If you look at Floyd’s record on you will see that he really hasn’t beaten any HOF fighters in their prime at their correct weight except Chico. Real boxing fans no that there is no excuse not to have fought the top fighters at welterweight when you’ve been a welter for over 8 stinking years. I don’t care about the politics and all the other BS; if Floyd wanted to make those fights happen he could have. But he chose to duck and dodge and never dare to be great. All these idiots that are not real fight fans listen to him rant about being great, but they have no clue. The sad part is that if he wanted to be great he would have made the best fights and history would determine if he was great or not. To me; he had the talent to beat all of those guys I mentioned but he did not dare to be great. In my book he is a very good, skilled technician who never dared to be great. Great fighters are crowned great by beating the best competition in their weight division and above and beating them when they are in their prime. Floyd could have been spoken of in the same manners as Sugar Ray Leonard if he only dared to be great.

  • I think Mayweather wants to break the 49-0 record and then retire. He isn’t going to fight anyone that he thinks might have a chance to beat him.

  • Its a shame that Floyd who has soo much talent doesnt fight the best guys. He already ducked guys like Tszyu and others at their prime like De la hoya, moseley, Trinidad etc. people mite say well those guys were too big for Floyd but, Moseley did go up to fight Oscar(although on roids) but JMM went up two weights to fight him as Duran did with sugar ray. Floyd is scared to lose and is gonna end up like Roy Jones trying to make fights when he is too old. Floyd need to fite the best guys like Martinez, Pac (who being lefty mite beat floyd) and the Canelos and trouts who I believe he beats anyways. Mayweather is a guy who hand picks who he knows he can beat. IM A HUGE BOXING FAN BUT, IF FLOYD STOPPED FIGHTING TODAY I WOULDNT CARE. Bring on fights at 140 wit all that talent, Donaire-Mares, angulo-canelo, viloria-gonzalez etc

  • By the way, Jose Miguel Cotto was basically a 140 fighter taking on a 154 fighter in Canelo; and Cotto rocked Canelo in one of those rounds if memory serves me right.

  • I disagree on one name, Canelo. I believe that Floyd would be smart to fight Canelo NOW. Canelo is still untested against a good, fluid 154 boxer. I was not impressed with Canelo’s performance against Jose Miguel Cotto, a decent boxer. I think Mayweather beats Canelo right now. I don’t know in a couple of years, when Floyd is closer to 40; thus, it would be smart of Mayweather to cash that chip now before a) Canelo is defeated and that pay day is lost; or b) Canelo acquires more experience and confidence by fighting top fighters (if Golden Boy allows him to).

    If Canelo beats Austin Trout decisively (doesn’t have to dominate, just beat him without any controversial scoring), then I would say he has a chance against Mayweather.

  • Pedro
    Love your work but i think youve just now relaized something we’ve all known for years FLOYD IS A PUSSY. He is very careful with the opponents he chooses making sure whoever it is he always holds the mojority of the advantages for the fight. i said it years ago he will not fight manny until Mannys dominance declines drastically. Why do you think last year ,around this time, Floyd was suddenly so eager for the fight to happen after seeing Mannys performance against JMM. Even though they both hold blame for the fight not happening floyd put up constant road blocks. Now lets be honest Floyd is a very smart guy do you really think he wants to get KO’ed right after Manny? He’s gonna fight someone with a low KO ratio and bricks in his shoes that no one wants to see and come up with some reason why the risky fighters are not good enough to fight him and mark my words, if this Alexander fight does horrible at the gate and PPV he is going to blame someone other than himself (coming from a guy who claims he could sell out an arena fighting a cab driver but yet only fights around dates that always do good on PPV May/Sep) Thanks for being one of the very few who keep it real and say it like it is please keep it up

  • Well put Pedro, Floyd will never fight Martinez, Guerrero, Alvarez or Trout. As yes he stands to lose against any of theses outstanding fighters.

  • Floyd is a wussy.

  • I agree that a Mayweather-Devon will be a boring, one-sided fight. Although I don’t agree that Pacquiao is only to blame for the collapse of their supposed megafight ages ago. Mayweather should share the blame as well for playing psychological game. But it seemed to me that at the TIME of “negotiations” BOTH camps didn’t really want to fight each other, including the promoters, because nobody was sure of the result and both were really the cash cow of boxing, and seeing one of them go would be a “waste of future money” (more fights with one of them in the card is a lot of money). But then, cash is not forever, and once their bank accounts run dry, they would go back to talk about fighting each other. It’s business, baby.

    Unfortunately, half of both fans won’t find it interesting anymore. Besides, Floyd is almost 36 now, and Pac lost two in a row.

  • Floyd isn’t stupid….this is a ploy so when the fight gets made with the Ghost, its going to look like the best thing since sliced bread compared to the devon alexander fight that resembles burnt toast! It wouldnt be a unification match because theres NO WAY IBF would allow Alexander to fight Fairweather without stripping him due to his obligations against Brook…then again this IS boxing!…I’d be shocked if May chooses Alexander….

  • This is off the subject just heard the the IOC is going to ax wrestling in favor of “sports” such as Ballroom Dancing, Golf, and Chess. This has me FREAKED OUT!!!! Is boxing next????

  • Pedro,
    Floyd is a legend in his own mind and the minds of his ass kissing entourage. It’s a mystery why anyone would pay good money to see this guy. His fans are worse or at least as bad as Manny’s. I hope both these guys just go away so I can continue to watch boxing’s decline with out hearing about them.

  • Guerro has been one of the hotter names in boxing for the last 15 months. While I think the fight would be competitive, even suspenseful, I think Floyd would win. Guess Floyd is ducking, again.

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